Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open [Official Video]

Bruno Mars

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    The official music video for Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic's new single "Leave the Door Open"
    Directed by Bruno Mars and Florent Dechard
    Phil Tayag - creative consultant
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    Say baby, say baby, say baby
    What you doin
    (what you doin)

    Where you at
    (where you at)

    Oh you got plans
    (you got plans)

    Don’t say that
    (shut yo trap)

    I’m sippin wine
    (sip sip)

    In a robe
    (drip drip)

    I look too good
    (look too good)

    To be alone

    My house clean
    (house clean)

    My pool warm
    (pool warm)

    Just shaved
    (smooth like a new born)

    We should be dancing, romancing
    In the east wing and the west wing
    Of this mansion, what’s happenin

    I aint playin no games
    Every word that I say
    Is coming straight from the heart
    (so if you tryna lay in these arms)

    Imma leave the door open
    (imma leave the door open)
    Imma leave the door open girl
    (Imma leave the door open, hopin)

    That you feel the way I feel
    And you want me like I want you tonight baby
    (tell me that you’re coming through)

    You’re so sweet
    (so sweet)

    So tight
    (so tight)

    I won’t bite
    (ahh ahh)

    Unless you like
    (unless you like)

    If you smoke
    (what you smoke)

    I got that haze
    (purple haze)

    And if you’re hungry girl I got filets

    Ooh baby don’t keep me
    There’s so much love we could be making
    I’m talking kissing, Cuddling
    Rose petals in the bathtub
    Girl lets jump in, It’s bubblin

    I aint playin no games
    Every word that I say
    Is coming straight from the heart
    So if you tryna lay in these arms
    ( if you tryna lay in these arms)

    Imma leave the door open
    (imma leave the door open)
    Imma leave the door open girl
    (Imma leave the door open, hopin)

    That you feel the way I feel
    And you want me like I want you tonight baby
    (tell me that you’re coming through)

    La la laaa la la la laaa
    (I need you baby)

    La la laaa la la la laaa
    (I gotta see you baby)

    La la laaa la la la laaa
    (Girl I’m tryna give you this)

    Imma leave my door open, baby
    (imma leave the door open)
    Imma leave, imma leave my door open girl
    (Imma leave the door open, hopin)
    And I’m hopin

    Hopin that you feel the way I feel
    And you want me like I want you tonight baby
    (tell me that you’re coming through)

    La la laaa la la la laaa
    Tell me
    (Tell me that you’re coming through)

    Woo, woo-woo, woo, woo-woo,woo
    Woo, woo-woo, woo, woo-woo,woo

    La la laaa la la la laaa
    (Tell me that you’re coming through)

    Girl, I’m here just waiting for you
    Come on over, I’ll adore you
    (I gotta know)
    (La la laaa la la la laaa)
    I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for you

    (Tell me that you’re coming through)
    Girl, I’m here just waiting for you
    Come on over, I’ll adore you

    The official IRvision channel of Atlantic Records artist Bruno Mars. 11x GRAMMY Award winner and 27x GRAMMY Award nominee Bruno Mars is a celebrated singer, songwriter, producer, and musician with iconic hits like "The Lazy Song", "That's What I Like", "Just The Way You Are", "24K Magic", "Locked Out Of Heaven", and "When I Was Your Man". His legendary body of work also includes blockbuster albums such as Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Unorthodox Jukebox, and 24K Magic, as well as era-defining collaborations like "Uptown Funk" with Mark Ronson, "Finesse" with Cardi B, and "Nothin' On You" with B.o.B. Forever classic, yet supremely innovative, Bruno continues to redefine music, style, and popular culture, pushing the boundaries of pop, R&B, funk, soul, hip-hop, and dance, and remains as influential as ever.
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