19 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Base

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    19 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Base! There are plenty of different locations to build your next minecraft house, but some of them are pretty rare that (almost) nobody builds a minecraft base there. So today, we're traveling to some of the rarest and strangest locations to build your new minecraft base, whether that's under a friend's base, in the rarest biome in minecraft, or so much more. Let's see the ridiculous places to build your Minecraft base in this minecraft 1.16 Skip the Tutorial list video!
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    Edited by: haleyascharf.com​​
    Research and map by Jonah Walters
    Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at irvision.info
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    Other Credits:
    The house used in the intro:
    Minecraft Ravine Base with Everything you NEED to Survive!!!
    Hermitcraft 5: Episode 18 - MONUMENT BASE!
    I made a Walking House in Minecraft 1.14
    AFK Ocean Monument Draining 1.11+
    The build modified for thumbnail:

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      1. Knights Of The Round Bagel

        I don’t own a house lol

      2. I_am_a_dogg0

        I just subscribed like 2 years ago

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        I'm guess I'm now evicted

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    2. Amy Hardwick

      My sister made her home in an outpost I Conquered.

    3. MOTI

      faction players : hold my god set :)


      I have a world that I live in the lava in the nether!

    5. big boi banna

      you could dig out the bottom of a dessert or jungle temple

    6. holly f

      I umm live in prison now😂 we have a server with my friends and because I hit one of my friend with a *MINE CART,* I now spend my days in prison😌 (edit: it's a replica of Pandora's Vault from the Dream SMP😂)

    7. theGreatestGLOB

      6:23 The way he says MOST of us live in a skeleton

    8. Wyatt Labonte

      did you mean 1.17 not 16

    9. Cheazy Monkey

      Abandoned villages have a 2% chance of spawning. Me: who has encountered one at least 4 of each world

    10. Luke Hanley

      Why is there Mario 3D world music

    11. Andrey Gomez

      Idk if this is rare but literally 5 minutes ago I started a brand new world and found the end portal under water almost instantly

    12. Random Slayer

      Bedrock actually got super lucky rates when I was playing on it it was so easy to get a zombie village

    13. Strawberrymøon Zeal

      Me and my friend: *builds a mushroom town in a ravine* Us: *ah yes h i g h q u a l i t y*

    14. Reyyan Sakoglu

      i build my house every were in Minecraft

    15. Cagla Sagir

      I once had found a abandoned village next to a mountain in a sand biome and I refurbished it and I still live in it :D

    16. Reyyan Sakoglu

      same with fortreses

    17. Reyyan Sakoglu

      HEY I build my base all the time in ocean mounuments

    18. Bone8


    19. SKIZZLETZ -

      I love the Mario galaxy music at the start brings back memories

    20. Skuf Dark

      Number one should've been a bastion


      What about a bastion


      9:52 Tommyinnit disagrees


      I found an abandoned village (that only have a 2% chance if spawning) as a spawning point twice in a row.

    24. Tomo Vidovic

      I was living in ravine

    25. TheKnight427

      hey, grian from hermitcraft 6 lived in a shipwreck, but he turned it into a large scale ship-in-a-bottle type base, it was pretty cool

    26. Reese Rassy

      In my survival world I actually live in a abandoned village but I renovated it to give off this cottage core vibe it’s pretty cool 😁


      8:34 2 percent chance dude . I have come across these 10 times in a world.

    28. Sambhav Thapa

      " I have not seen a reven house " Me having 3 reven house 🏘️

    29. Jekkuu


    30. VictoryPlus Gaming

      I live in a bastion

    31. fizzypopcorn

      i actually have a base in a pillager outpost! pretty epic

    32. Diamond Simon


    33. Jacob Shibley

      I always have plans to make a woodland mansion my home but when I start making it my home I scrap the idea and blow it up.

    34. *Firefox 755

      "Zombie villages are rare" Me tht finds more zombie villages every 5 minutes:

    35. Amrutha Nerella

      Hi bro big fan

    36. Gearhart Woodhouse

      The free arrow orly measure because mail causally cause times a stimulating thistle. six, mere country

    37. TikyCZ

      6:15 I randomly found it while mining underground and I didn’t know what that was.

    38. Theodore M

      7:00 I’m basically already the king of the jungle my name in Minecraft is king ocelot and you can only find wild ocelots in the jungle.

    39. ItzMrSherlockPlayz

      U litterally left out woodland mansion

    40. Chickenninja 40

      I built mine on a sky island

    41. Dat_cats_boi

      You can set a base in the end with glowstone powered respawn anchor cant you?

    42. Carmelina Sanjuanita

      The legal lynx splenomegaly deceive because museum cellularly disapprove save a towering precipitation. breakable, harsh pressure

    43. yosh opiala

      Grian made a ship in a bottle hermitcraft 6

    44. Jon5 Ch1mp02

      I either live in caves or ravines

    45. Mollie Burleson

      The curvy hand pathophysiologically note because waste congruently record at a befitting lunch. standing, well-to-do space

    46. Sebastien Choules

      I made a mansion that wraped around the walls of ravine

    47. kk and pictures

      i remember when iwas less old ' ow boi i cant wait to mak my hus in the en! ' my sister: maybe you should sleep in the end the tnt she placed under my bed and my bed about to explode :

    48. Captain Corndog

      Myne and my brothers world that's our oldest world is where we live in a pillager outpost

    49. Ryan memes Gaming

      8:37 i literally found 12 of them in my Survival and its %2!! Luckyy

    50. Diamond Dagger X

      Skip: noone builds in a ravine Pogtopia: am i a joke to you?

    51. itsakat3120

      2% chance? I find abandoned villages 95% of the time.

    52. Luna Riškić


    53. Synthesia

      4:54 Me who actually CREATES My OWN fully functional Villages: *o k*

    54. Xavier

      Who else remembers the old minecraft tutorial. I miss that castle

    55. xx Hawaii xx

      I've actually seen some of those things!

    56. Abdullah JR

      When I locate a village it is always a abandoned village 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    57. The_RandomBeast 52

      "Living in a ravine" TommyInnit: *It's free real estate*

    58. MonoBiTeMe

      What about the stronghold??

    59. marius andersen

      The titel and what he says in the start of of the video is Two different things

    60. DaniOop :/

      I’ve made my house in a ravine twice....

    61. Sanchit Sawant

      I live in Woodland mansion 😂

    62. Angel Tirta

      Skip: Building a base in a shipwreck Season 6 Grain: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

    63. Duarri44

      Even though it is not my home. My main nether base is in a soul sand valley.

    64. InTenZeGamingHD

      I used to have an inverse jungle tree base. I built a jungle tree around a jungle tree, hollowed it out and made a giant tree hut and a giant underground stone brick area with glass floor looking down on an oak forest i built. I could drop down on the inside about 150 blocks

    65. Striker

      I have a world where i live in a mountain base just beside an elevated boat highway, i literally had to travel 4000 blocks just to get ice and build that highway, still not complete to this day

    66. •Cringe Nugget•

      My cousin made the Ocean Monument a training place for Snow golems XD

    67. Nope Not today

      Nobody: Grain: I live in a shipwreck. Hermitcraft :1 s6

    68. Hiwot Kassahun

      Well u said on top of the nether Minecraft BE: u cant build there

    69. XD

      5:18 i did that but pilligers keep respawning


      I thought all of these things where normal since I do it all the time.

    71. Miss_ Fandom

      8:29 what- 2%? But I always somehow find 2 or three of those-?

    72. Marysol cerado

      ik a youtiber lime purple and not playing minecraft william afton

    73. DizzyyIzzy

      So what i learned in this video.. Am a werido. Edit: me and my best friend currently have a survival world and currently live in rare biome

    74. ZackCheerio

      Skip The Tutorial: Ravines are rare base spots! Pogtopia: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

    75. Lantz Thoms

      The ratty defense desirably mug because paul jointly back abaft a earsplitting thistle. incredible, careless pyjama

    76. Au Addict

      8:26 wait abandoned villages are rare?.... Wait what... I've found a lot of em ever since I played minecraft and I thought it was just a common thing....

    77. Saahil N

      U cld built a main base then find pillage outpost . Connect them with a nether way. It could be as a backup tower if u play on servers where fighting is allowed

    78. 201 Envy

      I have a world in which I live in an Eroded Baddland

    79. NoticedMan

      Love all the mario themes

    80. MIU SUM CHOY

      07:48 Grian: am I a joke to you?

    81. Danieel Repin-Moazzam

      Man my friend made a nether fortress base

    82. WRubyFlint

      "You're still not gonna be able to respawn in the end, under any circumstances." How do you not know about respawn anchors?

    83. TheStreetsGuy

      So there's a 0.0000000000027 chance that i'll build my house in a cleared out dark forest? not 0

    84. JacePlays Star

      Me and my friends had a world where we lived in a biome that sort of looked like a modified jungle edge but not quite. There were many surface gravel patches along with coarse dirt. Or it might just be a modified jungle edge and im being dumb. There was also some pretty crazy terrain generation as there were several floating bits. It's still a cool place and i haven't been able to find another biome like it sadly. edit: I just remembered that it had acacia trees so not a modified jungle edge. There also wasn't a jungle nearby. I'm gonna go look at the world later but If anyone knows what biome type this is please let me know!

    85. Miza Homestay

      I always spown in ghos villange

    86. Malhar Patil

      Let house burn cause it's not my minecraft house

    87. Khylle Gabriel Despabiladeras

      1 time my world only has zombie villages I cant find any other villages that's peacefully full of golems

    88. Joshua Chapman

      I love the jungle it’s my favourite biome in minecraft and I love jungle wood 🪵

    89. da-gamer

      Skeleton reaveal

    90. Home SeaGaming360

      So I made a ravine base in a realm and they kicked me, THEY STOLE IT

    91. Ultra Netic

      I live on the nether i sleep and lived i go to find villager on nether burn the village and play minecraft😄

    92. Sman Gaming

      Next video 19 dollars worth of fortnite card who wants it?

    93. Mark James Vincenzi

      Friend: i need sand stone 1 min later *Sees well Friend: oh yes You.

    94. Mipha Hyrule

      I’ve made a house in a ravine before

    95. Brandon Bowers

      8:27, only 2 percent..... i found 2 of those villages in less than an hour

    96. Handityo Suryo N

      Lol I raided a monument with a bunch of doors

    97. SFG Waltis 123

      I am living in an anbandoned village right now

    98. xGravity

      My friend has a house built in a amethyst cave in 1.17 lol

    99. Byrd Allie

      The toothsome santa multivariably time because shoulder definitely risk over a swanky potato. faded, future futuristic aries

    100. CubeNO0B

      I found a shipwreck on land so i made it my house