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    2019 is almost over, so we put together a collection of the best pranks we saw this year! Which prank is your favorite?
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    1. Thingy Thingy

      Overfilling cups is such a great prank!

    2. Josh Sanders

      OH, MAN!!! YOU GOT ME SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣

    3. Josh Sanders

      well OW!!! that's a broken spine right there!😗🙅🚨

    4. The Original A Cast

      People over pouring into cups is literally the stupidest thing ever and was never funny.

    5. Blinkie Yağmur


    6. Владимир Ефимов

      Бабы даже наклейку ровно приклеить не могут🤕

    7. m l


    8. Donald Stewart

      I would like to see videos of pranks gone wrong where it backfires on thr pranksters !

    9. justjoeltwo

      You’re at the airport and you’re dressed like a bum? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    10. Aaron

      Buen video me hizo reír 😂

    11. Isaias Salazar Navarro

      3:41 funniest one 😂😂😂

    12. The Dark knight

      1:56 Boy:that would be 100$ plz

    13. Just Me!

      FUNGAR!!! LOL.! 😂😄😅😉

    14. maree singh

      We're nice we share for our life that was the best times of liiiiiiiife pls keep away from who's not safe or even your self ok I'm here to help so if any thing else hose wrong just call for me or just any help nzbn2 that's me my way of your self protect yes byeee

    15. maree singh

      ALL were a fail 😔😂😭😂 😔 so yeah guys these are the wors I hate them aaaaaaaaalllll there the wors IV evere seen I don't want to see those tipes and what I need to to say that I'm done with this stuff now any ways gosh that's dum the way how they these 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😤 PRAAAAAAAaAAAAKSs that's all what we need to do is keep better for our loving world we need to be more nice to this time of thing but it's not any thing it's our home for safe or not safe ones bad and ones nice so give our home and places 😁 ok now why do we be this way of being kind to each another we wornt just born to be mean we was born to live for love in safe places ❤️ that's why we try to be kind to be why and as that possible 😁 ok now we care for self attitude your guys way and lady's way has to be kind that's all I want to say that's why loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    16. Daniel Opeoluwa

      Most of this is just americans being disrespectful to elders

    17. Zernuus

      que molesto, gente tirando comida, como si no fuera ya demasiado consumir en exceso, ahora tiran los recursos.

    18. Ryan

      The bear guy asking to be shot.


      I bet everyone person who does the pouring “joke” didn’t pay for whatever they’re pouring

    20. Kevin Ferdian

      Is this all from America...? Because I wont be surprised if it is.

    21. Leonie Hunt

      How are these the "best pranks" of the year!!??

    22. Levi Carroll

      4:35 that Turkey was hung He was packing heat

    23. Noah Boggess

      3:47 made me cry

    24. Gavin Dombrow

      0:15 I LOVE the Costco brand lemonade!!

    25. gallaxi

      Read carefully Has the world turned into Japanese girls by hold their phones in portrait mode then recording video's . Remember they use to use flip phones so it was ok but that was so long ago but now all you western sheep are doing the same . Just look how shit every video looks with the bands in the sides .

    26. Derek Northbrook

      2:34 like my dog trying to sex with a small dog

      1. Zorche


    27. Jeff Christian

      That fun at the airport girl is super sexy.

    28. Callan Marshall

      3:39 That reaction was priceless.

    29. malaiporn jaidee

      Some people don’t have milk or water to feed their kids and they just want to waste it.

    30. Para Saber Mais

      1:20 could have killed her from the heart 3:10 could get shot

    31. XÆA-12,exe HasStopedWorking

      I really feel like this Tritonal is dying or dead

    32. SilkyPlanets

      6:18 he got scared so hard the resolution dropped by half

    33. Palash Gaur

      5:23 is so clever 💜

    34. Anthony Buccieri

      3:05 is how you get shot.

    35. Coca Cola

      Fail Pranks

    36. Bruce Bernard

      The egg prank was great. A very devious mind thought that one up.

    37. Dylan Hunley

      The back cracking one was good. I don't see why he reacted like that.

    38. Erik Iacopelli

      Wat the a kid at the start n she was wasten the milk in front of her parents?? If so they should have whooped her ass for that. Had I done that back in the day I prolly be dead lol

    39. David Conner

      3:08 is a good way to get shot

    40. bellmeisterful

      Why are these idiots pouring stuff on the floors?

    41. Knut HENSEL


    42. Comedy

      Intelligent dude literally won $100 simply by using his head.

    43. from now on

      Am in with 2.1k thumb down because you put WAY TOO MANY narrow screen vids. MORONS pay thru the nose and CAN'T use the EFFING smart phone properly . Now that is pure stupidity. PLUS most of the vids are NOT even funny.. Just retarded

    44. Kirk Patterson

      Zoned filling is not a prank it's stupid

    45. Ha Please screw off

      Its james charles but fatter

    46. XD Animations

      Eats egg: Read more

      1. XD Animations

        Leave a like if u pressed read more lol

    47. dara jouma

      05:30 this was boaring

    48. Real Depit

      4:45 did she say "i promised myself I never touch a penis" or something😂

    49. Gratitude era

      What's the name of girl in oh snap prank

    50. Zopii

      plot twist:the guy got eaten by the bear

    51. peter lewis

      Lucky that twat dressed as a bear didn't get a bullet !!

    52. Paul Kaiser

      I am cool

    53. Space Wiz

      The bear suit was great😂

    54. babybubumoo1

      So funny

    55. hey it's me

      5:24 my work place jfk

    56. magenta

      people do that overflowing cup thing in public too. that's so dumb, i don't know how people can just do that and pretend like they're being funny.

    57. laser325

      3:39 - 3:51 For successful prank, and expression on Mom's face, Top Prank.

    58. Plush Chick

      Hey come over to my house bro Aight im starting my car rn: 4:49

    59. liverpool FAN

      5:20 what a frog splash

    60. 85jamesr

      It’s funny until someone actually plugs their device into the decal and gets a charge.

    61. XLSwiftEditz


    62. hemanth kumar

      What us that turkey

    63. Tommy Pinewood

      4:44 somehow I don’t think that will be a problem for her 🤷🏻‍♂️

    64. Chris89hb

      4:43 soooo awesome. Must be a funny familiy.


      Pathetic overfilling prank .😂

    66. 7goofygoober

      Anyone know the name of the song during the marshmallow + egg prank? Thank you in advance!

    67. Kevin

      3:04 Great way to get shot and killed.

    68. Reek

      No wonder you guys have 10M+ subscribers. This shit is funny as hell

    69. Jeremias Mendoza

      Overfilling cups is one of those stupid tik tok challenges for those of you pointing out it’s not a prank.

    70. Michael Mouse

      stop placing that BIG annoying info box in the top left hand of the screen...

    71. Mr TEN

      waaaai waaai...estupido

    72. john smith

      Egg and marshmellows was the best

    73. Chad Heath

      Weird. I watched one video and it was funny then I watch this video and it's the same clips with a different title. Fail army blows

    74. Burt Macklin

      4:44 trust us, we penis’s have promised never to touch you either. You ain’t like those lesbians that are a fun challenge

    75. GalaxyGirl BlackHeart

      2:56 I seriously thought it was a real bear... 🐻

    76. idrees khan

      the love between teacher and student was awesome......

    77. Benjamin Mason

      1:19 Like a little baby complaining

    78. Jack Lambert

      Ahhahh STUPIDO! 🤣

    79. Saboteur

      0:31 the prank is fake. And the spider is an animated one

    80. MrVilou

      Overfilling milk/soda glass on the floor is just dumb*** and pure waste. Then you find 'em fighting each other when it comes to get the last 6 pack of milk during hard times... The bear costume & fake beer mug ones were really funny BTW.

    81. Kostakis Penev

      I need that bear costume

    82. Isaac W

      3:13 Might get in trouble if you try and put _that_ bear down

    83. Kashikoku Kyo

      3:05 I am kind of this troll.... but i wont do it in america..... you never know who is going to shot you down.......

    84. Emir Koyuncu

      The entire comments section is judging the overflowing drink “prank”

      1. Ciuppa Capra

        Tnx Dude.

    85. Villiam Hansen

      Worst prank, not knowing how to film videos on the phone! 🤦‍♂️ Turn it correctly ffs!

    86. Archie Bensley

      Over filling cups isn’t a joke just a waste

    87. Clipzz

      2:33 is that his sister 😲😲

    88. Aige


    89. a pony fan

      I laughed so hard i choked on my gum lol

    90. King Ozymandias

      2:44 next time Caley cries give it even more harder to her...some blood on the stick, who cares🤷‍♂️

    91. Eamon Ahern

      Part of the over filling the glass prank is how many people in the comments got triggered. The fake socket was funny. 😂

    92. Jason S

      How the hell is catching a card with your head a prank

    93. TeamGaming Go

      Awesome realy like this content !

    94. Larry Croskey

      I heard fail army has gone downhill. But damn, some of these were golden! Lmao!

    95. josh the rat guy

      2:58 got me good

    96. Oliver Holmes-Gunning

      Man, the water in the fake beer mug is brilliant! I'm gonna use that one...

    97. Ivan Joseph

      4:42 Don't worry you never will lmao.

      1. HubbzZ

        You're definitely a virgin

    98. RexRanarum

      5:35... when she puts it on in the wrong angle...