Paying Money Everytime I Laugh

JJ Olatunji

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    1. IX Kickzy

      the bath bomb kid needs serious help

    2. Dangerously Human

      10:01 Timestamp For the Powerpoint, I legit Comback to this video because of it

    3. Nasro Baghori

      Iam so annoyed of the Muslim bath joke Iam a Muslim and that pissed me off so much

    4. rewien shanoo

      New challenge evertime you laugh you need to do a dare that your sidemen friends tell you

    5. Abraham Kuponiyi

      Work so hard at your craft that one day random people show you their arse for the sake of a joke, thats what its all about JJ.

    6. Jacob Toomer

      It’s ya Boi KSI lajiuhbetee

    7. Linus Bauer

      this is the worst vid i have ever seen its so racest

    8. Gerson

      Yooo respect for blurring that guys face

    9. Amey Argade

      1:26 he knows HE KNOWS 😂😂😂

    10. Yegor Shalamai

      “Yo wassup it’s your boy KSI lgbt...”

    11. CricketNR

      JJ: Going well so far, hasn’t laughed JJ: Laughs at someone who’s dad died

    12. Lucas Jong

      ksi how could you be that rude

    13. Kieran D1

      So my dad-Died...

    14. Arjun Patil

      What's with the dad jokes

    15. Lucas Cruz


    16. Danyal Chowdhury

      JJs broke if he does another one of this 😂

    17. FshadowTVツ

      Ya Segundo deez nuts

    18. Anthrax G4mer

      Imagine plugging urself in the comments

    19. jp the one and only


    20. jp the one and only


    21. Lil Leart

      This shit felt like a math quiz, the real answer is never there

    22. Nathen Jefferson

      14:52 ik that kid hes a twat

    23. Mattiaskeinnn

      Wtf am i watching? My brain...................

    24. Walker STR

      "What is bigger, Jake Pauls ego or your forehead* just killed me lol

    25. Walker STR

      If he would watch vids i watch for an hour. He would go to debt

    26. ritz Bitz

      POV: your wondering how this video hasn’t been taken down bc of the jokes 😂

    27. Taco 4 Life

      U should have payed me -_-

    28. Ben Krewson

      JJ got flashed by a minor Jesus 😂

    29. Quentin

      The ubiquitous message unusually shave because handsaw increasingly wriggle for a shivering birch. brawny, faded shake

    30. Austin Abdullatif

      ima disklike jus so you don’t have to do it again i got you bro ik you don’t want to

    31. Mohamed Shamlan

      I lost in the first 40 seconds 🤣🤣

    32. Gracie Freer

      What is his discord name

    33. lol cryo

      What’s with anti Semitic jokes 😭😐

    34. הראל אביטל

      You know it's easy to tell a joke about us, about the Jews, because we are the minority in the world and those who tell do not consider the Jews and are not afraid of them. It's just meaningless hatred. For more than 2,500 years, anti-Semites have been murdering the Jews and hating them just because they are the "chosen people." But what is special about us is that we still exist and are strong together.🇮🇱🤙🕍✡stop the hate

    35. SMGaming

      Me and the boys in the principle's office after trying to read the emo kid's wrist with a barcode scanner...

    36. mussab maki

      i fucking stan the reply of jj to the muslim joke

    37. Awoken


    38. Lennon Sault

      man erm my dad died yesterday


      I think the one was saying and sharing screen was having a voice of vick

    40. Supreme kage

      It's funny how he used to show his arse

    41. Coooche Oche 7

      White people aint funny bruh

    42. Cory Mitchell

      The ones spreading their cheeks remind me of the south park episode where cartman goes on omegle ☠☠

    43. Jahamaii nunes

      Almost 1m likes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. DannyAH99

      Still can’t box

    45. NGU_Wafflz

      "Whats bigger jake pauls ego or your forhead" i fucking lost it 🤣

    46. Esteban Calito

      So my dad died. Tell me why I laughed harder than him.

    47. oWavs

      The jake Paul kid made you laugh Jj did he get his money

    48. Shabz Ali


    49. Hey Jamie

      The gold chains was a stolen joke from norm Macdonald

    50. Braden Gorman

      Bro he literally laughed at 3:11

    51. Jay Kennedy

      Please do another one

    52. Jay Kennedy

      One of the best videos.

    53. bigfatbear

      Looks like someone been watching toemad

    54. הראל אביטל

      4:10 Nazi

    55. Brandon Samuel Short

      White people telling racist jokes ain’t the one, in case it wasn’t obvious by now

    56. ga flash

      This is the only video that was incredibly hard to watch with a straight face

    57. AviCrafter

      People were trying way too hard, and why did they think that racist jokes would be the best?

    58. Ibrahim 4131

      3:38 What's new Scooby Doo? I'm coming after you You're gonna solve that mystery XD

    59. AD

      Aye what was the song played at last??

    60. Sean Hamilton


    61. Saša Paunović

      Going to 1M likes not gonna lie

    62. El Pepe


    63. Ellie Howard

      Is 10:16 Joe Weller? I'm kinda convinced it is

    64. Jay Holm

      “Lemme just, what uhhhh.... what does Jake Paul have in common?” ...... “What?” I’m dead 😂

    65. OfficalMjayy._


    66. Max Oriordan

      I don’t get why people dis like jjs vids

    67. UNITDW

      KSI not laughing at the Jew jokes to keep his music career alive

    68. Nathifa Xx

      Everyone is so so so rich

    69. Rubik's Cuber

      Can this hit 1 million please

    70. Valentino Valentino

      What’s the jack Daniels doing at the back on your drawer ?

    71. konstantinos artemiou

      (6:38) JJ: try to make me laugh also JJ he's already laughing :)

    72. B K

      There is a reason he stopped talking to fans because all the white people thinks he likes racist jokes

    73. Kay ?

      My dad died... Ksi: **laughs intensely**

    74. Finnais


    75. awesome green

      damn the one about his dad god damnit ksi

    76. Leprechaun Stew

      Guy at 6:00 got that joke from Norm Macdonald I think

    77. Skybe


    78. MeDAmiN BNS

      Bruh this is the most toxic community

    79. Jeremy Evans

      Wait...the blonde dude with the bad hairline....u laughed......

    80. Puyat Tv

      13:42 im glad to see Juicewrld on his back♥️

    81. Kamikaze

      5:45 made me cringe

    82. ajay5grapes

      what was the yuy

    83. tez m

      Ksi your not a boxer you’re a fucking helmet mate

    84. Raine keeler

      Bro i feel so bad for you

    85. Adithya's Tech Studio

      Poor jake watching this like 😮😶💩💩😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. chronic status

      Logan’s a goat not Logan Paul the kid

    87. Eniola Raheem

      Be careful with your choice of words “fucking God” God is a wonderful and merciful. Yes I understand you are an atheist but disrespecting God is unacceptable. I wish you well.

    88. Kick J

      dude at 12:25 is down horrendously for likes

    89. Jada Bailey

      5:37 it’s the hairline for me😭🤚😂😂I’m sorry for laughing I had to man

    90. Jordan

      As a Jew all the Jew jokes were hilarious

    91. Lauren Lehr

      Most of these were racist as fuck

    92. JR isTHE name

      My guy has a bottle of jack Daniels next to his bed.

    93. nxmarkinq

      5:03 i laughed so bad LOL

    94. Es Me

      " Y-You see I-It's not........."

    95. Doveman Flyy

      I'm just starting to realize that JJ fans are a bit mad.

    96. Edward Connell

      1:27 tho im dying

    97. Tolbzter

      Thanks for including me in the video JJ! (Juice WRLD poster guy)

    98. Aaran Pande

      Just ask him to say woooootah

    99. Musa Gaming

      i love you jj but dont be rude to fans

    100. Enrique Enriquez

      Sugunda? Yea sugunda des nuts.