The Cayo Perico Heist: Coming December 15 to GTA Online

Rockstar Games

2.6M بازدید751

    It’s time to raise the stakes higher than ever before. You’ve broken a convicted spy out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary. You’ve saved the world from an egomaniacal tech billionaire. And you’ve beaten the odds to drain a casino of its cash. This time, you’re taking on an entire island.
    Prepare to infiltrate the remote island compound of the world’s most notorious drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto Online’s biggest, most daring, and action-packed addition yet: The Cayo Perico Heist.
    It’s up to you to find a way to breach Cayo Perico, one of the most secure private islands in the entire world, evade or neutralize the heavily armed security forces stationed there, and escape with valuable evidence along with as much art, gold and drug money as you can carry.

    Choose your tools. Choose your approach. Choose your crew - or even go it entirely alone. Just make it back to Los Santos in one piece.
    The Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest GTA Online adventure ever, introducing an all-new exotic Heist location, with a brand-new approach to Heist design that features the ability to play everything solo or with up to three other players. Plus you can acquire new vehicles and tactical weapons, experience new social spaces to dance and party with friends and new world-class DJs, and listen to new radio stations with over 100 new songs. Oh, and a very large, very versatile, and very heavily armed submarine HQ with plenty of other surprises.

    Stay tuned for more details as you prepare for The Cayo Perico Heist.
    Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and via backward compatibility for PS5 / Xbox Series X|S.

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    2. shadow.x .legend

      GTA VI

    3. shadow.x .legend

      Gta 56

    4. Andrew Piper

      I like cheese.

    5. Jason Quintana

      Is there a full version to the trailer song?

    6. Asep Nugraha

      Bully remake Bully remake Bully remake Bully remake Bully remake Bully remake Bully remake

    7. 笑 M U G O 笑

      Next i wanna buy my own island where theres a mansion


      Gta 4 is better than gta iv

    9. Tia Dove

      Time to spend money on shark cards on this 3 day blip🙄

    10. Salahudeen Hakkim

      Gta 5 android release

    11. Tygs V

      Guys this island is only accessible during the heist. Someone working at rockstar stated that many people are going to be disappointed. He did a poll asking people if they think the island is going to be accessible during free roam and the majority of people said yes. He than said that many people are going to be disappointed. I mean I’m not surprised. Why would rockstar give us something that we want

    12. shierfruitsalad

      It’s taken 7 years for them to release a new location for online only.

    13. Kenixboe

      The question is, can we freeroam here?

    14. LaroMaxpower


      1. RickettsJr

        @LaroMaxpower Yeah i hope too. Like the cut Squaddie.

      2. LaroMaxpower

        i hope they will let us put a roof on it

    15. Marian Vlioncu

      I still can't believe how MrClickbaitFTW made over 7 videos about this Update with only 20sec video trailer from Rockstar in only 1 week

    16. white stone

      que bueno que sigan creando contenido para GTA!

    17. OxBow Chaff

      The sub should be like 3.7mill

    18. Omar de Oliveira

      Que ridículo, Rockstar. Prometem um bônus após a compra de qualquer pacote megalodonte, mas depositam no prazo combinado.💸😒 Não bastasse isso no momento de iniciar o Golpe do Cassino eu inesperadamente, como líder, deixo o ato. Bug ou é porque denunciei essa falcatrua? 🤔😠

    19. Rakoon

      Thats great but no single player content? Oh yeah they forgot about it years ago

    20. Johny Caves TM

      GTA VI ??

    21. Justin W.

      Bold of you to assume I still play GTA Online after prices of things practically beg me to buy one of your shark cards. Maybe I will come back for this one heist...

    22. Kells Menzies

      Will Cayo Perico Be Added To GTA 5 Story Mode Just Imagine Taking Michael and Franklin and Trevor There

      1. RickettsJr


    23. Paradime

      You'd be crazy not to launch this into freemode as well as missions. Let's hope to the R* gods that that isn't true and we'll be able to go there any time we want without joining a mission or dropping $500k on a heist prep missions.

    24. Luis N. Diaz Melendez

      O Blanca navidad and Darude Sandstorm remade by Rockstar style ost = A Snowstorm is coming from the easter eggs of gta v of the cocaine! Guys VI is coming! They definitely are teasing us with the ost of this trailer of CayoPerico :) hope the big annoucement soon!

    25. Хорошая Работа Алег

      R* Community Want Police Customization We want Vapid Scout And Sirens Pleaseee add

    26. Ragnar

      Song please

      1. RickettsJr

        That's a OST created by R* for the update so you gotta wait until the update releases.

    27. Matúš PRACHÁR

      this is amazing

    28. Cygn RL

      Rated m for micro transactions

    29. M4 Media

      Gee, I sure hope they add real poker to this expansion instead of go fish.

      1. M4 Media

        I was never more disappointed in rockstar than the moment i realized the "poker" they added tot he casino was little more than a "do one of my 3 cards in my own hand match? game"... No poker is played this way...

    30. Jalin Stokes

      Think about it what if this is a trick and this is actually GTA IV but they want u to think it’s GTA Online

    31. Radeon Vector

      Too little too late.

    32. ᴡᴀᴠɪᴇsᴛ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ᴘɪᴍᴘ ᴏғ ᴅᴀ ᴄᴇɴᴛᴜʀʏ

      If we don’t get pay more than 1m per player then this aint it.

    33. Macho

      We want just GTA 5 + 1

    34. Rehan Ashraf


    35. berat aydın Herkes buyursun

    36. Maria londoño

      Nice vídeo next GTA VI

    37. JimKont

      The submarines .... it’s gonna be awesome

    38. monkey

      Pablo escobar here we come 😈

    39. H U Baig

      "4:57" I just got from here ** 📌📌 I am playing on my Mobile now 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

    40. Archana Tripathi

      Hi hello

    41. Archana Tripathi

      Gta5 hi

    42. Kedi Kurmay Başkanı

      Türk varmi A.E.O

    43. Vimal Thakur


    44. bigsoup743

      Rockstar wheres the hellfire Seminole 👀👀

    45. Ezio Damn

      Why you guys can't release the gta vi? 😩

    46. Irnison S.C.

      Gta IV

    47. ferran perez

      porque sale el numero vi que es 6 en romano en la carretera sale vi

    48. Fahad Naushad


    49. Naima Begum

      Gta t

    50. W8T3R X

      If you are in doubt, this is from the rockstar newswire: "Experience new social spaces to dance and party in with your friends". How are we supposed to party with friends if the island just stays there for a limited time, but... those spaces can be added in other part of the map like in the cassino or somewhere else.

    51. Joshua Joxsuel Lopez

      Hacienda NAPOLES?

    52. Nappo Zone

      I know a lot of people getting out of los santos soon LoL

    53. Soke Graff

      Hey this (blank) anyways buy submarine on maze bank foreclosures

    54. Emiel

      this is soooooo sick

    55. The Totally Not Mysterious Guy

      The humvee better have an option to put a back on it to make it look true..

    56. daniel andres magdaniel paspi

      this is Colombia!!!!

    57. Bruh Momento Numero Dos

      Ah yes, Milking time.

    58. Straathyenas

      Martin entered the chat

    59. TECH HAI


    60. K_Whiskie Productions

      Dio por o

    61. Terry Scott

      I’m about to get 50 phone calls from LJT and 50 more from this drug cartel telling me to infiltrate a island

      1. RickettsJr

        @Terry Scott Well for me he doesn't call anymore he just text me sometimes about getting supplies.

      2. Terry Scott

        @RickettsJr what?? I’m playing the game rn and he legit just called me two minutes ago

      3. RickettsJr

        @Terry Scott He does ?? He's not supposed to though since the Summer update.

      4. Terry Scott

        @RickettsJr he calls me all the time lol

      5. RickettsJr

        LJT spam call meme is dead though since he doesn't call anymore.

    62. Turbo Fister

      Does anyone know the name of the song?

      1. Turbo Fister

        @RickettsJr ty

      2. RickettsJr

        OST for the update.

    63. James Green

      If you can do it alone, this is the best freaking heist ever made!

      1. RickettsJr

        Yes you can it's been confirmed.

    64. Joseph paul

      Why is there a party at a drug lords farm? Why do we need torpedos? Why do we need another heist? It doesn't leave much to the imagination that this heist is donezo before we take anything.

    65. Hatsune_Miku

      My balance in gtao:40000$

      1. some guy


    66. مؤمل الكنعاني


    67. No Name

      Rockstar: bbb.....bbb.......bbb... Mother: He's about to say his first word! Rockstar: Buy our Shark Cards. Mother: "Loads shotgun".

    68. Ivan

      Took away months of hard earned cash because we exploited their bug once. Not purchasing from Rockstar again

      1. Hxllfire

        this is why you dont do the glitch buddy

      2. Jamie Terry

        So true!

      3. Luisa Otero

        Damn it happened to me to :(

      4. Dylan Terry

        Same here man!

    69. Doruk Ada Denk

      Oh boi here we go again

    70. Ptao Tom

      Imagine Lester coming back with that one Chinese lady with kids. RIP Lester, you will always be remembered.

      1. Magick Meat

        You......copy and paste a comment?

    71. Michael Horton

      Looks like we might get a resort

    72. Jack Fichera

      how much tho

      1. Ptao Tom

        Or Rockstar Games, can you show us the community a tuturial on how to download gta 5 for free and that it does not harm our devices.

    73. sharika manoj

      Is this Work only on pc? or work in android? Pls reply anyone

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        PC, Xbox One/Series and PS4/PS5.

    74. منوعات عراقية

      "4:59" I just got from here *** 📌📌 I am playing on my Mobile now 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

    75. Clark Zedrix Sadiarin


    76. Clark Zedrix Sadiarin

      #Continue GTA5

    77. Hansha Patel


    78. Netollo YT

      Oye Rockstar Games necesito que añadas a GTA 5 online un "Vocho" por favor.👌🏼

    79. unknownperson395

      On my birthday when it's realeasd

    80. king amooon

      But more cars more weapons and police clothing and Arabia language please

      1. Tisk Tisk


    81. Tisk Tisk

      They should tell us how much is a good amount to save

      1. RickettsJr

        Dozens of millions

    82. Arthur Caelum

      Cayó perico jajaja

    83. operator zachary

      Who else thinks GTA online will be still running in 5 years?

      1. Huell Babineaux

        Hopefully it doesn’t, people have had enough of this game, it’s time for something new.

      2. operator zachary

        @Tisk Tisk oh

      3. Tisk Tisk

        Gta4 is still running

    84. Ho Li

      The Island is perfect for landing operation I guess

    85. Solomon Gilder

      Dutch being the guy u rob from Me:WOOOOOO ITS PARTY TIME IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS

    86. Anthony Amezcua

      The submarine better not be more than 4 mil or else ima cry

      1. Tisk Tisk



      Sale nuevo personaje en la playa en los juegos mecánicos,es un personaje gordito con su guardaespaldas...tambien mire un avión llegar al aeropuerto en sesión publica,avión aterrizando...

    88. Jose

      Or Rockstar Games, can you show us the community a tuturial on how to download gta 5 for free and that it does not harm our devices.

      1. Tisk Tisk

        Lmao, you can download it for free after you buy it

    89. Jose

      Rockstar Games can you tell the owner of the google play store to put GTA 5 on the google play store. Please im begging you. Also if they say yes can you put the game for free. I miss playing story mode and online

      1. Tisk Tisk

        Play it on ps4

    90. Jesús Villa Padilla

      Mr. Rockstar when will gta 4 for mobiles come out

      1. Peter Gianna

        Yeaaa righttt

    91. Angeliux Xd

      Saquen ya GTA VI y déjense de mamadas

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    95. DaBoogeeyMonsta TTV

      Put gta on gamepass

      1. Tisk Tisk

        It was

    96. bakamono

      3 to 7 mil Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    97. Brick

      Epstein island

    98. Thomas T

      Rockstar Games you can see that he watched the NARCOS movie you can see after one scene the blue gate with Pablo Escobar's inscriptions 0:12

    99. Hdhdvsh Bdjshd

      when GTA 4 on android

      1. Tisk Tisk

        It won't and neither will gta5