Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animal Fails Compilation 2020


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    We have a fresh video featuring the dumbest pets to ever grace the internet! From derpy dogs to scaredy cats, we have it all here!
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    1. FailArmy

      What pet do you have?

      1. Pari Singh


      2. vlakshmiv

        2 turtles and 3 dogs

      3. Nathan Spies

        2 pugs, 1 Boston terrier, 1 calico cat, 1 tabby cat, and 2 chinchillas

      4. rifda mahira

        I just have a cat

      5. Tire Studios

        Guiena Pig

    2. Insaneplums


    3. Fraulein Loonylove

      People who deliberately pick up and mess with angry cats deserve every scratch they get, tbh.

    4. Blaine Fiasco

      All I got from this is that cats and burds are assholes

    5. Bellanira Ortiz

      I love your videooossss. I want you to do more. Every time I laugh 😂

    6. JMG artwork

      How is the puppy dumb if he's need help getting on the couch.

    7. David G

      5:11 - 🤣🐶

    8. David G

      3:06 - EPIC FAIL!! 🤣😂🌭🐶

    9. David G

      0:07 - Aww, So Cute! 😊❤💎

    10. Angel Leon

      hunter x hunter

    11. Sleepy Goat


    12. SunValkyrie

      4:14 made me cry from laughter

    13. Pavel Paranin

      - Lina! *boom* 1:17

    14. Catharine van der Linde

      Not just dumb pets. Some of these owners are more idiotic than their pets

    15. Nats Uzumaki

      Birds are unpredictable and scary period

    16. HhavokFN

      Tell me why that look just like chop from gta5

    17. BassMunk

      That last one was a win!

    18. its still me ahhh

      Poor drone

    19. Eric Carabetta

      Cats are assholes.

    20. rumzt208

      Glad u think the possibility of your dogs drowning is so funny

    21. Crystal Thompson

      5.45 that's what you get for leaving your dog in the car

    22. ragga man

      5:19 is me in class, when i didnt do my homework, but try to look as serious as possible, like i got all under control

    23. Brauna Richmond

      Good for the soul

    24. D.

      5:45 such a Karen lmaoo

    25. Phillsopher Slav

      2:30 Bruh, this is the funniest thing I ever seen in my life.

    26. u don't sub u gay

      6:09 Karens when I almost hit the kids when they are listening to kids bop


      That’s why fuck birds and cats

    28. Chris Price

      The real name should be stupid humans and pets

    29. Lester Laoagan

      It excusable for animals to dumb but humans! even using common sense that is another story!

    30. Carly H

      Okay dog at the start, I knew a kitten who jumped up and into a glass door, not once- but three times

    31. caster

      2:46 боль и страдания

    32. Jim Behr

      Ghost at 1:48 - 1:49 ?

    33. Paradigm _sh1ft

      Some pretty dumb humans in here too

    34. Marcus Mcmurray

      The last dog it's not dumb!!!!

    35. THE BUDDHA 420

      I love the dog at the end honking and barking saying hurry the fuck up let’s go

    36. IMMLG_LIAM99

      2:44 R.I.P Maverick

      1. jerell daniels

        😂😂 IM WHEEZING

    37. Tysiah Webb

      @2:28 trying to scare someone who owes me money *steps on dog bone*

    38. Abelis

      Stupid people need to stop letting their pets fall from height because they hope their stupid videos goes viral.

    39. Raphus


    40. Melissa Wittwer

      I feel sorry for that guy dog kicked him in the balls lol 😂

    41. Kitty Lover

      0:33 when you see the treats that are leftover from Halloween 🍭🍬🍫

    42. Anu Lakshmi Latha Ram

      Avoid throwing fud u stupid Hooman at 4.35👎🏻.... Otherwise d whole videos seems awesome...👍🏻😊

    43. Emanuel


    44. Mayra Gonzalez

      The only DUMB thing I see is your title!!! Don't disrespect innocent animals, they are not stupid.

      1. 10010020 1010

        Nah some are pretty darn stupid its a fact theyre are dumb animals not all animals are smart as fuck.

    45. Socially Undead

      Thank you so much for not adding that stupid repetitive non-copyright music.

    46. Donna Cabot

      Pets arent dumb. Their fun loving, entertaining, sometimes evil, little sweethearts.

    47. D.

      The dog at 5:43 is actually pretty smart lmao

    48. Lula Stephan

      I laughed so hard I almost farted

    49. shadrach

      The cat gave a fair warning.

    50. shadrach

      She had reason to be afraid of the parrot. They will bite the fudge out of you!

    51. Gabbi Reverde


    52. Jakeets Channel

      I would say many of these are more along the lines of: my dumb human 🤷🤣

    53. platapusdemon

      These look like people problems

    54. Canada55

      Dear Cat Owners Your cat isn't dumb it just hates you and the rest of the world

    55. CmdrVoltaire

      2:13 Did it almost sound like the dog was swearing before it fell in? I like to imagine it did.

    56. Jesus Christ officials

      I have to go wash my mom

    57. johnthegreek1980

      0:47 Herrrrrrrrrreeesssss Doggggyyyy!

    58. Rainee Holmes

      My pet and my human are so dumb

    59. Hexenkönigin von Angmar

      01:42 I like the females in the video xD

    60. voluntaryist

      Sun conures will fuck you up. They just keep attacking lol

    61. meNmeN's Heart

      @ 2:29 OMG! I almost peed my pants! I'm fuckin dyin y'all!

    62. Carlisa Sobolesky

      My dog should be here.

    63. Ricky T Rock Climbing

      5:11 you deserve that for being a fucking asshole to your dog and putting your disgusting ass feet in his face like wtf is that nasty

    64. JustTex

      Oh my god the one beeping is too much for my lungs😂😂😂

    65. Tiza

      3:58 this one killed me. Stupid chaotic cats

    66. Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups

      🐕 meet 🚪 🚪 beat 🐕

    67. Wm TT

      5:05 whoever filmed this is a total schlong.

    68. Aykut elmas çarpılmış version

      Türk varmı

    69. burt sangalang

      Lol 3:57 oy oy oy!!! Lmao I'm ded

    70. Will Dudley

      Anyone know the actual video title at 3:59?

    71. Pawel Porowski

      Nothing funny about the dog in the car. The temp can climb by thirty degrees in fifteen minutes in the sun, even with a window cracked, and this dog is clearly hot and dehydrated.

    72. PhantomPanic

      5:01 Me sober around people.

    73. Galileo C

      birds going feral is my favorite thing

    74. JackMacLupus

      0:07 Awwww! 0:22 NOM! XD

    75. Jenn

      Two cats

    76. silent enderman


    77. joako risa

      Estúpidos terrícolas son unos tarados. Yo me escapé del área 51 Y ustedes no pueden hacer cosas simples pu70$

    78. Ace Hardy


    79. TroLL Master

      2:27 - Im dead

    80. Joshua Marker

      Maybe I live in a country where people are poorer and not everyone gets a new laptop, but when he dropped his laptop and started laughing, that wasn't exactly the right behavior.

    81. XxSpyroX

      4:23 stupid owner 😂😂

    82. look down and spell attic

      0:54 song?

    83. Rodolfo Leonardo de la Riva

      4:00 Uh-oh. I think a cat broke something...

    84. Winer Loberson

      Those Dogs Are The Dumbest One! XD!!!!!

    85. Jadon Severson

      What kind of dog is 3:16?

    86. Honky Dorry

      Y’all remember when failarmy posted new content? Good times

    87. Zamar Hobson


    88. Zamar Hobson


    89. cousins and brothers.

      At 2:46 It scare the balls out of me I did not know that was going to happen

    90. Jake Monroe

      gotta love them , looks expensive

    91. HardStyleGamerz

      So birds and cats are jerks and dogs just stupid

    92. Mia

      0:38 pennywise in it chapter 2

    93. Metalenmike

      4:24 this guy deserved to have his drone destroyed for antagonizing their neighbor's dogs

    94. Marise Marrs

      can you make a compilation of youtuber fails?

    95. Ann Sophiarobb

      The dog at 4:15 had me rolling, No joke

    96. leandro jara


    97. Palamanda

      2:28 Was a geiger-counter in the previous life 😅 6:00 Did you say dogs are stupid? That's wrong! :-)

    98. Blue 15

      The white and brown dog at 6:20 need to get fed, dumb owners, if they look that skinny on video there even skinner in person, poor dogs.....

    99. Carlo Colvin

      Dogs be like "come at me bro".

    100. x.tamakii