If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge


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    1. Pizzacato

      Well a m sorry for saying it that is x evil

    2. Pizzacato

      3 is evil

    3. Pizzacato

      Hey that’s not right what he said 4 is wearing a not really a thing like that kid show

    4. 21salinl_scope

      “Remember 9 years ago when you told me there’s no emergency button?” Me: uhhh... uhhh... *insert getting old meme* I’m old

    5. That one Gamer

      “Four why are you wearing the hide scraped off of the body of a innocent teletubby also four is adorable in among us suit XD

    6. mod creator

      I never thought x would be evil he was always kind

    7. John Egnor

      I made a among us animation

    8. Chris Phillips

      I thought eraser meant the other kind of ship 😅

    9. MadGamer 55

      Legend says that geletin is still swiping his card

    10. Katarzyna Kamińska

      1:43 is scary robby its

    11. Sophie Robertson-Titus


    12. Sajmon Rajs

      Jelatin din't got a correct card 🎤Right here,right now🎤!

    13. - CatLoverUwO -

      I love gelly boi

    14. anonymous fairy drones

      (2:36) (0-0)

    15. hoiy vinosa

      Eraser: ships should not exist Shippers: Say sike right now!

    16. Elizabete Tavares


    17. Toppat Gad

      Tennis Balls eyes are red, means the IMPOSTOR

    18. Dinousar Puppet the gamer 2001

      I hate imposters

    19. Makky • 3 tahun lalu

      4:04 respawning as Impostor! 1:45 Crewmates/Impostors is in the Among Us game. 1:42 Footsteps? Sound Replaced. 1:43 Footsteps? end. Like Skeld

      1. hoiy vinosa

        If the winner of the BFB was from space...4:43

    20. FrequenZ Gamer

      1:34 Lollipop:Gorlyoi

    21. MrTopSkyrem

      4:28 bc pen and gelatine died they are missing

    22. Kubix Da Boi

      Great now make BFDI Fall Guys

    23. Angela Baker

      Teletubby! Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣

    24. Angela Baker

      Eraser there is no emergency button! What!? 😳😳😳

    25. Markus Lukasz Marta Constantino

      I love this animation UwU

    26. Mon Cayanan

      2 impostors

    27. Mon Cayanan

      Tennis ball is the impostor

    28. Carl the diamond

      among us

    29. The fox {dr.k}

      Every coment *ship doesn’t exists* Ummm.... Mine coment: Why is four dress like among us player?

    30. Samsung Samsung

      ok cary add in bfb27 new challenge quiz 2 with new intro of quiz show of bfb there is... Garfield show intro

    31. 별별별 by varioUs kind s

      0:23 Card Jelly you Food sery

    32. DumbytheDab

      Remote Voice Is Google Text-to-Speech Too Everything, Try Again

    33. marco lopez

      If the winner of the BFB was from space...4:43

    34. Mary Trujillo

      I said what do you mean by no steps are no love ship

    35. Mary Trujillo

      Latest series makeup series

    36. marco lopez

      Creeps in plublic... 3:55

    37. marco lopez

      Warn - nin-g voi--- ce war---nin-g 2:45

    38. Cringe Chan

      1:32 best part no joke

    39. marco lopez

      If your a bird... 1:41

    40. Rockstar Louis

      4 sus

    41. yin yang


    42. the John behind the slaughter

      When you guys gonna make huan huan plushy squish

    43. Brandon Stevano Johansyah

      Eraser be like: 4:26

    44. Chung Ying Lee

      Henry stickmin X bfdi

    45. ludilyn irish panuelos

      Pencil sounds like four

    46. radenrex

      Among us who have got a head head

    47. 2_ yutiu

      among us role sound 3:08

    48. Nicolas Animation studios

      Kid: look mom a airplane what it sound like? Mom: listen Airplane sound: 2:22

    49. Ihatecoinmaster coinmasterhater

      2:33 tf pencil she's your friend

    50. Plainrocky123 Plainrocky123

      Next time, AnimationEpic will upload a part 2 and Wii will be ate a black hole and always win in the end.

    51. Brandon Salazar

      I tought black hole was gonna say i aint never seen two pretty best frirnds🤣🤣

    52. Rachael Lawson

      Ooga booga I like food hehe dhbdhfj

    53. Channel Manning

      4:10 w h a t d i d h e d o t o h i m

      1. BaseballTheCat

        He made him listen to bts

    54. Elias Vigil

      Four and x has their suit Everyone don’t have it

    55. 莊小胖


    56. Ethan dwayne

      4 impostors

    57. Zachary Potter

      What up with 2764

    58. Mary Charlotte Fresco

      why arent you making vids any more

    59. BrownFox LazyDog

      The caption said goopy so goopy is a word???

    60. Melanie Greeke

      Next one at a fire alarm BFDI

    61. Ratna Widyasari

      harga spesial d dan juga sangat impstor?

    62. Emery Brown

      Hey um jacknjellify I want next last extra video clip to check up on woody and blocky how they doing in the brb or are u to buzy to read comments :(

    63. Lisandro Lemme

      Michael You Mean BFB 27

    64. • DoodleBarkz •

      And when did pencil and match like tennisball- Unless im dumb and dont remember

    65. Winnie Chien

      Emergency buttons are FOR emergency’s. Eraser says “SHIPS should not EXIST” yeah that definitely an “emergency”.

    66. Winnie Chien

      X’s lucky 7 made him/her have to kill cool down. 1 like=more cool down seconds. 1 reply=more objects (or participants) have Telly-tubby suits.

    67. Stargirl_player gc


    68. Frisk Dreemurr


    69. Xian Migel Saludo

      lol nice

    70. Apple Yee

      4 is a among us

    71. Edward Betancourt

      3:59 is full nightmare fuel

    72. xXdanky pizzaXx

      Ships should not exist, maybe cause they suck but i think they are also canon by the way reply to my comment jacknjelify "Ships should not exist" if you care about your fans (:

    73. Julien May

      By the way the other 2 comments beside this one I posted are for BFB 27

    74. tower of heck boss piggy boss

      (4:42 and pause where they are out of space ship) bell has no string and look at four x's and matches face

    75. Willito Plays


    76. Willito Plays

      Among us in BFF (there is an eliminated contestant among us)

    77. bunnabeanchii studio

      Yall I think they don't want us to ship the characters

    78. Julien May

      Eraser: hey remember when I pressed the emergency meeting button? Coiny: Yep Eraser: Well glad we're back! Everyone else than Eraser and Coiny: Yeah! Sure!

      1. Julien May

        Then u get to figure out what will fit in with the episode!

      2. Julien May

        4: Fine *intro plays*

      3. Julien May

        4: DARN IT

      4. Julien May

        Donut: oh.

      5. Julien May

        X: intro time! 4: WhY sO LaTe‽ X: my clock said that

    79. eltonlim

      I like the part where they try to screech the vase

    80. eltonlim

      Can you make another video?

    81. Quinton the Gemmy Boss!!!

      What does BFF stand for

    82. Ethan Schutt


    83. Samuel Pasumarthy

      X and Tennis ball were the only impostors I am sure or got a clue of. But I am not sure if X really killed Gelatin in Admin.

    84. Dandre Gamecoin


    85. Alexander Banks

      Why does David and the girl one only has heads when emergency meeting came

    86. Bradens Bam bam

      When gelatin licks the card it’s so gross

    87. leonardo Maneiro

      man this is actually oficial

    88. Dragon ball Blader

      I want a another one plz

    89. Puffball Studios

      Who are the imposters

    90. littlejaxon2013

      Can you make a Christmas episode named bfb 27

    91. LaZr

      *H I G E L A T I N*

    92. Creepman__1010

      Oh my mint!

    93. roblox Among us and bfdi

      i love among us

    94. Wolfiegirl29

      Red sus.

    95. spam pooper33

      1:48 but why are you wearing scrape of the body of an innocent teletubby

    96. Vinny Byak

      Not nmap

    97. Vinny Byak


    98. Vinny Byak

      Do polus nmap next

    99. Drus 13

      0:08 Fries is the only cannibal you say?