The Rybka Twins

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    Hey guys we're so excited to be collaborating virtually with the Merrell Twins today! Wait till you see us recreate each others Instagram photos... We had SO much fun filming this video so we hope you love it as much as we do!
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    1. The Rybka Twins

      Don’t forget to watch the video we did on the Merrell’s channel!!!

      1. Sheniva Gali

        Hi i love you guys so much 😍😍🥰

      2. S Mariana

        I love you

      3. Shahina Mzandi

        My poor poo

      4. Tanu Playz

        Round 1 = rybka twins Round 2 = the merrel twins

      5. KYLE kyle

        Ooooh that look at 11:43 lolol :):) them eyes sent a chill down my spine lolol :):)



    3. Summer Schniepp

      i have to say Rybka round 1 and 2

    4. Brother Musician

      ther merrell twins frist pic they did I nelled it

    5. Khadija Moustafa

      Rybka and merrel

    6. Kyla Goralskii

      round 1 = rybka twins

    7. Teresa Skeens

      oo la la

    8. Isy's World

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tegan had so much fun with the dog costume!!!!

    9. Flower Lover

      round 1=both round 2= both

    10. Elida Marroquin

      Round 1 = BOTH

      1. Elida Marroquin

        Round2 = BOTH

    11. Sydnie Ross

      Round 1=Rybka twins and Round 2=Merrill Twins for me

    12. Iyanu Adelakun

      Round one equal Rybka twins Round two equal both

    13. Issabella Conroy

      round 1= both round 2= both

    14. Endya Johnson


    15. Sarah Stephens

      Round 1=Rybka twins

    16. Deannie Wilson

      Both of you won

    17. Rafael Seijas

      this video was so funny to wach.

    18. Fiona Fitzgerald

      Round 2= Both

    19. Fiona Fitzgerald

      Round 1= Both

    20. Havon Porter

      They both win cuz you know they both were similar

    21. Emma Gonzalez-Rodiles

      Round 1:merell twins because that pose is soooooo hard

    22. kalaseata12

      Round 1 both

    23. Stephanie Jaramillo

      I'm dieing right now be the merrell twins

    24. Marian Yousef Alazizi

      The twins are so so so amazing and they are still gymnast actually I like the gymnast

    25. Ahdab Ali

      The funniest part when she was wearing the Scooby-Doo outfit anduin Vanessa said that she was having too much fun🤣🤣

    26. Ahdab Ali

      And I think the Rybka Twins won this challenge

    27. Ahdab Ali

      The funniest part is when you're shaking your tail🤣🤣 when your in the Scooby-Doo outfit

    28. Ahdab Ali

      Rybka twins I love you so much I wish I could see you❤❤❤

    29. Zeina and rakan Oqlah

      For round one and two both

    30. katya King

      Round 1=Rybka twins

    31. Malisa Damia

      I think it's both you two are good

    32. Ashley Ryan

      I pick both of yall again

    33. Ashley Ryan

      I pick both of yall

    34. Bella Bouch

      round 1=both round 2= Merrell twins :)

    35. Kewyana Hamilton

      Ron tow is the other twin

    36. Brian Ambicki


    37. Kewyana Hamilton

      The ryokan twin for rond one

    38. Kewyana Hamilton

      I pike both

    39. Kewyana Hamilton

      I really love you guys so so much

    40. Bonnie Nicholson

      Round one is the Ripka twins

    41. Lemon Fresh

      R.1 rybka

    42. GirlGamerForever 13

      They look good with dark hair

    43. Isabel Pimentel

      Round one both did it so good and round 2 both won again

    44. Aracely Rapelo

      love this video both of u guys won on both rounds love both of you guys so much❤️❤️

    45. Savannah-Claire Starkey

      Round 2= M

    46. Savannah-Claire Starkey

      Round 1= R

    47. Jackie Marmer

      They are both adorable!

    48. Galaxy Wolf

      Rond 1 both

    49. luca smuca

      Love you Sam and Teagen

    50. Erika Vazquez


    51. Erika Vazquez

      1. The Rybka Twins

      1. Erika Vazquez


    52. Louise Francis

      R 1 = Both

    53. Charmaine Rowland

      My daughter love you guys she is doing gymnastic.

    54. parm sandhu

      Photo 2 is grate

    55. Zakiya Yohana


    56. Alexondra Trevino

      I think rybka twins did so good but merrell twins worked really hard so I think merrell twins win

    57. Jasmine Gilboy-Miles

      # 1 round ribka twins win

    58. Bai_ Mengyan

      It's so amazing how they look so different even if they are wearing same makeup and outfits. 💜 Love you both. You guys did good

    59. Kyndall Dozier

      Round 2=Rybka twins and Merrell twins

    60. Gracie Brooks

      #1- both honestly

    61. وجدان الزهراني

      I think merrelltwins

    62. Kyndall Dozier

      Round 1= Rybka twins and Merrell twins


      i love you guys ❤

    64. Gail Heller

      Who had strawberry blond hair? Can u unblock the Austria's got talent? Love u guys so much !!!

    65. Amaranna Agbonye

      Round 1- merral twins cos there's was rlly hardd I can't even do a roly poly🤣

    66. justamy mayhew

      Round 1=rybka twins

    67. Hind Haroon

      Merrell twins

    68. Hind Haroon

      Rybka twins round 1

    69. Hind Haroon

      Rybka twins

    70. Lailah Overmeyer

      The Rybka Twins won the first round

    71. Elaina Thompson

      Round 2=merrell twins

    72. Elaina Thompson

      Round 1= rybka twins

    73. Amazing Aarohi

      So funny

    74. Katrina Gee

      Round 2 meralle

    75. Katrina Gee

      Round 1 both!

    76. Sunsetpanda’s !

      Round 1 = ryokan twins I say

    77. Altamira Montefalco

      "Did I do it? Why didn't I do it?" So cuteee😍🥰

    78. Audrey G

      Round #1=Rybka twins

    79. cheeky miss

      #twinswap what I read: *twins wap* 👁️👄👁️

    80. Avni Kamble

      Round 1=Both

    81. Alexis Snedegar

      Rybka twins 1

    82. Alexis Snedegar


    83. Jennifer Or

      Round 1=Rybka twins Round 2=Merell twins

    84. Homs Spirit

      the twin are the Rybka twina

    85. Nani Land


    86. 7th Fairy

      Round 1 rybka twins round 2 merrelltwins

    87. Lily Anderson


    88. John Palmer


    89. Isis Nya

      Sam and Teagan won because that’s my opinion

    90. Maria Antonia Cardenas

      It was very fun, I laught very much with all the photos, i love it 😘😁👍🤭🤣🤣

    91. Isis Nya

      Round one = gymnastic 👯‍♀️👭👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

    92. Adam Arzo

      Ok I already watched both of them but thank you for reminding

    93. Dariana Ramos

      Both of the twings did so good .

    94. Wakinyena Zi Wiyan


      1. Wakinyena Zi Wiyan


    95. XxKay_thatgirlxX

      I think the rybka twins won round 1 and both won round 2

    96. Unicorn Cuties

      Round 1=Merrill twins

    97. the epic tiktok in the world

      Ammmmmm maybe the 2 round 🧐🧐🧐

    98. Marisa González

      I LOVED this video, I laugh a lot 😂😂😂❤

    99. Reborns Life

      R 1= Both.. You both did so good!

    100. Samantha Heaton

      Round 1 rybka Round 2 the other tiwns