STREET RACING CHANNEL The Story of how and why it all began. PART 1

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    1. Tony Phillips

      Oh man you guys are son is only 13 but yalls relationship reminds me of us. Nothing like the love between a father and a son. Also alot like me and my dad Id smoke a set of tires off my GT foxbody every weekend and he would take it to put a new set on while i was at work. ....I totally cracked at the dads reaction to him finding out how the wrist pin really finished. they way he shook his head and just mouth whatever?! haha priceless

    2. David Romero

      Love of a parent that job never ends...

    3. Nicholas Fantini

      I love all these great old stories " ole man". 💪👊🤘🤙👍

    4. MultiReubenater Turner 1967

      your grandmas house was apart of the under ground railroad.Well im a fan and im where that railroad ran to.DRESDEN,ONTARIO,CANADA,the home of UNCLE TOM......SMALL WORLD.Also funny i follow you guys cause some day i hope to turn my 88 s1o,into a drag truck also

    5. River Rat

      Very cool story. I’m about your ago (52). I have to grown boys 27 and 25. Our house was like your house when they was in high school. I got my boys in motorcycles and diesel trucks. My oldest son turned into one of the best Diesel guys in Southeastern Indiana. My younger son joined the Marine Corps 2 weeks out of high school. He went Recon Marine. He turned into a real badass. Both my sons turned into great men because of the choices I made. I can see the respect your boys have for you, because my sons look at me the same way. Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad... Great job dad...

    6. Tiny T's Auto Repair

      That truck one nasty badass machine have 99 Pontiac firebird I would love to make go fast like that truck

    7. Anthony79

      You know what know matter how much he liked partying u gave him a childhood and freedom to make choices. Yes early on it was to party but he matured and what U first got him into is what he fell in love with. So he actually had the seed put into his head and fell back on it. Great story man I love it

    8. BRIANNA'S Life

      Man your a cool dad....we have a lot in common we have a couple street/drag race cars 67 chevelle and a sn95. Chuck Monasmith peace.

    9. ElectronicMechanic

      The underdog s 10 is the whole reason y'all stand out

    10. Dwayne Mccray

      #1dad in my book

    11. chris cagle

      Truly blessed I had a 85 s-10 in 2000 with a 385 got talked into selling it for 1 of my 2 boys I have..Not a day goes by I don’t miss that little truck.this video teared me up on I-20 coming home from work.

    12. NvTwist

      This is only my second video from your channel but Your a great example for any future & current fathers. Inspiring story.

    13. Sherri Gaskin

      The mini farm truck.

    14. Dream Steel Garage

      Dad "I told you to pack the spare tire" Billy "I was 12 or 13" Dad "you had this truck so you were 15 or 16. Mentally, you might have been 12" LMAO

    15. Zach Young

      Man I can relate so much with your story. My dad kept me occupied with horsepower and I am doing the same with my son. You’re 100% correct if you have a child who is a free spirit and wild as a buck. You must find a way to harness that. You have my applause man. Great job!

    16. Shayne Patrick Hayes

      What a great story and great channel

    17. Gaming /Social media

      Man i just started watching you guys an i must say you guy's are amazing man keep up the work and your kid a badass driver already you guys open up me big time to be honest i been wanted to race so bad but me an my dad is trying to put stuff together sadly but you guy's remind me of us father and son working together to make it big and that awesome and i love the way you are teaching them :) me an my dad even said that good as in your teaching them the old school way of mechanics by racing an building stuff in the backyard me and my dad are doing a project hopefully I would love to talk an tell you guys about it :) but anyways you guys have amazing day :) and sorry if it was hard to read I have a hard time with spelling and putting things together :/ but keep it up though guy's you are making it big out here keep it up :)

    18. Billy wayne Huggins

      You said the truck looked like a mud fence but one thing it's faster than greased EELSHITTTT

    19. Shaun shaunk

      You are a awsome dad and you have a great family. 👍😁👍😁🚘📸🚘🎅🎅

    20. Terry Miller

      Interesting story.thanks for bringing me along for your trip down memory lane

    21. Ahmad Baghdadi

      Your a good man God bless you and your family

    22. Freddy geez

      man I miss my dad ...enjoy every minute young man

    23. Steve Vaughn

      I have not been on your site in awhile, the way your Dad started out talking , I thought something had happened to Kid-Quick. Scared me to death. Billy tell your Dad to sound a little happy on the “how we became millionaires” next story he narrates. Lol

    24. Chris Kidder

      Much respect for allowing them to be kids and still be a was all worth it....Billy seems to be a great kid....keep up the good hard work old man

    25. Herman Graves

      They were safe thats what counts i have 3 boys and i know EXACTLY what you were tring to do.ours got taken then my oldest got hooked on meth .now he is back howe with us and safe along with rest of our big family safe n sound

    26. Pyle81

      Remove street racing/Drag racing and incert Tractor Pulling and roll the clock back 20 yrs to the early 90's and this was the gang of KNOT Heads that I was a card carrying member of. And had it not been for a man that left us WAY to soon in 2017. Id probably not be here today. So that why I can LMAO with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat when the old man talks about "Just trying to keep them out of trouble" Can't wait to see the rest of this video.

    27. L8 APEX

      My parents did the same thing when I was in high school. Let us drink at their house. Now I dont even drink at all in my 30s. Got all of that out of my system back in the day haha Edit: hello from Findlay, Ohio

    28. Hallandale Complete Auto

      If its any consolation I was in that line with you. Racing Martial arts and all of the above.Luckily it worked

    29. Michael Cuff

      Oh! I love the S10! Not as much as that 55 Chevy. I have a thing for black 55 Chevys. How could you not! They are awesome!

    30. Michael Cuff

      Is the S10 4 wheel drive? B cuz when its at the big end, still barely gettin traction it kinda wavers along.

    31. Zack Thornton

      Thats how I fell about my 87 d150. I love yall videos and wish I had a dad like urs ps if yall ever need anything powder coated I will do it luxury and imports lv ks

    32. joshharrison60


    33. billy manilli

      25:45 lmfao

    34. kingautosale

      If you have any time for me play call me 346 390 8152 mike alaina racer pops

    35. Christopher Barth

      That's a very cool and interesting story

    36. maassauto

      Enjoyed the video. One thing I was wondering about is what happened to the original front fenders? Strange thing is I live in Colorado and I have an S15 with the same faded blue stripes. Your truck is the only other one I've seen with that paint scheme. BTW, I believe those gold Firebird rims are actually 15". If you ever need any rust free S10 stuff, I have dozens of parts trucks in my salvage yard

    37. Michael Braswell

      Sir you remind me of myself how protective you are over the neighborhood kids and wanting them to do right

    38. Mike Winn

      I see myself in both of y'all. At Billy's age i was very intelligent but "dumber than a bag of hammers." Now at 47, I'm a father of 3, a medical practice owner, but i still like to play. I often catch myself saying "Please tell me exactly what you were thinking and what made you think that was a good idea?" to my 3 children.

      1. SRC Garage


    39. WatsonFabricating

      I live about 10 minutes from where you got that truck , you driving down the roads I've been down all those roads man. I have been watching your videos and bought a first gen s10 and I got a 9" and a zz4 350 with a street fighter trans, buttoning everything up now, wanting to race it with my dad... Definitely an inspiration to me + I saw you once in Pataskala and smelled the racing fuel and loved it!

      1. WatsonFabricating

        I might get the lunati kit from Jegs and have heads ported... my uncle built it almost 20 years ago and its sat in storage since then and it gave my dad so much inspiration I had to buy it now we got a project 👌

    40. Rocco Esposito

      You are an incredible father. Much like my own. Grateful for people like you that actually value life and teach their youngins to be men. Good for you Sir.

    41. Curt Moore

      My dad did the same thing while I grew up he kept us racing flatrack racing definitely a good story to have been able to watch. you guys are definitely good people love watching all your videos keep em coming

    42. Todd Dooley

      You're a good man Pops! And you did a damn good job raising your boys!

    43. Ray Salazar

      It’s crazy how your giving me a point of view on why my parents are the way they are me and my siblings, always wandered what there attentions were 😂I’ve been into racing for almost all my life, it’s a hobby that my dad shared with us at a very young age. I’m 17 and just gotten my first motor, a lil 388 stroker, I’ve been working my ass off in school, getting good grades, finishing all my work just so I could go outside and fuck with it and do little things. All I need now is to figure out what body to put it in, can’t wait to feel it on the streets, and hopefully, one day build something like Billy’s, running in the 9’s 😂 I appreciate this video man🔥 keep up the content✊🏽

    44. Ian Towers

      Get em hooked on cars,then they will never have enough money for drugs!!👍🏻😂🙈🙈

    45. Antz19Coyote

      You guys should give that thing a paint job

    46. Eddie Maldonado


    47. redlightcivic

      God Bless you and your family. Like you, I live in the Midwest, Kansas to be exact. I was always grateful to live in a small town in the Midwest, as I raised my kiddo I didn't have to worry about all the craziness of the big city and the problems city life brings. Then, the meth came in. I saw it destroy kid after kid, family after family. Thank the good Lord my daughter is getting ready to turn 19 and no issues with the drug, she's an awesome kid. Like you, over the years I have had a house full of other kiddos. I have seen the drug rain hell on families, kill young folks and destroy the lives of the innocent. Again, like you, I had the house where all the kids wanted to hang out. I will be honest, I turned my head when I knew drinking was going on. But NEVER! Not ONCE! Did I suspect or allow any dope. I also watched, and watched closely. If a young person was drinking, they slept in a spare bedroom, a couch, even the floor, if all others options were full, or they were driven home by me. If I look back, I made mistakes, I'll be the first to admit it. But, my kid has a good head on her shoulders, she knows right from wrong and she knows REAL LIFE and the pitfalls it can bring. Again, God Bless you all.

    48. Okli Frederick

      Back in high school I begged my parents to help put a car together and come watch me race at the track. I wanted the whole family in on the deal. As much as they supported me in football I wanted them to support me racing. Mother just wanted to sit on her ass reading books all day and dad was in Iraq and later Afghanistan as a civilian contractor and came home 2 months out of the year. I wish growing up I had parents that gave half as much of a shit about doing things the right way as you did/do. I take responsibility for my own actions and blame no one but myself but I'll say this, in the long run, car parts are a lifetime of pain and suffering cheaper than a line or needle ever will be.

    49. Matthew Goodall

      "I never doubted him, I put everything into this, to get this kid started" Powerful stuff from a real father, for a lot of us kids that didn't have one around.

    50. Timothy Thomas

      Awesome story

    51. Eric Spurlock

      Much respect to you pop's keep up the good work.

    52. Jeremy Phillips

      Love you guys and love this channel my Chevy luv build is jus like this

    53. Paul Johnson

      I wish my dad was cool like you. Went to get beer and never came home

    54. Dan Gilbert

      A3some story telling god bless

    55. Harley Mitchell

      25:40 KMFSL😂😂😂

    56. Scott Riddle

      Great video love how you give great info. Thanks great job old man.

    57. Ryan Baker

      That Mustang did a pretty intense burnout 😂

    58. TheProdigyTGN

      My parents did the EXACT same thing for me when i was growing up. You definitely made their childhood great man. You are a great father and an amazing family my dude! Good on you for keeping up the grind and telling us this story

    59. Detroit Danny

      Thanks for the history. I started watching your channel years ago for 2 reasons. 1 I'd just lost my dad and watching your father son relationship brought me some comfort. 2 the S10 was regular looking street car that really was my favorite way to go racing! Keep up the good work and keep the vids coming! Thanks for coming to Milan I Hate I missed yall.

    60. NachoC1500

      Pretty awesome story! Thanks for sharing... Nice to see real blue collar people having fun and making a couple bucks off of it. That’s what America is all about! Trump 2020!

    61. ed melungeon

      So getting drug by an all motor car, with you on the hose, got you recognized?

    62. Ashley Simmons

      As someone who's been arrested for a meth lab and turned my life around, this is one of the realest, down to earth video I've ever watched. Bill, you're doing a wonderful job with your kids and the channel.

    63. Crooked Dealer

      Great common sense observations, thanks.

    64. David Francis

      Great story teller. Honest about his boys and his parenting skills and thought process. As a father of two I can relate to being a parent and making the tough decisions. Good times, great memories. Thanks old man ;) for posting these stories.

    65. Roelie van Niekerk

      Enjoyed the video tremendously. Don't we all have the same fears and dreams for our kids and all we ever want for them is to be happy and safe! Hat's off to you for keeping them on the straight and narrow! Love all your SRC channels and on top of all you guys make me laugh! Made me LOL when Billy said he must have been 12 yrs old and you replied, mentally yes! 🤣🤣🤣

    66. JayMoe 5.7

      ya know this video give me some inspiration to work on my car i've been trying to revamp. It's a 1979 Plymouth Volare Duster Coupe that was turned into a street racing car down in Missouri back in the late 90s, probably right before I was born. I was born in 99 and I've always loved hot rods, muscle cars, etc. you name it, but my family was never into cars so I've had to figure out basicly everything on my own. But the car started life as a low trim model 318 2bbl car and was completely rebuilt back in 98 into a street car. It was tubbed, had a built 360 installed, the 904 trans has a 3000 stall converter, B&M shift kit, and a reverse manual valve body in it, and it's backed by a shortened Ford 9in with strange ss street axles and 4.10 gears. The car sits on weld prostars and it has some old mickey thompson slicks from 2004 on it. From what I've been told the car was painted in 96 and it has a awesome airbrushed duster logo on the driver fender, and it was a 3 year long build. The interior is basicly stripped, and now the paint is really faded and being yellow it's ugly as hell but from what I've been lead to believe it was quite the machine back in its day, it was even setup for nitrous at one point but no longer has any of that setup. And when it came up to lower minnesota 5 years ago which is where I got the car, it won quite a few street races. I got the car this june and have been slowly updating it, and it now resides in Northern Wisconsin. I'm going to end up painting the car, installing a new interior, a cage, suspension, and I'd like to get an R3 Mopar block with W8 heads and hit it with a 300 shot of nitrous. But that's all pretty far out. So thank you guys for posting this video, it made me really wanna get that old thing done, and it was one awesome story! Cheers

    67. gonzo-trey

      I've been following this channel for a while , always made me upset how sponsors will sponsors these "Fake" race programs who are all about give-aways. Meanwhile these guys getting down with real racing on all preps.. hopefully you guys get whats due !

    68. William Stamper

      Wish i had not waited so long to watch this. Im 51 now and my father was by far my best friend. I sure miss him. "Ugly as a mud rail fence" was something my dad used to say too👍

    69. 78racer

      I believe those S10's were made in Ohio also

    70. LooseCannon

      I don't think you know what your doing wearing that Hughes hat

    71. Josh M86

      I love the look of the ol truck. I had a blazer just like it. Great story buddy and well put together. Already looking forward to the next parts. I think your channel will blow up and grow so fast or at least it should.

    72. Colin Davis

      Damn I really wish my parents where like the old man cause my parents won’t let me do crap, so I have to be all secretive about stuff.

    73. Countryboy Scooter

      Trump train! Heck yeah!!! I knew I liked you all for some reason!!

    74. Barry Ison

      Friend of mine drove same truck i rode 2, work many a day in that same truck. Good little truck.

    75. Greg Hissong

      Dude you guys absolutely hilarious! Keep up the great work

    76. Micron 326

      You are what this world needs WAY more of! Fathers who put the time in with there children, love and care! Great video Sr!

    77. MrKKUT1984

      Reminds me of my first truck, an 88 s10 blazer. Had the motor out bout to start a build and funky ass hurricane Katrina came and completely submerged all my dreams in shit water. 🥺

    78. Justin Richard

      Thats a cool story. Its always nice to see how it all begins. Also that father son project is what its all about. Love the videos. Be safe and kick some ass.

    79. Bruce Konefe

      Should be proud of yourself. Done a great job raising your boys.

    80. Vaughn Hill

      That little truck is the reason i started watching the vlogs. I had a 1993 gmc sonoma that was white and thats what appealed to me at the time.

    81. Vaughn Hill

      One of the fastest vehicles around but its a bad idea for a hotrod lol.

    82. Vaughn Hill

      Racing is a adrenaline thing. Its done good for your boys. They are good kids as far as i can tell.

    83. Toby Morin

      Bill you'd make an awesome narrator you have one of those voices, that person can just sit and listen to.

    84. Borgonian Evolution

      Back in tha day my parents had this thing called an ASS WHOOPIN that kept us pretty much in line. I was a hard head like Billy and those lessens came frequently enough if the police were not called every few days for a fight one would "stop by for coffee" to see which one of us was dead. Like you sir my father put a LOT of effort trying to keep me focused with work and sports and other hobbies. By the age of 17 I was running my own crew in the paving business doing oil and stone contracts for the state. Well done and MUCH respect for that amount of effort for your kids. Most parents post our era would have given up and left the kids to run wild and not care. @Billy. Great to see your focus into racing and growing up as you have. I think you are starting to actually see what your dad has sacrificed and done for you. Be sure he gets the props and respect he deserves while he is around. You cant pay that back as an after thought down the road. Now go smoke some more wusstangs. I cheer so hard when you do that hehe.

    85. mynameis63

      Great story from a really good family. Mad respect to you sir..and your damn fine sons. Cheers from southern Alberta...TRUMP 2020!

    86. Devin Berry

      Only 16 minutes into the video. But this is a great video. Great story telling guys

    87. The Firm Rifles inc.

      I fuckin love it! Putting it out there! I'm 35 my life growing up is a spitting image of the Kid's. I get down on the street since I was 17, I have 2 kids and will be in the old man's shoes before I know it. I'll see you on a street next year guys. I will introduce myself on a road sometime. Have a good weekend guys.

    88. Eric Bowling

      Your exactly right !! That’s why they have their heads on straight today !! You did a good job

    89. Karl Morrison


    90. Chris Baughman

      It's better they party at home under proper supervision then out at someone's house that u don't know what's going on

    91. Dan Mitchell

      My father used mechanics and racing to keep me out of trouble when i was young. He is old now and i am entering my 50s soon. They are some of mine and most cherished moments. I love watching the channel and how true to life and down to earth you are.

    92. fordtechlife

      Love the story pops living that American dream family first 🔴🇺🇸🔧👍

    93. Bobby Marklar

      Good man

    94. Travis Reising

      For part 3 make the video longer please

    95. pistoninthewind

      Just AWESOME!!!

    96. Brian Cunningham

      *now that was refreshing to learn that people still care about their town's well being. I have 5 boys and replaced a lot of lawn and pulled a lot of trucks out of the field, Please keep the channels going love the content and thank you for taking the time to do this

    97. Jett Westfall

      Hahaha been there with the spare tire. I forgot it the one time we needed it. We were in West Virginia too🤦🏼‍♂️. Good to hear this story. Brings back some memories🤘🏼. I miss that ol k20. Was a bad old truck!

    98. Mike Crevier

      Keeping the kids under your own roof is probably the best thing you can do. My best buds old man had that philosophy and it worked for us as young man and I learnt alot from him. At 37 my best bud made some bad choices and my he rest in peace. That being said he's pops helped me get to where I am today. Means alot hearing the old man did what he could for all the wild kids in the neighborhood and they appreciate it now as adults. Cheers from Toronto Canada

    99. jodyakers69

      Awesome job Dad! I love it.

    100. charlesgalea69

      Awesome as thanks for the video today guys from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺