What Happened to Simon?

Simon and Martina

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    I’ve taken a few months off of being on camera. I’ve seen many comments from people asking what happened to me, and I understand. I kinda left without any word. I’m sorry for that. Let me tell you what’s been going on in my life.
    For those of you that are frustrated by my lack of responding to other burning questions that you might have, please don’t let that frustration turn into anger towards me. It’s not that I’m not addressing speculations out of a disrespect towards you. If that’s your first guess, I’m telling you it’s the wrong guess: there are other reasons. There are some parts of my private life that I just don’t feel comfortable talking about yet.
    I made this video because I did see that many were concerned about me. I wanted to make this video for them. And I wanted to just let people know that, even though this is a VERY huge transition in my life, I’m actually doing well in the face of it. I am doing better than I thought I would. I hope that’s the message people can walk away with, and not let their frustration out of curiosity taint that message. I’ll talk about other parts of my life only when I’m comfortable talking about them, and not a second before that, even under a deluge of pressure from others. I’m asking you: please be kind.
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    1. Simon and Martina

      For those of you that are frustrated by my lack of responding to other burning questions that you might have, please don’t let that frustration turn into anger towards me. It’s not that I’m not addressing speculations out of a disrespect towards you. If that’s your first guess, I’m telling you it’s the wrong guess: there are other reasons. There are some parts of my private life that I just don’t feel comfortable talking about yet. I made this video because I did see that many were concerned about me. I wanted to make this video for them. And I wanted to just let people know that, even though this is a VERY huge transition in my life, I’m actually doing well in the face of it. I am doing better than I thought I would. I hope that’s the message people can walk away with, and not let their frustration out of curiosity taint that message. I’ll talk about other parts of my life only when I’m comfortable talking about them, and not a second before that, even under a deluge of pressure from others. I’m asking you: please be kind.

      1. at

        I think Simon might come out as gay.

      2. amie angel

        Simon and Martina 💕

      3. ManiacalMind

        This 100%. People have zero respect for other’s privacy and they just assume that you being on IRvision means you’re not allowed any privacy.

      4. Gio Arcega

        I hope that you get well really soon Simon. You have my prayers with you.

      5. paranoidandroid


    2. Evange

      Did Martina cheat? Because that's the vibe I get.

    3. ChevronsandStripes

      I haven’t watched in a while (took long IRvision break) so this was a bit jarring to see such a massive to me change. Good to hear you’re making changes to improve your life! Cool that you’re back in Canada! I so out of the loop that I don’t know what the rumors are but I hope all is well and wish you all the happiness! Sorry about having two car accidents and being injured! That suck and I hope for fast healing!

    4. kh417

      When he said he was “connected” it reminded me of the Boy Meets World episode when Shawn joins a cult and people say they are “centered.”

    5. kh417

      This is strange

    6. Live True Enlighten

      This video causes worry. Acting like one is going to address the elephant in the room and then not doing it is rude. Even if others have been rude to you, it is not right to also be rude and especially to the innocent.

    7. Rachel Sullivan

      I'm really happy you are happy and I am wishing the best for the both of you! So when I say this don't take it the wrong way cause it's mainly a joke but also a little bit not.... Did 2020 break you? Like for real this feels like the "for real guys.... honestly I'm 100% ok don't worry about me" talk before someone snaps. I just hope everything really is ok and I am keeping you guys in my thoughts and hope if you guys ever need it you'll let us all know if there is anything we can do.

    8. Daniela Araujo

      Bruh, I am so happy that you’re feeling more satisfied with the things you’re doing! I hope you get to achieve cool things with your new interests and goals! 😊😊

    9. AFaith

      Hey Simon, I've watched your videos for a while and I am glad to see you again. This is maybe my first time commenting but let me tell you, this video came at the right time. I don't know how I missed it, it just showed up on feed today. I am going through really hard times right now and that message at the end felt just like a message of heavens for me. Thank you. I love your vision and I hope you can share more of it in the future

    10. Cat MacMahon

      Glad to hear you are physically okay. Also glad to hear found a good spot mentally. I could definitely tell that meditation has helped you. Your manner though calmer, seems more at peace. Sending you both good vibes, thoughts and love. Continue taking care of yourselves first. Your best comes out when you've cared the best for yourself.

    11. ScienceFiction

      I just want to put this out there, if Martina and Simon decided to stop making youtube videos and focus on themselves, I would be more than happy with that decision. I love them both so dearly and love the updates, but honestly they deserve to pursue their own happiness outside of youtube. It would be sad because I wouldn't have their "company" anymore, but they deserve to live out the life that feels good and right for them. I know many of us feel that way. We love you and always only want the best for you. ❤️

    12. Jen Morales-Correa

      :: hugs :: You are very kind for having taken the time to pop in and say hello to us, Simon. Thank you for this update. And also for letting us know that you are investing in the health and wellness of your Body & Mind. This is such a positive and wonderful turn of events! If and when you are ready to share more of your Journey with us, we are here for You

    13. Rohwynn

      Its like you turned into a thousand year old sage who discovered the meaning of life. Uh, that was a compliment btw...in case that didn't translate well lol

    14. TheQuietCheetah

      Simon, you're the best. Hope both of you stay happy and healthy~

    15. Bless You

      I'm not going to read other comment because I can just imagine some of them now. Please just know that your business is really no one else's business. You may have put your lives out in the public but you also have the right to stop whenever you feel necessary. My personal hope for both of you is peace, love and happiness wherever you are in life. 💜

    16. max trance

      Simon, i just hope that you are not doing too bad, please take care

      1. Simon and Martina

        I’m doing great. Seems like I didn’t say that enough in this video. Maybe I should say it louder next time :)

    17. PunkPanda

      Phew at the beginning i was worried you joined/ started some cult, because there was some really creepy vibes, but hey nice to know how you are doing

    18. Trinkuh2

      this seems like he joined a cult.....he doesn't look healthy in the face and he doesn't look fit skinny but not eating skinny.

    19. Fuzzyfezz

      Love you Simon I'm wishing you and your loved one all the best 💖 Thank you for what you do

    20. u140550

      i've been busy, and haven't seen there recent videos; but can anyone give me a brief summary why they left asia/japan?

    21. Ruby H.

      People be talking about that work grind what about that mental and self care grind

    22. Hoppelpinguin

      Like, I'm sure the hand really hurts and I'm sorry you have to go through this, but damn that part made me laugh.

    23. Meg Marie

      bro. this is flat creepy and i don't buy your heroin-like serenity.

    24. MusicholicV

      His voice sounds like he works for Headspace now lol love that for you Simon!

    25. 2jw

      What in the hell???!!! What's going on?

    26. Amalie Rove

      Scary how mindfulnes is changing peoples minds 😬 but good Luck 🍀🙂

    27. gaewww

      🙌🏼👏🏼🖐🏼 I’m wanting to work on my own health journey so I applaud you for your goal and with you sharing it with us. Just sending so much love and positivity towards your way. I’m looking forward for when you are ready to share more of your journey with the rest of us. Until then, stay healthy.

    28. Londi Gomez

      Maybe a little bit...you are funny still. Good for you!

    29. Typical Typewriter

      I’m not being mean or trying to be rude, but if Simon’s healthier why does he look literally exhausted to the point of death in his eyes, both discolour and eye movements. I really got some unhappy vibes in this video. I’m really shocked because I was watching EatYourKimchi’s Kpop Music Mondays when I was a teenager in Korea trying to learn English!!! Nowadays I live in Japan, primarily for work and a better lifestyle, but I’ve kept following you guys regularly over the years, and I cannot believe the change to Simon. Where is Martina, also? Is Martina okay?! Is her EDS manageable at the minute?! This video is making me very scared and nervous for both Simon and Martina. In the comments you’ve mentioned a factor about your private life- and I wish to leave it at that, but I feel that no doubt something huge is happening behind the scenes. No wedding ring is visible, you scrambled to leave Japan in a pandemic- and disappeared for months, with worrying posts made too, only to reappear completely different and looking exhausted. I may be overreacting, but I’m genuinely scared for this couple.

      1. Simon and Martina

        I’m not a good sleeper. That’s all. I’ve not been one for the past few years, and my eyes always look dark, even in Japan, unless I fill them out with good lighting. I couldn’t set up my lighting panel for this video because it’s a two handed job. Next time I’ll sit closer to the window :D

    30. sophie jade

      I’m uneasy about simons skin in this he looks so pale and bruised under the eyes, not sure if it’s the car accident I think it’s weight loss related he looks so much thinner. And no wedding ring gosh I hope he’s been eating, live them both so much it’s hard to watch

      1. Typical Typewriter

        I 100% agree. I’ve watched them since I was a cringy 14 year old Korean teenage girl- and now I work in a bank in Japan! Never have I ever, seen such a dramatic change to Simon.

    31. Raffaello Nardin

      This is weird. Like, a lot.

    32. Dena Franco

      Good to see your face Simon. Yes your a bit different from your past videos but your still in there. I’ll be think of you during this year as you lean about more about your self. Whatever challenges you may be having is truly none of our business. I can’t even fathom having to inform people of my ever move emotional or physical. Bear of luck in this new journey.

    33. L L

      If you like meditation you should try DBT therapy with it. It will change your life bro! You seem calm and happy but you don't really seem excited about life. More like you are just numbing out. I love you Simon so I hope you really are okay. You dont have to share it with me but I pray you are actually okay and not just playing a character now. Or maybe the old you was the character idk only you do. Wish you the best and if you ever need someone to vent to I can listen. Also a great book I suggest to everyone who is transforming for the better in their life is the power of vulnerability by brene brown. Her audio book of it is stellar and a great listen.

      1. Nick !!

        DBT therapy with a counselor changed my life

    34. Logan Danae

      All I could think this entire video was how much you look like Floki from Vikings 😳😳

    35. JugOfTea

      I love you guys basically scamming your paterons. Just a rerun of the fundraiser you guys did in Korea. If you guys had any shred of decency then you would return the money you've taken but obviously you guys are too greedy to do that. I can't believe I even supported you guys.

      1. JugOfTea

        @mina95 Well they basically pocketed 40K from the EYK studio when the more ethical thing would be to donate it as it was money raised by their fans (they have been noted to buy clothes that are worth at least 1000 dollars so good to know where that money went) and they also hadn't updated their patreon in months just pocketing the money they received from it. Instead of postponing payments like other influencers have. I have been a fan of theirs for ages but just cause I'm a fan doesn't mean I'm blind. It is horrible what they're going through but that doesn't change all the shady things they've done in the past.

      2. mina95

        This comment is incredibly rude.

      3. Jennifer Green

        They're not scamming anyone.

    36. Kittysarus Wrecks

      I’m proud of you Simon. I’ve followed y’all for a very long time, and I’ve also been there and I grew, and I’m still growing and we always will be. Take care of yourself and your mental health. ❤️ Love you both and wishing you both good health. And looking forward to mindfulness and wellness stuff in the future.

    37. isabel rosas

      You're giving me Tenzin vibes

    38. Ariel

      Glad to see you’re ok Simon! Happy to hear you’re doing awesome. You look happy, and healthy. This is very inspiring for me. Good work ;) Love you guys! 💖

    39. Edward Wong

      What's your workout routine? How's your diet? You should make a video showing your health changes!!!

    40. dolita windo

      shredded, but he sure was much happier.

    41. Yvonna 나나

      Woah I haven’t watched this channel in a few years. So much has changed!

      1. Typical Typewriter

        @dolita windo girl if I ever move back to Korea i’m not leaving my Japanese toilet like ever

      2. dolita windo

        I think the most important question is: did you get a bidet?? We all know how much you loved your toilet back in japan!

    42. pilar Ibarguen

      What a ride!! I'm glad you feel great keep the energy going and take care of yourself!

    43. Lauren Matthews

      Anyone else getting adult Aang vibes?

    44. BelanceM

      That wasn't funny my heart fell to my stomach and my eyes began to water. I didnt even realize i was holding my breath until I possessed that very poor hand punchline joke what ever the hell it was... my brain is scrambled. But im relieved, I genuinely love you guys

    45. LEAH maddison

      missed u funny man

    46. Abril Hernández

      I'm taking also a mindfulness course online and is really good. Already I'm more open minded and it helps me a lot with my anxiety.

    47. brandon lindsey

      Good job Simon!

    48. fkarenxxx

      Please if you can make more videos with your mom and dad, they are so natural on camera and they are so funny :)) i love watching you guys just be silly together

    49. Swan_Ronson

      What do you think about the new FF XVI trailer Simon?

    50. Rachel Desneux

      Please, take care of your family, nobody understand that until something happen ! I would love to spend some time with my dad but now I can't.. So really take all the time you need !

    51. InvisibleRen

      People forget that these are real people behind the videos. people think once you become a content creator, that is your identity and your life and finding yourself is just a distraction or one-off thing. Nah, we are all people. Content creation is not the end all be all of our lives or personality or identities. We all gotta find our paths and change paths and look inside ourselves (as cheesy as it sounds). Sadly, too many people are worried about their own entertainment to care

    52. Andreea Popa

      post divorce weight loss and finding god/yoga/mindfulness...

    53. Paradox

      I'm so happy for you Simon. It seems you've tapped into the inner dimension of yourself. Through meditation you've become a student/adventurer/scientist of the infinite vastness of your inner being. If mindfulness meditation is the path you're exploring, try looking some of Mooji's meditations. His meditations have changed me.

    54. Nadiapants

      You know what, a thought just hit me. We all feel disturbed and saddened by this video right ? We feel absolutely horrified by the hint that they are separated because together they were so awesome? So imagine if that was actually happening to them . How absolutely awful they must feel trying to adjust to this new lifestyle apart from each other. It must be a total nightmare ! To be honest Simon is doing very well considering. Let’s just be nice and keep our noses out of their business.

    55. Allison Krebs

      Honestly not sure if anyone else is thinking this.. but I haven't seen Simon and Martina together in their videos. I hope you guys are doing okay

    56. Kristal clear

      I think the most important question is: did you get a bidet?? We all know how much you loved your toilet back in japan!

      1. Alejandra Moya


      2. Kristal clear

        @Simon and Martina well then i'm happy for you 😂

      3. Simon and Martina

        Lol I did! It was the first thing I ordered on Amazon :D

    57. Luna Enriquez

      We love to see it! 💘

    58. audi tatia sudhana

      So they are not together anymore or something

    59. treeriders

      It’s so obvious they’ve broken up.

    60. Gerda Gutmane

      Oh god. It feels like you could start a cult.. and we all would follow :D This level of calmness and poise.

    61. Oksana Kemarskaya

      Hi Simon, I don't want ask "regular" questions people are writing here. But I really wonder about your meditation sources. Can you share your technique, please? Very much support you and Martina at this difficult time.

    62. BlurBoi

      Hello Simon and nice to meet you. 🙏

    63. Nerd Strike

      Just remember life is not a smooth straight road, sometimes we find potholes along the drive. Just remember keep moving a head and never look in the review at the turns you could have taken. Wish the both of you the best.

    64. Mindy Stanley

      Hey do what’s best for you guys! Whatever that means. Thank you for all the years of wonderful videos. I’m so appreciative whether the videos continue or not. ❤️❤️❤️

    65. Maiköl Verasson

      Simon, I'm happy for you! What a great decision you made to care for yourself

    66. Elaine Lat

      I missed you both. Please do take as much time as needed. Practically the whole world is in chaos but I'd be lying if I don't say that the chaos has been revealing much that needs to be put in the spotlight. There are many things that had to be addressed in various aspects of our lives so I am still grateful despite the hardships I faced this year, from having to get minor surgery, to almost having our lives in danger because of a nearby volcanic eruption, to losing my job and then gaining another. So much has happened and through it all, I keep finding bits and pieces of myself that contain the strength I didn't think I have anymore. Please do take care you guys, I'm here for you.

    67. Nicole Stacey

      Oh! Also, check out 'tea with a Druid' by Philip Carr-gomm - great meditation video. You're going through a spiritual awakening. These usually come about from a significant life event. You're doing the right thing, keep going :)

    68. Nicole Stacey

      You're doing the right thing. Check out Druidry for spiritual/emotional guidance 💚 Druids use meditation as the foundation of their practice. The American Order of Druids have a very earth based practice. Lot's to research 🙂 Blessed be, Simon /|\ Walk strong in the way!

    69. F S

      I’m so happy for you Simon!

    70. Elvis left the building

      Simon embracing yourself can be challenging. Wish you peace with your journey 🌈🌈🌈

    71. shan Sait

      I miss the old Simon 😥

    72. Cat Greenfield

      Hi, Simon! I have never been able so successfully meditate. My brain won’t turn off, I cannot focus, and the knowledge that I’m failing sets off anxiety attacks and panic breathing. Do you know anything that can help? Any resources on that sort of thing?

    73. David Stevenson

      Glad to see you are doing well for now. I was wondering if you and Martina could share how things are going for the people that you have worked with in Japan....namely Dan? Is he doing well? Did I miss a vlog where you talked about this?

      1. David Stevenson

        It was Dan right? The guy who was your videographer?

    74. Matthew Heslor

      Hope everything is ok..❤️

    75. doire aintu

      bruh it's all g in the h as long as you don't announce you've joined scientology or some shit

    76. burntcaramel164

      Sending out lots of love to you and Martina. This vid made me tear up a bit as well as laugh at your funny moments. i hope to also get through my challenges with dignity and respect since this year has not been easy. Also, i was actually looking forward to your shirtless self :( hahaha but all jokes aside, thank you for this video Simon

      1. doire aintu

        Your voice during this video sounds kinda similar to binging with babish

    77. Hamilton Bean

      Wow, what a great message. Super interested in your transformation and looking forward to learning more. Great ideas here too... THANK YOU.

    78. Gxxrx

      Yes!!! I wish you all the best on your fated spiritual awakening journey 🙏 can't wait for the new content, because it's my beloved topic and I'm on my personal spiritual journey, too. It goes really deep once you're into it. It's such a great topic to do research about as well, but still we will never get to know fully about it, since it goes beyond our limited understanding. It's a self-discipline and self-improvement process and essential for your inner peace. Meditation brings so much awareness, calmness and health benefits! Chakra-Meditation can be perfectly integrated along with it and so on...

    79. Bushdid911

      “Six pack in my mind” lol I need that 😵

    80. Ismael A.

      I bet he is smoking a shiiiiiit ton of weed. He's too calm 😂

    81. gabethenoob

      I'm convinced he was body snatched.

    82. Bee urundul

      Good to see + hear you are taking care of yourself Simon. Love Fudgy. Meditation is amazing, but I'm a real fidget so I struggle to meditate for too long. I need to get back into it. You have inspired me! Sending love from the UK! Take care

    83. Luna Vox

      You good sir, have embraced 2020 just like I have. I've lost 90 pounds since last year and have decided "I have no control, and that's okay. I rise above, not sink below." It's very freeing when you take that mentality and strive for your happiness. I'm so happy for you.

    84. Arial Mar

      Wow, this is great.....I really love this video❤️❤️wishing nothing but the best for you both. continue doing you!!!!

    85. Yugi Moto

      love all the fake ass people on here saying " you have every right to keep this from us you don't owe us anything" and you KNOW FOR A FACT they would watch the video announcing something like they are breaking up or quitting ytube in a heartbeat.

      1. M B

        finally Someone speaking the truth 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

      2. Tibly Art

        @Dark Ale ok

      3. Dark Ale

        @Tibly Art the "pitch" is the video title, leading to a video that doesn't say much and a pinned comment that basically says "actually we're not gonna tell you what really happened." it's literally clickbait

      4. Can d

        @Tibly Art their channel is simon and martina, that pitches a couple. It's not simon or martina

      5. Tibly Art

        @Dark Ale no because they never mentioned or pitched anything, people simply noticed.

    86. kazooka chan

      I do hope you're journey and project is positive and successful. I love you and hope your life is full of joy and knowledge. Seriously Simon from the bottom of my soul stay safe stay you and please keep as much positivity in this life as possible

    87. Rae DeFrane

      I also moved from Tokyo back to legal weed to cope with covid. Welcome back.

    88. Molly Yin Ho

      I relate to your journey Simon 😊 this year has been the toughest one by far 😩 but I’ve started meditation too and it’s really helping 😀 it’s crazy I’ve been following the channel for 10 years now and interesting to see the growth. Sending you well wishes !

    89. JuriAmari

      Take all the time you need Simon! I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Meditation does wonders and I’ve been going to it more and more as this pandemic is going longer. As long as you and Martina are doing better, that’s all that matters! You’ve been up here for a while - recharge. We’ll still be here supporting you when you get back. ❤️

    90. corrin

      At least your happy and healthy, that’s the main thing keep on going my friend

    91. Dipsy

      Many hugs! And I hope the hand heals quickly! Also Spudgy is so cute ^^

    92. Shayne Tango

      Your voice during this video sounds kinda similar to binging with babish

    93. Kate

      Can you mediate with music or does it ruin it? Should you only be in silence

    94. warm & fluffy socks

      Wow, bro you don't look healthy. But if your good with that, your viewers will get used to the new you.

    95. Peachh Teaa

      I mean.. no one is against you moving back to Canada and smoking a lot of weed.. Take care, Simon!

    96. gioyu comi

      Wishing nothing but the best for you. ❤️👍

    97. Ikigai

      You look like such a Toronto dude now!! Hope you guys find happiness

    98. youngminus

      Stay safe and get well soon! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! I have been following you and Martina for so long and I just wish you two the best Love from Waterloo

    99. Amanda

      Omg.... I feel so much highness with Simon. Not weed lol but like he so chill and relaxed and just down right up in the air. As a empath this is amazing . Way to go Simon!!!!! 🙌🏻

    100. tame112blood

      Still funny Simon. Lol! Hope your hand feels better.