kenzie - Donuts (feat. Yung Bae) (Official Video)


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    kenzie feat. Yung Bae - Donuts (Official Video)
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    Verse 1
    find me on Tuesday night for take off
    i don’t wanna waste no time
    what you want?
    Doing circles going 70
    dont wanna be a fine line that you zig zag
    Givin you a new baseline
    To tip tap
    you’re still playing are you kidding me?
    what you gotta say
    you aint gotta phrase
    (Just say you want it!)
    Thought you need space
    Now you at my place
    Hell no
    (Ok be honest)
    why you playing safe
    Run another base or go home
    (Just say you want it)
    where u goin?
    Come on
    I’m on sunset
    you’re doing donuts
    Right up my street
    Yo whats the hold up
    Pull up on me
    Going round, and round,
    going right around me
    around me
    Going round, and round,
    going right around me
    around me
    You’re doing donuts
    So supa sweet
    sprinkle dat focus
    What does that mean?
    Verse 2
    think it’s time to wrecking ball
    the chit chat
    see where all the feelings fall
    You catch that
    throw your body where its ‘spose to be
    (In my bed)
    #Kenzie #Donuts #YungBae

    تاریخ انتشار پیش 8 روز


    1. kenzie

      #kenziedonuts is here 🍩 thank you for the love!

      1. EVAN ADRIEN

        U make me want to break up with her...💖

      2. EVAN ADRIEN

        love u..💖

      3. EVAN ADRIEN

        I would ask u to runaway with me......i only got 341 thousand need more. Than that for. You..🌼💪😧💪⚘

      4. Casper


      5. Casper

        Hi i love donuts 🍩

    2. Jesse Koss

      I love u Kenzie, but damn in Australia doing donuts in ur street, means smoking up your 550hp Commodore n probably getting busted. Still good though thxs, Keep up the good work.

      1. Jesse Koss

        Some good drifter doing donuts around u would of been mad as.

    3. ryu-kun

      this is so ✨ a e s t h e t i c ✨

    4. MR POST MAN

      I'm sorry but kenzie has a boyfriend every week. Like girly u should take time. And I don't mean 1 month, I mean like a year. But shes happy with this guy so be it right?

    5. sudhiksha manoj

      kenzie - sings about donuts cakes and chocolates- so are we next? like if you understand..👍

    6. Priyadharsini T

      I have a million views to this song , I love it that much, Kenzie is such an amazing creator, amazing costume, good theme Love it

    7. Xanna X

      I love the whole vibe of this

    8. h o n e y !

      Is it just me or did I see Nia 👁👄👁

      1. MR POST MAN

        That's Dylan and Emily

    9. Jaimee Lucas

      In my opinion, she could've been a big singer! If she continued consistently releasing music after "it's a Girl Party."

    10. Julia Azalea T


    11. Tiffany Tan

      It's been a week,and we are still only on 400k something,I'm so sorry kenz

    12. Elena ræ

      Warum hat sie bis jetzt nur so wenig Aufrufe ?!

    13. Vanessa Kehlani

      This song is so good 🥺

    14. Valerie Gamboa

      Abby can't compare you to maddie now you get em sister

    15. Rylee Tennyson

      I love that dude in the car behind kenzie just chilling with is dog, like same bro 😂

    16. Alyssa Morton


    17. Aya

      that sparkling top aint for.a 16 y.o.

    18. Liliana Rascón Morales

      Love this

    19. F I O N A SX


    20. suryamohankumar kanety


    21. Gacha_Watermelon

      I thought it was an ad for doughnuts at first

    22. Karla Cooper

      I LOVE this song Mac z! I LOVE you! You look beautiful!

    23. Blaire B

      This song is sooo good! ✨✨🍩

    24. Straight outta Here

      She has a big ass nose

    25. Angela R. G.

      It's me or the begining sounds like Say so de Doja Cat

    26. beeniaplayz roblox

      kenzie bbg u have more subs than megan the stallion on youtube go you luv!!


      # Tenzie


      hi kenzie l love your new song and you and your bf did a good job u grew up to fast

    29. TheBibia1

      This was such a cute video haha

    30. Shauka Hodan

      Gonna be awkward when she breaks up with him and have this video out there


      i like so much this music

    32. Xilef Leclerc

      Very, very soon 500,000 views

      1. Shauka Hodan

        seems to be good

    33. Krystal Muwonge

      me patiently waiting for yung bae's verse: 👁️👄👁️ ...🙂

      1. LOL LOL

        He probs wrote the song

    34. Mali Crain

      Kenzie is great but I feel she could be so much better if she see a phonetician, not hate is a common problem with american singers who speaks fast


      I WANT TOO STOP. ON U...💪💪

    36. univexse ꨄ

      Where is this store I have to go 😍🧁👏🏾

    37. Gummy Bear

      Omg am i the only one who remembers the MattyB’s video at the diner that the dance mom’s were in??? Now Kenzie’s doing her own video!!!! 👏

    38. Brooke Meier

      Only people who think kenzie is beautiful can like

    39. Raghavi Ravi Aiyer

      Let me just tell you kenzie, I LOVE YOU!!

    40. Ness Finesse

      Your singing is not bad but the beat and rhythm suck as*

    41. Hayley Slater

      Kenzie reminds me of Dua Lipa here 😂

    42. Mac GrayMcDonald

      Had seriously low expectations, but this is low key actually catchy and well done. Girls actually talented. Not just shaking her goodies for views

    43. Cash baby love

      Love you makenzie you are awesome love your voice

    44. Ramisa Maliha

      Why kenzie looks like jungkook in the thumbnail

    45. 2ogrl059

      I listend to this song like 100% times

    46. H.E.B Tv

      I loved everything about this. The song, the video, everything was stunning. Kenz is so talented and Nia was there 😍

    47. Desiree Jacobson

      It’s so good to se kenzie moving onto more mature things and she looks sooo good

    48. TrAsH Gaming

      Kenz is the best teen singer in the world... at least for me 😇❤❤

    49. Litzy Anett

      the cameras man did her wrong 👃🏻

    50. kim sanitizer

      She acts like a grown up lmao

    51. this crush is kind of crushing me

      She looks like gina from b99 :o

    52. Mica Santos

      Se copió de charli

    53. Kei

      this needs to get to more people

    54. Kei

      that make up

    55. Casper


    56. sienna wooten

      i am OBSESSED with this song

    57. Rachael Singh

      oh 1 more thing your dancing is so bad and horrible

    58. Rachael Singh

      your songs dont make any sense

    59. Rachael Singh

      Kenzie your songs stink

    60. Franky Mckenzy

      I love kenzie so much but I’m sorry I kept getting distracted by her nose. I feel so bad

    61. wnnalis cioov

      Nobody: Nobody at all: Me:*searches for donut recipe* IRvision: here ya go 😁

    62. Malu Faé

      “ i love dancing, but i dont wanna go on broadway, all i wanna do is, stay jome and eat chips” 😍😍😍

    63. GiaNina's Galaxy

      ngl the set is stranger things vibes

    64. pep pop

      You're so beautiful Kenzie

    65. pep pop

      I love this so much

    66. pep pop

      I never knew Kenzie sang but I love it and I'm 30 seconds in :)

    67. Em b

      This is soo good! She has more subs then maddie now

    68. olivia reams

      mega flop

    69. bella jones

      Who else remebers when ricegum dissed mackenzie

    70. Veronica Puche

      This is a BANGER and so UNDERRATED’

    71. screwgravity100

      Apparently autotune is the only music genre she can do...

    72. Ella Price

      your so pretty in this music video

    73. ARMY Forever

      JAJAJA se fijaron que tenia una dona de chocolate y de la nada era blanca

    74. Hanane Nammour

      Me eating chips in bed Me also ……start dancing on bed Mom: what are u DOING!

      1. Marvielys Peguero

        Lol MOOD

    75. charlese caple

      this is like amazing i listen to it every night🤪

    76. Ivonete Barreto


    77. Yohaira Morales

      ik im not the only one who was tryna recreate her outfits

    78. Alesia Dhivra

      Wooow!!!! I missed her

    79. Carly CHAPPELL

      🍩Your such a good singer🍩!!!!!


      This is actually a bop 👌😃

    81. Janely Hernandez

      I LOVE YOU kenzie 💕

    82. rianna Wilson

      wow just wow

    83. Nadine사랑

      I cant believe i missed this song :(

    84. James Kirk

      The music sucks be she is BANGIN!!!!

    85. Sabs Lucna

      No se por qué pensé que era Jungkook en la portada ._.XD

    86. Ducksare Cool

      Like what the song is really good and she looks absolutely stunning !!!

    87. Elle & Ehm

      When you have watched this so many times and you are still wondering where is maddie? It would be so good if they would be together.

    88. Mon Big

      Vamos por ese 1M!!!!!! amooo esta canción,Kenzie prueba diferentes géneros y ritmos y le sale perfecto,tanto a Kenzie como Yung Bae

    89. nesh

      THIS VIDEO WOOOOW. i wish i lived in america

    90. nesh

      this song - wow

    91. Casper

      I thought of Charlie dukin donuts drink

    92. Casper

      Jhony lost her

    93. Absar Custodio Hajiri

      Feeling Unstappable??

    94. CupcakeQTGG

      I THINK I SAW ZENDAYA 0:34 I screenshoted and IT IS ZENDAYA

      1. CupcakeQTGG

        I know the other one is Emily skinner but my bad

      2. LOL LOL

        That is not zenday mate, that’s Dylan and the other one is Emily

      3. Julia Azalea T

        @Elena ræ yeah

      4. Elena ræ

        The girl on the right is Emily Skinner

      5. Julia Azalea T

        I’m pretty sure it’s Dylan Conrique Kenzie best friend and idk who the girl on the right is

    95. Diana Chiriac


    96. ᄋᄒ

      한국 팬 입니다 너무 너무 예쁘고 사랑스럽고 노래 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    97. Cheyenne Paxton

      I love the theme of the music video

    98. Ella F

      Nice filter.

    99. Ella F


    100. Jasmine Ferrer

      ur boyfriend kinda looks like shawn mendes