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    It's time for the Fails of the Week! This week we have a guy who has one heck of a throwing arm, a hilarious belly flop, and more!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 4 ماه


    1. Spacecookie

      Yet, despite all of man's greatest inventions and after years of development, the robot invasion was stopped by natures most humblest of organisms... a tree root.

    2. Eason Cheng


    3. roberto mejia

      We have chicken al..floor

    4. emma lehoux train

      Le québécois

    5. Ky Fisher

      0:19 that kid sent it!

    6. theo molison


    7. Miguel Gonzalez

      ice poseidon

    8. richard gélabert

      try not to laugh

    9. ike Carter

      Chaos at the lake ??? Literally 2 clips of lake fails in the whole thing I'm glad I unsubbed

    10. carlos eduardo negrete nuñez

      lizzo juice

    11. Linus Karlsson

      Where is 2:35?? 😅

    12. hung phanviet


    13. Sou Fayke


    14. bushweednever

      that's a pretty special sidewalk..

    15. Gecko Skeleton

      steely dan

    16. Big PP Chulo

      0:37 *Cat killed Child* Welcome to the gulag...

    17. Diego Sánchez


    18. Scott Ferguson

      Guy on Air-Boat is a WIN not fail.

    19. Zainab Jaber


    20. Anele Vera Cruz

      apex legends

    21. Mike Schlau

      OK, the delivery-robot is strange - but those sidewalk with the seqouia-like trees in the middle.... what bullshit is that?!

    22. hemamalathy rajendran

      lauren southern

    23. Jack Bauer

      3:50 already studying the blade huh, guess the next step will be picking of the perfect fedora.

    24. pepe jimenez


    25. Fiókja Csoportunk

      0:26 yoga girl is not failed, despite the ending... IMHO

    26. SnYpaMasTa 77

      Is Arnie gonna be ok?

    27. J C


    28. Team Zeux

      0:54 what does “kindergarten yella” mean

    29. JohnnykJz

      I love(d?) this channel and this is not disrespectful at all, BUT, if you keep posting random videos, you will lose a lot... I remember back in the day: FailArmy posted something: CLEAR MY SCHEDUELE, I will watch the video 2-3 times, because it's amazing and after that I will rewatched the previous posted video and so on. Right now, I am hoping to have at least 1 or 2 decent videos to give an honest like, but that is happening way too rarely. FailArmy is something big. PLEASE BRING IT BACK...

    30. Hans Solos

      2M views in 2 months = 2M bored AF people in quarantine 🤣🤣🤣 ♥️ cat tuber

    31. Martín Morano

      wheres the lake?????? and the chaos????

    32. Martín Morano

      cuando eltitulo no tiene nada que ver con el video usando el clickbait claro muy bien failarmy

    33. Martín Morano

      the clickbait....

    34. yorocco1


    35. Alex Sieber

      gramps fox news live stream

    36. Yiḥezkel Jason Schoenbrun

      I wouldn't classify most of these as fails

    37. cat

      Everyone who see this comment pray to get me out of my troubles and make me go to heaven

    38. Tyler Miles

      Had an ad in this vid,it was a 🍔

    39. hungkhanhduyen dinhngoccung offline

      the world revolving

    40. Random Fundom


    41. jack holmes


    42. A Miron

      What song is that at the end

    43. Nashvillain

      *Hungry? Too bad!*

    44. N

      This video was wack no cap

    45. Pool Andrade


    46. savage panda3

      1:11 rip that dudes ankle

    47. Myles Ganske

      One thing people never seem to understand is the strength required for a rope swing 😂

    48. Cheyenne Woodcock


    49. mazhar ullah


    50. Malk Alien

      When you see the end of a failarmy video. What I imagine at the end of each one: GAME!!

    51. Ed Polanowski

      Wow. Someone broke a rim while dunking and people spilling food. Excellent crap

    52. DESHA DESHA2

      young dolph

    53. A Piece of Garbage

      1:15 Disney Planes deleted scenes.

    54. Skip Boykin

      undertale ost

    55. abigail alyssa

      hold on

    56. Fed up with Fed

      The little robot thing stuck on the tree...must be a Democrat invention

    57. Juan Bobby

      The main fail here is that the sound is not even, blew my fucking ears off, then quiet then blew them off again! FFS...

    58. Farah Hamad

      philosophy tube

    59. thomas green

      Wtf happened with the food delivery robot though???

    60. Mer Maid


    61. Klaudia Sz


    62. Rachelle Brady

      yellow coldplay

    63. Udbhav Devarakonda

      Wait is the first clip have a mercury light? thats dangerous.

    64. Kudi Jayy / CMJ Music Prod.

      Love this stuff lol

    65. Rachel Helferich

      the greatest showman

    66. J B

      "Fails of the week, July", third clip is a ski slope 😅

    67. Worsel

      @5:21 - appropriate that as he fell, the clock at the upper left said 4:20.


      Fail for the title.

    69. mstrmoog

      1:54 The Backbreaker

    70. Brent Batin

      4:29 Spongebob in a nutshell

    71. Sphessmareheen 18

      4:37 Gordon Freeman must be looking for Black Mesa East if he is cutting across freeways with the air boat

    72. Laura Vance

      4:30 Must be what A.J. Foyt taught Bobby's momma.


      ghost recon breakpoint

    74. Daenerys

      Contact free delivery robots? What's preventing a guy walking down the street to just take the food when they see it.

    75. Dat Boi

      3:50 transition though...

    76. Chuk Wow

      3:15 They don’t have maxi break in the US?😳

    77. Wanderson Gomes

      4:28 GTA SA

    78. Fayaz Ahamed


    79. Darth Bane

      Those ai self driving robots would never be possible in the netherlands. They would stolen inmediatly.

    80. Paul H.

      Fails at the Lake: Skiing Fail 😂

    81. Artej Chahill

      Quality of these vids went down as a mf I haven’t been here since 2016

    82. Murdaklez

      Lake fail title. First 2 videos... a softball video and a dog video.👌 nice work.

    83. Anthony Tyler

      Geez Louise I feel for that girl that came off that horse and hit her back the way she did.

    84. Broken Wolf 771

      whats the name of that country song that started playing on the truck clip?

    85. Derek Johnson

      What song was that @4:50

    86. hack daniels

      3:31 and soon, we will have chopped down every last tree for the convenience of our new robot overlords.

    87. Bojan Maric - HAN - 5C

      04:07 this one is in sweden and i live there and i actually think i was behind the guy dat recorded it

    88. R. Rodriguez

      At 1:55 if you pause it at just the right spot it looks like his horse is delivering the deathblow.

    89. John Martinez

      F for the who dude dropped that chicken alfredo 😢

    90. Krook

      I270 to frederick is the worst exit. i see that EVERYDAY!

    91. Rodrigo Herebia

      Thanks guys for coming back with "fails of the week"! 🇧🇷

      1. Linda 21

        Rodrigo Herebia Like.

    92. Pistol Pete

      The dude who dropped his food out of the he not aware of gravity?

      1. Linda 21

        Pistol Pete Like.

    93. lum Lee Chun


    94. shy banana

      2:46 That got me xd

    95. KandyKouturelondon

      I hated that music at the end

    96. Rob Kopple

      Should've been called "Video Title Fail of The Week."

      1. Linda 21

        Rob Kopple Like.

    97. Anthony Smith

      2:03 isnt a fail, that literally the game... 4:30 is just a neat vehicle... 5:30 again, not a fail, literally was the objective..

    98. Yoda ZX

      1:16 dusty cropslinger the sky crasher

    99. Hivron Kaya

      funny cat videos