Reacting to the NEW Nick Eh 30 skin bundle in the Item Shop!

Nick Eh 30

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    Reacting to the Nick Eh 30 skin bundle in the Item Shop! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4)
    💰 Use code NickEh30 in the Item Shop to support me when buying Skins on Fortnite! #Fortnite #CodeNickEh30
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    1. Nick Eh 30

      The Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Cup starts today at 3pm EST! It's open to everyone (no matter what region you are), and will be played on NA-East. If you wanna play in it, make sure to register for it to show in the Compete tab in Fortnite (registration link in the description). I'm doing a viewing party/reaction to everyone playing, on my Twitch, at 3pm EST, for Round 1!

      1. Archie Currie

        Cool skin sadly didn’t have enough vbucks at the time.

      2. connor sloan

        You mah fav youtuber

      3. wwe hard-core kid

        Your the best youtuber ever

      4. GAY


      5. Sam Pourhassani

        Nick eh 30 loves epic games more than his fans

    2. Robby M.

      Thanks epic

    3. Blastninjaboy 09

      thanks EPIC

    4. Kayson Tate

      They need a acul skin for you

    5. Maddox Stewart

      TY EPIC

    6. Kansas City chefs Fan

      Football skins are Kansas City chefs skin and pic and wrap Mrec with driver pic

    7. Kansas City chefs Fan

      Make my skin combo bundle

    8. Kansas City chefs Fan

      Can I use your code in item shop

    9. [ Sguardio ]

      At 9 45 in the video, did nick really say he’s deaded

    10. Josh Arnold

      Thanks epic

    11. Natalie Verner

      Eh Nick you insane jarvis

    12. Brandon Hall

      With that skin I win almost every single time that’s how you know this man is cracked at fortnite

    13. Ruben Camarillo

      i can not join your game that you make because i play on nintendo

    14. Matt Martell

      use code NICKEH30 in the fortnite item shop

    15. Isaiah Manley

      Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik

    16. Jack Walbyoff

      Thanks Epic Games

    17. Jimmy Neutron

      1 step closer to an icon...

    18. John Gômez

      Brother i think that's an skin worthless to buy i don't like it tbh but S/O to who buy it just to have them in the inventory

    19. oikawa toru.

      Man love u videos

    20. Jace Clark

      Dear Nick eh 30, please read this comment. i'm not trying to get anything but you are my favorite Fortnite IRvisionr, whenever I launch youtube I always search up Nick Eh 30! signed Your biggest fan

    21. Ghostiflied_bray2010 Duggan

      Nick is always nice to people: use code NICKEH30 no spaces love the vids

    22. Knox Graham


    23. fishyfresh1 Boy

      I got your pack

    24. Zoomy

      I’m sorry, but I always give up, I don’t have the motivation to not give up

    25. Jacob Fishy

      You are the best

    26. KryptiK Fuse

      Nick you deserve more than 5mill

    27. Sonic the Egghog

      Your locker bundle better become legendary soon

    28. Jeffrey Rios

      hi nick eh 30 bye me the venom

    29. Alba Ponce Gutierrez

      Can u gift mee plzzz i subed and likeed and the bell on too

    30. S Day

      I used code NickEh30 in the shop

    31. Isaac Anderson

      We love nick

    32. connor sloan

      Nick be mah fav youtuber

    33. Naroxa_ yes.

      4:46 Is That The Real ITF?

    34. Charlie Wood

      Thanks epic

    35. Thomas Coxon

      Why does this have 1k dislikes lol

    36. Treyvon Williams

      Nick what wrap are you using?

    37. wwe hard-core kid

      I got it strait a way epic is the best

    38. gareth Cunningham

      I'm 9

    39. gareth Cunningham

      Are u able to play fortinte with me I'm kelsey

    40. gareth Cunningham

      I will ur code in fortinte tho

    41. gareth Cunningham

      I'm sorry nick I dknt have any v buck I want to tho 😪

    42. Kbmdubs

      Thanks epic

    43. Brittany Dolotina

      It’s basically the mini version of a icon series skin

    44. FortniteGod#PRO

      When are you going to go live on IRvision

    45. SF Memes4life85

      Thanks epic!!

    46. sNIPER kING10

      Nick team

    47. David Pulido

      Man I’m sad I couldn’t get it because I’m broke and I didn’t have enough vbucks :( feels bad

    48. astro

      I didnt get the bundle but when the moghul master comes out ill buy it

    49. Umair Ahmad

      nick youre the best

    50. Umair Ahmad

      i love epic

    51. Drevin Disbennet

      thanks epic

    52. StrikeLight1973

      You are the best person ever you are nice with your manners and I’m so happy that that was in the item shop

    53. LordCat

      He deserves a skin

    54. Jake Ventura

      Thanks epic games

    55. Breezy

      The 1K that disliked are jealous

    56. Dani Van Dijk

      OMG AGAIN??????

    57. nlknight30

      Thanks epic love what you doing❤

    58. Owen McKeen

      I hope the mogul master comes back

    59. Owen McKeen

      I wanted to get it but I had a sleepover and couldn’t play

    60. Jayden Perry

      Aww thanks nick your welcome:)

    61. Levi Olyott

      Thanks epic 👍👍👍

    62. Diana Garcia

      I got your skin

    63. Keith & Elaine Barry

      Nick you make me feel happy when I am sad and when I get bullied please reply@nick eh30

    64. firefang 2000

      I love nick so much

    65. i smells like a pineapple

      Thx epic!

    66. Cohen Green


    67. Xsmile clan leader

      Nick you definitely deserve it

    68. SBD_Snipex

      No nick is positive and a great man you help out another so much thanks

    69. Najam Siddiqi

      The most deserved you tuber to get their skin in fortnite is definitely Nicke Eh 30

    70. Christopher Sualog

      the eh team

    71. Sharo O

      My 2 best youtuber are play fortnite LG chica and nickeh 30

    72. elijahalexk2

      thx epic by the way nick i am a huge fan

    73. Charlie Creagh-Brown

      My mom and dad won’t let me bye anything tho I have enough money for 20 million

    74. Brotz_Replays

      Im using nickeh30 no space ill buy a skin soon 900 v bucks

    75. Carrie Halsey


    76. Sarah Babros

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are amazing epic games and Nick a 30

    77. Elijah Coffin


    78. Elijah Coffin

      I couldent get the pack. ☹️ but. I hope you have the best day of your lofe! 😁

    79. VideoTube

      I just found out in Ch. 2 Season 5...

    80. MegaGaming

      thx epic

    81. daniel on switch


    82. Brody Hepp


    83. TheMiniEwok

      Wait it says Nick Eh 30 reacts to his skin bundle in the item shop? That is the "The Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Cup" video?

    84. Rebel simps

      We love u epic ❤️

    85. Coffee Kithread

      Good job you deserve it

    86. Sharmarke Hersi

      I love you nick when I can't use the ps4 I wach you Vida it cheers me up

    87. ilitesout

      Is your bundle going to come back eventually?

      1. Slayer_ Razz

        Probably not

    88. Fortnite_pro77

      Thx epic love you epic

    89. Cegan Abbott

      please ask epic games to a skin fro you


      This bundle was so great. I got it right away.


      F por grefg

    92. Pricilla Gonzales

      Thx epic

    93. Z Productions

      People make fun of nick for freaking out when people swear but he’s smart. He can get any deal he want

    94. Anthony Attard

      Nikki 30 can I have one 1v1 you in Fortnite

      1. Anthony Attard

        Nick en 30 can I 1v1 you in fortnite

    95. Mayara Araujo


    96. Fluris

      We need to get Nick Eh 30 icon series! Epic games notice us who wants the Nick eh 30 icon series skin! Much of love Nick Eh 30 from Majus ily!

    97. Angel Rosales

      me: no no no nick: me likee me likee

    98. Sunset Gaming squad

      I have it

    99. deianmario sorcoata


    100. Srini Yellapantula

      Who is watching this in the next season