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    1. Dutch van Der Linde

      Years have gone by and man can't get better quality, still tho. Respect.

    2. Mac S

      I will wait 40 years, but I need this album to top the previous 2

    3. Jurones II

      2020 or 2021 ?! Best regards from Germany.

    4. Dylan Nesti


    5. Necrophilia Gaming

      Holy shit

    6. jayy


    7. Cheif Thunder

      "Thou shall cleanse the world of mumble rap"

    8. mm mm

      Its been a min

    9. Alex Segura

      Finally I could listen to cudi again with his new songs

    10. Toyota Supra Boi

      You know what I love about Cudi? The fact that he *is* the late 2000s. His very existence takes me back to 2008 and I don't think he's ever left the late 2000s

    11. Brittany Nelson

      Scott is the hero we deserve and the one we need right now.

    12. Marshall Mane

      Cant wait

    13. Big Draco

      I was only 8 when motm came out now I can appreciate it as an adult💫

    14. Joseph Guevara

      Yo you started marking songs when I was born lots of memories

    15. Melissa Ferrell

      And there was light. Need a documentary, too. Real deal doc. We love you, Scott!

    16. jan aguirre

      Those 3 seconds of music he payed in his car. Literally made my year. Cant wait for 2021

    17. Griffin Machrowicz


    18. George YZYSZN

      man tooo excited for this, imo PP&DS was like a 3rd MOTM but im sooo hyped for an official 3rd one. Godspeed brothers

    19. Nathaniel Silveira


    20. Mathieu Desjardins

      I get the thrills, I can't believe it

    21. Zboy 115


    22. Unknown

      From Day N Nite to this, still can't belive it.

    23. alammarix


    24. Oratiloe Tsotetsi

      What song was playing in the car when he got out

    25. MOZ

      Dang who else got chills down they spine and smiled when you saw the numbers

    26. Julian Brown

      Thanks bro, we needed you

    27. Hourglass The Crow

      I'm pumped for this all the album's all the visions and all the love this is alt hip hop this is hip hop! This is the music that spoke to us not are ego.


      All I see is Black people its a wholesome video

    29. Philipp Fomin

      Snippet sounds good af I bet the album cover gonna be gray

    30. Alex T

      We need you now more than ever cudi. You were the voice of my childhood. The next generation needs a voice like I had.

    31. Alex T

      I cant wait man...

    32. Megan Kim DeAinza

      hope you start singing about stopping the nwo. congrats on making it to 30, lets go 100

    33. Frank Rocchio

      Yeeeeeeees I’m late to this but wooooo!

    34. Jay0ps

      I would love to use Kid Cudis music at my streams. I'm new to streaming so I don't really know how to do most basics. I've searched on "" but I couldn't find any support link. Could someone hook me up please. Best greetings.

    35. SyN Sakuraa

      Anyone else realize the start is the start of day n nite?

    36. Dash Roblox

      Day n’ nite

    37. nick gobo

      No one ever said the journey was short

    38. Antonio De León

      This gonna be lit.

    39. Sonnie G

      He’s most likely releasing it during Christmas time peeps can’t wait I really missed u cudi and thanks for believing in me cudi u did a lot to help to a lot of people

    40. Arab I’m not breathing rn

    41. Slavanomics

      indicud 2

    42. Cudder str8 legend

      This was supposed to be kid cudi enter galactic album . He always said he would never finish this project ummm scratching my head confused I hope I’m wrong and there are 2 albums

    43. Alexander Avgerinos


    44. Kevin Wood

      I love everyone in the comments section

    45. Sad Boydark

      Man on the moon 3??????

    46. Santos Prod.

      I've been listening to cudderd jams the last few months. Glad to hear he'll be releasing new content! takes me back to 2011

    47. Alec RunsSTORM

      3 weeks later.. still no blessing from mr rager :(

    48. Pat Shelton

      Did the heat go out because I think that I just got the chills?

    49. Hailey Thompson

      I need this album in my life right now. Please Cudi, shed some light into this horrible year!

    50. yana

      I need this short sample in car

    51. Алдияр Кусаинов

      when is the release? approximately

    52. AndrewKidd14145

      That little snippet of a song sounds insane bro.

    53. AndrewKidd14145

      Bro I can’t wait, I got tears in my eyes I’m so delighted. 3 weeks later still the same feeling.

    54. Claudio Pizzicarola

      Most excited I’ve been for an album in a long time

    55. Hay Dave

      2021 IS GONNA BE CRAZY! All my go-tos for music will drop. CUDI, KANYE, DRAKE, KENDRICK, J COLE, (hopefully Chance, james blake, bon iver and Francis Starlite too).

    56. Alberto Alegre

      Hope it’s so fire that you don’t come back another ten years lol jk plz come back plz

    57. RaphThaTurtle_MMA _

      Man On The Moon trilogy?! Don’t play with my emotions man!! 🙏🏾💯

    58. Miki R.


    59. Jacob Dedijer-small

      I look for peace but see I don’t attain :(

    60. Oracle Gray

      1:13 "Right here in my dreams" 😢🥲

    61. Marvin Rodriguez

      Kid Cudi 4 Life

    62. pato barajas

      Oh yaaaay ☺️

    63. Laylah Dinkins


    64. Johnny D

      Goodnight to everyone Except to the 136 people who disliked

    65. Moses


    66. Luca 312

      Only 270k views, real underground feeling.. i cant wait for the wizard to drop this thing!

    67. Sel

      thank u cudi for saving my life fr! 🥺

    68. Sel


    69. Masi Popal

      Yooo u gonna safe my life a third time B!!!! The song from 0:33 min am i trippin or is it a snippet from the new joint???

    70. Adam

      In my dreams

    71. Android Gaming


    72. Gabriel Rivas

      This might seem random but Jesus loves you and times aren’t good and we need to rely on Jesus to guide us because we see corruption everywhere and so much sin and corruption everywhere. Relationship over religion. Jesus is a prayer away and just because you haven’t had an experience with Him doesn’t mean He’s not real :) .

    73. Angel H

      Why am I barely seeing this??! I can't wait!

    74. noelle !!

      i missed you cudi, gah am i exicted to see you come back 💓

    75. Alibel Sanchez

      I alr know what imma be listening to while higher than a kite

    76. Pickle

      The song in the car has me hyped. I’m literally just a pickle too. Could only imagine what you humans feel.

    77. OverstuffedSofa

      I'm just waiting for the adventures of moon land and slim

    78. Anthoeny

      “I wish I knew, I thought I knew”...

    79. Jerry Okonkwo

      Yes, I never ever gave up on you for a single bit Cudi, I’ve been waiting since 🎓 🏫 for an album and it has paid off, 🙏 for living Cudi, we’re proud of you and I’m proud of you for fighting the 😈 off.

    80. Mini Mac

      This is so fucking needed right now. Cudder to the rescue??

    81. Elohino Theodore

      Hell Yeah 💪🏾💪🏾

    82. Adrian Mungrillo

      Man on the moon 3 shiiii

    83. Beckey Catlett

      Sooo STOKED

    84. Reptilien Maçonique


    85. Noel Backwards


    86. Nut

      Okay so no one has mentioned (honestly to lazy to look) that the end bit sound like "in my dreams" from M.O.T.M.II

      1. Pink Starburst

        It is

    87. jesus christ

      eh-eh-eh-eh-eh eh nigt

    88. June

      Fuck yessss😭been needing this more than ever! Kid Cudi will forever be my favorite artist 💗

    89. Shiva

      Man On The Moon 3?? THE FINAL ALBUM

    90. stefen stransky


    91. Doggo

      didnt you die?

    92. Layne Zack

      Cudi is life #foreverdreaminofthemoonman

    93. DefyGravity

      RIP to my uncle who OD in 2013, he would be happy as fuck to hear this :(

      1. Pink Starburst

        RIP 🌹

    94. der_naso100

      "The Trilogy Continues" one of the last parts in Kid Cudis and eminems song The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady. U can see the Moon in the video clearly too. Maybe Part 2? :) It would be awesome!

    95. ralphie69

      I am screaming without the s

    96. Future Paradise

      How soon is “soon”?!?!?!!

      1. Pink Starburst


    97. Ninja Ricky

      Moon Man

    98. Bandwagon for Pelicans.

      For some reason I've been listening to Kid Cudi nonstop lately I see why now. Every time an artist is about to drop an album even they announced it I start listening to they music heavy. Of course it's just linked to some of my favorite artists but I don't know why I do that or why I pick up on subtle things before it happen but I do.