"The Most FAMOUS Player In High School!" Shedeur Sanders Is looking To Make A Name For HIMSELF!

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    Shedeur Sanders has BEEN doing his thing! My guy has 3 state titles, all kinds of crazy stats, and he's created a LEGACY for himself in Texas!
    It's not easy growing up with one of the best to ever play the game coaching you from the sidelines, but Shedeur has taken all that pressure and made DIAMONDS! My man blocks out the noise off the field and PUTS ON A SHOW week in and week out!

    Shedeur and Deion are taking on the next level together at Jackson State University. Man I can't WAIT to watch these two dominate college ball JUST LIKE they did in high school!

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    1. SoulFly

      how many freshman start at qb in texas? im guessing that number is a direct correlation to the number of freshman training with jeff blake. maybe some of you dont know who jeff blake is. but look him up. one of the best ever black qbs

    2. Keyon Williamson

      Jackson state gone eat that HBCU competition. They need better games scheduled

    3. troy peters

      I’m surprised more fans aren’t at the games ..best qb in the nation and barely anyone in the stands

    4. Jazz

      What about when he played DESOTO? He looked very regular when he played the best..

    5. Midnight Blaze

      I like that he went hbcu but idk how he gonna make a name for himself going w his pops

      1. Courtney Sutherlin

        Playing very well

    6. jules. almeida

      but how can you hate , that boy good asl💯

    7. Tj Lock

      Bryant Highschool in Arkansas whooped them 🙈 y’all sleep on arkansas still?

      1. Courtney Sutherlin

        Arkansas garbage. The college team stinks

    8. Brody Hogle

      When they show him playing your school Dallas jesuit

    9. Rob Roberts

      irvision.info/home/e3bRpaOdYb16mLA/fy-lm-h-y.html check out this high light! Most underrated RB in 2020!! Carlois Walker Newton County high school. 1700+ rushing yards 26 total TDS in 10 games and only played 4th quarter in 3 of those games!! Led team to 9-1 record in COVID shortened season!!

    10. Jim Beam

      That boy Shilo is an animal at DB.

    11. Jack Forthman

      Bro they play in taps don’t act like they the best in Texas

    12. Miguel Cruz

      Should’ve been a DB tho

      1. Sean Jones

        @Paco Juan Shilo plays corner. Deion Jr. played running back

      2. Paco Juan

        I think one of the older brothers played DB

    13. Andre Lewis


    14. Fode23x

      I’m going D1 I’m going to play for duke I am going to do one year and then go straight to the NBA remember the name Fode Tounkara

      1. SoulFly

        better get to work. you aint even ranked

    15. Big.C Sr

      Arch please Shilo the best

    16. Michael Simsplaya

      Fired up J-STATE FIRED UP , WHEW !

    17. Daja Byrd

      Deion got him one hopefully his and Shilo make it to the league

    18. Swole Boi

      Arch manning the best Qb in hs

    19. Billy Blanks

      Haha sorry but he ain't the most famous HS player 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    20. Anthony Dorame Jr

      The most famous high school football player is Arch Manning!!!!!

    21. Gc Cg

      Between him and Arch 🤷🏾‍♂️

    22. Nøtfrostÿâcé :/

      A have a offer from Louisville at the age of twelve

    23. Kay Kenzo

      Lmaoo “There was no way Deion giving his son starting quarterback” Almost died of laughter hearing that one

    24. KR*KRXB

      He probably got the most money but he nowhere near the most famous

      1. Willie B. Hardigan

        Arch Manning says hello 👋

    25. Scott S

      You might want to tout this kid for who he is but without a good core around him this could not be possible. There are kids that have to block and protect him there are kids that have to open holes for the running backs there are receivers that have to run routes and catch the ball. So without the help of his teammates this kid would go nowhere fast along with other elite athletes. At the end of the game not one kid is responsible for a TEAM win no matter how good he is

      1. Scott S

        @David Dorsey III I guess you can't read and comprehend very well. If you think hyping up a kid on a team sport for his success then you're not a team player either. Takes more than one kid to make one kid great

      2. David Dorsey III

        Sounds like hate

    26. Zay Jordan

      I'm going d1 to remember the name Isaiahjordan

    27. Brian Thomas

      Don't be surprised at all if he carries his success to college at Jackson State. I wish the kid the best. Except against my TSU Tigers. 😄

      1. JSU Tigers

        @Nathaniel Hall JSU has a 3 yr contract with the Heritage Classic....TSU VS JSU.....

      2. Brian Thomas

        @Nathaniel Hall I was talking about Texas Southern not Tennessee State. Everyone knows Texas Southern is the real TSU. 😎

      3. Nathaniel Hall

        Jackson state not playing tsu no more. If anything u gonna see them play famu/bcu in a neutral spot like miami or atlanta. Then deion gonna wait a couple years to jump more into a blended fbs schedule vs group of 5 schools vs cusa/sunbelt for televised games. once deion make them a juggernaut in the swac, he gonna really toughen his schedule nationally

    28. Nika Ra

      Lit'l, S & S, has got IT!!! He's heading in the right direction towards Greatness!!! 😆🌹😘

    29. N3on Bryson #3

      Let’s see that desoto TVs trinity game. Y y’all hiding it

      1. Tadarius Hunt

        That mra game too😂

    30. Fernando Delacruz

      The hiding that desoto game episode dropping everything but that

      1. N3on Bryson #3


    31. Jeff Jordan

      I'm a Deon fan!! Been following both his son's, Cold Beast both of them!!! Deon is the REAL DEAL!!!

      1. A J Campbell

        If you were a Deion fan you would know his name is DEION and not DEON

    32. Chase Partridge

      39-2? He’s like 6-4 this year?

      1. Nico Patragas

        Probably made before the season

    33. Kinghulk21


    34. j P

      08:00 the cleats are fire🤯🤯🤯

      1. j P

        the number 4

    35. Jacob Cronk

      What about archie manning

      1. Jay Bennett

        They covered him ! Probably cannot follow him though! I hope he goes to a good school

    36. TribalBoy Suarez

      Man i wish i could live that dream

      1. Trey

        Work 4 it

    37. The fortnite goat

      Yes these boys your the best

    38. Timothy Roberson

      Anyone watch shilo Sanders in college

      1. Antonio Alexander

        No...but I will now

    39. cartdog boyd

      Why did OT end Prime Time 2.0 season 2 so early?

      1. Garrison Graves

        Season 2 was off season. If you check overtime 2.0 they started season 3 with regular season games.

      2. brein stobb


    40. Isaiah Tufuoh

      Shedeur has the hype but he can back it up #BestQBinTexas

    41. C

      I’d think that a group of high schoolers chanting “Daddy’s footsteps” would be up her in the northeast. That was so cringey. Those fans need to move somewhere else lol

      1. SoulFly

        most public schools act like that.

    42. retaken

      Im going D1, trust the process and remember the name Lyle Deloney

      1. Nelli Paschal

        believe 💯

      2. tiktok report


      3. Paxton Griffin

        @Kellan Enzo I will try it out right now. Seems promising.

      4. Kellan Enzo

        dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it if you care

      5. K Id

        What schoolbu trynna get?

    43. Freddie Mcmillan

      So like we going to get the rest of season 2 or no 🥱 like if u Agree

    44. _Fusion Gaming_

      19th comment 😀

    45. JoltYoutube


    46. drxbbleworks


    47. Immortal Rade


    48. Eazy Jones

      Number 13 lets get it straight 🔥 he has his dad's swag

    49. Shyan Bell


    50. Metro

      OVERTIME ⭕️

    51. Splat Q-A

      Yea imma be up there like him once I hit high school

      1. Splat Q-A

        @SoulFly always already on it

      2. SoulFly

        then you need to know now to put in work. there is always someone every minute of every day working on his game.

      3. Splat Q-A

        @John Lari that for the support everyone 💯

      4. Rex Helstrom

        @Shemaiah Perry 🙌

      5. Splat Q-A

        @Shemaiah Perry always

    52. Dwayne Sullivan

      Wow nice first to watch

    53. Life with Brayden


    54. DJ Tha God


    55. Ava Springer

      Hi I was here first

    56. Wet30likecurry


    57. Wyatt Weikle

      First person lets gooooooooo

    58. BrowardMade Bj


    59. Stephen Bunjan

      Noti gang