numbaa7: "I spoke to Mo3 right before he was murdered" (Part 1)


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    1. YFG RE

      Who shot Boosie

    2. meshe313

      He so hurt 💔 this hurts me man

    3. Tim Vuichard

      Bruh hold your head up high stop looking down that's what then fake as haters want look up mo3 would want you looking at him not who's down below yall aka yella and freddy

    4. Tiffaney Queen👑

      It’s crazy that he can’t even look him in the face!!! Guilt ‼️

    5. Payday Shawman90

      Rainwater said he was on the phone with him the whole time but 7 say he just got off the phone with mo3 then moments later rain calls was they on 3 way

      1. Rhaiyne Reed

        That's what we saying OVER here How the hell he (manager)call you 5 mins after you and mo3 spoke for 2 mins but he (manager) say he was on the phone the whole time ummm that's that "whatchamacallit" Bullshit somewhere as always 7 better watch himself unless otherwise👎🏾

    6. Valene Cornelius

      Stay up number 7 you are going to be ok God bless you and your family love you always ❤️❤️💙❤️💙💔❤️💙💔❤️💙💔❤️💙💔 and forever Pam

    7. Valene Cornelius

      Stay up number 7 you are going to be ok God bless you and your family love you always ❤️❤️💙❤️💙💔❤️💙💔❤️💙💔❤️💙💔 and forever Pam

    8. Quinton Dean

      Damn Bro Hurt Nigga really dont want to talk

    9. Quinton Dean

      This DJSCREWHEADMFNUT Underground nigga What u mean u don't want to say DalTx.🤔

    10. 704 Kennels

      Bloggers are fueling these beefs

    11. Mz Redd

      Im confused he said he was the last to talk to him but his manager just had an interview some hours ago n said he was the last to speak to him n both his mgr n 7 said they got off the phone 7 when he received call for rain n rain when he received call from mo3 they both said the start riding to basically go search for mo3 to be by his side and then 🤔 very similar last min stories

      1. Natasha Hamilton

        Agree. How did he receive a call on Mo3 getting shot within minutes. Someone had to be with Mo3 to let his Manager know. Like how did they receive the message so quick. Something not adding up

      2. Tamara Johnson

        Mz redd lord I just wrote that on here, so how y'all both just got off phone with him unless yall was on that bih 3 way lol wtf y'all was tryna do see his location so you can make sure the hit was completed bc how the manager gone call him bk in less than 5 min and tell him MO got shot????? Come on unless you was there nearby or know the killers, gtfoh with all that fake mess, yall know what happened stop playing with us and the reader keep saying it's a big light skinned dude involved and MO keep speaking on it and I did see where the other reader said basically same thing that its somebody close to him he trusted but is gon gain from it financially and etc and is already known in the industry

    12. Cdk TheGoat y’all get in the comments and tell Shawn cotton I’m up next and I’m trying work with Him and his team 423-258-0843

    13. Lilvictor Bassett

      Mo3 said when he die the wave die with him... I doubt nobody is hurt about mo3 from his "circle" for all we as outsiders looking in his manager and whoever he signed to came up with an elaborate plot for more clout


      That’s crazy just when it was abt to pop for a lot of artist he was finna put on

    15. dcoog anml

      talent bro,dam this is fuck up,still cannot believe you gone,

    16. Crawford Hadnot

      Now with all this going on and the physic now people think 7 did it or played a part in it....

    17. Jason A

      Homie look mad hurt.

    18. Jett Wooten

      "I'm tryna go where he at... & then shit I don't know where he is"... damn dawg i felt that

    19. Grand Prix

      Light skin and got skinny dreds. The queen spirit advisor described..i think this nigga did know where mo3 was located. Talking bout he was gone go to him but aint know where he was...but he did know..m03 figured it out too but it was to late.

      1. bright man

        why you talking about his skin color!?

    20. The Chosen 1

      you know what's funny mo3 spiritual advisor said that one of the people that set him up what's his friend and had a little box dreads and he was light skin I'm going to let that sink in see y'all maybe saying he's hurt he's in pain might be guilt

      1. dcoog anml

        Rip mo3

    21. Dj Chucky

      This shit hit the heart 💔 stay up bro Long Live Mo3 🕊

    22. ceerw buty

      Don’t even sound right sayin Rip next to dude name

    23. Common Sense

      if mo3 new he was getting followed from the girl house then hit the gas station and confirmed he was being followed then why he ain't say nothin to numbaa7

    24. Crystal Palmer

      Damn he still fkd up n da head. Man this shhh sad af

    25. Michael Lenyo bulletz Chavez

    26. Michael Lenyo bulletz Chavez

      R.I.P. mo3

      1. ceerw buty

        You'll be the last person that talked to him that means you dropped the location facts

    27. Eagle Lion

      Boosie sacrificed him

    28. TashB Da Don

      It’s to soon he hurt 😔

    29. TashB Da Don


    30. Charlie

      Damn this is crazy! Mo3 had raw talent and to get his life snatched like that is really f#&cked up!! Come on young black men, there's so many kids out here that will go fatherless due to a senseless act. We gotta get it together. RIP Mo3 I've always and will be a fan.

    31. Elisha Sinclair

    32. Dallas WorldStarNews

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    33. Micah Woody

      Rip mo3

    34. Felicia Sims

      The man that start rapping out the blue is the one who killed Mo3. I think it was people he knew like hang with

    35. Nakiesha West


    36. Mike Garcia

      My boy 7 look hurt fr! I took a video with him at Mo3 candle light fr!!!!! BG4L

    37. bocoy noiu

      ass bro smh

    38. Nawf East

      He aint do it but he fosho know who did it .

    39. Blackberry4life

      How was his manager able to call him back in less than 5 minutes after he got off the phone with Mo and tell him what happened?

      1. Indigenous Squad

        👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽come on now!! Real thinkers with common sense in the building

      2. Blackberry4life

        @Tamara Johnson ✔✔✔ That's all we sayin! How Sway! How y'all claiming being on the phone? Three way? Or how y'all getting the news so dayum fast? He didn't tell you! Some shyt ain't right!

      3. Tamara Johnson

        Blackberry4life whew chile I was about to bust ova hea tryna hold that same thought in lol you talked to him about 2min first then not even 5 min later y'all manager called you back with the news, mannnn come tf on with that bs, now on another interview, manager said he was on phone with MO right before it happened so was is yall 2 calling this man bk to bk like y'all trying to see his location and who told the manager that fast something happened to MO??? Somebody who was involved🙄 and is he the big light skinned dude that the reader keeps saying she see in her reading

      4. NEWARK1980 JONES


    40. Mack Truk

      You'll be the last person that talked to him that means you dropped the location facts

      1. Dynasty X

        lol yall wild

    41. Mack Truk

      This nigga has something to do with it. It was alot of pressure for him to choose side... the streets know what's going on.

    42. Mack Truk

      Moe3 Killer from Oak Cliffs.

    43. John T Leyva

      Been there b4 want to go be there 4 them but ain't got a location fuck!@

    44. Al Don

      Big light skin nigga with lil dreads 🤔

    45. urjnlegend

      He real asf

    46. mr Detroitnextbigrapper

      Dam you can tell bro bro hurt smh r.i.p mo3

    47. Yung Man Cin

      how do yall c he hurt wen u cant look him in the eye cuz his head down the whole time... how often do u c that n wat do that really mean to u i mean really think about it

    48. Yung Man Cin

      bet he the light skin nigga that lady talking about... i dont like how he talking wit his head down the whole time thats weird to me

    49. Alchemist Waller

      He was one amongst the other guys like the big light skin guy

    50. carlos flores

      Seen this dude at the gunshot In Mesquite , my brother told me he raps, I said that’s a big ass rapper, dude like 6’’4

    51. Marla Rideaux

      You can completely tell he hurt his body saying it all..

    52. Chris Smith

      Sad watching him hearting like that

    53. Je'Weezy Gods'Goon

      We love him here in KCmo

    54. Margie Dil

      Wow you can tell he hurt hurt why they have to do Moe3 like that.My 8 year old cried when I broke the news to him like he knew him personally from listening to his music, my son even said they set him up right mama, like damn

    55. Kay'den Newton


    56. chadae Harmon

      Mo3 said don’t trust nobody but his brother and his mama 😒💯

    57. Young Papi Fan

      How his manager find out so fast?

    58. 50 Flows Reezi

      Damn it sound like he tryna cover his ass cause he know investigators checking 3 phone records. You telling me y’all was only on the phone for 2 mins?? What if he was tryna confirm 3 location fa the hit

      1. AP OLLO

        Tf u talm bout man

    59. Sportsmen Jack


    60. Brazy Fatsakks

      Clarksville tn was his last show


      Yella beezy lil brother???.lhhh

    62. Cash Money

      Is this the big light skinned guy the spiritual lady keep talking about

      1. tdeezy06

        Seems like it if not he sheer got them short ass dreads...but wit no eye contact seems like guilt and hurt all in 1, I dne watched enough 48hr shows to know when something aint right

    63. chad payne

      so will u brothas stop killing one another now??👀

    64. Les Arnyas

      A bunch of unstable souls playing “thug”.... you deserve what you get

    65. Kabir Shrestha

      I8zgu ,7, u7

    66. Malek Crews

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    67. Ben On iPhone

      Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God you 🙏,stay safe and have a wonderful day ❤️. ( My dream is becoming famous IRvisionr ) im on the way to 200 subs can you help me out? 🤩

    68. Unworthy Servant

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    70. Kim Jong-un

      Why dis irrelevant generic trash on trending

      1. Trent Jackson

        Mo3 just got killed

    71. ig zaezae79

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    72. Wavy Baby

      RIP MOE3

    73. Pancho Sausage

      All that rapping and real life ain't the same.

    74. Ashton Peacock

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    76. Game101 Dvdmagazinedallas

      He hurt bro he need time bro u can see it on him dam lil homie shit crazy

    77. Cognitive dissonance Sam


    78. H.A.M.R Bentley

      Dude looks like he's been eating top ramen for year's

    79. H.A.M.R Bentley

      And if he did he sucks just a other kid

      1. H.A.M.R Bentley

        Dude go to school


      First 48, anytime somebody gets murdered they check the phone numbers who last called.... They the first suspects...

      1. exposed exposed

        mo3 killer caught on camera

    81. ourforgiveness *com

    82. Dana Brown

      Yawn wgaf

    83. malaysia smith

      He helped play a part in mo3s death! 1. He was just screaming “fuck ho3” with his enemies on an interview a couple years back 2. Getting mo3 out the way means he will get more attention because mo3 was the hotter artist 4. He didn’t mention the fact that mo3s car got shot up in Houston 2 nights prior, him and the manager just “happened” to be outside of the car . Didn’t realize mo3 got out the car too. 4. He can’t even make eye contact 5. Now all his music sounds like mo3s unreleased music . OPEN YALLS EYES

      1. tdeezy06

        I was putting my clues together and I think after all is said and done there will be a rapper who will come up all of a sudden behind all of this, until then I'am going to continue to sit back and see what unfolds

      2. Donyeal Griffin

        This whole shit seems tricky! 💯

      3. Jadarius Green

        If you was from Dallas you would know him and Mo3 squashed the beef. When he got out Mo3 changed his life and put money in his pockets.

    84. Heavenly Vibes

    85. The Messenger

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      1. js Wade


      2. Eavy Eavy

        Wear your mask in cell, okay?

      3. Nakiesha West


      4. Richard G

        Thank you

      5. Fornax

        I got a question. Why did he leave his throne 2000 years ago and come to Earth? Why didn't he just do that millions of years before when humanity started?

    86. daoming wang

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    88. Joe Uknow

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    89. Ghislaine de Cuba

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    90. Pug Life

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    91. Allison Chew

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    92. Allen Nichols

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      1. Preach Zona

        Brian Alexander you know how misinformed you sound haha stop watching the news 🤣

      2. Brian Alexander

        Trump is STILL worse lol good read tho. It doesn't make sense to bash the incoming president when the alternative was actually one of the worst in the history at being president. Turning us into the Divided States of America. His leadership was absolutely horrific. 74 year old man behaving like he's in elementary school. And his stupidity and arrogance is the principle reason the entire county continues to struggle with this pandemic. He will be known throughout history for the mishandling of the pandemic and sparking the fire that further divided this country. In essence, never making anything great again but worsening life as we know it in America.

    93. Free Beats

      RIP mo3

    94. Carl Burton

      Wtf u think, mo3 was the truth. Dumb ass questions smh.

    95. Konrad •

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      1. Rasul Daniels

        Your god never existed

      2. exposed exposed

        mo3 killer caught on camera

    96. Patricia Garcia

      I don't know the young man that was murdered or this young man but I see the pain and loss he feels. Please be careful who you let in you circle and who is around you when you step outside. These killings are so horrible and I pray that everyone stays safe.

    97. Panda Boss

      Mo3 had REAL TALENTED 🙏❤️ Dallas Legend. RIP LL3

    98. boazmma

    99. Sunny Dee

      Say cheese sounds like a homicide detective asking all these questions

      1. elah Williams

        Nah that’s Vlad this dude is solid

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