Stephen A. on Deion Sanders saying items were stolen during his Jackson State debut | First Take


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    Watch Part 2:
    Stephen A. Smith weighs in on Deion Sanders saying personal items were stolen during his coaching debut as Jackson State won 53-0.
    0:00 Stephen A. Smith is happy that Jackson State won in Deion Sanders' coaching debut.
    1:05 Stephen A. says Sanders should have handled the incident about his stolen items differently.
    2:17 Stephen A. critiques Sanders' decision to publicize the situation.
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    1. Zelbon Grimmage

      Ppl don't wanna see this man make it smh

    2. Jakim 34

      Oh so he should shut up and accept it. Shut up

    3. Johnny Hines

      Stephen A. Smith You can’t be Deion’s Friend Bruh.

    4. Kurt Wagner

      “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    5. Jim Kovacs

      TWND ya'll know what that means sound it out they should get their hands cut off

    6. Tobin Bradshaw

      Stealing from coach was stealing from the whole team and institution it will be worse unless Biden is removed from office for treason.

    7. Elie

      Have a great day god love you

    8. Since '84

      Show who stole from him!

    9. Stangomatic

      Deion was right to say it publicly. That’s how you start the process of changing the mentality around there. Nothing changes when you sweep these things under the rug because you’re embarrassed for non-black America to hear it.

    10. Mute Drums Daddy!!

      Your child would be blessed to be a part of the culture that man is about to diligently craft.

    11. Marcus bell

      Deion is being purposely targeted because of what he's doing

    12. Antoine Gist

      Don’t Tell someone who was violated how to react! Get over the narrative! Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    13. Christopher Carlton

      Stephen A. As usual you are so out of touch with reality. You are an Idiot and so unintelligent. I can't way for the day someone silences your BIG FAT Mouth.

    14. Brian Davidson

      No way is he ready for FSU.

    15. T

      Lmao hide it cause we're black. Same mentality people that defended Jussie Smollett had.

    16. Joe Della Selva

      Coach Deion told the truth about what happened to him and Stephen A is 02:16

    17. yvon nzovon

      I always thought this guy speaks his mind not sure now

    18. Tom Platz

      Every player and coach should have a wall locker and use their own pad-lock with a key... Why would a young kid want to go to school there if they don't even make wall lockers available to everyone ?

    19. Tom Platz

      It sounds like Stephen A. would have kept quiet about it and been part of a big cover-up....

    20. Ashton Springer

      It’s Jackson it happens a lot

    21. Baker Acted

      Of course Steve A. thinks Dion should of gotten the FSU job. Are you serious? Only because he’s black. He’s the biggest racist next to Shannon “Marble Mouth” Sharp. There is no way Dion should’ve gotten the FSU job He shouldn’t have the job he has now. Just because of his name. He should be coaching middle school or high school.

    22. Charles Rickette

      When you're a HF caliber person these things are going to happen! Everyone no matter who it is will take chances to get something from you! It's just one jackazz who did this.. Let's just move on! JSU!

    23. Camari Simpson

      completely disagree with SAS, Primetime got all of his things stolen why wouldn't he keep it 100? This was an opportunistic criminal taking advantage of some clearly shotty stadium security. A crime should be called a crime regardless of the gender, race, height or religion of the person who committed it. If a parent wants to keep their child from going to play for a HOF coach at a historic HBCU because of two thefts then so be it lol

    24. Reggie

      Here's stephen a to bring race into it

    25. irvin bethea

      i echoed the same sentiments Steven A!

    26. Shane Arnold

      Black people help perpetuate their own demise more than anyone else, here this man goes to an HBCU and puts it on the map, first time an HBCU school has been in the top 60 of a recruiting class, and its his own kind that’s gonna run him out and put them back as a nobody school, had he went to a normal university this kind of thing wouldn’t be happening, very sad for black people and HBCU’s, they won’t ever advance in society while these kind of things are going on

    27. Gilbert Grape

      why wasnt the race of the thief mentioned....hmmm

    28. Jay Mufasa

      Literally biting the hand that feeds you

    29. Matias Evans

      I think he was frustrated. That was like the 3rd time he got robbed since he been in Jackson. Still I wouldn't have aired it out in the press.

    30. bubba watson

      Who cares about Steve,,are how he would handle it. Somehow it's a whites fault.

    31. Thelonious Auf

      I knew this was gonna turn racial... This show is soo predictable man... I dont even think they can address a topic anymore without bringing race into the equation

    32. ZeroTurn

      The wolves caught his scent.

    33. Alan Brown

      Stephen A be killing me man.

    34. SOLARVERSE 1


    35. hallstar TV


    36. Dave

      Well Prime then you got your junk back then? So what you crying about? Always about you and your junk how about your team?

    37. Brian Ingram

      Stephen a. It is what it is a crime was committed so yes tell the world

    38. Marvin MJ

      Jackson state looks hood...smh

    39. A1 Day 1

      Stephen A: Stop Snitching Prime

    40. NIKE

      He not gone make it down here.. too soft. Running to cameras ain’t the way to do it my guy

    41. T Smith

      Stephen A. is a sucka

    42. April Lee

      I agree keep White folks out our business

    43. Tieuel Legacy

      Who would do that? Crazy!

    44. Monye Duval904

      Black school and D.S an no gameboy had all the right to go ham. Some of the kids needed that farther figure to step up for them when they've did nothing wrong. His money, football equipment and players. Respect to S.A.S as well.

    45. Lester Jeanpierre

      Stephen says how much he cares about HBCUS but he wanted Dion to get the job at Fla St. It's like here take the best we got yall had him Once take him again. Would it be just as embarrassing to Fla St. To have Dion property stolen there .

    46. moe know

      It had to be an Andre Rison relative or fan.

    47. Sennen Theodore

      These people will think what they will think.

    48. Afro Bill

      Why they keep reporting normal college crimes

    49. Vincent summerlin

      Stop sugar coating., the self hatred and jealously we have for each other for being successful. Same old 🦀 mentality!!!

    50. Quiet One

      That boul want to hide it just like they like hidding there morrish history from the people.

    51. DP

      Deion needs to behave as he would in any high crime area. Be carefule, take care of your stuff, and secure your valuables. Criminals do care if you are a celebrity.

    52. B Rich

      Deion should do 1 year and bounce to a better school. They not even appreciating a famous coach for coming to their school. They wanna steal from him.

    53. Pat Donovan

      As someone who went to a black school, this isn't the least bit surprising lol

    54. Brutus Smithers

      Coach Prime is going to have a crackhead party after each win.

    55. Jags Fan69

      This is the second time now I'm pretty sure people from that school are robbing more then deion

    56. Tyrone Bryant

      that girl said he trying to help y'all out. well dam!

    57. B Bustin

      equal opportunity criminals don’t care about your heritage. It’s all about them. they just don’t care. Blame their parents for not instilling basic human decency values .... a lot of people are poor and they don’t steal because they were raised right.

    58. sheriffquick

      STFU Steven A. We're tired of your excuses... BLM, right? Right

    59. BN23

      Let’s see how Stephen “everything is racist” smith makes this about race again

    60. Ellis Carlton

      FSU did the right thing, they saved him the embarrassment and having to fire your most known alumni. As a FSU fan we want coach prime but our current situation wouldn’t do him justice..

    61. Bo T

      Steven A just concerned about not telling on the thief 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a stupid response.... why hide it StevenA?? It’s called accountability... try to teach your colleges about it...

    62. Bo T

      Nothing worse than a thief. Nasty

    63. Grimace

      Unfortunately this is a what’s ganna happen at HBC

    64. Nate Lowe

      2nd time, he’s been “robbed”.. cmon Jackson

    65. Drew Shepherd

      All Steven A is saying is lets not bring negative light to HBCUs....that's all.

    66. Akeem Jackman

      Stephen A has a valid point. People will use any ammo against hbcu’s

    67. Mar-Key Rivers

      stephen a wants deion to say nothing wants certain players to shut up. if ur black and u act up u get put in your spot then and there he said he was coming to change the culture, stephen a wants him to brush it under the rug like hbcus done for years. i bet u the security will be stepped up.

    68. Carmine Vittorio

      I don't understand why people qoth hairlines like that don't shave there head. Stephen A looks dumb.

    69. RickeysTech Review

      SA speaking facts

    70. Javier Clorio

      This guy always finds a way to make it about race lol.

    71. Noryam Eric

      Man shut up steven A. You talk to much boi ,he letting folks know folks is steeling his ***t. *Ucking with him .

    72. Ryan Elliott

      I agree with Stephen A. Smith. Coach Deion Sanders shouldn't Publicized that. That is internal Problem he should kept to himself. I'm almost certain this happens at many Lockers across College Sports

    73. Hornday McFee

      Thiefs Imagine that ! Lol !

    74. Japheth Taylor

      Haha ok so hide it?

    75. Mike Whit

      Jacktown be the name, this is so embarrassing and I agree with Stephen A, I wished he would've handles it on the low. This is another reason ppl will say ah hah! See that's why we can't do nothing good for them.

    76. Sebastian Tabshi

      This is why those people don't deserve it

    77. Richard Pace

      so, dont report crime.. got it. I am not sure how their funds look compared to some, but they have a 10 year deal for funding thanks to the last administration for HBCUs. Its sad that people steal, and hopefully they are punished to the extent needed, and furthermore, hopefully it doesnt happen again. Deion could do great things as a coach I believe. The man knows the game and has more than enough love for the game. I hope his tenure there is a good one, and that someone sees that he can handle a school like FSU.

    78. Walter Hunter

      This is an attack of black star coaches taking jobs at HBCU's. They have to stop it.

    79. Darius Sterling

      Stephen couldn’t say that any better, this should’ve gone public because now this bring negative attention to a program Deion Sanders is trying to build

    80. Pedmar 007

      ? Aren't Black Americans tired of being 🤐 about things involving themselves and other people of race?? So if Deion is to keep quiet and handle it different, shouldn't all wrongs be kept quiet so people wouldn't think that stepping out your home's front door is a mistake???

    81. Afro Blast

      What is Steven A talking about?? Prime is not painting the school in a negative light. Whomever saw the individual stealing before he got caught and didn’t report it is the one that is putting JSU in a negative light.

    82. Arabion knights

      JAS, is a Monday morning quarterback.

    83. David B

      There are a lot of administrators who are crooked at these SWAC schools and Deion is exposing the whole system and how they are compromised and on the payroll to keep HBCU's at a level of decrepitness.

    84. Tyler Lo

      The neat authorisation numerically depend because beer behaviourally matter onto a terrific camera. lamentable, cheap jet

    85. Moses Walker

      Whatever brother do somebody have a problem with it Deion Sanders did the right thing

    86. Volsboy

      I'll say what a lot are thinking...look at the demographic. Besides, thieves don't care who you are. They will steal from anyone if the opportunity presents itself.

    87. Jason Gray

      Yea steven a sweep it under the rug

    88. Dorian Pinckens

      I don’t like this take. This is the second time someone has stolen from him since being there. To me this is holding the city of Jackson accountable and showing them “we’re stronger if we stand together”. It’s always a bad look how somebody handles something until ur put in that situation. And if u have love and respect for HBCUs then u should call it how u see it Stephen A.

    89. jerzeydolphins


    90. Clemus Johnson

      I disagree with Stephen A Smith. I am an alumni of alcorn state university... JSU is ASU biggest rival. We play them at the end of the year every year...... Sanders could be a powerful tool to not only put JSU and ASU on the map.. .. But put the entire SWAC on the map. They better take care of that man long story short. If people robbed you when you bringing national attention to a hbcu program then the people around you need to get their act together and stop stealing

    91. Chris Stover

      Of course steven its somehow about race rofl weirdo

    92. King Leo

      Man know what to expect it’s the hood niggas gotta eat the good come wit the bad that’s y we love the hood lot of different personalities tryna make it

    93. Arianne

      Chile I mean are we really surprised it's Jackson probably in a run down crime ridden area where the residents don't really have any hope or pride.

    94. James Cross

      Now i understand why they call it jack town Mississippi, your items could literally be gone in 60 seconds like that Jack Nicholson movie, or even stolen for that matter.

      1. Danny Krenjamin

        You don’t really think jack nicholson was in 60 seconds do you.

    95. Jason Cafeo

      Well what u expect when it's a all black school?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    96. codebrker24

      I'm glad he did it the way he did it. It puts the school on notice that this kind of behavior is present and will not be tolerated. This also lets people know that Jackson, Mississippi is a VERY POOR city and state for that matter. This provides context to how Deion and every recruit will have to conduct themselves in a city that does not necessarily see this as an opportunity to better themselves in the correct way but take shortcuts. I can also tell you that not everyone is happy about Deion coming to town, mainly because he will hold everyone in that University and Town accountable. It is an interesting experiment.

    97. New new none of your buisness

      You know what they say the black always jack.

    98. Omar Garvin

      broke into his car and now this! he cant even go to sleep! they'll steal his dreams

    99. Earl Ringold

      Man this Lynch St.!! Na..

    100. Alex Kieu

      He lost his whole annual pay lol