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    1. Laurajayne Nolan

      I understand about the noise and stuff but she literally didn’t believe he lived there

    2. Jessica Campos

      The baby daddy a woman dreams oflola

    3. LuhTavis


    4. Alisa Tafoya

      Why you say Polaris like that 🤣 take your desert toys to the desert boy

    5. Sierra Daniela

      omg he really said “frozen boogers”🤣🤣 instead of dry boogers im so dead

    6. Kickin it With Kaye

      How is it his problem if someone else got a new born or cause they old, like I pay my rent so ima do what I please. Especially if it come to riding a bike it’s not like he’s having a party

    7. p.096 perez

      Song name 7:35

    8. Wavy 90s Baby

      (On my boyfriends account) anywho. If I had a loud ass neighbor with that loud ass bike I’d become a Karen as well. And I’m a whole black female

    9. con_ending234

      I honestly just think its just time to cut your hair 🥴 its hella thin and grows out weird. you'll still look good with a fade cut, get a dope design and call it a day lol

    10. Maria Bonadonna

      She’s gonna get evicted if she doesn’t stop .

    11. Lily Pichon

      Dang I wanted to watch Sunday funday

    12. Lily Pichon

      Hate wypipo OMF

    13. Bdag TheSauceGod

      A ginger karen

    14. shendana araujo


    15. mizzbossyification

      Please wear a helmet my cousin died on a dirt bike

    16. Asma Ali

      Cannot wait for Reece tune to come out, it sounds LIT! Sending love from the UK!

    17. Randy Pott

      When does the song in the ending will be released 🔥🔥

    18. Kee Kee

      Wow thats crazy aha

    19. Leah Capasso

      Every women that calls people out on shit gets called a Karen huh?

    20. Vanessa Olivarez

      Okay but what’s the song he played at the end???

    21. Ally Cat

      I sorta get it, but it was his first time like wtf if he was doing it on a daily ok, but dayum she really BUGGIN Karen asf idc yall be the NOSEY NEIGHBORS

    22. Izza Balderaz

      OKAYY but when is that song coming out ?! 😩 I need to hear it already ‼️

    23. Loni Padilla

      That's annoying why would you own those loud ass toys in a residential area, people have kids, its pandemic and people from home now during the day and even at night as well as kids distant learning trying to have zoom meetings at home. I think u should get evicted. I have a special needs son and that bullshit would send him into a meltdown. at least go out of town in the country and ride them have some common sense!!!!

    24. K Shine

      These Karen’s be working the nerve

    25. Juanita Arevalo

      @ Justice . YOU HAVE A LOT OF FAKE ASS SUPPORTERS . Always coming for you. Always finding a reason to talk down . SO LOUSY

    26. Ganja Mama

      You in an apartment complex.... Ain't everything bout race.... U disrescting your neighbors.... Time to grow up n get ya own HOUSE and kick it much as u wasn't ... Love and light babies💖

    27. Kimberly Quezada

      J cook i can see you not good. Talk to me. I will be praying for u 💖🤗🙏put God first

    28. Lindsay Ruiz Alas

      I swear Jcook keeps getting more disrespectful smh

    29. Angie Salgado

      Whats the song called that played at the end of the video ?

      1. Vanessa Olivarez

        Okay what I’m trying to figure out too lol

    30. Eve Gambino

      F k k k that FKNG KAREN bizsh. Love u LIVE YA LIFE HATERS GONNA HAAAAAAAAAATE HAHAHAHA I LOVE U justice. Stay blessed hun. Love u and ur fam. XO

    31. Bre Denise

      All these people agreeing with these Karen’s probably have Karen moms 🤣 It’s an apartment complex he can do what he pleases.. the law has your back. Not even the property manager can do shit lmfaoooo but look for a legit reason to evict him cause that noise of a bike isn’t a reason.

    32. Bre Denise

      Look i would’ve been annoyed too but at the end of the day they cant do or say shit or evict him for that lol fuck them kids and them elderly people maybe they should have a house.. shit like that happens in apartments or whatever lol it’s not past 10 pm it’s just the same as bumping music loud as fuck 🙂🙂 sorry not sorry I understand both parties but regardless j cook didn’t do shit that cause make him get in trouble he’s renting on that property and for that Karen to say he can’t go past certain lines on the floor is WEIRD asf and I would’ve proceeded to be even louder 🤣

    33. Neah Marie

      People want house status in apartment complexes . 10pm is usually Josie curfew if it’s mid day... sorry but sucks to suck . You live with others and they have free will it do as they wish... if the noise curfew is 10pm.. kindly mind yours 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. Neah Marie

        Same can be said for J cook too.. maybe to avoid continuous issues it might be time to look into a crib of your own

    34. Ida White

      You should maybe rent a house. That complex echoes

    35. symphxoxo

      He most likely doesn't see where she's coming from because he doesn't have kids.

    36. Ciarra Rivera

      When does the song in the end drop ?

    37. Samantha Tanhviseth

      If she doesn’t wanna hear bunch of noises then she shouldn’t be living in down town because down town has a bunch of noises from events, bars and clubs. 🥱

    38. SpirituAna

      That’s why i love living in the out in the country. Regardless the kid is making money off this video, so he still winning 🔥

    39. SpirituAna

      You can film whatever the hell you want as long as your in a public place

    40. SpirituAna

      Popcorns girl should of been like YEAH TF , YEAH WE FILMING OBVIOUSLY 🙄

    41. Amber Medina

      I’d be annoyed too wtf loud as hell

    42. Stephany Isabel

      What a small world I went to school with Lacey lol your other friends looks familiar as well .

    43. Sarai Trinidad

      When she asked about filming you should’ve said “YES MA’AM, GO WATCH YOURSELF ON IRvision!”

    44. Raymond Castillo

      no bro u gotta get the 250R thats the f

    45. Cathy Power

      Sad but you are going to get that from the older generation. 🤦‍♀️

    46. Dnae Davis

      I feel like I’m watching an episode of cribs lol

    47. Avifel Gutierrez

      Lmfaoo he thinks it’s New York

    48. KG

      j cook when you live in a shared space (apt complex) u need to be respectful of those around u. If u wanna do what u want & ride those loud ass bikes then you should get your own house ! Just try to see things from other people’s perspective


      It's his property he could do whatever he wants with his bike and if you got a problem with the noise oh well you can't do anything about it cause it's a bike 🤣 it's not like anyone heard a bike before just saying lmao

      1. BAKA STANCE

        But I do understand that it's loud but it was broad daylight out and you have cars and bikes with loud exhaust pipes passing by so I don't see a problem with it tbh

    50. Manasifa Heaki

      She should be ok with it's Durning the day and not in the middle of the night🤦‍♀️🤣

    51. Michelle Ramirez

      Mmm she had a point about that bc it is loud , there be people riding em in my street and it be annoying 😭😭😭

    52. charles d

      You need to make a complaint to the apartment manager for harrassment. Just in case she tries to turn it around on you later.

    53. Aniseta Larsen

      Oh KAREN please!!!!! Police officers have REAL jobs to do than you calling the cops because your personal issues playing neighborhood police patrol! But Cook you have to be respectful as well to your neighbors and the time your out there doing those activities.

    54. Sadiya Akhtar

      We’ve all gotta have a “Karen” around somewhere

    55. Sadiya Akhtar

      We’ve all gotta have a “Karen” around somewhere

    56. nerluv

      you need a house in the hood for them bikes cause them yt folks don’t like none of that 😬

    57. Jess TV

      She could’ve approached you better but I would be pissed too. Especially if this was during my workday being that I’m working from home full time rn. It’s inconsiderate of others for you to be making all that noise (especially if it happens often)

    58. Yvonne Suarez

      So disrespectful

    59. Amanda Bennett

      That's why I moved out the city so I can do whatever the fuck I want

    60. Yesenia Ortiz

      Imagine you just got your baby to sleep and this nigga outside riding a loud ass someone who has loud neighbors who race through my neighborhood you wrong for this one my g

    61. Official Queen

      Uhhh!!! Fucking Karen Not again 🤣🤦‍♀️!!

    62. Karla Vidrio

      Buy a house already, you would probably pay the same or less & if you wanna go riding a lot move to buckeye AZ a lot of land to ride off.

    63. florencia churi

      I wouldn’t be showing all your stuff off like this specially the outside where you live too be careful there’s too much evil out here

    64. Jay Santana

      I have one!! In yellow 4 seater ! I live in Florida.... I got my shit registered... and go out to the races and wherever I want with it!!!

    65. Erika L

      That’s highly irresponsible a kid could be playing outside and you would run him over not over reacting you are just careless they lady is so right she should have called the cops on him

    66. Nadein Ventura

      Popcorns real job must be a tv reporter 🤣

    67. Manny Rosy

      Yo my boy you need that Tyga/Tory Lanez hair treatment

      1. Tisheral Vay

        That shits leaving his scull

    68. marliva marlik

      cook! reading all the comments got me 😭😭 people should mind their own frk business 🤨

    69. Brenda Lee Martes

      Cook there’s hella Karens in your comment section bruh 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 smh

    70. Hamdi Ali

      She's definitely not a Karen. His loud ass needs to go somewhere else

      1. Ahhh Lol

        @symphxoxo Actually Karen’s come in all shapes colours and sizes that’s the truth. Most people know that not only white people are karens please stop with the victim nonsense

      2. symphxoxo

        He wanna call her a karen just cause she white.

    71. malee child

      Well honestly that’s been kind of interrupt in the neighborhood with that motorcycle like common courtesy

    72. lifeOFkayla

      I don’t blame her at ALL.

    73. Tat R

      People be agreeing with the Karen 🤣 Bruh I used to live in the city, I hear all that the time even in residential areas and moved to AZ and I have to hear them loud ass cars and shit but hey, I’m not gonna sit here and approach motherfuckers cause tryna have fun..talking about they got kids and shit like people can put up with construction noise but can’t understand a person tryna have fun especially for a place he paid next door.

    74. PoopieCoopie

      atleast for a couple minutes

    75. PoopieCoopie

      yooo u should let your bike warm up dawg

    76. Estrella Vazquez

      If the driver and the passenger have their seatbelt on it will drive faster

    77. 4000 .x10

      Song name 7:23

    78. simply Janethh_xo

      Oh no here he comes fishing for views 💀💀 but I thought you was known in AZ lol

    79. November Family

      When u trying to read the comments and it automatically goes to the top 🥴

    80. Sonia Villa

      Everyone with a concern or anyone that addresses something is consider a Karen. Why Karen though? Is that consider racist? People are fine with it but if it was a different sound it would be a whole different story and a problem.

    81. ORiANNAA

      Ohhhh wow. Go away

    82. Hydar Rahmati

      Bro you should get the Crf250r it’s the race version

    83. baybeegirlb_

      “The butlers”🥺🥺🥺🥺

    84. Don’t Know

      Well maybe if you stop being the douche bag neighbor doing stupid shit , she wouldn’t be tripping


      Yup it’s an apartment You can’t do stuff like that in apartment builidings loll Buy a house baller boy

      1. Unique Babbitt

        your comments literally are nothing but hate towards him gtf on 😂😂

    86. Jessica Perez

      There is a bunch of karens in AZ 😂

    87. emmy fall

      Damn he really out here livin his best life! Love you cook

    88. BrittanySaucy907

      How can I get rich too?! Someone help a sis out like seriously

    89. Clarence Hall Jr.

      slow down....

    90. Bella Serrano

      Don’t matter how loud the bike is , as long as it’s not past 10 pm 🥰

    91. Roy Acosta

      It has like a safety lock until you buckle the seatbelt on rzr

    92. Roy Acosta

      You have to buckle the seat belt so it can go faster

    93. Chiquis Espinoza

      I’m fuckin dead when jcook took off hella fast😂 . Reminded me of that one TikTok 😂😂😂 if you know you know lol

    94. Breanna Mata

      that lady is the reason why I don’t like people like her

    95. Sierra Jacks


    96. ForeverJaz Y

      Those loud ass bikes are annoying. Sorry. You live in a shared space. That is a noise disturbance. Clown.

    97. Viviana Martinez

      Love the song at the end tho 🥴❤️❤️❤️❤️

    98. Guitar Player

      Razors better or a quad

    99. Guitar Player

      Dirt bikes wack

    100. MakeupByAimee

      When is Reece releasing that song at the end of this video? I love it!