OG Murder Nova Is Resurrected at Lutz Race Cars! The 540 IS ALIVE!!!

187 Customs

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    We took the OG to our buddies at Lutz Race Cars to help us get it running again!
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    1. Patrick Tracy

      I enjoy poppin and lockin to the montage music, thank you for that.

    2. Matt Foley

      are they still doing the street outlaws show? i'll have to say this is better than show! good to see your still driving!

    3. Trickster 68

      This MORON!!....>>>>Me 😉.... should have watched this A LONG time ago.... AWESOME VIDEO!!!!✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

    4. Michael BonAnno

      You have got to be the slowest worker I have ever seen in my life...Put some effort in your ass....good video though....

      1. 187 Customs

        I’m not slow. I’m methodical

    5. simon

      alright !! what the tune in the builds ??

    6. rsoito74

      Teflon tape & pipe dope..

    7. Gary Kenny


    8. Dee Denton

      This is probably the best one yet

    9. julleboy90

      Cool too watch lutz and you build together. it is just as much a part of street outlaws as race😁👍

    10. Steve Mangrum

      you wont find a better man than Jeff and Jeffery , top notch racers, top notch people

    11. Justin Poole

      The tare down with the music was awesome. Synced

    12. Joe vertullo

      What's up with that trans am in the back corner?


      This is one of my fav cars on street outlaws right next to monza n daddy daves truck n car

    14. Eugene Scott

      love to see racers helping racers

    15. Carl McCoy

      Holy fuck boys! Best video ever!

    16. 427LSA OUTLAWZ

      Bro Jeff is a master Engineer home skillet could fix the space station with duck 🦆 take lol 😂

    17. SSons24

      Just for my own curiosity, what was the purpose in having the throttle body and pipes coming out the back of the fire wall inside the car?

    18. SSons24

      It's like the damn motor is in backwards. That's freaking awesome! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Also Shawn and Lutz should have their own show on TV. Just saying. 😁😁

    19. NHRA Gold

      540s are a great all around piece! Not so big they beat themselves up but big enough to make damn good power. Glad I found this channel! Yall gotta come hit the millions with us!

    20. warren nicholson

      Street outlaws is dead! Been shite since original crow crash. Loving Shauns and Farmtruck & azn channels 👍

    21. steve nunua

      So funny Farm Truck is becoming a brand name too. Pays to be a clown with a side kick LOL.

    22. steve nunua

      Always like Shawn better is REAL guy no pretense or ego crap. Chief is to much boss for me. But he has bad ass car LOL> Think Shawn will be on his ass soon with Lutz help. So much like street outlaw been watching from first show. Shawn Chief were great team made the show what it is.

    23. Mark Te Pou

      These guys are awesome💯👌

    24. Brandon Dimmitt

      Water box is bigger than the fuel cell lol...

    25. Robert Howland

      I hope it's not rest in peace.

    26. Dave Stinson

      Man i wish i could weld like that. I really like these guys outa all of em. No exaggerated bs just buddies helping 1 another. I hope they smoke the competition. The Craftsmanship n these cars an motors is mind blowing to me

    27. Brandon PidaSo

      This video was so therapeutic!!! I just have one question and really curious about it but why would you put your fuel cell in the front of the car instead of in the trunk?? Wouldn't it be a risk putting it in the front in the case that you did have an accident or run into someone and then that explode or somethin IDK lol it just seems like it would be more of a risk no?

    28. Marshall .Pearson

      I love how all of you guys ban together for the most part and help each other out!!

    29. matt hill

      I couldn't live that close to a speed shop like that and not be completely broke 🤣🤣

    30. Scott Whitmer

      They're mounted to Bondo! OUCH! lol

    31. matt hill

      What I'd give just to be a fly on the wall of this shop for a week, youd learn so much

    32. Roberto Alvarez


    33. Robert Telles

      Awesome work and thanks for sharing that video....can't wait to see that car running!!

    34. Marc Hedy

      lutz is one of my fabrication hero

    35. GearWolf 91

      Jeff Lutz and Shawn are some badasses loved this video! Also does Jeff have a IRvision channel also?

    36. Racing The Moon

      Excellent video! Go play race! Thank You!

    37. Mike Ronga

      Shawn needs to stop playin with his junk when he's on camera, kids are watching lol, murder nova is a bad azz car.

    38. master totnak

      you know what's the best part is? no drug addicts in lutz shop. just great family oriented men who loves fast cars.

    39. Armand WolfGang

      I hated Oklahoma because of all the mediums they put in the middle of the highways and streets. what's with that?

    40. Donald Heitger

      The footage at summit was cool.

    41. Teddy’s Gun Shop

      Awesome stuff the best

    42. Lee Tucker

      Good to see, Murder Nova back.

    43. Nate

      Funny my 3/8 snap on smokes too lol

    44. John Kyko

      I think you guys are the luckiest guys in the world. To get to do what you love everyday must be great. And I know always glamorous. But a bad day at work for you would be a great day at work for me and I'm an electrician. I remember though I don't know what year it was seeing murder nova do a wheelie all the way down the street in front of the shop.

    45. Aaron Bruce

      Nice election fraud Lutz

    46. G71

      I thought it was called the “405”, not 540?

    47. Pave

      60>70 happy holiday

    48. Pave

      Merry ckritmas family

    49. Jeramiah Sampson

      Bad ass now lets push a series of it u love this shit

    50. Mikey T

      Jeff is fantastic. Great video.

    51. blake dismuke

      I’m really excited that you guys have started this man Shawn has always been the cool laid back guy that makes me think that stuff is easy till you start doing it. Love the channel and positive stuff man keep it up

    52. Aaron Dininger

      Just found this channel thank god!!! I love the real street outlaws no jj the boss bs lol

    53. manuel86 manuel86

      This Black Turbo so nice i hope You You baint all your Turbo black

    54. manuel86 manuel86

      Shawn and Jeff Are the Smartest Guys from Streetoutlaw

    55. Seth Bergile

      Man.. homeboy can talk!

    56. Maine bear hunter

      Both them guys are some of the nicest guys in racing .

    57. charles notter

      Saddle bag scratch at 25:14.LOL

    58. Desi Frazier

      I Really love this video going inside the heart of murder nova I watch the whole video it was amazing to walk inside summit racing and I have to say all the murder car model must been sold out because that’s my favorite street out law race car not just saying that because I’m building a 1969 nova a long way from murder nova but over all I love all you guys you make my day every show I’ve every seen and about to see you guys stay safe we need you all wear that mask

    59. Alan Wilson

      Your new car is absolutely flying now. Been watching you and all the street outlaws since it started and by far i love the nova the best. Keep the great work up .

    60. 180flier

      Best you tube channel out there. Y’all kick ass.

    61. Jeffrey Campbell

      Did that cost a lot how do you get the money to do this can’t you get a new pan don’t half ass the fix do it right don’t race the car unfixed right

    62. Jeffrey Campbell

      Fix it right

    63. John Cinquegrana

      with all that money Shawn is making you'd think he could afford a pair of boots? Working in a shop in flip flops is so stupid LOL

      1. John Cinquegrana

        @187 Customs yeah you did. The comment didn't call for your reply but I am not going to argue with you. Have a great day.

      2. 187 Customs

        @John Cinquegrana followed by calling me a wise ass. Sorry. I must have mistaken that for something else lol

      3. John Cinquegrana

        @187 Customs I am not mad I just mentioned how dnagerous it is to be in a shop, especially a fabrication shop, wearing flip flops.

      4. 187 Customs

        Not everybody likes to wear shoes. Why you mad dawg?

      5. John Cinquegrana

        @187 Customs enough to buy some damn shoes wise ass

    64. John Cooney

      Shawn allow Jeff to talk your trying to dominate the conversation it would have been nice to hear from both of you one at a time.

    65. Pave

      The buiding always

    66. L.W. Wise

      That dodge and mad max collecting dust is depressing.

    67. The General STRIKE

      Same wit me I live for carrying legends down the road with me. I am constantly aware of the accomplishments of those who came before me that made it possible for me today... Albert Einstein

    68. stephen zettler

      You need something from the original crow and the elco

    69. james ozment

      Looks like murder nova is trying to be like " The Slut " the ole el camino...

      1. james ozment

        with parts from everybody else's cars

      2. 187 Customs



      forgive my ignorance but why do you have the ice box in the fuel system?

    71. Nitrous Boyz

      👀 1h:19, every man uses an A.N 🔧 to scratch the nuts @ some point, lol

    72. Jeffery Fuller

      try driving is mass they run reds and stops all the time

    73. brooks carl

      When you get Lutz on Board ! How can you go wrong ! Custom made Parts with Pride and Craftsmanship . Long live Fellowship and Street racing ..

    74. d0n77

      The craziest crash i ever seen was caused by a snow drift, car hit a bank and flipped into a tree, the tree caught the car, car hung vertically from the tree.

    75. d0n77

      PA backroads are no joke, i seen so many crashes...offensive/defensive driving is a must...i came close to crashing many times, no crashes yet...i learned young to expect the unexpected on PA roads...a deer jumped the hood of my car once, then it jumped through a persons house window...deer was an expert car dodger, not so good at house windows tho...heard a story of a deer jumping through a cars front window, driver got all jacked up, sketchy stuff.


      i believe all these guys are super knowledgeable and i believe shawn and chief are fine . they arelike brothers and they both do their thing . jeff is like the magician . i love these guys . totally i respect them .

    77. joe elwell

      oh oklahoma is a place in Pa lol

    78. joe elwell

      how does lutz get to race 405 if his shop and most probally home is in pa.

      1. 187 Customs

        He’s got a couple places

    79. joe elwell

      no face masks lol when jeff and sean so close

    80. SiM R

      yup - Street Outlaws was supposed to be like this...and the racing. then...it became so competitive its not fun no more..just a carbon copy of the NHRA [just difference in rules]

    81. edwin van oers

      somehowe i like the see the og procharged again as she was in the old days

    82. Ben Sutherland

      I'm glad to see shawn get away from big chief I absolutely can't stand him anymore

    83. Jamminjeff

      Lutz has a absolutely awesome shop for sure!!!

    84. Jeff Henning

      Talk about tuning then talk about 2 motors in 2 weeks... Chief could put youre tune to KILLLL pass, and pass, and pass again. Really hope you 2 can start running together again man

    85. YouTube Connolly family

      They should make this a TV series. Jeff and Sean working on cars. I would watch it every day

    86. YouTube Connolly family

      Jeff Lutz is such a freaking awesome person.

    87. Julio Cezar

      Monsters streetoutlaws, the best.

    88. briansteinc

      Great videos

    89. Pave


    90. Pave

      Väkän oli studiksessa.mutta toimii

    91. Pave

      Thanks guy

    92. Pave

      Esim merlin.anna se sille ei mee kauaa.huono läppä.se jeesaa sua koko ajan längvist pitäsköhän kirjottaa välillä us.great stuff

    93. Pave

      Luuletko että ei osaa

    94. Pave

      No anna se rakentaa.vai onko se ongelma

    95. Pave

      Kuitti australialle.nonii ei maaha.onko banaani purjeveneessä.ai juu ei teillä on kissa .tää jäkän jää tähän bostskii 2 week se on fackta täh

    96. Pave

      No joo ailattelin tuoda vehnää.mitäs tykkäät

    97. Scott Clark

      I feel like murder nova takin one to many shocks from powerlines. Jk

    98. mr stay fishing

      Need the street outlaws 405 show back on man miss that shit best show ever....

    99. Douglas Plum

      i live 15 minutes from that summit racing. My uncle works there. its an amazing shop.

    100. Douglas Plum

      what i love about racers like this, is they do the work on their own or with friends. dont get me wrong i love NHRA, but alot of those drivers are strictly drivers and dont work on their car and have backup cars. as where guys like this take ONE car to the race and thats it. if they break or crash and cant fix it in time, theyre done for the day. NHRA is awesome in its own respect. it has the fastest cars and the drivers are amazing. but to me its not even close to the same as guys like this who maintain their own cars. shit, even Ryan(fireball camaro) helps maintain his and he has a full team