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    We're back! This week we put together the best fails on both land and sea! No matter where you are, failure is inevitable!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 7 ماه


    1. Pibita lópez

      123 wat of the una mujer y yo soi de chile

    2. AverageWoTBlitz v-k

      1st clip real men wear jeans

    3. Gabi Benavente

      The baby chick was like “ooh it’s warm in here”

    4. Beck


    5. OsY

      1:46 this guy is a true legend

    6. Waterkipje

      That dude at 2:38 really sounded like he knew it for real

    7. Tonini08

      2:52 That transition in audio tho

    8. Em_the_Lion

      I thought that the surf part would be like people getting slapped by fish or smth. Instead we got people just being owned by the waves themselves.

    9. Michael Nickname

      Chick try to catch a chicken.... 5:00

    10. Erin Stratman

      Are chickens dangerous? Why are these people so scared?

    11. wizardwithguns

      Some of these are cruel, leave the animal fails out!

    12. RayShell d

      Listen, been around fowl most of my life. An adult who screams over a chicken chasing them...is an idiot.

    13. Bettie Turner

      really wish you guys would stop showing people riding little animals. Admittedly, sitting on a cow won't hurt it, but adults riding ponies and small baby calves is straight up animal abuse.

    14. Funny Life

      4:04 when quarantine is finally over and you have to deal with Real Life again.

    15. Jack Armstrong

      The blurry sides on the video are annoying

    16. vbddfy euuyt

      1:04 she was like, are you serious..😂😂💔

    17. JustNicoc

      I love failarmy videos, but sadly they are too short🥺

    18. Icy

      1:02 Now that's what i call an abusive relationship.

      1. asioe kiou

        Alter scheiß 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

    19. asioe kiou


      1. asioe kiou

        1:09 2:53

    20. mishakrtop 228


      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Scared of a rooster.. Really?

    21. Diana Prince

      And that is why I never bring my phone to the beach.

      1. Diana Prince

        asioe kiou My comrade attacking that woman

      2. asioe kiou

        5:08 The tables have turned

    22. BaySideTV

      that rooster was protecting his bitches.

    23. DrOneOneOne

      Realistically, why would an adult be afraid of a chicken ?

    24. jean owlnight

      3:00 Sia? uwu

    25. angel dust

      0:47 lil chicken is trying to find his mom

    26. Felipe Alonso

      Es muy. Graciosa. Y. Divertida

    27. Martín Fernandez

      1:48 that was epic. Like everyone knew exactly what would happen to him.

    28. Charles in charge.

      If you are serious about quiting cigarette smoking go try to swim in the ocean. I almost drowned. Yes i quit at 27. The man who saved me was the retired life Guard of that spot. He happened to be there that day.📡👽🇺🇸 thank you sir. Right side of SEAL BEACH PIER. I was a goner. 💀

    29. Olsonator777

      People are embarrassing.

    30. bouytt guyt

      All of the wave ones remind me the advice I got a long time ago: "never turn your back on the ocean!" 😅

    31. Striving for new horizons

      1:50 Dude... Ride it or dive/cut through the wave (last one's better, I guess it would've hurt just as much if he attempted to ride it), but DON'T try to jump over a wave of that size 😭😂

    32. B.

      Stop that slowmo crap

      1. bouytt guyt

        Who came here to make coffin dance meme?)

    33. MikMech

      4:12 Cute !

    34. Howling Beats

      Scared of a rooster.. Really?

    35. Lords Servant

      1:09 2:53

    36. blubhumm

      Alter scheiß 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

    37. That one kid That don’t care

      5:08 The tables have turned

    38. Julian Schraut

      lol the first one was the best

    39. Urbex Badger Zweitkanal

      1:39 welcome to Switzerland.

    40. AxeMastersINC

      4:03 why would any sane person build a pool that damn little? Good grief.

    41. Edwin D

      4:12 this whole thing has a build up to exactly what I thought was going to happen. I love mean ass roosters

    42. ceerw buty

      2:22 I bet the horse planned to throw him 😂

    43. Amroth

      WoW ... These are NOT fails!!.. i gues if some people would have died its called NATURAL Evolution.

    44. Katie Did

      Don't particularly want to see people who are not practicing social distancing.

    45. John McMahon

      Did you know you can hypnotise a chicken? CAaacK AhH *dOoDDLEe DOooooH*

    46. RICH100m

      Coffin dance niggas come here 😂

    47. RICH100m

      Who came here to make coffin dance meme?)

    48. victuuri _

      2:58 what an idiot.

    49. Burt Gummer

      1:06 girl: how bout a sweet hug 🐎: how bout i jaw check you

    50. Caleb Moore

      That cow was out for that bikers blood

    51. P S

      Could you make a new policy rejecting any videos in slo-mo?

    52. LegoBoi 1

      Huuuuuuuuuuuuge wave!!!!!

    53. Matt Jasa

      Whats poppin poppy!

    54. Mark

      Best one for a while that.

    55. Eddie_1468

      All these people getting absoultly slammed just because they don't understand what a shore break is..

    56. Amin M

      1:21 when my mom has a belt in her hand

    57. Caden DeWeese

      1:37 npcs in gta 5

    58. Firinmahlazer

      Why do people refuse to accept the fact that horses are fucking stupid animals?

    59. Hunting YT

      You should show us your face

    60. Hammett175

      The horses seem to hate our guts now. They're turning on us.

    61. Hammett175

      2:20 I really enjoyed this one for some sick reason. Very satisfying.

    62. Lucas Silva Pascoal

      A very good selection I haven't seen here a long time ago!

    63. Starvel

      5:07 uno reverse card.

    64. Starvel

      1:39 I feel more bad for the sheep then the human.

      1. Duane Brown


      2. Vixen the fire fox

        Thats a cow

    65. LeBabaCool


    66. 0m3n

      4:13 "I just moved out of the city and bought a farm"

    67. Get Greased

      5:06 chicken yelled that the girl had corona then attacked

    68. The Anis Channel

      0:33 who noticed the person in the back fall.

      1. Overt 1

        That’s the fail in the clip...

    69. Marloes

      F*ck everyone who thinks it's funny to sit on an animal that obviously can't, doesn't want to or isn't trained to carry them. That shit is abusive and it needs to stop!

    70. DarthMudkip_BrawlStars

      At 1:44, I’m getting some moo moo meadows vibes

    71. Bronwyn Woods

      2:41 ahem no pronouncing the titanic-

    72. Bronwyn Woods

      1:37 this man really do be hittin on some cows

    73. Jordan Belfort

      5:16 einfach nur verdient 👏🏼

    74. cappaculla

      Wow shit compilation

    75. Lava Hotpocket

      Hey, so how about instead of glorifying and promoting videos of people abusing animals, you stick to people doing stupid shit to themselves and others?

    76. Timothy zephyr

      3:40 that idiot have badly damaged that poor calfs spine

    77. Michael Hilton

      3:15 serious MILF action

    78. Lewis

      This channel is getting crap

    79. M M

      1:02 I don't think that was a fail, or done to be mean. That's an attempt at showing affection (I think, i'm not a horse expert), horses are just too damn big to show physical affection to Humans without hurting us. If hurting her was the goal, it would have used its hoof instead of its leg.

    80. Max Swanson

      These people are not the brightest

    81. Max Swanson

      1:08 it’s a magic trick, she’s there then she’s not

    82. David jesus Nuñez monjaraz

      Nice nice jajaja the face of the dog not have price jajajjaja

    83. rayshon


    84. OneHairyGuy

      The title should've been, "It seemed like a good idea 💡 at the time."

    85. Paul Colbourne

      That woman chasing chickens is absolutely adorable. No fakery, no attitude. Just real, honest effort. I could watch that for an hour I think.

    86. Brett Sharpe

      I hate when people say “i got it on camera” like cool go help ur friend that could possibly be paralyzed

      1. Littleathquakes


      2. Jason Dashney

        Those people are the worst

      3. tinydog1234

        I just hope the photographer got the shot before turning to protect his gear.

    87. Tom Vrabec

      0:47 left me traumatized 😂wtf

    88. Diego Martiniuk

      0:47 WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!

    89. Ex Nihilo

      4:18 mark. This person doesn't know shit about chickens. Lose the dumb hat and fake boots.

    90. Tallowyck62

      3:01 yum

    91. Tallowyck62

      1:56 As soon as I saw the shirtless douche bag with the backwards hat: please have this asshole get hurt badly. Edit: disappointment.

    92. Potterhead's Chamber

      That lady with the chickens was so annoying.

    93. Juan Manuel Botas

      Spanish intro, great!!!

    94. earlxiety

      0:52 *WIPEOUT*

    95. Stackzz

      The girl who got booted by horse Snapchat is x.dominikajurek ;)

    96. Jonas Seyfried

      U simply can't ride cows man. Let it be

    97. TheSchmo

      All that Meat and no Gravy 5:32

    98. TheSchmo

      That horse knew exactly what it was doing 2:22. I hear they sold it to the Champion Dog food Corp.

    99. Rohan S. Art Genjutsu

      *Oh so this is how the outside world looks like.* Quarantine hit me real hard.

    100. Giovanni Lex

      The people trying to ride small animals suck