The Disaster of Building my Lamborghini


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    1. Gothic Nightrider

      YOU HAVE TO GO VERDE!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚

    2. Cosmic Says

      Paint it cyan

    3. Sameer Merchant

      colab with TJ hunt, lost of experience in this stuff

    4. _ DEVSTER _

      Paint it little Ceasars orange!

    5. Zensadai

      Goonz squad has the courage to do body work on their aventador

    6. Angela Santis


    7. Bennett Wochnick

      Gotta go blue Cepheus

    8. StealBeast

      I think it would look good as a lightish gray. BTW love your vids and cars!

    9. Nolan Fay

      Day 14 of trying to get James to heart my comment

    10. Carter Townsend

      Blue like the lambo you saw when you dropped off the Supra to jeffry star

    11. matic šorn

      Rosso bia colour oem lambo sv colour

    12. Chris Parayno

      Alex choi....been there done that🤦


      U can paint the Lamborghini black to match the Carbon Fiber and put back on the black wheels so the car is all black which will look insane

    14. sbl407

      blue carbon wrap

    15. Luckywind

      good answer for the question "who would do this to their Lambo and why?" : any youtuber leaking content wooo

    16. Joshua Tycer

      Seafoam blue

    17. Jo Crocco

      You should buy a Chiron

    18. Levi Meyer

      Dark cherry for the color

    19. Humpty Dumpty

      I can do but i dont have Lamborghini

    20. LK34

      Man, the orange Aventador looks so good🥵

    21. dark azurr

      strad you ever seen this paint before ? love your channel

    22. ARMAN hassan

      No not the Lamborghini aventedor


      One hop at a time for my if u know what I mean ( one lag

    24. TravJavLove


    25. Dave Sickofshit

      I say stay white but if not candy tangerine over gold is amazing

    26. Jennifer Tester

      james get a vtec civic

    27. Mister Delux

      Can i get that GTR? I know you don't like it as much as your lambos, or your bug...

    28. Lucidd

      You could paint it teal

    29. kai Beevers

      Go with black with purple accents and under glow

    30. Nick Streit

      Midnight purple III

    31. Eric Silva

      Monterey Blue would be amazing on that car.

    32. Hotdog Spice

      Americans saying it’s cold at 22 degrees British omg I need to go outside all day at 15 degrees

    33. 20-10A-VARUN. J


    34. Armaan Khokhar


    35. Raman Bhathal


    36. Page P

      Tracks. Tracks. Tracks. Tracks.

    37. oluwaseyi Oguntade


    38. Jonetta Bond

      what dose he do to make all this money

    39. Drews Brandrew Gear Wright

      Where's the girardo?

    40. Tate Dettelbach

      Paint it blue cephuis

    41. bacons deserve respect

      I found the music that stradman uses

    42. Thebrycemob

      Him we added a bat cave :me he Batman

    43. BornBOOMER09

      You should paint it hot pink

    44. Alice Tan

      Choose the colour infar red

    45. VERZ sTaTiiC


    46. NSH ToneTv

      Octane read

    47. nova 321

      Nice videos james

    48. Matthew Jackson

      Bro dont hire someone if you need help. Im local ish to you. Just hit me up amd ill co.e down. No clout and no cost to you. As long as I can help over the weekend. We can get it done.

    49. Chelsey Ruwo


    50. Bowlesy63

      It’s my dream to own a Lamborghini😔

    51. Itz Rhys

      You should paint it either pink or chrome

    52. Shawn6466

      Miami blue is the way to go

    53. rowestephen85


    54. Ian Hammett

      This guy is a clown

    55. Waldo Joaquin

      U ain't selling the FOXBODY ????????????????????????????

    56. Beastboy13254

      At 8:33 don’t they know they gotta put the bolts back in later and they got a whole other side to do😂😂😬

    57. SpotifaiPrimium

      It would look great in mclaren papaya orange for me

    58. Chudty_YT


    59. Chudty_YT

      Doing a Real Man Job JAMES wow Because i Just See u Buying And Selling Buggati's. And Lambo's So.

    60. Travis Hartley


    61. Carson Hall

      you and whistlindiesel should be friends

    62. peter zhang

      Dark Ferrari blue with the carbon would be sick

    63. JAnders123

      Miami blue would look amazing

    64. SwaggerSouls

      This dude is literally so gay, the only reason i come here is to make fun of his negligence and stupidity 🤭

    65. Sheena Dimick

      ssc tuatara beat he land record It is so cool😄

    66. hjawsa

      A garden would look really good in your house

    67. Dan K

      That was quite the adventudor....

    68. Luke Moran

      Purple orange irredecence

    69. Little Swimmer

      What little ceasers are you going to that tastes good?

    70. Bogdan Loves Roadster

      5:22 Looks like the Aventador Coupe

    71. Finny boi


    72. Dasani Nicholson

      Love the scene at the end

    73. Kyle Wolff

      Can you even say you are an accountant anymore? Awesome content as usual!

    74. David Bell

      How about Verde Draco?

    75. Veloce Official


    76. KyBoomin

      do Miami blue with orange accents

    77. BeepsBahoy32


    78. Kurblivas 42

      Very good Stardman 😀😃🙌🏻🙌🏻

    79. le FATIH

      hi my name is stradman I take beautiful amazing looking cars and make them look bad and taki

    80. Christian Faurschou

      Mia blue

    81. BasterBuddy


    82. THE RED Lamborghini

      The color that would be most perfect for that Lambo would be a dark red but with a little bit of pearlescent white

    83. budgie gamer

      Mabey make it yellow and black that works

    84. DumbButFunny

      I actually love the satin white! But Porsche RUBYSTONE RED 😍😍😍😍😍. Absolutely love that color!! Or Mexico blue

    85. Abe Sebag

      oros oelios looks crazy

    86. Subaru Outback Guy2

      i love the fact that James openly says he’s and idiot

    87. TeslaFan1

      4:30 : "It was at this moment that he knew, he (censored sound effect) up."

    88. NinjaYT

      Bo if you getting a Batman cave in your house get a matte black car painted matte black

    89. mosawer sahil

      Ita called learning from your mistake s and the more you learn the more you get better like this comment if i am correct

      1. Cascade Flims

        You are called a "like begger"

    90. smitha yajaman

      Neon green

    91. Dave Grzybek

      ANYTHING BUT PURPLE. You’ve done it over and over and over. Try something new. Seriously.

    92. Perfect Potential

      9:13 *Admit it, you wanted it to break!* 😂 Doing it so wrong... 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

    93. Kayto Towne

      do a mirror chrome finish

    94. Caleb Simmons

      Put it on bags James

    95. Arzu Family

      Wrap this car red and black

    96. Dev Chaudhary

      Actually if. Say that stradman is the best

    97. everythingucollect

      I love the satin white. Your specific car with that color is my all time dream car.


      What about atomic teal colour with some parts in matte aluminium silver

    99. The best

      Live cheap be good

    100. Datsun240 Z

      James can you pls make your merch available to deliver to Canada!! Also congrats on 3mill And Color idea I’d say go Grafite metallic black with blue stripes along the fenders hood and trunk!