The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix

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    The stuff of which fairytales are made.
    Season Four of The Crown. 15th November.
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    The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix
    In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

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    1. Pea Pea

      Can't wait

    2. Papa John

      Long live Princess Diana.....The Queen of our hearts.....Forever and Ever✌️

    3. TM

      😂😂😂😂😂 👇

    4. Betty Zhang

      The trailer, casting, acting, etc. are so good that no-one is mentioning the two evil corgis at the beginning

    5. Edry Alvyano

      look likes horror movie in this season 4 :D

    6. Alex Martell

      I'm shocked. What an awesome job they did with this trailer. And I recognized Diana from her back in her first shot, fucking great.


      Anyone else want the dialogue replaced with the "Mawiage" speech from Princess Bride?

    8. Adie Saludo

      Omg! Ive been waiting for this!

    9. Stallone Hyler

      Check me out you guys! Id appreciate it!

    10. sunshine sunshine

      Im dying!

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    12. Hfofdms

      Finally ugly charles’s story

    13. Ibadat Kaur

      🗣 🗣

    14. TheBackBenchers Nation

      This teaser gives me Game of Thrones vibes..

    15. Alexis Calugay

      We've come a long way since the first season. From the post war and now to the 80's

    16. Jo Reilly

      I love this show, but I'm not entirely convinced it's not being used as propaganda to win people over to the idea of a King Charles reign

    17. delta fay

      I remember watching the wedding on live tv as a teen. Can remember then how dark and downright menacing the Archbishops voice sounded....maybe he knew something we did not! So looking forward to this season. Rock on Diana... we haven't forgotten you

    18. Christian Kasadelis

      Charles must be sweating hard when this trailer is running

    19. Ankita Basu

      Waiting waiting !!!!

    20. Jonathan Boyd

      oh yeah the crown i got to get back on this show So well done

    21. Matthew McCoy

      November 15th is my birthday I'm going to turn 20 at that day!!😦😧😥😨😰

    22. LM085

      I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen this trailer in anticipation for 15 November to Netflix Australia 🇦🇺

    23. cuchelo1

      Fer crissakes, if Gillian makes me like Maggie......... *shakes fist at sky* "Curse you, 2020!!!!!!!"

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    26. JakesNotDrinking

      these shots...the one with the fireworks in her office is insaneee

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    28. 난순돌맘

      Im really enjoying watching this series. I was never interested in the British royal family stories but at some point I got ran out of things to watch on Netflix.... so I started watching this... and ... very interesting

    29. Gerard Collins

      I am ready for my accent to temporarily change.

    30. Ivan


    31. saarah dalal

      the last few seconds of the clock ticking gave me chills.

    32. The Indoor Kites

      God i love gillian anderson. Shes gonna be fantastic as thatcher

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    34. cynthia rouse

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    36. Juan Duarte Torres

      This trailer itself is a masterpiece.

    37. Splatrick

      the beginning sounds a lot like being in a cave in skyrim

    38. TheStarsDon'tDance

      Did anybody else find the narrator's voice to be poison to their ears??

    39. Anna Jones

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    40. It’s Altamash

      This season will be better than anyone it’s lady Di and Margret Thatcher

    41. It’s Altamash

      The background banging music gives me anxiety 😂

    42. Maria Jenner

      Love this show afte watching i admire the queen and prince Phillip so much 2 amazing PEOPLE indeed



    44. Jay Khalifa

      We got the People’s Queen 👑 and the Iron Lady 🙏 this is going to be a great season. Although no one truly knows what Princess Diana went through we can only imagine. This family is evil.. Princess Di will steal the show this season 🤍👑

    45. Joseph Leonard

      FOR SALE. SLIGHTLY USED.. LAPTOP.. some fingerprint dust.. contact FBI for pricing.. Hunter

    46. Hannah Aaron

      I can’t believe this is the actual Archbishop of Canterbury’s voice recording. It sounds so sinister.

    47. Sheldon Miranda

      It takes time but I'm done with season 1. Just watching the whole series because of Princess Diana

    48. Meghan B. Smith

      Harry is now a paid employee of Netflix, so... hope they rip him apart when it’s his time. Will they cover that Harry was born with genital issues and it was a national crisis that doctors couldn’t fix his balls to drop properly? It’s in several contemporary biographies. Thank God for modern medicine, or they’d have no Archie. Will they cover how this combo of being #2 with broken junk has left Harry with such a giant chip on his shoulder? Or will The Crown be all BS now that Netflix is deep in bed with the actual Royals?

    49. Ian Graham

      I would think the funeral scenes are going to be for Louis Mountbatten when he gets assassinated.

    50. Ivey Calaway

      This teaser only deserves an oskar

    51. Josué M.

      OMG the production quality of this show is insane!!

    52. Captain Nemo

      For 17 years, real - important - news stories were swept under the red carpet, and replaced by endless soapopera pap about this woman - seems ironic that this hideous dynasty has now been turned into that very soapopera it always was.

    53. Daniel Moreno

      This trailer tho!!! Season four is going to be intense!

    54. Everglow Bias

      Diana is one of the most iconic women in history. Even though she had passed away over twenty years ago, she never been forgotten.

    55. Samadrita Mukherjee

      Diana Diana Diana...this one name is enough to create a whirlwind

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      oh my good

    57. varun iriyagolle

      waiting for this

    58. jhen peron

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    59. Tommi M.

      Does Queen 👸 Elizabeth II watch the crown?

    60. Dan McMeel

      sounds like we’re gonna have a hans zimmer soundtrack for this season

    61. Ishika Bhattacharyya

      It seems like horror movie

    62. Tim Barber

      Glorifying a family full of pedos and hypocrisy

    63. Daniel Wileman

      Literally cannot wait for this! It's scary how the actors actually look like the people they are portraying! Gillian Anderson is gonna be fantastic as Margaret Thatcher! 😮

    64. Senamile Londz

      If We Being Honest, This Is The Season That We Have All Been Waiting For The Diana Season. I Really Hope Diana Is Portrayed As Is From The Abuse And Cheating From Charles Right Until Her Death (I Hope Her Car Accident Isn’t Portrayed As Just A Normal Car Accident)

    65. Jessica Robinson

      Wonder whose playing jimmy saville

    66. Jessica Robinson

      I am so pumped for this

    67. Lucy Bailey

      If only the show would showed them in their true colors who these people actually are... ( murders, pedos, psychopats, sociopaths, oh and lets not forget cannibalism ) It would be hard to watch the show then..

    68. Noah Acha

      Assasination of Lord Mountbatten

    69. CatClaw69

      Now I wanna see Jinx Monsoon take on a little Diana. Just saying,

    70. CatClaw69

      The first glimpse of her gave me chills.

    71. robin mcgregor

      I hope they play her as the person she actually was an not the public version.

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    73. Hydr0genCz

      I am looking forward to it but the trailer seems completely off in its tone. It makes it seem as a supernatural thriller. It's not that. It's a period drama, come on!

      1. KFC Dealer69

        You never know till you watch it this season might have a very different tone

    74. R Pandher

      Cant wait at all!!! Goosebumps. There is so much documented about these years. It will be exhilarating to see Princess Di.



    76. Damien ひ

      let us care about the "problems" of royalty whom never missed a meal in their fat Fu**ing life

    77. Blue Sky

      The way this seriously has Bluebeard vibes..... you want to tell Diana to run away :(

    78. Karinna Adelitha

      How many episode in 1 season?

    79. yooringonghan

      source of Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury's dialogue: from @33:00

    80. Aishwarya Rao

      Diana 😍 the actress is really gorgeous😘 gonna see this season can't wait😎

    81. Silvia Irene Lopez Cruz

      La gran Puta de la historia aparece: MT

    82. cynthia rouse

    83. Rebeca Avila

      I CAN'T WAIT

    84. Kris Tate

      I have never even heard of this show but when i heard about princess Diana being portrayed.. I'M IN.

    85. canadavatar

      Will the show uncover the conspiracy which killed Lady Di?

      1. yooringonghan

        dream on

    86. Florance Martin


    87. Kshitija Khangte

      This is among the most epic story that Netflix has to offer to its audiences.

    88. Kshitija Khangte

      Lady Di's charismatic aura can be felt with the actor's effortless performance. ❤❤

    89. Hashim Awann

      But they won't show the suspicious death of her's and her soon to be Muslim husband

    90. Kshitija Khangte

      So so so tremendously excited.

    91. TB89

      ok.. this trailer is everything

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    93. Yankee Countess

      meanwhile I'm thinking, "why weren't we shown Anne's marriage? She tied the knot in 1973!"

      1. Downturn Abbey

        And she fought off a kidnapper shortly after her wedding - I can't believe they didn't show that.

    94. MrJohnAsian

      Yess crown s4

    95. FreshGirl 3000

      I'm so excited to see how they're gonna portray Margaret Thatcher. They already chose an amazing actress!! Knowing very little about British history I'm always so blown away on how great they tackle even the complicated topics and show all these historic people in a very real way (so it seems to me at least). And since Margaret Thatcher is known as such a bitch lol I'm kinda excited how they treat the character!

    96. OK9 gamer

      Here comes Maggie

    97. Julesx

      The cast on this whole series is so perfectly chosen. Can't wait for this season and the following two!

    98. Sanchit Seth

      OK I have heard a lot about this royal family and then watched this series....I just want to say what is the matter with this family? Conspiracies, foreign spies roaming around, extramarital affairs, banishing prince, selling own nation to nazis and now I am readying comments in the comment section that death of Diana was a conspiracy done by the royal family. Is there any chance that it can be true? If yes then why did they do it and how is the royal family allowing NETFILX to make such documentary about them?

    99. J V

      Everytime I watch this show, I m always asking how accurate this show is and are they really true.. 😂

    100. Jaquan Johnson

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