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    1. Wanda Santillo

      Why did you guys leave Florida and move to Tennessee?

    2. AmericanJazzLady Blessings R 4 Me Today

      You speak truth Janna. Lucifer is what was told to me by a federal agent 6 weeks ago. I REBUKE AND RENOUNCE LUCIFER SATAN IN JESUS NAME!!!

    3. AmericanJazzLady Blessings R 4 Me Today

      Yanna, I left you an apology under a different video. After seeing you on OMEGAMAN RADIO, I knew you are ok. Its hard for me to trust after being betrayed by sisters in CHRIST where I used to go to church and by a sister in California. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. We stayed in a motel for three nights and left today. We are back in our car. Please help and tell me if you know any kind genuine Christians in South FL where we can go. Thank you. Shalom. God bless you.

    4. Vanessa Tamplin

      Love your Bible studies Steven thinking outside of the box and yes we get excited we are so blessed I couldn’t finish it it wouldn’t play anymore 😢 great-full for you and your wife 👋👑🙏


      sorry im out of your channel, you just spread lies IM OUT.

    6. Spencer Smith

      Here’s the thing. There does actually seem to be some proof that Biden isn’t actually the president and all that. Like the movie set scene for the white house and some other stuff. However, that does NOT mean trump and q anon are on our side. They are still both huge agents of deception. It does seem to me that there still might be a role for trump to play and it is NOT a good thing. I’m talking an anti Christ type role.

    7. Carla Parr

      Jana, I have always believed that God is the One and Only God in any situation. Just bc demons and fallen angels call themselves “gods” or “Demi-gods” does not make it so. This is not hate mail. Just a clarification on my part. I hear so many people call evil beings “god” when there only One who is righteous and holy and far above all other spirits in power. Thank you both for sharing this information! I sent you a short video from Rhonda Empson to lift your spirits. God bless and keep you and your family safe!

    8. Susan Pendell

      Thank you for the warning. I'm glad to see that you're okay.

    9. How To Get Out Of Babylon

      which video had the screenshare with New Lies For Old?

    10. Freethisearth

      1 Samuel 8 Israel demands a king they were warned, they rejected God.

    11. Freethisearth

      greater babylon that uses a canaanite language is calling America edom is like the pot calling the kettle black, remember it is for a short time. Plan for the worst, pray for the best, hope many of wake up.

    12. Zoe Wilson Jones

      Something that helped some of the other prophets. They cut off comments. And just put out what God wanted put out. Saved them from being attached so much.

    13. Tina B

      Your “sources” and/or “intel”are for the birds. Been listening for a while. Asteroids and what is to come has almost always been wrong. You have had some good content, but your Washington sources, please stop listening to them.

    14. Karen Otte

      One more thing I try to keep a pure heart but it seems like when I do I got to pay somebody or somebody's trying to cash out and take advantage to my pure heart and it would just be nice if everybody would just be their self and be real and loved one another without trying to make a buck

    15. Karen Otte

      And as far as his conference goes why would I pay to see a group of people that know no more than I do I have something to say to the world also and I share it with people I don't charge them I could write a book myself and I don't I'm not trying to cash out times are real bad now it's time people pull together and a unique caring way and anyways who would get a word in edgewise who could conversate and your little group Steven the phone is sitting next to you there takes over every conversation you can't get a word in why would I pay to go see that? I see enough comedy every day and I'm not in a funny mood !! peace.

    16. Gail Mitchell

      This guy fuels and profits from psy opps. Do not get pulled in!!!

    17. Revelation Speed

      ATTENTION.. isrealinewslive... We are(ALL) responsible for what we say.!!! Many times I've shared your & other people's information sources & it was wrong.!!! Then we look like conspiracy nuts. Sorry about the nasty comments.we are to be kind to one another.!!! However respectful disagreement (should be accepted).!!!! Thank you.much love in Christ

    18. Roxann Huffman

      CALIFORNIA and another state JUST QUIT administering the Covid Vaccine due to TOO MANY ADVERSE REACTIONS!!!!!!!

    19. Candise Adkins

      Yall need moderators to block the ugly comments, live y'all

    20. Keith Heiskell

      I believe what you said was true about the asteroids and meteors it's going to happen but it's in God's time, the Bible tells us so, don't let people rent space in your head

    21. Jeremy john Hall

      God is with us. Keep fighting the good fight. God bless us

    22. Miss Texas

      Where did Steven and Jana go? Haven't heard from them in awhile. Hmmmmm.

    23. Burgo 001

      Steve are you taking down your Posts and there comments? If so why?

    24. Highglow66

      You were off on all accounts. Now what?

    25. John Dubosky iv

      characteristics of the Idol Shepperd or the Ant-Christ according to scripture, # 1 He will have a big mouth, # 2 He exalts himself and makes arrogant claims, # 3 He is accepted by Israel and Mr.-T is, Jesus said I come my fathers name and yea accepted me not another will come in his own name a him you will receive, Daniel 11-38 tell us the god he honors in his own estate or personnel business, But in his estate shall he honor the god of forces The god of forces or fortresses was Semiramas also Astarte / Ash-turit , known as the woman that built towers, goddess of the towers, a strong hold in the form of a tower. How would you honor a tower building goddess from ancient Babylon ? You would build towers yourself and Mr. -T does all over the world. A god whom his father knew not, he shall honor with gold and silver ( not physical gold and silver but things that shimmer in those colors. Look at Mr.-T's towers he incorporates Gold and silver on the outside and inside, some of his towers are all gold on the outside. and with precious stones ( specifically large and small stone used in building or meaning to build, Large and small precious stones are granite and marble (he uses them in his building) and pleasant thing. Semiramas was the whore of Babylon, mother of harlots and abominations, responsible for false religion. What is false religion? It is the false light of Lucifer or Satan used to mislead and deceive the people. Semeriamas also wore a crown with a row of jewels on her head, Mr -T owned Miss USA and Miss Universe. What do they place on the head of the winner? A crown with a row of jewels and typically the winner wears a dress that shimmers in gold or silver. Semiramas was deified as Astarte and transformed into a dove. Look at the 1985 Manhattan magazine with Mr. -T, holding a dove and if you view all the pictures you will see him transform into a dove. Mr.-T's ultimate deal a peace plan in the middle east. The destruction of that great city is coming, New York city. I hope this was helpful! God bless!

    26. Pamakor

      You Right ♥️♥️♥️♥️ God bless ♥️♥️♥️

    27. Jade Landon

      They will probably federalize ANTIFA and BLM

    28. Floyd Michael

      Indeed Israeli news brother in hamashiach Yeshua his HOLY english name Jesus The ones who are into the politics instead of focusing on the Lord Jesus why is it Trump said he's done with America he's saying bye bye America that makes Q worthless of course the ones who are awake and see the truth see this because we know Trump was the leader of the Q movement to begin with and also way is Biden in office now the Q definitely can't explain that because now it's facts so now Q is back in to spare 1 trying to figure out what to say because the fact is planted and the fact is the foundation to kill the lies that have smacked the worldly views and false doctrines in the face because there's been false prophecys in are faces and those who accept the Lord Jesus our King will see it all because we only have 1 God the wicked say but there are other religions and culptures out there who also have gods I put the lower case g there on purpose because the fact is when we look at history we see the destruction by the false gods of course the nations put trust in there false gods lower case g not uppercase G for God through his only begotten son Jesus his HOLY hebrew name Yeshua hamashiach the only true savior yes indeed the anti God anti Jesus got debunked all we have to do is just look at all the history of false gods lower case g as in god not God because God is full of righteousness and we must seek repentance in Christ hamashiach Amen 🙏

    29. Bob Smith

      ya'll do better by looking at the $100 bill that has 3 kinds of ink and when magnified shows a nuke exploding over New York and a Huge flood. Jonathan Kleck has a vid on it

    30. Celeste Merkle

      I am no fan of cancel culture, but I pray to God you get canceled. You are the bottom of the barrel using religion as a guise for your deliberate deception. People look up to you. I used to look up to you. You really need to look inward and realize that your words carry a lot of weight for many. Just look at how many thumbs up you have on this video . My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ do not let this wolf in sheep's clothing fool you.

    31. J

      Its all fluid. Meaning you are reporting wind! Can go every direction anytime. Please focus only on Jesus instead of all your conspiracy theories you are reporting. When you report all possible scenarios you will probably be right once a year. But what a waste of time in which you could have read the bible or pray. The only truth is Jesus Christ.

    32. Tamara Hill

      You two are presenting as amorphous Beings Of Light. Perhaps you should adjust the lighting a touch? :)

    33. Steven Crawford

      You haven't been on since the election...

    34. Tyson Cerviche

      Hey Steve. I have an idea for a new channel name for you guys that I think is more befitting. How about Israeli News Lies. Whatcha think? 🤥

      1. Sam Lee

        Love it !

    35. Jarrod Knepp

      Well nothing happened at the Inauguration.....I'm starting to doubt your reliability because you have been getting things wrong for a while now. And how come you haven't made a video since the Inauguration? It's because you know you said things that were not true.

    36. Brooklyn_Born_King_

      Fuck you. Shut the fuck up. We already know the truth. So go fuck yourselves. Q is a joke. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    37. Amy Swindle

      I agree that Trump isn’t for us- he was used to quell the masses and keep us distracted with being citizens of this world rather than being soldiers for God

    38. Marlon Brando

      Where are you?????

    39. James Havlin

      Actually your wife is is spot on!

    40. Bobby T Brown

      Steven haven't heard from you for a few what's really going on

      1. Sam Lee

        @Jesus is my Lord and Savior Amen lol that's right

      2. Jesus is my Lord and Savior Amen

        He got exposed with reporting fake news and he's embarrassed 😂

    41. RadioFace FahQtoob

      Jana u r just crazy beautiful in every way.

    42. Joyce Brownlee

      2 days have passed since your posting...thankful no Marshal law, very sad at Admin

    43. Maria E. Labbe

      Wow guys, whatever light you are using is WAY too bright. Can barely see your features. Just look at your playback. But anyway, thank you for the info, as always. God bless you both and your little ones.

    44. Holy Anarchy

      Steve and Jana, The video prior to this one was removed from youtube can you upload it to brandnewtube? I shared it on my Facebook and added this 2nd update video I added in the comments on Facebook. God Bless you both

    45. jfeathe1211

      While I wish no ill whatsoever on Steven and Jana, I hope these last few months have opened the eyes of many of their followers that the information from this channel is wrong and misleading. Steven has kept people in terror and suspense for months over nonexistent asteroids and a guaranteed landslide Trump election. We were also told on how many occasions that war with Iran was imminent which never came close to happening. I’m at the point where I think Steven’s insiders are nothing more than people completely on the outside who have made Steve believe they are at the Pentagon or wherever else. Steven, you need to do a debriefing on all of the topics you’ve terrorized your viewers with and explain fully where your information came from and how you came to the wrong conclusions you did. I fully doubt that your “sources” are in any sort of danger seeing as they were off by miles and are likely not in any position of any authority or knowledge. There is no salvaging any of your “intel” from the last 6 months. It will be fruitless to spin this to make you look in any way right. Admit the information you’ve shared is flat wrong and commit to doing better. Focus on Jesus Christ.

      1. jfeathe1211

        @Tyson Cerviche My concern is that Steve is not taking these couple days off to solemnly reflect on what he's said these past few months but is rather taking the time to come up with all the "justifications" and "explanations" for why everything he's claimed has not happened. He did this with the asteroids saying it was September and then October and then that it's still happening but that the timeline could be "off." He also did this for a solid month with Iran saying that the war was just about to start. And he also did this with the election - claiming it was a landslide, and then when it wasn't saying things would be overturned in December, and then marshal law and the insurrection act, and then the calamity on inauguration day. And now with NONE of the above having come true, he's doing one of his disappearing acts where he goes away for a few days and then comes back as if nothing is wrong and that he was somehow actually right about all of this. And I think the filming of the videos in the car is intentional too. In the past couple months, a majority of the videos have been filmed with Steve and sometimes Jana driving around. I really think they are trying to create this sense of crisis and unsettledness. They film these videos as if they are always on the run from something or that they're racing around trying to prepare for a disaster or the next "attack." I think they want people to believe that they have information that the "elites" don't want them to have. I remember the chaotic videos Steve was putting out in September with him frantically driving around trying to find a new home away from Florida and pleading with people to buy EMP shields and join these private online groups that would help people move from the "target" states. I wonder how many people uprooted their lives and plunged themselves into financial distress because they took Steve's warnings to heart...

      2. Tyson Cerviche

        My wife cried for days when he started talking about the Asteroids coming to destroy the United States.. His blatant lies do serious damage. A true Christian he is not.

      3. Tim Leboeuf

        Well said. Thank you!


      Glad that people are finally waking up to these liars. Look up all his previous videos and you will realize this guy has been lying and falsely predicting things for almost a decade. What's even worse is he twists scriptures preaches false doctrines and disables comments because he knows what he's doing. This is how disinformation agents operate. Do not fall for it fellow Christians. Be very careful of this Channel. This is a man on a mission to deceive and confuse Christians. Be careful of his guests aswell and the people he recommend or the books they tell you to read. His inside sources are nothing but his imagination and people who are into the same buisness of deception. LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU BY ANY MEANS.

    47. Annie L

      Nothing but scaremongering

      1. Sandra O

        Nobody wants to fear monger anyone and Lord hopes we are all wrong about what we are predicting we just want people to be aware I want nothing more to do than to serve the Lord I am trying to help and preserve my brothers and sisters in Christ praying for all of you and God bless


      Wow, every bit of this fell through!!

    49. latlanticcityphil


    50. Bob Smith

      Vatican is the Head of the serpent

    51. Eva Moore

      Posse Comitatus Act Was suspended in 2010 then when Obama gave permission to contract on USA soil it’s been going on for some time

    52. John Kehun14

      EDOM : ISIAH 34:9--10 ,ISIAH 63:1-6 ,YEHEZKIEL 25 : 13 ,REVELATION 19 :2-3 ,WHERE IS THE RED SEA?

    53. Eva Moore

      God Bless you guys

    54. Brian Gilley

      Jesus stated that pray not to remove the wheat from the chaff

    55. Johnathan Burrows

      And yet again nothing happens.......

    56. Weathefurr

      Thank about numbers of 9:21.21p.m. today. God is in control. God knows what's best for all of creation. God Loves us like a father to his children, remember that.

    57. Mary Jordan

      unrelated question: why are there 17 gold-fringed flags behind President Trump at his farewell address on the tarmac?

    58. Simon Clark

      Hi I hope you read this I just watched your video off that poor woman who and her friends got the jab ok what some humans have the blood tipe that ie powers at be want too distroy a different DNA just like Hitler agenest the news ie the right DNA what tipe off blood are you and me who's next I could be wrong best regards Simon

    59. Rachel Thousand

      Where are y’all?!

    60. Anthony Sanders

      Did the Tribulation start.

    61. Bill Karmetsky

      Stephen and Jana are a massive blessing to all of us. There are plots to disarm the population, the Sabbatian Frankist long plot. What is happening are events caused by private military contractors who instilled Trump and Biden, both Bushes, Reagan and too many administrations and congress people since 1871 and 1913. "1666" by Robert Sepehr is a very important work to understand the above. As soon as one understands Zevi and Jacob Frank and Rothschild and what transpired in 1776 across the world, one understands who our overlords posing as Christians and representatives and champions when one-for-one they are all frauds, a con.

    62. wastedwhiteboy2

      No martial law. Sounds like the info is fake. More Q lies.

      1. Sandra O

        Don't say he didn't warn you quit mocking The Messengers it's coming God bless

    63. Yup

      No arrests bidens in 😟 what are your thoughts where are you guys ?

    64. Best Player On the field

      Look at you

    65. Peter Pulis

      If they coming you tell them you are "NATURAL PERSON" That means you are not part of that Corporation what America is today. Jordan Maxwell have info. about Natural Person !

    66. Ricci Benzvi

      You shall know them by their fruit and when Trump was in office conservative judges were put in and he passed the law that any baby that the mother wanted that was born could not be put to death and they would be given Healthcare. She did so many good things that I think your viewer should look at these things instead of talking the opposite about him

    67. Peter Pulis

      What happen with Adam Green and know more news. I can't find his website. Any links ?

    68. Michael Gibson

      This channel has turned into an absolute joke. Nothing more than a money grab preying on people's fears. Now you are just another BEGley selling sensational lies. Last time I am ever tuning into you guys. Your are the epitome of trust No Man. I truly feel sorry for the gullible that are still looking to you to "tickle their ears." Shameless!!

      1. Jesus is my Lord and Savior Amen

        Exactly 💯

    69. Charity Snyder

      This is what he been saying. And this is the truth I have broken face bones and blood still draining since the last sabbath which I know God does things for a reason. And he always heals me how He wants. Praise to God and His All Loving ways. Unsearchable ocean depths of love. He pulled me out of a CPL pits both meta and physical. Just to show truth is my guess. But His ways are so above mine. I just want to do what He says

      1. Charity Snyder

        We shared gospel all over. Prayed for the sick and down trodden in the places others won't go. Gave our things to those we could and faith carries us when our works are one. God bless

      2. Charity Snyder

        We have one phone. Two is too much for us lol

    70. b harp

      You were CIA, then your life has taken a hit, did you retire? Most of your commentary has nothing to do with Christ...maybe you are plant..but as a person who has had high security clearances, something don't match..very weird with this guy...

      1. b harp

        @Sandra O the shot is not the mark for the prophesy of the man of sin has not been fulfilled, and Christ defeated death not satan..but I hope your fear of death is superseded by the fear of God... blessings..

      2. b harp

        @Sandra O I simply asked you who has proclaimed themselves a messenger of God, what words of salvation do you have?

      3. Sandra O

        @b harp also I do not know if you know anything about targeted individuals but I have been a targeted individual 4/8 years a whistleblower of the program and the military weapon of 5G that works with your body resonance DNA with frequencies to do a slow kill or a fast kill and can even cause you to have flu-like symptoms these people have programmable matter they can change your DNA because your body is made up of mostly water it's completely satanic I have risked my life and I am on an assassination list 24/7 because of the information that I know but praise God because he has protected me with his Supernatural power these military people can make themselves look completely invisible because of something called cloaking technique it's bending the light look up cloaking humans on IRvision God bless

      4. Sandra O

        @b harp John 3:16 and also the whole Bible Jesus died on the cross for your sins and defeated Satan at the cross no weapon formed against me shall prosper and I understand we are told to test the spirits praying for you and all my brothers and sisters in Christ God bless be prepared because Something Wicked This Way Comes make sure you have food and water lockdowns are coming pestilence war and disease do not take the shot it is the mark of the beast

      5. b harp

        @Sandra O look you seem to be a decent person and if you are messenger of God, send a Bible verse that would lead me to salvation?

    71. Joann Freedman

      You guy are so beautiful!!!!!! Inside out!!! Praise HASHEM Yahoshua!!!

    72. A Van

      You're a liar!! I also believe that you're controlled opposition!! Why else would you still have a channel???

    73. jt s

      fake news today 1-22-21

    74. b harp

      Once you were preaching Judiasism next Christianity...instead of taking time to understand your transition, you have made yourself a day a doctor next day a are as unstable as ship in high seas...

      1. Bob Smith

        Unsub from here for true revival! False prophet! Fear monger. he accuses the faithful who challenge him and call them false children of God? That's why disabled comments! the Lord has shown His people who are NOT His People. He only come on IRvision to make money! They make a lot of money via videos. Do Not believe them

      2. b harp

        I'm not going against your statement, but I am addressing brother Steven... blessings

      3. b harp

        @The word hurts I'm speaking of the apostle Paul; Romans 11:1...that pastor what can I say...

      4. The word hurts

        @b harp when I said Paul I meant paul begley

      5. b harp

        @The word hurts Paul stated that in every generation there is a remanant; I would be very careful of deceitful speech to His followers (Christ followers). Some are of the baby stage but are looking for truth in Christ; and in the old testament Christ forgave the unknowing because of their ignorance, but I would be very careful of my tongue. Some of his(steven) followers could be annointed; dangerous game to play; but he has made himself a scholar therefore not ignorant.

    75. b harp

      "your sources" your sources is about as good as throwing sh*t against the wall hoping it you are comical; and I'm not even including your false interpretation of the Bible..

    76. robert king

      Well if it came down to a civil war Trump supporters equal what's 70000 million give or take a few and Biden supporters are very few so Revolution would be very quick it'd be a very short Civil War

    77. Carla

      What's up with always driving around all the time! What happened to your famous bookcase you always were in front of. The one with all the Talmud, Zohar, and Tanya books, oh and also all your other Rabbinical teachings.

    78. Linda Olsen

      Well this didn't happen.

    79. Ron Kennedy

      trump is not going to jail anybody,its all a big chess game

    80. Vince Wells

      YeAu right and watch out for the ASTEROIDS

    81. Chris A

      I see that you pulled down your latest video regarding Biden removing himself during the inauguration with so many thumbs down including me!! That must have been very embarrassing for you Steve, so please stop predicting things like a false prophet and teach the bible!!!

      1. Bob Smith

        Unsub from here for true revival! False prophet! Fear monger. he accuses the faithful who challenge him and call them false children of God? That's why disabled comments! the Lord has shown His people who are NOT His People. He only come on IRvision to make money! They make a lot of money via videos. Do Not believe them

      2. Israeli News Live

        This was ONE of scenarious in the White House that both legal parties agreed on. I am not embarrassed for telling you what was happening and what may have been a possibility. If you listened I said it’s not 100 percent. But you only listened to fraction of news so you can come here and accuse me. I know you are angry because trump did not win and communism set in fully but it’s not my fault . What did you do to save your country? Put on mask lately and ate popcorn while watching tv?

      3. Kimo Bridgeman


    82. sicplano

      Jana said it right “fairy tales”. Obviously none of this occurred which is probably a good thing. A civil war would only play into the elite plan to take this country. We need to not think in fleshly terms but pray in kingdom terms - His will be done in this nation, in His timing.

    83. Robert

      All are invited to the Minister Christine channel. We are meeting everyday at 10 am PST until our transformation on Jan 28/29. Jan 24-29 is the moment we have been waiting for !!!!!!

      1. Chris

        Why are you promoting, much less watching a channel that is predicting dates of Jesus's return, when we are clearly told only Father is the one that knows the date? Please pick up your Bible and read it, and avoid those that like to set dates. You'll only end up deceived and disappointed. I'd suggest starting with Matthew 24, because we're only coming up to the beginning of sorrows. "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no not the Angels of heaven, but my father only." Matthew 24:36 "And many false prophets shall arise, and shall deceive many." Matthew 24:11

    84. Steve A


    85. Steve A


    86. Steve A


    87. Knack Attack

      I don’t have patreon but is there somewhere else to get the video? I’m new here. Thank you for all you do.

      1. Tyson Cerviche

        If you dont believe us, stick around and see for yourself then. I thought he was a decent guy at first, but after years of absolute nonsense I started to see a pattern. I only come back on occasion to see if he has changed his ways, but nope. Still begging for money non stop and peddling fear. He even had people send him money to facilitate his move out of Florida because he said an Asteroid was going to annihilate the state. He has done serious damage in my family with my wife believing his crap. Scared her half to death where she cried for days and deals with depression now. Constant fear mongering has serious consequences for some. Dont let him suck you in. Stick with the word of God. This man has no faith in God. I am beginning to think he is not a true man of God and using deliberate deception just for views to line his pockets. No way can he be this foolish to believe all his sources for YEARS who are continually wrong.

      2. Tomteeejay

        @Knack Attack It is the other stuff that is dangerous, even if they say it might happen or might not. Too many people are desperately wanting it to be true and when they are let down it can cause all sorts of angst and stress. They should not be leading people astray!

      3. Knack Attack

        @Tomteeejay Christians eventually being persecuted is not nonsense. It’s predicted in the Bible. The other stuff regarding Trump I don’t believe and he even said he really didn’t see it. I’m not paying for anything. I’d be broke if I got on everyone’s patreon.

      4. Tomteeejay

        @Knack Attack They are predicting non-sense. It is easy click bait and they make money out of it. Don't be fooled!

      5. Knack Attack

        @Tim Leboeuf what makes them liars and if they are liars why are you on their channel?

    88. Cherry Wood

      What do you think about Nesara and Gesara?

    89. in- cog

      Man has made himself God and set up nations, the enemy is trying to ba as God ALMIGHTY, bless you both an your family. Peace and Grace,by the way love you both as well.

    90. Bren Mar

      Wow, while so many others were prophesying arrests and second term for Trump, Jana called it as it was...a “fairytale.” Amazing insight I think. Thank you both for this eye opening message.

    91. Rabbitburn

      Word has it YOU did more damage to your channel than IRvision ever could.... BRAVO .... 👏 👏 👏 STOP DISINFORMATION ✋

    92. D A

      Better not say cause IF you do tell us, It will not come True. (8:40 ?! What your saying is a Terminator Scenario?!!...That AI took over the systems but only thing is missing, is that ELITE people are not targeted,so it CAN'T be completely AI under control of it, The Upper Class of humans are controlling the AI/military. ..I can't see this but we shall all see, Quebec here, we are still under Martial Law until First week of February i think. GREAT VIDEO'S you both are doing!!

    93. Steve Marten

      Very smart woman thank you for your advice it will be taken. God bless you both and your family and your program I love you too

    94. Gnarly News

      Steven there are questions in the churches considering belief yes even the devils believe right??Paul believed first. but how did he receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and his name in Lambs Book of life was that luck???

    95. RonO

      National Federal elections must have National Federal guidelines and rules. States must not interfere with National Federal elections making up rules of thier own. All voting must be done in person. This is a priority and must be done to eliminate fraud in the future, otherwise elections will mean nothing at all. But that's what Democrats want.

    96. Simon Gibbs


    97. Simon Gibbs

      Trump isn't going to do anything. He is no longer President. It has been handed over to the military.

      1. Tomteeejay

        Nothing has been handed over to the military. Biden is now President and Commander in Chief. And no General Hyten is not on social media sending out messages. Just sad that people actually believe that it is the real General Hyten. Stop falling for hoax non-sense.

    98. Simon Gibbs

      They were given those powers to allow them to arrest people and seize assets.

    99. Michelle H

      The enemy is any living soul against God! Not just us "citizens" in the USA! I guess we are the only ones that yhatbelieve in God, and His son Jesus Christ, huh! I'm out, y'all are ridiculous!

    100. Michelle H

      Y'all crazy!