Incredible Results! Buick LeSabre Gets Interior Cleaned Up AND New Wheels (For Goin' Ta Town)

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    I'm deeply fallin' into likes with this LeSaaaybre`. It's in excellent shape for the year, the miles, and how long it sat. You won't believe this interior transformation! Much more to come on this Buick, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE NOW!
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    1. David Coudriet

      They were made with better materials back then.

    2. David Coudriet

      Interesting....4 speaker holes!

    3. None None

      Just scotch brite and clear leave the patina

    4. None None

      Very dangerous car in an accident. Center door post should go to the roof

    5. Marty Smirthwaite

      I'm a arm out the guy window kinda guy myself!

    6. Mike Praed

      I'll 2nd...or 8,763'd the rebuild of the 8 Track! Why did they do away with thoes?

    7. tripsadelica

      Being an old fart Aussie, I just loved watching the two LeSabre videos. I like your attitude and your calm demeanour and I especially like that you have the whole family involved in helping you out. To me that says, "Good people" and that says everything, I think. As to the car oh how it brought back memories of me driving my 1969 Holden Premier. As you know, Holden was the Aussie GM offshoot. Many of our cars up to the mid 70s were quite similar to their US brethren, especially the Buicks. My Holden (model designation HT Premier) had the Chevy 350 engine in it like the LeSabre but, I think, Australia was ahead of the US on the safety front as the Holdens with the V8 came standard with disc brakes. God I miss that car...simple to work on, reliable as hell and no need to worry about idiots dinging your doors in carparks as the body used thick metal. Now Holden is no more...the GM CEO killed the company and made a lot of us Aussies very sad and upset. Holdens were always marketed as "Australia's Own Car." Now we have nothing but imported Japanese, Korean and even Chinese SUVs. I'm so glad I had the sense to buy one of the last locally-built Holdens (a 2016 VF Commodore wagon) before the show came to an end. It's now worth twice what I paid for it! Here's a video of what my old car looked like but this one is a tad different: Anyway...that's enough rambling out of me. I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to watching more great videos from you.

    8. shawn reynolds

      id do matte black on the whole rig

    9. Brett Vickery

      Black Vinyl Roof to the max ! at 57% X 4 divided bt 3.153% -OK

    10. Jeffory Mitchell

      Is there a story behind the Yokohama US servicemans plate on the wall behind you at 4:15 or is it just decorative? It really stands out against all the US plates there.


      If I remember right on the older GM products when the odometer rolls over 100,000 miles either the 1 mile wheel or the 1/10th mile wheel will get a visible groove worn into it. My 69 Camaro had 270,000 plus miles on it with 2 grooves worn in and my first 69 Chevelle that had possibly been driven from coast to coast about 6-8 times by the time I acquired it in 1990 had 3 well pronounced grooves with a much lighter 4th groove in the making. That is gonna be one really nice Buick when you get it finished up. binge watching to catch up on the episodes on it now.

    12. 1944chevytruck

      yes BlackVinyl ROOF! ....thanks 4 video. be kind.

    13. Jerry King

      Save that trunk mat!

    14. L.B. Stringfellow

      A stiff paintbrush and toothbrush works great in the crevasses

    15. L.B. Stringfellow

      I’m with Anthony! What a great Sunday afternoon video to entertain, AND kids can safely watch. We love you !! Your funny and smart too. Find myself rewinding to hear your little acronyms.

    16. When It's Safe Means Never

      Just detail and polish everything up, grind down and bondo any rust rotted metal, and leave it Deralict Patina. That's the "In Thing" with Classic Cars now anyways.

    17. Nobody his last

      Black roof

    18. CJ

      That button in the glove box is the trunk opener.

    19. Christopher Hamilton

      Impressive how Jessica handled that wheel and tire. It was bigger than she is! Handled it like a boss! Great video, brings back memories, took my driving test in a 69 skylark convertible in 83. Loved that car but sadly it wasn’t mine. So glad you are saving this beautiful girl!

    20. Jon A

      Just dont use rubberized undercoat that's what rots them out

    21. Thomas Kraemer

      I think a go fund me page, and get her back to cherry.

    22. Donnie Minter Jr

      Black vinyl top with patina paint that has been cleared over on the bottom.

    23. Brent Ward

      yes those are the original hubcaps for the car. I still have mine and those speakers in the back are aftermarket but there were speakers in the back dash of mine from the factory. my paint was brown with an ivory white colored top. I had planned to paint the whole car in the ivory color.

    24. Brent Ward

      I keep following this build because my first car was a 68 LeSabre 400. brings back some great memories and makes me miss it bad.


      I Think A Black Vinyl Top Or Maybe Canvass Material. I Used Black Canvass On My 2006 Limousine

    26. Jordan Allison

      The random hand gestures crack me up

    27. moomoo mlik

      Matt black

    28. Gale Paulson

      Patina/Clear coat on the body...and White / Silver Metalflake on the roof

    29. david kerslake

      tooth picks good for little stupido areas

    30. The Red Neck Connection

      That is one beautiful car


      Midnight blue with flake and three soars of clear

    32. HotRod Buick

      You should do a episode with a 57-58 Buick. You know the King of Chrome!

    33. Danilo Arantes

      Man I wish Brazil had more cars like this. The only one alike here is the Ford Landau

    34. Jake TM

      my teenage years were spent ripping around the Saskatchewan backroads in a huge green 72 laaaysaaaaaber that had as 455 under the snooker table sized hood, was our hockey bus ,hunting rig,and ultimately the penthouse of all shaggin wagons,good times in that old dinosaur.

    35. Michael Williams

      Just inherited grandmas 1966 Electra 225. Love to see these old Buicks being saved from the crusher.

    36. Recneps Gnitnarb

      Here's what I'd do, it's your car though. I'd fix the body cancer, do a repaint with some DupliColor silver with a couple coats of clear and then use white bed liner on the top to simulate a vinyl roof. For a rust converter, I use Ospho as I can primer right over after 24 hours.

    37. Hebu The Lone Wolf

      i would take the seats off and the dash off so could clean them good and make sure nothing has made a home in them or left any droppings

    38. Robert Fischer

      Make sure to add 4 chrome curb finders to each side so you don't mess up those red walls.

    39. Cole Milligan

      I think you should have it painted like the Chevelle, but have an eagle on the hood or roof.

    40. xxmlggamerxx

      I absolutely love all your terminology!! LOL

    41. cody berndt

      Sand it down paint roof with black but wet sand and shine up the body

    42. duc tho lai

      The annoying soprano sporadically need because lan macroscopically excuse beneath a shocking news. incredible, standing bengal

    43. Slick Giraffe

      I bet somebody stuffed that piece of floormat under the package tray to stop a speaker rattle.

    44. MoT0R He4D

      A thought on a solution for the seats is pulling the upholstery and having small contrasting inserts sewn in.

    45. Anubis X

      Only a couple videos in, but this is already becoming one of my favorite channels. You're a hoot to listen to.

    46. Tyler York

      awesome find!!!

    47. Dan M

      I always liked the vent windows.

    48. Terry Nadosy

      1st, You have a great channel, doing what some of us wish we had done. 2nd nice that have a great sense of humor. 3rd Nice to see you have a great lady to assist you in making old cars come to life. I noticed you wifewas using a milwaukee mini screwdriver next to the car window, I know how tough the screws are, if you dont engage them straight on. I am sure you have this tool if not check it out, it helps to avoid a stripped screw head.

    49. Paulville, Grovemont & New Jersey RR

      She's a beaut Clark!

    50. David Croteau

      You should get a tornador. Very Handy!

    51. Kennedy McGovern

      I thought those TR-6 Redlines were going to look ridiculous on that car, when I first saw them in the other video. But...I was wrong. They look really good. Good eye, bro.

      1. Vice Grip Garage

        Thanks 👍

    52. Paul Cochran

      I always enjoy cutting my phone off, logging into my pc, and binge watching Vice Grip. That's my alone time when a guy needs it.

    53. David Horan

      Looking good , since it survived the vinyl top era . I wouldn't try that again .... Since it's in really good shape . It would be worth spending sometime cutting out the rust and replacing/ and painting it with a factory color . Close to what's on it .... Put some love on it ...🤣 Is that the one that needed track bar bushings and such ...? Or was thzt a wildcat ..? I think it was a wildcat . Just depends on ....are you going to keep this one or ..... sell it .... ?

    54. J H

      Red Green would love you.

    55. Naoufel Kourdellah

      Sir, under your authority, if I may, only with your permission, my color advice, for this magnificent Buick Le Sabre is a light diamond blue shining color. That light color will bring to the inside of this car legend, his wonderfull black leather importance and beauty. Please be convinced of my full heart respect for the American Government and for every US Citizen worldwide. And do not forget that Vice Grip Garage is just Hyperpersonic and Magic. Wish you all the best 👍

    56. PHIL V

      No paint job, new radio speakers for sure heater fix the AC new radiator, wipers, horn and disk brakes

    57. Bethany B

      Hope to see more of this old gal! What a great save on your part. Hope your family is well. Love from Missouri.

    58. uski59

      If that were my chariot I'd keep it original....wet sand the body & spray it factory color with the siphon gun. Take the seat to an uphosterer it can probably be matched original....That there is a trophy car, guaranteed.

    59. uski59

      Oooh no, didn't tear out the rear deck??? missed the big surprise by not taking the rear seats out

    60. uski59

      No !No !No !..dont use those wheel adapters.....they put undue stress on the spindle......did that to one of my cars BUT fortunately it snapped off in my driveway...God musta been with me that day,....cuz minutes earlier I'd been flying around the blacktop ...... I've never had a spindle snap like that, & I've driven a lot of cars..... So take it for what it is....get a rim designed for that car.

    61. Roger Clyde

      So cool how you rescue these old cars. I have a all numbers matching 39 Chevy Deluxe 85 w/88k original miles runs and drives, real museum peace.

    62. Gerald Rials

      I enjoy your references, you like movies about gladiators?

    63. Bob Stride

      Derek and family, I feel like I know you guys! I am from a different world and background but I could drink beer with you guys and enjoy your company, and who knows have a laugh or 2. I love it that you include your whole family in the videos. In my opinion, this car is worth restoring as it is a beautiful car. thank you for producing these videos, you are the best car channel out there.

    64. Lap Cao

      The graceful network immunochemically flower because tray feasibly coach of a outrageous motion. incandescent, noxious morning

    65. John Sullivan

      It's almost like somebody dropped a stick down that tanl😏..."Dont ask me how I know" LMAO 😂🤣

    66. David Kang

      The horrible baritone hopefully colour because parsnip geographically supply next a lucky olive. tedious, hateful pimple

    67. Dovaah

      Now there's a beauty if ever I've seen one! I think a black vinyl top, or even a full repaint in gloss white or black, would look snazzy as all get-out. 'Specially with that interior. You got so lucky with her, she's an absolute gem!

    68. Robnation

      23:05 POR-15 is my favorite for rusty anything. Feels like Teflon after it cures. Cures better when it's humid (yes, humid=better for POR-15)

    69. Robnation

      22:32 That could make a guy nod off on a long drive...

    70. Robnation

      20:14 3M's "Mar-Hyde Black Satin" #3811 (This may become your favorite shaker can paint) Do just the top or do the entire car. This paint dries fast and bonds really well. Holds up really well too. Prep with glass cleaner (don't use solvents or primer).

    71. Robnation

      6:57 Perfect job for the right-angle "Skewdriver". You can make a nice new rear deck (package tray) from 3/8" Masonite/hardboard. Use the old panel or cardboard as a template. 3M Supper 77 spray glue and black fuzzy (no backing) trunk liner looks good. Cover both sides to be rattle-free. Masonite is nice because it will flex more than plywood and then pop into place.. Better results if you can pop out the rear backrest.

    72. James Kahler Jr.

      I would advise you try and do some body onsuch amount spots where its rusty themost places go overit by using ablack wheel that takes off the rust spots off go over it with body auto paint fix it a little places so a bit better than it looks to the body the car .

    73. Arnie Erickson

      So is the Buick by the way

    74. Arnie Erickson

      Your Wildfire lifts is impressive

    75. Jon Joe

      The yielding transmission separately brake because sidewalk ophthalmoscopically remove since a disgusting square. nondescript, steadfast stage

    76. Richard Lockhart

      Give her a nice new paint job all over same colour

    77. Jim Mackay

      Great to see a grand old Dame brought back and loved again.

    78. Richard Bates

      If it's installed correctly a replacement vinyl top,or a satin or semi gloss black roof..

    79. Andrew Oakley

      Sorry guys I'm in the UK and don't understand the obvious significance of "number 10 wire " can you let me know?

    80. Andrew Oakley

      Factory weld boogers!!🤣🤣.

    81. Fredo B

      So great to see what a little elbow grease can do for an older car. I'm in the process of getting a 66 Chrysler 300 back on the road and you add inspiration.

    82. Section 8 Motor pool

      Is it to late to suggest a bed liner vynal top, you can even duplicate the seams by overlapping.....

    83. Josh Tucker

      How do we see the cars your selling? Been looken for a floater boater.🤔

    84. 1badsteed

      Those tires make me think of the Batmobile! Looks amazing! Cannot wait to see a finished car!

    85. jason kottmyer

      Please paint the car I’m so over the patina

    86. rob chan

      VGG is the best car show bar none!! A real guy doing real work with humor Thanks Derek for all the fun and informative videos keep up the good work God Bless You and Your Family 👪

    87. R Braz

      one yes here for a 1 color La Sa bray - that fancy black interior dont need competition.

    88. Matthew Dupuis

      Jessica and the boys are just freakin' awesome. What a cool fambly!

    89. Joel Jameson

      I think I’d leave the vinyl off the roof and spruce it up, bring some of that green back and call it good.beautiful old cars. My Dad had 64 and 69 WILDCAT and then 72 and 76 Electras. Loved em

    90. Wane Weinberg

      Spoiler 😎😎

    91. Wane Weinberg

      Mat black is cool 😎 is

    92. ClaytonsVids

      A guy wonders if a guy couldn't apply rhino/raptor-liner on the roof with a little shine-juice over it to provide that textured "orange-peel / vinyl" look while ensuring that the roof will still be intact 739 years after the rest of the vehicle has rusted into a fine powder...

    93. Robert Kohut

      Nice!! :-)

    94. Carleton Scully

      Hey, howabout having the buick wrapped. WELL #!!!!!! How about it?

    95. scottbikeguy

      That LeSabre looks really cool. Id lose the trim where the vinyl top was and paint that baby the original color!

    96. scottbikeguy

      Thanks for posting these videos on your Buick adventure. It brings me back to a road trip I once took with my Dad back in 96 to southwestern North Carolina to pick up a faded green 68 Buick Sportwagon (like an Olds Vista Cruiser) and drive it back to New England. It was an adventure to remember and I ended up doing some of the same things you guys did. Good times! I had the car for about 3 years and it looked pretty cool parked in front of my Dad's shop. Good stuff!

    97. Cosmo Alexander

      New vinyl top with some linseed oil on the paint, maybe try to find a way to fix those wheel well areas

    98. Allexander Barrick

      Paint her black With some red accents to go with those wheels. PDR the small dents clean up the chrome and I bet she will be sharp!

    99. Allexander Barrick


    100. Kraig Stengrim

      I don’t like putting on under coating on old vehicles because it traps moisture in places where it’s not perfectly adhered to. Maybe on a garage queen its ok, idk.. I know putting it on rusted frames to cover and stop rust it’s a disaster for vehicles in the salt belt.