Smile, You're On Camera! (June 2020) | FailArmy


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    Big Brother is always watching you FAIL! Enjoy the best fails from security cameras!
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    1. acedogg692005

      No need to block the name of the delivery companies van rolling down the hill at 2:38...Everyone knows that was Fedex lol

    2. Igor Pavlović

      its true... all brave man died in ww2....

    3. lipstickprincess1

      Okay, Mathew is gay AND she is cheating !!😂😂😂

    4. Tetra

      My god the first clip is 30 Seconds and not entertaining.

    5. superstevo189

      3:09 that's what they get for wearing crocs

    6. Misfit 636

      Dude the first guy has a lady an I’m single.... wtf

    7. B T

      Punishment for wearing blue crocks

    8. hot fuse

      3:00 mullet dude is definitely a republican unlike the first guy whinning about spider web clearly a woke left leaning democrat

    9. NDS Traveler

      That last guy wearing shoes like that deserves to knock himself out....

    10. P. Hightower

      Mathew seems like a real man's man.

    11. Sander Gjertsen Østvold

      Matthew the man

    12. The Greeen

      3:00 Paranormal Activity 5??? Must be more funny than the other ones xD

    13. i_Project

      2:58 you thought ghost will kill you if they show up? no, they will just prank you and laughing their as* of in the corner

    14. Pole Tooke

      What’s happening in the video that’s at @2:02 ? I’m so confused

    15. skadill

      Poor Mathew,good thing his mom was able to talk him back down.

    16. Shelby Seelbach

      Fail army selling shirts, bet they're recycled. Recycling is their specialty!

    17. Durham Viking

      Haven't watched this channel for a few years. Standards have dropped.

    18. Gregular72

      I almost felt bad for that last guy until I saw the crocs and socks. Now if feel vindicated.

    19. xtrm333

      Every single clip you have ever posted, has been caught on camera

    20. Parscuit

      Stay away from soy, boys.

    21. Fox McCloud

      Tbd isn’t on air

    22. Fun and Cute

      I laughed SO HARD!!

    23. Chastity Fadely

      Like kinda 👠👡 ouch hahaha

    24. Valentino gento


    25. Daniel Selk

      Good video but WAY too short.

    26. Tirone Van Rensburg

      What a sensitive little poes 😪 0:01

    27. fernanda duarte

      Did you guys accept my videos? My name is José Franco and im writing with my mom's phone.

    28. Elber Ferreira

      1:40 paranormal activity vibes

    29. Emily Endfinger

      that first guy though....

    30. Happening On The Internet

      Is that gravity pulling first guy?

    31. Bill Beal

      Lol Jesus that first guy... Wtf was even that

    32. James Booth

      The legend is bacc

    33. Dennsen Der Wo Hat

      2:10 perfect

    34. Ruben Ortega Gonzalez

      2:12 holy shit

    35. Lexie Cuanico


    36. Lexie Cuanico

      i think falure is a good option in yt

    37. Boba's Life

      I pretty sure Mathew is a vegan. No offense vegans.

      1. skadill

        Pretty sure people have always greeted him his whole life with "Hello Mathew" never "Hey Matt,how's it going?"

    38. Rudy Yanez

      1:42 that’s the house from paranormal activity

    39. Ryan Smith

      2:37 poor FedEx driver! Uhhh I mean anonymous delivery driver...😏oh, and also, really Matthew man up just a tad.

    40. xXDiAmonDXx

      Señoras y Señores, repórtense los Hispanos que disfrutan este canal

      1. KARMA LAIZ

        xXDiAmonDXx yo lo sigo desde hace años jajaja

    41. Cameron Blevins

      The guy at the beginning. You know he doesn’t service his ole lady right

      1. skadill

        It's probably his mom

    42. King Kong Wei wei

      Was the first guy special

    43. Csongor Kertesi

      2 days after uploading, 95% of the comments are about the 1st man Matthew...

      1. skadill

        Male,not man

    44. The Yesn’t Man

      Your videos are to short

    45. Gustavo Cabanillas Aranda

      Some of this "June 2020" are older than the internet

    46. webkm

      У мужика в конце руль в бардачке , неудивлен) как он вообще ровно ходит

    47. StarTart *

      *Bird exists* The Camera : why do I hear boss music?

    48. Laloni Chester

      The first guy is questionable he sounded and acted like he has glitter in his veins

    49. Katie Fincher

      My favorite day is when the russians bought this channel to help fund ongoing propaganda efforts in the US.

    50. Regina Gallico

      Wouldn't everything on this channel work with this title?

    51. Ennie

      That bird, am I suppose to laugh as much as I am now? Can't stop, my god :D

    52. benigno montiel

      What a man right there lol

    53. Sakonema

      I name the first MAN.. Butch!

    54. Rad Berry

      Like that spider web was like really nasty omg 😂

    55. Just a Burger

      who else is staying up late at night to watch Fail Army videos?

      1. bird_npc

        No one, go back to sleep

    56. Hudson Burgess

      49 seconds sliding into dms

    57. Miguel Antonio

      50 bucks says the first guy lives somewhere in California. More specifically somewhere close to San Francisco

      1. skadill

        or in his moms basement

    58. Northern FPV

      This video isn’t funny at all.

    59. SirPhartsUhlot

      00:42 - Why I like living in California.

    60. Andy Aitken

      That first guys wife just has a wife pretending to be a man🤣🤣

    61. spooderman_ 124


    62. AstroworldOnFire

      what a puss in the first video

    63. The Rev

      Not exactly an alpha that one....

    64. toben42

      I have the same reaction to snakes.🐍

    65. ORFwithCRS

      Yoooooo, that poor beard in the first clip... She HAS to know, right? ;-)

    66. Heroka

      If Matthew is gay. How can he have a wife? *Mind Blown*

    67. Brandon Miller

      Matthew sounds like such a baby! Hahaha.

    68. yomi001

      I think the first guy has a twat between his legs. How is it possible to be that much of a wuss?

    69. Theodor Hammering

      First guy: *hi and welcome to femboy hooters*

    70. andrea fogliacco

      Shorter videos, repeating clips... are you dying Failarmy?

    71. Boci lele

      You used to be a great channel.

    72. Sheely Boyz

      Request: Top Fails Of The Year Part 1

    73. MYdodgeCharger

      I’ve seen the one of the fed ex truck rolling away so many times. On this channel too.

    74. Drewsic8

      FailArmy has officially run out of content

    75. Walter Salcedo

      jaja. me cague de risa con el que pasa y con el viento se le abre la puerta del armario. y cuando vuelve se da con la puerta abierta! jaja. thank you so much!

    76. Phoebe Knops

      0:42 is it me or does this looks fun to do..

    77. Jagger Grace

      The first guy reading through the comments like 👁👄👁

    78. Mediocre Hero

      So much fucking beta in this, the video should have had glitches. Matthew's wife deserves so much better.

    79. Mark Vaughn

      Could the first clip sound any whinier?

    80. CommandoVault

      First guy is a Democrat voter

    81. ShadowZepplin

      2:55 he's got a promising career as a stormtrooper

    82. TheBic4

      Matthew needs to grow up

    83. Geoff Peterson

      Why would the parents of the girl in the first clip name her Matthew?

    84. Rob Schaeffer

      The first guy sits down to pee

    85. Rymowanek - Bajki

      Super = ] Smile, You're On Camera! (June 2020) | FailArmy

    86. HappyC Is Me

      The first guy is a perfect example of a Soy Boy and Beta Male. No BALLS!!!

    87. Jeffrey Ober

      Legend has it that FedEx van is still rolling, on it's way to the ocean.

    88. Joe Turner

      That was utter drivel

    89. Eric

      The first guy was so whiny.

    90. isrofi yusuf

      Med like, that guys "try walk out" didn't Break untouchable for away from...spotting service was in my

      1. bawby no legs

        Exactly what I thought

    91. jhughes19851

      Huge Spiderrrrrrrrrr

    92. Tommy Aquino

      2:10 wasn't a fail. It was a WIN!

    93. Αλέξης Κυριαζής

      The dancing couple made my day!

    94. Dr. Jeremy T. Tate Th.D.

      1st dude is 100% beta

    95. OldCrowle

      Good job on the guy at 0:42, he knew he was going to fall, so he got low to mitigate the impact. I call that a win in a fail!

    96. Raven Mane

      the first guy is the definitioin of a soy boy

      1. Rebeca Grieg

        Aw cute little birb 😂

    97. ShakerNL

      The first one had obviously his balls removed.

    98. Ade Teguh Prasetyo

      1:05 Snake : *IT'S JUST A PRANK..!! IT'S JUST A PRANK..!! SORRY.. SORRY..*

    99. Allan O'Brien

      First clip, if that's her Husband, she should really be aware he is gay.

    100. Vitun Pelle

      Next up: fails that werent caught on camera.