Eastern Errors: Soviet Bloc Fails (July 2020)


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    Hello, Comrades! This week we put together the best fails from the Soviet Bloc! So get on your best track suit and enjoy!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 4 ماه


    1. Canadian Joker

      3:39 Well at least they're dry.

    2. John Daugherty

      /Вот дерьмо! /ouch

    3. Laurence Hilton-Ash

      Sophistication is a few generations away

    4. IABI TV

      That guy with the frozen jeans tho

    5. Jamie and his magic torch

      Is it the same Russian guy that all this is happening to?

    6. moony0205

      Wow, I normally only giving a 👎🏿 for dumb IRvisionrs, but today I think it is my first one here with a comment. Up to this video you were my favourite, but it looks like you only want to make fast money like the other low education american channels and vloggers. I will see, if you find your way back or if I have to quit here too.

    7. Forrest Wilms

      Lol bunch of dumbasses towing the audi.

    8. TheAnimeNewb YT

      Swear Words List: 🇵🇱Poland: Kurwa mać 🇸🇰Slovakia: Kurva 🇨🇿Czechia: Jdi do prdele. 🇧🇬Bulgarian: Да ти еба майката. 🇷🇴Romanian: Muie. 🇭🇺Hungary: Mi a fasz van veled?! 🇷🇸Serbia: Јеби се! 🇭🇷Croatia: Kurac. 🇧🇦Bosnia & Herzegovina: Jebi se. 🇲🇰Macedonian: Ебисе 🇸🇮Slovenia: *NOPE* 🇧🇾Belarus: Сука блядзь! 🇺🇦Ukraine: Курва блять! 🇷🇺Russia: Сука блять...


      The first persons laugh though

    10. Tom Czas

      Poland is not soviet lol

    11. Edward Yan

      In case you haven't noticed, the Soviet Union is gone.

    12. AJ Draws

      I want to party with a group of Russians before I die

    13. Mariano Rodríguez

      Russian fails: your usual ones augmented by military surplus

    14. David Spangler

      But.......I didn't hear anyone say "BLYAT!"

    15. Павел Георгиев

      Soviet bloc? Seriously? In 2020?

    16. Logan Richardson

      Soviet bloc sound like a budget version of Sauvignon Blanc

    17. Dragon Meddler

      I'm learning to speak Russian thanks to Fail Army.

    18. kon_zwany_psem

      :DDD is not Soviet! is a Russia!

    19. Ezio

      Damn even cars in russia drinks vodka..they all drunk af😂😂😂

    20. privateer177666

      Yob Tvoyu Maat

    21. eric schreiber

      Field parade theoretical loss rise implement abroad circuit flee offensive PM.

    22. Tesla Joyride


    23. Szymon Zarzycki

      Why its called a soviet block if there is Poland?

    24. Lone Wolf

      For you smart blokes, was 4:40 ever going to potentially work??

    25. Justin Wheeler

      Did you see that one guy, rushing to catch that sliding car? lol

    26. Rado Jezior

      2:35 I didn't notice Poland is in Soviet Union. Wtf? We have American occupation now.

    27. Jakub Nowacki

      soviet bloc....?????? learn a little bit b4 you say so think....

    28. Callerway 7

      0:48 To 1:22 Was A Cluster Fuck

    29. M C

      4:18 is that Gordon Ramsey

    30. Khayotic Records

      These are more enjoyable when you understand Russian.

    31. Boey Zhang

      Just Monika

    32. Jason S.

      Do people realize they can hold their phone sideways for better viewing experience?

    33. Skaptic

      Oh man I love those russian fails.. theyre always doing the same dangerous shit theyve always did. 😂😂👍

    34. toben42

      Russians just can't stay away from frozen lakes and rivers.

    35. XÆA-12,exe HasStopedWorking

      Most of these were meh

    36. Sebastian Fafara

      jest i Krakow

    37. Kevin Embrey

      I would hate to have looked this stupid as a country. Oof

    38. SuperMegaPops

      What you mean soviet? there is no such thing anymore like "soviet", stop say like that!!! You damn ass!!!

    39. Alicia Schwartz

      4:18 I hope those are just flower petals.

    40. Nicholas Teng

      2:12 Something Soviet beating something German now(2020)

    41. William Hanners


    42. Sons Of Atlus

      shitty modern audi vs strong soviet van

    43. nikscand

      the same video over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and..... hum.....

    44. Iwona Kiełczewska

      2:09 Daniil Kvyat's voice?🤔

    45. Allinton ephraim

      1:52 the ultimate part🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Ryan Chris

      Dude I'm not 🇷🇺 but, when I hear 0:45 and 0:47 I know.. that 🇷🇺, cause my friends teach me 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣✌✌✌

    47. Daroslaw Toorek

      02:36 This video comes from Cracow, Poland - we are NOT the Soviet Bloc

      1. Павел Георгиев

        By the way, Russia is not a Soviet too.

      2. Ya

        Каждый уважающий себя поляк считает за честь отправить данный комментарий

      3. Official Purkki

        you know what soviet blokc means right

    48. Doomsayer Drug

      2:35 Poland is not Russia. Change the title or delete this video because it's a bit offensive. 

    49. Hazzard0

      Putin must be proud

    50. DJARIA

      5:32 idk how that dude can see his friend do that and remain rock solid with that pose

    51. Daniele Bugs

      0:04 when someone slap a slime

    52. The Sparkster

      Using the term "Soviet Bloc," does that count as another FAIL?

    53. CymVermin

      2:18 Wath channel road? Finale aqua. Your bunny wrote. Don't be up.

    54. TheCorrectViews

      What was the flying thing?

    55. Renan Borges

      0:44 this dude sounded so happy, and when he saw the car sliding a very instant upset feeling hahahaha I'd like to understand Russian just because of these moments.

      1. Anni Väli

        @Renan Borges 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Renan Borges

        @Anni Väli It's because Russian swearing is beep-proof 😂😂😂😂

      3. Anni Väli

        It's mostly just a bunch of really nasty swearing. 😊 It's always funny to see how English swear words are beeped out and the Russian ones (waaaaaaay stronger than the English ones) are not. 🤣

    56. MSZ

      2:37 Jednak nie dobra atmosfera! XD

    57. X.SLIPKNXT.X

      0:57 this is what fast and furious Russian drift looks like

    58. Saad Ahmed

      As a Pakistani i can tell you Russia is the most misunderstood nation.lmao

    59. Scott Jackson

      So it is true. No matter where we are from, we all do stupid shit.

    60. Jack

      I came to see russian girls FFS 🤤

    61. Delete Facebook

      I hate winter

    62. Twinboys Twinboys

      Love it more fireworks

    63. ilyushagrowmanyasuoerpuper gamerspiderfarm

      кто есть русский

    64. Rodger Ramster

      There hasn't been a Soviet bloc for nearly 2 decades, do you mean the former Soviet Bloc by chance?

    65. Eden Hores

      Its cyka blyat time!

    66. Роман Горбунов

      Союз нерушимый дебилов народных

    67. Tangled Shoelace

      My favorite was at 1:50!! Explains my aim exactly!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Funny Moment Area

      Do you ever just look at a comment and think: Damn i wish i said that

    69. Eskimos 69

      Should be the death penalty for recording vertically.

    70. Christian Wind

      I read title as "Soviet blyat fails".

    71. Cristian Vicol

      1:46 romanii nostrii :))

    72. Patryk Wojciechowski

      Seriously, movies from Poland are added as the USSR? After 30 years? Poland is Central Europe, not Eastern! Fuc** off!

    73. originofmight

      From dobra atmosfera to zla real fast.

    74. Erik Iacopelli


    75. Yaponec

      Ариста бедная моя! 😂

    76. Michael

      OMG those jeans XD

    77. Julian Benjamin

      fails: *funny* ads: WhEn iT COmEs tO GrOoMiNg yOuR baLLs

    78. 4B08 LO TONY TIN-CIANG

      0:32 When you see a lamp in a FailArmy video, you know they are gonna break it :D

      1. Rondo Hunter

        Or a flat screen t.v. Or a fat person falling. Anyone attempting to cross a small creek will land in it. Skaterboarder showoff falls and racks jewels.

    79. Nanda Wakankar

      2:18 best faul😂😂🤣🤣

    80. King Pope Caesar

      4:17 🤕

    81. Timothy Alfred Gianto

      I love it when Russians swear

    82. Peter Miller

      And that's how Russia solves traffic jams, lol

    83. my name is jeeeyf

      0:39 "Mai Waiiife!" "Dagina" "Wobbly eye, where ya buy?" "NAAA, wife wanto own a Dodge"

      1. sammi panini

        Hands down, this is the best comment on this video

    84. chding zuure

      0:40 Это Владивосток детка, о зимней резине там даже не заморачиваются. Каждый год куча таких роликов появляются.

    85. Roo Hamm

      Funny is Funny! In ANY language!! We are so much more alike than not! Stay Healthy Friends 🙏🌎☮️

    86. thesimpsons22

      wow im so happy i dont live in such a cold country! 3:37

      1. chding zuure

        Нічого дивного - орда.((

    87. gtoss chddy

      Russian people are so hilarious that I laugh a lot as soon as they start talking

      1. Alexius Corylus

        As a Russian, I can tell that this can be considered as a signal to pick you up

    88. Александр Кислов

      Очередная перепись дебилов прошла на ура....

      1. sotuur aeei

        I work with a couple of russians... By far some of the funnest people to work with xD

    89. Coleman Studios

      4:16: for a second I thought that was her blood.

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Russia i like there vodka lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots of it.

    90. Coleman Studios

      Is it just me, or are Russians tougher?

      1. yaliso gioouy

        I work with a couple of russians... By far some of the funnest people to work with xD

    91. bilij pdan

      I work with a couple of russians... By far some of the funnest people to work with xD

      1. gtoss chddy

        Still reusing ancient videos and pretending they are recent I see

    92. Alexandre Pires

      how to save a life

      1. sotuur aeei


    93. Jeremy Sitorus

      Dude: *jumps onto beanbag and blows it up * News anchor: In other news, the police are searching for a notorious drug smuggler who is moving cocaine and methamphetamine _en masse_ in beanbags. The smuggler is known to sell his beanbags to unsuspecting residents of the Moscow area for safekeeping, and then rob their homes to retrieve his product, often killing the residents upon finding that the bags are empty...

    94. A Saha

      Ha, Mad. FAIL.

      1. bilij pdan

        1:51 How did he miss that he had three balls in his hand🤣

    95. mijuo roui

      didn't the soviet bloc cease to exist 30 odd years ago.

    96. Anatoly Khvatkov

      0:40 Это Владивосток детка, о зимней резине там даже не заморачиваются. Каждый год куча таких роликов появляются.

    97. im bisexy

      im a west slav and relate

    98. iplaybose

      1:53 hipster prost

    99. Okami_No _Heishi

      I Love Russians! Except when they hack our elections. That aint cool.

      1. mijuo roui

        Poland is not soviet block. That's no true.

    100. m4chine

      1:11 the guy better hope his insurance pays for everything