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    The Dodge HEMI is one of the most legendary names in Cars, branded on the sides of the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Dodge Ram all over the world. But what does Hemi actually mean? Join James as he explores the long history of the hemispherical engine, and how it’s able to make so much power babeh! From the Welch automobile to Chrysler’s plane engine, to the Hemi’s first appearance in cars like the Chrysler Imperial and Plymouth Savoy. It’s the Hemi Like you’ve never seen it. Strap in because James is wearing a sweet Dodge Hellcat sweater in this episode and a sweet Dodge hat! This is the story of the Dodge Hemi engine.
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    1. Donut Media

      What is your favorite model rocking a Hemi in it?

      1. Alexander JZX

        a Moskvitch UZAM-412

      2. Overtime Austin

        My 2012 Chrysler 300 srt8

      3. Michael

        @_Generation_ Youth_X lmao

      4. Michael

        Scat pack challenger, its gonna be my first car

      5. Bread dog

        2008 Charger Daytona and ram

    2. Daniel Urquiza

      You forgot to talk ab srt10🥲

    3. Rivian Boy

      Where do you get that sweater?

    4. Escape Felicity

      noisy asshole

    5. manohar ram

      HEMI BABEE.......

    6. Jerry Gomes

      3:57 you mentioned that Alfa Romeo and Fiat are now allied with Dodge, and guess what, now Peugeot is too! The hemi engine family tree really be a circle, huh

    7. Oigres Alcaraz

      I just donated 2,000 dollars, lost my house and I’m in the streets now, but I’ll have a sick ass Ram 😎

    8. darius antonio fischer fodor

      we own a 2005 dodge ram 1500 hemi with the 5.7 liter motor

    9. Zach T

      Y'all ever heard that Hemi fart?

    10. MARK WON

      Take away: there was once a car with less power than a one-horse pulled car...🤔

    11. Benjamin Joseph Bruner

      GM and Ford: "We're entering the age of electric vehicles" Dodge: "Let's put a Hellcat V8 in literally ***everything***" I'm a Chevy boy, but the Dodge camp has a lot of appeal right now 😅

    12. D MAS

      4:17 no mention of helicopters for badass vehicles? for shame turn in all of your credentials

    13. Ayden Pond

      *2022 Dodge Charger ghost*

    14. hey its me

      The reason why I'm watching is cause were working on my granpa bike after a ling time and it has a hemi I was surprised to say the least

    15. Riley Freeman

      @Donut Media roadkills blasphemi bel air

    16. Philip James Rojo

      I could imagine the Hellephant engine used in a US Presidential vehicle or in an Ambulance. That would be insane.😲😲😲👌👌👌

    17. Jordan Weimer

      My neighbor had a '58 Imperial convertible that he used to roll out every spring. It was the single longest car I have ever seen. It had seats that pivot out so you don't flash people when you're wearing a skirt.

    18. Smg9 Kirby clarity 23

      What if they made a Cummins diesel hemi I bet that thing would have a lot of torque and probably would have more horsepower than the average sports car

      1. Smg9 Kirby clarity 23

        Also buff horses for life

    19. Hello77770u

      The b-engine also called the wedge, nah i'll just call it the bengine.

    20. Willem Kloet

      James: "Imagine the thinnest steel you've ever seen in your life." Me: Thinks of the thinnest piece of metal on a feeler gauge that is so thin you can bend it with 3 fingers James: "Thinner" Me: ... ... ... How?

    21. Daniel Davis

      MOPAR BABY!!!

    22. Carter Kraus

      Anyone watching now that we know the 2022 SRT Ghoul is gonna have the Hellephant engine?

    23. Hunter Shore


    24. Benjy Juarez

      I want... that sweater

    25. Brandon Hemmie

      I appreciate this.

    26. Russian Knuckles

      I just look and see black jack but informing us stuff

    27. Jeremiah

      shoulda bought a scat

    28. Dustin

      12:36 LMAO is that a mini poodle? My family has two that look just like her

    29. Sean Mayo

      Is the helephant engine gonna be able to survive in bidens green new world. Big corporation vs biden? Hummm? Feel free to comment on this. After all it's a free country. Right?

    30. Sean Mayo

      The movie reference was bad ass

    31. Sean Mayo

      Tight ass sweater homie

    32. Valentin Stoqnov

      Love american engines

    33. Carl Christian

      That "No Powwa Babeh" tho 😂🤣😂🤣

    34. TheCrazyGear

      Can you do Ford Power stroke

    35. Vinnie Fecko

      RAM CHARGERS 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    36. Benedikt Theobald

      Fiat isnt part of Dodge, it's the other way around Dodge is part of Fiat S.p.A. along with SRT and RAM Trucks.

    37. Arizona Ranger

      I love how he uses Chevy chase for Chevrolet lol

    38. Steve Haines

      Does anyone else picture Joe Dirt sayin: "muh hemmy!" throughout this episode??

    39. Maxi

      10:00 it sounds like the roar of a lion.

    40. Human Being

      The 2.6 was the high trim option, but actually the worse engine. The eventually standard option 2.2 may have made a few less hp, but much more reliable and eventually turbos solved that

    41. Alon Korenblit

      I was born in 2003

    42. Frejdyn Jarrett

      Aksed what of the hemi?

    43. Tracker Wolff

      The 426 hemi is a 6.9 l and all these newer hemis are only 6.1 and 6.2 L engines..... They're not the same 6.9 L that they once were. In fact the 7 L LS7 in the c6 06 Corvette is actually the closest thing to the same displacement in a big block V8 that is on the market. I want a true 426 hemi.... Not these cut down models

    44. Orlin Martinez

      My friend has a straight pipe 2008 c hemi Chrysler and boy does it sound like a beauty

    45. Paul O'Neal

      The 426 was the only real hemi...

    46. Izach Barcalow

      "IdK a TaUruS"🤣🤣🤣

    47. Johnny Mason

      What do you think about the upcoming 2022 Dodge Charger Hellcat Ghoul with the Hellephant 1000hp Hemi V8 engine? I consider it necessary overkill!

    48. Fredtheredhead9

      Ur so gay

    49. Der Führer

      My dad has the hellcat red eye, how do I get that awesome Christmas sweater for him?!?

    50. Gilbirt Bennett


    51. Saw Bone

      Wow! he makes faces and uses them to get you attention!

    52. Pagz Pagapulan

      Hellephant in a body of Demon? Sounds nice 🤔

    53. Andrew Cabello

      I need that sweater wtf WHERE you GET it

    54. Robert Munckin

      Me laughs at some civic the civic the helllephantttttt

    55. KELLA

      It's 2021, nearly summer and I've never wanted something that bad as this Christmas sweater. Thanks pup-free.

    56. GMT {FS}

      How the hell dodge know he was sick AND get a letter out so quickly 😂

    57. Daniel Figueroa

      This video making crack up but dodge all the way bbabbyyyy

    58. ZeGotex

      Actually, Alfa Romeo and Dodge are part of Fiat.

    59. Jason Kyle Chua

      2018 Dodge Challanger hellcat scatpack bcuz i beat a mercedes amg to a street race in a game and its cool

    60. Isaiah mccoy

      No powa babeh...

    61. kris lalone

      It’s slow in any form?

    62. Master

      side valve you mean flat head?

    63. Just Nerp

      I thought this frickin video was about Dodge? WHEN DOES DODGE SHOW UP???

    64. transparent trash

      Everyone complains about challengers not being able to handle. I feel like the big, boxy, heavy, design adds to that old classic muscle feel. I think the scat pack with the 6 speed is the perfect modern MUSCLE car. Big and heavy, lots of power from a big hemi V8. No supercharges or turbos just raw engine roar. Still the same beautiful cruising car. It never was meant to take corners at high speeds and put times on the track. It was built to give you the best muscle car experience.

    65. Dongol McStrongol

      The Helephant made me happy

    66. Mr Jean Deaux

      10:54 - enough legroom for your legs AND the engine block, for when it inevitably comes through the bulkhead, following a head-on collision, or rear-ending another vehicle.

    67. Mr Jean Deaux

      _That_ sweatshirt _is_ outstanding, _sir._ 🤘😝👌

    68. JD Bennett

      That’s not a chest tat it’s a gut tat

    69. PandemicLui

      Get that hellephant into a dodge viper

    70. GHOST

      My supra has an F1X

    71. Old V12

      Dodge power!

    72. AidanBubs 118

      I need that sweater this instant.

    73. i lysm nohomo


    74. Mack Williams

      James and dodge need to collab together

    75. Giant Asian sticker

      Those 2000s hemi trucks are pretty fast

    76. sabrin 21

      We love dodge 😈💟💟💟

    77. Merron Phillips

      It beat walking or 🐎 horse

    78. Mohit Grewal

      update: rotated my baby; jimmy's dead now

    79. Thomas Ratigan

      Please put the Hellephant in a car after I turn 25 so I dont get raped by insurance

    80. Not Me Not Me

      0.66 hp to 2500 hp... Well that escalated quickly

    81. Mavii Carlaw

      “I even got their name tattooed across the chest” lmao did anyone else get that ?


      I thought it was suppose to be called a Ghoul not Hellaphant😂

    83. bruh

      brb gotta flip the baby

    84. Stevie B

      2220 twenty two hundred twenty not twenty two hundred 🤦🏻‍♂️😉

    85. Lukas Novikas

      The Magnum is like dodge's shooting break

    86. zen1th

      its actually insulting that the do not make their first engine dedicated video on the 2JZ

    87. Frank Aguayo

      Immediately A"parent" LMFAO

    88. Ken Gardiner

      Can you imagine 2/3 of a horse? "GROSS!"... LOL

    89. Gaming With The Pros

      There's a question on my head how do they have the cars for the background

    90. McKeithan Smith III

      I briefly switched from Chevy to Dodge for 5yrs just to say I owned a Hemi. I had a 2005 Dodge Durango with the 5.7 Hemi. Fun truck for sure.

    91. SuperTyfon173

      Chryslers 331 hemi powered the loudest siren ever made.

    92. wrecked funtimefoxy

      the flat cylinder head is the flathead which is what ford does best

    93. wrecked funtimefoxy

      2zj: wheres my up to speed?

    94. Adin Jusufović

      4:00 and now Dodge Alfa Romeo and Fiat are with Peugeot in a corp. STELLANTIS

    95. Fabian Reyes

      What's next 15000 hp lol

    96. RIKy4life

      Ramchargers! 🙆‍♂️

    97. The guy

      Chrysler also make v8 engine for sirens..

    98. everything guns

      Too bad people preferred the 440 over the hemi back in the day

    99. Ronnie Lester

      So in 1904 the welch was the super car of the day!

    100. Miguel Acuna

      First time EAaaaVerr!!