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    We're back! With everyone social distancing, there is another solid reason as to why you shouldn't be social: because your friends are terrible! Enjoy and stay safe!
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    1. ROHIT RAJ

      Last one is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁

    2. Animal Squad 3

      3:04 ohhh oh oh oh ohhh~ clap clap clap clap clap!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Nick S

      0:53 dear guy who pelted the flossing jackass with a shoe, you are an international hero and the world is forever in your debt.

    4. parrila

      Last clip - Beautiful friendship.

    5. Kevious Shockley

      can people get any dumber

    6. Ruben T

      "Anti-social distancing." The huge irony is, that's actually a correct phrase. Unlike the idiom which was forced into our everyday vernacular by lab coated bureaucrats who are still laughing all the way to the bank, it's not an oxymoron.

    7. Ian Cutler

      I am the 108th comment

    8. Ilona O

      Fkn idiots

    9. Eduardo P

      i dont understand much of americans, but you guys have no fences at all and your walls are made of paper like wtf?

    10. Spookrider100

      People who laugh endlessly at something that isnt funny just to wind people up temd to be the kind of loser who does nothing special with their life....just an observation. Laughing cause its something they wouldnt try because theyre afraid of failure. Always says to me youre a prze Ahole.

    11. Rasmus Norberg

      The laughing voice at 4:00 doesn't belong to the video.

    12. SpeedingOffence

      That last clip where the guy steals the camera is gold

    13. bettigru

      Don't wear masks, don't social distance. Great economically for the rest of the word, maybe make China No.1?

    14. Jesus Mena

      So nobody gonna say nothing about the fat guy running fast as hell in the end ? 😂😂😂

    15. Falxie_

      This title is bizarre

    16. JGX86

      2020 where "fails" are intentionally shot bad pranks/jokes where the people did exactly what they intended to do. "Oh somebody poured milk out!" "WOW Somebody filming themselves brushing their teeth, what a candid completely unscripted FAIL!!!!111!!" Are the failarmy editors making these videos retarded or just lazy?

    17. Scott

      That wrestling finisher tho

    18. Monica Alejandro


    19. S U C H D O G G O _

      S. T. A. R. T. S. O. C. I. A. L. D. I. S. T. A. N. C. I. N. G. U. R. T. E. X. T. T. O. S. T. O. P. C. O. V. I. D. 1. 9

    20. Random Filipino

      1:37 me and the boys in a whip in warzone

    21. Ray Calle

      3:10 The greatest slam dunk of all time

    22. Ronnie March

      Pls sOCiaL distance

    23. don karleone


    24. Brendan Kearney

      The dude with the Mac and cheese (I think) gets what he deserves. Use oven gloves, god damn it


      5:30 da best tho

    26. puntira chaiwong

      Social distancing days 🤗🤗🤗

    27. Danisha

      04:59-05:05 Malayali ❤

    28. aviran tunis

      In 4:00 the original audio is in Hebrew. Why did you change that?

    29. Niti Bansal

      0:51 thas not exactly how you do it.................

    30. privychanneldavy

      who are the guys in the final clip? hilarious!

    31. Sai Shashank


    32. Teimo Pielinen


    33. The Lone Wolf

      Big guy at the end just got better and better. I'm in stitches 😆💀😆

    34. alastair horton

      it make you wonder where such idiots like these comes from they must breed them somewhere special

    35. Eli N

      1:07 If ur wondering

    36. Georg Müller

      dat end was pure gold xD

    37. Jeffrey du 94 SMDF


    38. Austin Kinnison

      That last video had me crying laughing 😂😂

    39. James Lawter

      richard pryor

    40. BigDong Ricky

      Damn this channel really gone down hill

    41. igotthis

      1:42 that girl is absolutely adorable! So funny and so cute!

    42. double-you

      0:13 "China"

    43. Mike Be

      Can you guess where that trampoline was made? Wait for it... China

    44. • Moss

      But most of these are from before quarantine

    45. Kaye Lisandra

      0:44 brainless

    46. David Moreton

      This pandemic is driving everyone batty.!!🦇🦇🦇

    47. quiensoyyo900

      The cheerleader guy protecting the girl "respect"...

    48. Newspaper Zombie

      0:26 when you pull the trigger just right

    49. Alex Jacobson

      Thanx! You are maked my day...

    50. Jim Maier

      what's the soundtrack after 5:xx ?

    51. huluminus

      American kids are so bored

    52. Leon Kane

      The milk "prank" will always be eye rolling.

    53. Hope 231

      5:35 That chase is just like Zombieland as running.

    54. Risen Worship

      The great coronavirus hoax you're all fooled by your own stupidity fear the vaccine

      1. igotthis

        Amen these masked morons are the problem!

    55. Jason Waller

      Worst FA video

    56. Tenten Kawaii

      The last one is so 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Hedgy Verona

      I love seeing ski crashes because I always analyse who‘s fault it is

    58. Kaelyn Emily

      0:51 Can we just YEET a shoe at someone whenever they start flossing?

    59. Simply Funny

      If you like kids watch this vid (Hilarious)@ZcnY

    60. Eric

      4:20 roid rager dudes freak me the fuck out

    61. Dava Pava

      How named is Last fail?

    62. JORDAN Vicente

      5:25 5:31

    63. GRV91 VR

      3:15 :')

    64. Геннадий Строк

      1:28 Паук

    65. R Jones

      Slow mo videos are not funny

    66. Talita Nasc.

      The last one is gold

    67. Aris Tsiakalos

      1:28 This guy looks like thor

    68. Eljay201

      Why do people insist on taking the rack out of the oven

    69. Joe Jefferies

      4:00. Wow. Just wow. Never heard anyone laugh that hard, except my dad.

    70. Daniel Marshall

      3:52 Please Please!! Someone has to let me know what that sound clip is from!!

    71. maxplaying

      Anti Social Distancing = fat men videos

    72. mark lloyd

      Teenagers are just wankers, that's what they do. 🇬🇧

    73. UTA Amtrak

      Why are teens so stupid!

    74. hayden s

      Whoever's reading this comment, you're a fail

    75. Dramatic Dog

      The biggest fail is people defending the waste of food and saying it's not that bad when someone says wasting food isn't funny. Yeah yeah, we get it "iT jUsT a LiTtLe BiT" yeah, in this specific video. But there's plenty of others just like it. If you buy a thousands things just because "it's only 1 dollar", you still spend a thousand dollars, there's no way around it buddy. There's also the fact her parents work to make money to buy shit only so she can spill in on the floor for some tiktok fame. That's why people are mentionning it. Not "because they're upset over a tiny amount of milk."

    76. Lord Commander Cody

      4:06 Nice job replacing the original audio with this $h1tty laugh

    77. Lord Commander Cody

      2:15 SEIZURE ALERT (for real.)

    78. Mike Thomas

      Dancing on top of school desks. What could possibly go wrong? Gee, IDK. 🙄🤔

    79. Code Breaker 9

      3:19 perfectly cut scream if you pause it at the right time

    80. Elizabeth Coen

      2:02 Why Po-Matorans and Onu-Matorans don't sleep in hammocks.(Bionicle)

    81. Toe Jam Smell

      4:45am and the last vid had me cracking up. Made my day

    82. Nephilim Slays

      The ski part should have a epileptic warning damn that's some flicker.

    83. Saku224

      2:29 epilepsy warning ⚠️

    84. JackNatti

      Remember 2011 when fail army was good?

    85. Nigel James

      April 2020 ; 90 % videos are STILL in portrait mode !

    86. Serujio Raiton

      1:50 sounds like a chicken

    87. LR Winchester

      I could just watch 5:07 over and over again 😭😭

    88. Kevin Bresciani

      5:30 wth😂

    89. jdsim9173

      She got lucky at 1:11

    90. Chris JK

      1:49 Hollywood, you just found your "new" Wilheim Scream 😂

      1. ADAM STEELE

        I knew I wasn't tripping.

    91. Chris Hernandez

      5:05 anyone know original video?

    92. Sam Hawker

      recycle-army, hows ur engagment stats doing recently?

    93. Marek 410

      2:44 Nó vole jseš sjetej? :DD

    94. Wochenend Kid

      some of these physically hurt to watch DUDE!

    95. Michal

      Can't believe the bigger one ran faster than the skinny in the last video lol

      1. Color Safe Bleach

        I thought the same thing, I'm sure it's fake.

    96. Bradley Dillon

      Pretty week at the end guys

    97. רואי לוי

      4:00 זה ברי ואלי אליאהו

    98. David Jr.

      The wet floor sigh is convenient as a weapon as it is a way to warn others of impending wet spots, in this case blood.

    99. Hunter Scooters

      5:08 is definitely my favorite.

    100. Theodore Laval

      6:00 Why are they all shrieking like that before anything even happens?