Benny The Butcher - Legend ft. Hit-Boy (Official Video)

Benny the Butcher

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    'Burden of Proof' Pre Save:
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    Directed By: @Joe_Lombard
    Produced By: @Hyper.House & @Agency_78
    'Legend' by Benny the Butcher ft. Hit-Boy © 2020 Griselda Records / EMPIRE

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    1. Michael Senetenari Lobendahn Asuncion

      This the new

    2. trotterthomas27

      The growth is amazing!

    3. Duval2k7

      Im in my 40's. Thor's is real rap....I bump this is my ride on 4 12's.

    4. J Miller

      That beat that flow those words .... brother that right there motivated this youngster ..... thank you .

    5. Christopher Santana


    6. L Figgs

      Benny been fire told Him to his face back in 2016 he was gonna be the best glad he made it happen!!!

    7. Bobby Johnson

      " Im like Ali I fight better with my back on the ropes " Nice!!

    8. Maurice Witherspoon

      These up top boys got them bangers I dig it keep them joints rolling niggas.. salute to my upstate bro,s

    9. Luis Lopez

      This shit is 🔥!

    10. Amit Salam

      Benny made me listen to rap again.

    11. Christopher Wright

      I see homie at the store a couple times hopefully I can do a interview from homes

    12. Los Enoch

      Best in da world...... DA BUTCHER COMING..... " MY BITCHES 2 BOOCHI 4 OLIVE GARDEN"

    13. Wake Forest

      My Man did it

    14. Opium Black🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    15. Stephen G

      this hard

    16. Bimbo B.


    17. Kings County

      NY fell off, if it is Buffalo, it is still NY.Period.Obviously, he is highly influenced by the living G.O.A.T. Jay-z from my hometown, Brooklyn.#Kingscounty

    18. G Smith


    19. Loni Romias

      SALUTE!!!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑!!! FLOWERS MY LEGEND.

    20. Louii314

      Southern fried cooked bacon grease 🔥 Fire 🔥 Shouts to the butcher and hit for this...


      Griselda lads hit a couple mil veiws but lil uzi getting 400 mil 🤦‍♂️

    22. The Watzone

      Now thats a good mindset. Ima be a legend soon, im a legend now - Benny the Butcher.

    23. David Hingston-Yahyaei


    24. Matt Savin

      Swear to god that shit just brought a tear to my eye... R.I.P. KOBE!!!

    25. Richie Fortune

      Shit got me in tears

    26. Nf1n1t1

      The only new rapper I'd want a verse from.

    27. Christian Roman

      I love this album

    28. Deon Taylor

      U got king

    29. Ereeze Ubeezy


    30. chalupa thegodking sama

      So many views and it doesn’t even get close to his subscribers. You weenies should subscribe

      1. Planetzoot

        You made me realize I wasn’t subscribed lol

    31. Brandon Derrick

      Jay-z is going to turn Bennie into what Beanie could of been if he had any discipline!

    32. Brandon Derrick

      Less than one million views?! I got about 10🔥🔥🔥🔥

    33. Errick jones

      I’ve never heard of this man before a few minutes ago , the first few seconds of this came up as a unskipable IRvision ad and I just had to hear the rest. I ain’t heard a nigga goin off like this in a minute #Salute from Oakland ca ...

      1. Planetzoot

        Benny is one of the best

    34. Rod Suber

    35. Steezy 1duh

      they always say quality over quanity.. Griselda combines both!

    36. Jermaine Davis


    37. SwagSickProfessor


    38. adilla121783


    39. Mr. Majestic

      Buffalo, N.Y. Eastside forever!

    40. Paul Smith

      6:14 got 6 forties waiting at the store for me Drinkin juice with 6 slim shorties pourin more lean hit The Rock shop raise my aura wake up in the morning leave your ass snoring as I'm topping off the coffee pot peeling an orange making sure anyone that can rhyme with door hinge blows up like Mentos Molly pop lollygagging already lapped the latest rapper rappin paint a blank canvas as I'm laughing with jack-o'-lantern never touched e***h cause Adam's on the team but best believe I'll pass a bag to loyalty above all laws sleeves I dont bang but my favorite number is XIV

    41. Jewell Pendleton II

      “Put my hood in diamonds, so you know how my block did it.. Gun come with a Carfax, you know who I shot with it.. Shop with us, you know me and my niggas.. Cribs not furnished 'til the garage get a drop in it”

    42. Pheel One

      This is only the beginning GSFXR BIG BSF! Sheesh always told nekas they going to be a problem! Talk to em 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯💯💯🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 🎙 🎙🎙🎙🎙LETS GO!! Been on them since 2010! Next up TRUST!

    43. Chris Jett

      Smash the 👍 button if you play this 🔥🔥 everyday.. 716 stand up

    44. Fresh Start

      He good but he no jay z, the flow is nothing alike.

    45. BrandonClemons3160

      This song Lit 💯 #716

    46. Blackronin357

      I know $155 thou weigh 7 lbs. 🔥🔥💵💵🔥🔥💯

    47. Bafo Joseph


    48. Aron Bereket

      Benny & hit boy nuff said!

    49. Dimitri Haynes


    50. Richard Egid

      This is pure Growing now I salute Benny.


      Great Song B !!!

    52. Slim Gutta

      Benny understands the difference between rap and hip-hop. This shits an instant classic

    53. Texas Made

      Top 100 on the charts

    54. Wilson Sonofwill

      Benny da butcher

    55. Lyricasm

      neded hova here tho!

    56. M A

      Niggas is to dope 🔥 as always

    57. Raqsoul YT

      who here before 1 mill?

    58. Tam Shari

      I know he like my beats #Awesome💖

    59. Tam Shari


    60. Jersey City

      should've DID THE VIDEO just him alone...

    61. samuel adams

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 I had to keep playing this back

    62. Prototype 81

      Beats kinda gay and sounds like something for tlc in the 90s.

      1. Luis Lopez

        Crazy beat hot whole shit fire.

    63. michael davis

      Beat of the year for me. Benny made the loss of no new nipsey music easier to digest. I just wishthey could have linked up but it just wasn't to be.

    64. Tone P


    65. Jay G

      BAR$ is FUCKING BACK 👍 🔥

    66. LNSKY

      this beat crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    67. Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page

    68. Streets IsWatching

      The bucha comin nicca

    69. PLR 88

      He goes hard !! 💪🏾

    70. Lawrence Parker


    71. straightfiremon

      I'M A L E G E N D. NOW

    72. Isaac

      Made it out the hood now thats legend.

    73. Overlord Jonezzz


    74. SHELLZ313rd

      The album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    75. Leo West

      I just wanna see millions viewers recommend to all my friends.🌡🚀🔥

    76. Michael Jason

      Masters in dope before that had a bachelors in coke sheesh

    77. Darren Bridges

      This beat is so hip hop so n.y so real nigga shyt!!! Good looking Benny

    78. MrWhocares51

      I don’t think Benny can make a bad verse

    79. bornz1

      Hitboy don't miss.

    80. Mynor A Calderon

      BENNY constantly climbing up the GOAT latter when its all said and done he will be top 5 the BUTCHER Is here and in glad I'm alive for it

    81. Jd hits

      15 years straight i was crack selling dope boy made it out the hood now thats Legend 🙌

    82. king jett

      Who woulda thought buffalo would bring back hip hop. Peace God 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽

    83. Ramar Russell


    84. J M

      It's really nice to hear him over something over Derigner. Nothing bad to say about Deringer, but this was fresh for Benny.

    85. Lisa Smith


    86. CrossOut Rell

      Hardest joint on the album and they all 5 stars

    87. Kevin Herr

      Best album out with Nas!! Hitboy producer of the fuckin year! Sean shit go hard too!

    88. Jermaine Vanorden

    89. Lesedi Moeti

      2020 belong to Hitboy🏆

    90. Bruce Bryant

      On repeat!!!

    91. Jupiter Johnson

      Took me 10 seconds to give the 😫 face! My reaction.... Ahhhhhhhh.......Slide bar to repeat!

    92. doucey1992


    93. Kitty Lillian

      Benny The Butcher go in HARD on this right here, BANGER! He aint like all them other goofies out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to get they views up... SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

    94. Rappers Digest

      Benny got bangers 💯

    95. Ronnie Parm

      Give me my bouquet when I can smell it.. Damn Benny

    96. Ronnie Parm

      The Crown is HIZ

    97. Ronnie Parm


    98. murray trapp

      Like stringer bell said in the wire. “All them straw purchases gonna get you hemmed up boy”when you are a rapper and show the game master the game then show your material wealth on screen they will come for you. Look at Bobby shmurda.

    99. king Richards

      Benny got the glow like steph curry! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    100. Kenny Morten

      First time ever hearing of him pulled up from fla 💯