Among Us Imposter mod that blows everyone up...

Daithi De Nogla

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    In today's video, we come back to the claymore mod in Among Us and let me just say, things get pretty wild.
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    1. Combat_Kyle

      Nogla blows up everyone Vanoss"i win again"

      1. Demigod Apex Carnage


      2. ANTH davis

        Best part lol

      3. Captain Zorc


      4. Hoa Nguyen

        Killer queen ability has been activated

      5. iAMnotAwaffle waffle


    2. Cuty Conway Thurtuss

      Big claps for Daithi 0:04 and 11:18.

    3. Remy Willard

      2:05 makes me wish I were Cartridge Bot from "Futurama". That's a perfect "what?" moment.

    4. Ari wahyu

      6:04 Hmm I think I know this song

    5. Gaming_Chadd

      nobody : literally nobody : nogla censoring bad words : " OOF " me : roblox

    6. Hunter Humphress

      Who else just goes "Baldi's Basics" on themselves whenever they get their hands on a ruler?

    7. Qrow Branwen

      SUDOKUUUUU!!! 10:33

    8. Janet Harden

      10:32 me remembering the good old days.

    9. james Kimball

      Best mod

    10. Tyler Downing

      You should get by monster of legends

    11. ANTH davis

      Talk about booming records kill everyone

    12. Mr. Dojyaan Valentine

      Killer Queen

    13. TheG4mingZ1ck 8912


    14. わからない

      Sudoku mod for among us. orr gmod guess who abilities mod.

    15. L00KE 4T5

      Lmao, what a great clip to end on 😂

    16. omegalevi YT

      he has such a soft voice

    17. ShadowlIlIlIl

      I love that they all still think sudoku is seppuku

    18. xPYROXDxOfficial

      5:10 IT CHAOS! thats looks soo fun lmfao

    19. planet coocoo

      I love the claymore mod, you need to go to lights and wait till everyone is gone an put one down then call lights at some time latter and watch them walk right into in lol

    20. Andro Junior

      They should try this mod with fast speed, so that they'd be more likely to randomly run into a claymore

    21. s02 Pzychotik


    22. typowy nieogar

      I had no Idea what this mod was, but i saw second later and heard "Claymore", thats all i need

    23. Wow Animations

      Add a little mod with crews mates are all little and the imposter is Supposed to Squish them

    24. Tshusima

      i got a raid shadow legends ad after nogla said “and as always i hope we enjoyed”


      Yooooouuuuuuuuuu *click*

    26. Ares Roach-Few

      Is it just me for is nogla getting less likes?? I'm a big fan since 2016

    27. Trust 480


    28. Hugh Hugh

      I was dying at 6:05 😂

    29. chris

      LoL SUDOKU!!! :) :) :) i miss guess who :(


      Thumbnail nogla be like: yay my friends are dead!

    31. shan dee


    32. ABOØD yo

      I have a late question.............. Can you playing this with lui?

    33. Marwth


    34. Tiper Gaming

      What a man this guy keeps getting exploded

    35. Big BOI Steve

      All hail the Irish🇮🇪

    36. Captain Price

      I haven’t heard them words in over 3 years..... Sydoku........

    37. nøt r3x ləl

      That's the Jitterbug Emote.

    38. Rhaughol Nahlot

      I love it when Nogla uses claymore

    39. Sarai Size Estelles

      I love how They were actually making sure he was ok and actually cared hahaha

      1. Sarai Size Estelles

        @Bob what

      2. Bob

        that wasn't it, it's pretty much a running gag saying to vote the person out who is occupied to go do what they need to

    40. sniper Elite

      3:03, i still wanna know if the dog is okay...

    41. FSG Qu1ckSilv3r

      *it’s a hard knock life, for Nogla*

    42. ChrizMae

      did i hear someone says seryoso?

    43. Meiz Fireheart

      These claymores aren't realistic

    44. TigerBoi87

      10:33 SUDOKU!!! Me: Starts remembering all the Guess Who videos

    45. Dhaniel

      SUDOKU!!!! Ah good old times.

    46. SkyPie


    47. Typical Senpai

      Bites Za Dusto! WAIIT... Jotaro dies in part 6?...dam.

    48. Данил Некрасов

      Cool video

    49. Amen King

      If he goes down, he's taking you all with him.

    50. slender boy

      The bonus clips this time were great

    51. David Severight

      i am a BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nogla i subed and liked so shout out plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    52. Sauce YaHoo

      I just started making videos so if anyone sees this and wants to check them out I'd appreciate it!

    53. Osas

      Killer queen has already touched the button...

    54. cee jay

      My mom recently passed away and your videos helped me so much!

      1. Mr Durva


    55. Jun Hong

      yes more claymore

    56. LordJamesG

      I loved the bonus clips 😂🤣😂🤣💯

    57. Wolf ULTRA

      10:32 the old days are back again!

    58. Stephanie G

      Nogla: *Starts coughing aggressively* The Two Dads: “Are you ok?” It’s that parental instinct

    59. Bushybrow_Sensei

      11:12 *karma incoming*

    60. Zodimus Rex

      Love the claymore mod. Yr best stuff!

    61. 08Juan80

      11:14 Nogla doing an impostor claymore% speedrun.

    62. Peter MacNeill

      Awesome video nogla

    63. Jesus Christ

      Legion has the same nack for this group in amongus as jihi has in toonz games. Change my mind

    64. Sage.-

      I'm so glad Yumi joined you guys

    65. Mr. Ben

      Greatest mode ever. 7 kills Nogla lol

    66. Rated-R SuperStar


    67. Gravesnear

      MORE RAFT WITH KEVIN AND JACK! Also, love your among us vids

    68. thecheetoboi

      Nogal uses his stand killer queen

    69. Xxbotboy9000xX -

      Make a defuser mod for crew mates

    70. CRAB 101

      Wildcats a fkn loser, always cracks the shits at nogla if he try hards or meta games yet he always pulls this shit

    71. Keeno Trejo

      Its Nogla!! Why. Cuz hes dumb 🤣🤣

    72. cats 2

      My friends

    73. Hikari Atearu

      Top 10 Anime Mysteries left unsolved Number One 3:02

    74. rockergrrlashley

      But is the dog okay???

    75. bennett everhart

      10:55 love the gmod referance. ah the good old days

    76. Nico Esteva

      Biggest nood in among us

    77. Leostar

      you guys should try mixing mods together

    78. Sheryl O

      Hilarious as always! Fun stuff!

    79. Denzell David

      0:17 SUDOKUUUU!!!!!

    80. lok

      Kira-Queen, iichi no Bakudon...

      1. JJcepticon jones


    81. Rebb

      There should be claymore with vents mod

    82. Shleepy Head

      Truly disgusting, that some "people" would do such horrible thing.

    83. Shleepy Head

      Truly disgusting, that some "people" would do such horrible thing.

    84. Dakota McCoy

      I don't think nogla's editor knows what a cannoli is lmao

    85. CJ Sayangco

      Alternate mod name: Suicide Mod

    86. Miyuki HANE

      Wishes you in good health and keep upload videos.

    87. Shogun'Playz

      Sedoku 💗

    88. Yui

      I love 🥰 how they genuinely cared if he was good

    89. Jude Houghton

      Little bit of the canoly in the back of the throat

    90. Magstar


    91. soahcthegod2012


    92. BigShoedNappa867

      Eh....kinda burned out on all these mods. Really miss when these guys used to play legit and get into hilarious arguments with one another. Just feels like it's all about shock value now instead of what used to draw mr to these videos. Love Nogla & friends but could do without the mods. It's a dislike for me on this one. Not hating just wasn't for me.

    93. DYT001

      Alright!. More mayhem of claymores. Been waiting for another video!. Thnx nogla!

    94. ScorpionYOLO

      I'm hungry.

    95. Draco Zain

      7:40 There's that iconic wheezing laugh 😂 ah the memories

    96. C.J. Bowers

      Nogla over here sudokuing everyone in the first four seconds of this video and winning

    97. Momat

      love you dahi

    98. Predator ASAP

      Alternative title: claymore go brrrrr

    99. Squid Bro

      Nogla's the bomb

    100. Anthony Tummy

      Whoever added the music for this vid blended that shit perfectly