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    Extreme Constructions Cruise Ship | Engineering Documentary
    Extreme Constructions: Thunder Boat: irvision.info/home/kH6tl2mdfpGbbso/fy-lm-h-y.html
    315 metres long, 65 metres high, weighing 80,000 tonnes and capable of transporting more than 7,000 people, the Meraviglia is the ultimate cruise ship. But how was she built ?
    We followed her development at the St. Nazaire construction site, a building ground for the world’s biggest vessels. There more than 2,500 men working day and night, using the latest technological developments to lessen the environmental impact.
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    1. John Hanek

      Cruise ships are an incredible source of noise pollution that makes whales miserable. Whales pick up ultra sonic waves for miles- it's how they communicate, in part.

    2. Jos Brouwer

      @ around 27:40 200 cubic metres of water per person per day? I think that there is a miscalculation somewhere. Even 200 litres per person each day is on the extraordinary luxury side.

    3. Toney Construction

      thank a lot for Free Documentary your channel is the best in my life you show the world how they built and how they made, once again I want to said thank you so much

    4. Robert Case

      Soldered! you make it sound like a Boy's Own model!

    5. Xavier Drippe

      So you're saying it took 685 years to build. there must be a typo here.

    6. hawkdsl

      Someone dialed 1-800-bad-timming, and got connected on the first try.

    7. GarlTsagan

      I want to go in the bulb when the ship is at full speed

    8. Driver MJ

      Top markotop

    9. Torchmanz

      I imagine this ship is probably sitting vacant at the moment. Covid has killed the cruise ship industry.

    10. Hello Goodbye

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    11. Stephen Trew

      This video sowed me how rusty my French has become

    12. CAYMAN987

      Who wrote this ? You dont solder a ship together.

    13. James Bonde

      It has the best iceberg detector ever made.

    14. RumRunner 82

      They use MicroStation instead of AutoCad for design! Nice!

    15. Uzair Ahmed

      What ... 1.4 million cubic meters per day ?? And then showing written 1,400,000 litres per day ... 🤔🤔🤔 can someone explain it ? (27:40) Secondly - Does he really mean 6 million hours 🤣 ? 🙏 6,000,000 hours are not 4 years sir it mean almost 700 years dude.

    16. That Chris

      I see this big girl is now in Miami! Waiting for her chance to compete against the Oasis class vessels from Royal in the Caribbean, once we get back to doing revenue voyages. MSC bringing muscle to the fight!! Good luck guys

    17. Harry Mu

      I'm still quite disappointed that even new cruise liners never really use solar energy despite the sea basically having no obstructions from the sun save for the night/day cycles and clouds. a small system to supplement the diesel engines can go a long way in fuel economy the longer the ship is in service.

      1. Harry Mu

        @KEB129 fair reasoning.

      2. KEB129

        @Harry Mu Solar panels are ideal for use in space and they are also good for hobby. But as a main source for energy on Earth they don't make sense.

      3. Harry Mu

        @KEB129 I've already had a solar panel set that I assembled myself due to become energy neutral by next week... it won't be hard to imagine that engineers can do better than a hobbyist. I understand that solar panels tend to have a reputation of being unreliable but I assure you you must have the right panels with the right sources. I got mine from LG Solar through a middleman

      4. KEB129

        @Harry Mu No. Solar panels are always a netto loss of energy.

      5. Harry Mu

        @KEB129 over time though solar panels can pay themselves off. they might even provide some emergency power.

    18. le Louche

      Cruise ships are a big waste of ressources

    19. turpy1234

      French - blah!

    20. M O28 [新しいものを作る]

      does nordVPN also assist in Cruise Ship Building?

    21. dragon cat

      sir i think theres a video in your ad

    22. Brendan Passarell

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    23. Johny Cammayo

      It's beautiful and it's a reality

    24. Geoffrey Williams

      Despite my comment below I have to say that I am entirely in awe of this great project ! ! !

    25. Geoffrey Williams

      Water consumption ; they say that an average of 200m3 per person per day is reqd !! Of course they meant to say 200 litres per person per day . . . ie 1,400,000 / 7000 = 200

    26. Gede Journey

      I been 8 months in this ship

    27. Mario

      We don't build or make anything else in the USA. So sad!

    28. Wizard 1

      More ads please

    29. Adriana Jidovu

      I am in love with the ship,I worked befor for Louis Cruise Line...I love the life onboard and I like to see pax happy...❤❤❤

      1. Adriana Jidovu

        Congratulations to the team building this cruise ship!!Amazing!!

    30. JohnJaggerJack

      Ocean liners are amongst of the most polluting transportation ships ever to cross the seas. Not even Oil tankers and Containers ships are as half as pollutant/per metric ton.

    31. Vishway Seetaram

      I worked on meravillgia

    32. Natalia Gomez

      Lol so many homeless people in the world more gigantic cruiselines is what the world needs😂🤣

    33. Mike Shuhada

      To much ads tsk3

    34. Lambda

      9:53 russian or french engeneer???

    35. Hat Bird

      So these are the Covid-19 spreading constructs 😶

    36. AZIZ HM

      Amazing 👍

    37. Sam Belkalai

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    38. Killer Kickz

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    39. Aviation Nut

      To me it's just mind blowing that we humans build such amazing technological marvel's within the last 100+ years. The question i got is that we humans have been on earth for around 200 thousand years, so I wonder why we didn't come up with this technology a thousand or two thousand years ago, why suddenly now within the last century?. It's almost like an alien from another planet came down and showed humans how to build things.

    40. Ebros

      “leaks can mean many problems.” Truly? It’s a cruise ship.

      1. Brian

        i would never have guessed

    41. Ralph Williams


    42. Len Michaels

      Quite a good depiction of the build but could do with a better and more accurate script.

    43. Mick Carson

      Bravi fratelli, bravi.

    44. Beatrice Lewis

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    45. cst td

      I work for a different cruise company but I am in love with this ship. I met her first time in bahamas

      1. Marygraceaustria Raymar23


    46. Igor Gustavo Ribeiro Pinheiro

      I used to pay to put a submarine to abandon the ship, if every company does it, it will reduce helicopter expenses, imagine if every ship has an emergency submarine and arouse the interest of engineers to do this.

    47. Leif tore Seljåsen


    48. tom langley

      What this video needs is ADs! The ones every 2 mins just aren't enough!

      1. Mick Carson

        Tom, you mean, we watch ads, and not the video? WTF bro, are you from Mars?

      2. Stuart Boxall

        Just click this link and follow the instructions for installing Ad Block Plus. Then you wont see a single ad.

      3. Cru3l

        Solution to your headache? Download Adblock

      4. Mick Carson

        Ads, why? I hate ads.

    49. Ziva Nata

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    50. Dennis G. Diede

      I want to see a video of how a MODULE is made. The minute details of this process would be very interesting. Maybe the bridge module.

    51. Juan Rosilio


    52. Juan Rosilio


    53. derek Rohan

      Ok I’m sorry.. but they keep talking about innovations of this ship.. they did not come up with bow thrusters, or salt water distillers. Or the stabilizer wings under the water.. but they say on this documentary that this is all special to this ship haha wtf

    54. Robduino Ash

      1:05 "Soldered" ??? Who wrote the script? Someone who knows nothing of shipbuilding. The plates are WELDED.

    55. derek Rohan

      These pods with the propeller are not new.. they have been putting these on cruise ships for almost 15 years now.. or more. I saw a documentary on the queen mary being built in 2005 and she had the same azro pods I think they called them. Something like that

    56. C. F. Apollyon

      @16:52 - capn accidentally punches warp coordinates into the computer in reverse order...things suddenly get weird.

    57. Clinton Brown

      What is the soundtrack at the start of this docu?

    58. HD Waves

      I like👍

    59. Gii Vannile

      Hello , Free Documentary . Nice to see you . Build a ship is one of the beautiful dramatic dreaming behaviors , I think . Thank you very much for your fine clear fantastic video clips . Dec. 4th 2020 Fri. 08:56 sunny early Winter morning from Yokohama City Japan

    60. Jake Allen

      boats are neat


      I wish I had 1$$$$000000000000 and I have

    62. LAI ZHENG YI Moe

      Great ship, I wonder what will happen if it accidentally stumbled across a U-Boat

    63. Island Vybz

      6millions hours 🤔🤔🤔 1Day=24hours....1year{24*365}= 8760hours....6millions hours=684years

    64. Kyle Reddy

      Is symphony of the sea bigger then this right

    65. Ahmad Ghafoor Wafa

      Absolutely amazing documentary. Vive la France et les français

    66. GREEMALDIN d'silva

      It's a jaw dropping cruise ship meraviglia . The studies shown in detailed information that those workers are completely dedicated and " attention to detail " hatsoff really I'm impressed for the impeccable work done by engineers, Marvellous work building a ship alike Meraviglia is my dream I will conquer it for sure !

    67. FezRez

      Great mullet on the gantry operator!!!

    68. Fred Pilcher

      Floating COVID incubator.

      1. belly tripper


    69. Henry Simons

      “6 million hours of work”, yes so 685 years. Well done.

      1. belly tripper

        @DannioArts HE HAS **LIE - ARRHEA!!**

      2. Henry Simons

        @Aron Kar I know lol, combined. At first I was like wait..

      3. Aron Kar

        There is more than one person working on it. If youre joking im sorry

      4. DannioArts

        I also did the calculations,685 years yet they had a time line of 4 years. the narrator is a liar

    70. Beverley Caldwell

      Absolutely fascinating; great job and when this covid nightmare ends, I want to do my first cruise.

      1. László Zsolt Nagy

        Me too. Belly tipper if you so scared then isolate yourself and let others live their life!

      2. belly tripper


    71. bernadette eberi

      Remarkable innovation of human brain! Congrats to those involve in the design and contruction of the liner. Be proud of yourselves!

    72. Epari Satwik

      Used it in parts for my Blog. Thank you!

    73. Arif Ansari


    74. hawkeye0248

      Can this ship pass the panama channel?

      1. belly tripper


    75. Martin Zitter

      Kilo'meters, not kalamaduhz.

    76. Christopher Digital

      All those advertisements lol. Thank God for youtube Vanced.

    77. bongsnap

      So many adds

    78. Don Quijotedelamancha

      Funny that they never talked about life boats and anti-sinking systems.

      1. CheyTacHD

        you see like 30 life boats at 29.00 most lifeboats can hold 150 and some even 370

      2. Geoffrey Williams

        Unsinkable . . . I don't think!

      3. yobro manson

        She is unsinkable, don't you know? UPDATE: Unsinkable ship lands 1 mile away from "Titanic" wreckage, downed by same exact iceberg after researcher's analyze naughty icebergs scar patterns. Iceberg is currently being held in ultra high security prison until we can find out how to punish it. Ideas to convert berg into luxury liner being floated around.

      4. Joe Delicious

        @belly tripper I never noticed the name.

      5. belly tripper


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    85. Shining Solo

      How big this ship compared to Symphony of the Seas

    86. Thanura Wanniatchi

      pls put this in english voice. its a pain to read and watch.

    87. Simplicio Camirino


    88. Denstoradiskmaskinen

      I should recycle and avoid a diesel car while these luxury leisure vessils roam the globe for fun.. green movement in a nutshell

    89. The-Stoned -BoY

      6 million of man hours to build a 600 million $ ship, meaning that the employees were paid less than 10$ after including material prices. Slavery still exists ??

      1. zdwade

        600m euros. At @50-60hr that helps. Plus government subsidies and other financing. But I would think 1bil ship.

    90. Mike

      Sorry pal, but solar panels will be lucky to provide 1% of the ship's power, if not far less. Simply too much demand and too little area for solar.

    91. Efrain Cordovez

      McLean o Iquique

    92. Regdor

      I don't know what all this Luxury Ship travel to nowhere is about; however I would rather have a tent, cot and canoe, camping along side a small river in the woods....Ooohh and a case or two of beer.....

      1. YoRulezz TV

        Yes, same

    93. Claude Lockhart Clark

      Why do you vessels like this? What have you achieved and who stands to benefit?

    94. Glenn Tremblay

      i wonder why they don't step up and go nuclear?? The worlds navies have been using them safely for a long time now...or at least that's what we are lead to believe.

    95. AhmadS1mple K

      Can't believe this amazing huge manufacturing country like France has president like Macron France deserve better look at this shippp

    96. อรทัย ฟรีบี

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    98. Roy Davis

      Within ten to 20 years, all global manufacturing will be converted to 3d printer home based businesses?.. Autocad Program sales online.. Aviation Agencies need to be incities, and Flying Mailbox and Shipping Containers with Motor Generators powering.. Cruise Ship Race?..

    99. Roy Davis

      Roman Aquaduct Canals, built with the Vulcan II 3d Printer (on youtube) all over the world, capable of accomadating these size ships (Condo Cruise Shups)..

    100. richard cottrell

      I don't know if anybody's ever thought about this but when you have to read subtitles you can't watch which playing you are spending your entire time reading so what is the point of putting a documentary out when most everything said you have to read a subtitle kind of sucks wish I could watch the documentary but I'm too busy reading