Top 100 Fails of the Year Part 3 (2019) | FailArmy


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    We continue our journey through The Best Fails of the Year! We have even more epic fails from a truly memorable year!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 11 ماه


    1. Libby Sikes

      2:39 that's my principal :))

    2. Gonza games


    3. Jeremiah Crawford

      My God they used the same video in back to back videos. Fail army is fucked

    4. Yael J.

      3:42 youre fired 🤣🤣🤣

    5. MrEmolinho123

      2:50 why they wearing scam office clothes at construction

    6. 게임tv

      3:06 3:39 3:10 3:13

    7. sujit choudhari

      0:43 pause the video here and it's more funny.

    8. Moi Phan

      Viet nam

    9. SADat4AM

      havent watched this channel in a year... *the feck is this now?*

    10. Marqus Cano

      Y'all gotta make the videos longer man forreal😂😂

    11. Aramis Moreno

      3:05 I can‘t😂😩

    12. Uroclasio Sabadu

      I hate the intros to these videos. Just show the whole fail without a cliffhanger

    13. Luc Aube

      2:13 Frogger world champion.

    14. FreedomEagles100

      Man since IRvision asked to do more content to keep our cherkmark this channel became pure shit.

    15. Oli Powoli

      20 fails not1 100

    16. Boaz

      1:45 why is that a fail

    17. Joy Deibert

      58: 🤔kids or no kids

    18. Spilmec

      2:40 Pretty sure that's the Principal.

      1. Libby Sikes

        yessir. that's our principal!

    19. Khmer Global Karaoke

      0:11 i saw this in TikTok

    20. Grant’s Piano Channel

      1:11 that is my dads friend. I swear legit no joke.

    21. stan_sprinkle

      I didn't get what happened at 2:15 ?? Seemed like just a normal every-second occurrence in Vietnam

    22. Roobics Coob

      Pause at 0:44 🤣

    23. Ob1 Keno2

      3:49 back to the future in real life

    24. win embedded POSready 2009 stinks

      3:38 😆

      1. win embedded POSready 2009 stinks

        I can't stop Laugh At This Part

    25. MrChowhua

      In this day and age everyone should have a portable power banks. No reason for anyone to use power outlets at airports.

    26. MaggieMoo_18 Channel

      With all the bikers is crossy road

    27. Emansporty

      42 should be top 5

    28. CarTuner PH

      2:14 The new Crossy Roads update is awesome.

    29. Horst Walter

      Was that Hitchcock?

    30. Flatzone

      stop baby raging and enjoy the content smh

    31. swedishwarrior

      I remember when those 2 males and 1 female tried to present this show. It's unbelievabley got worse which is hard to comprohered..

    32. swedishwarrior

      That power outlet wasn't funny in the past... It's far from funny now!

    33. Koa5191

      STILL. 86.

    34. Joe Stroud

      Everyone complaining about this channel doesn't realize that they have to abide by IRvision guidelines and rules or they don't make any money from their videos which means they can't pay the people who work on these. Notice no guns or violent fails for the most part, that's IRvision's fault. Not the channels. Sure they can choose not to follow those rules but then they'd have to fire people due to the fact they wouldn't be making money to pay them, it's not like some individual IRvisionr where if a video gets demonitized they just miss out on a paycheck or whatever. This is a company with staff. Y'all need to not be so dumb tbh.

    35. MrLemey


    36. Lorcan Wiles

      In the first clip why didn’t he just run around the wall?

    37. The Felidae

      2:22 (#49) is a "best of the year"?!!

    38. Fer

      2:13 Nice "fail"

    39. Daxx Alabel

      A fail army video that is the top 100 fails of 2019, and apparently there aren't 100 from 2019 because this video is about 1/4 not fail videos. Looks like it's time to unsub.

    40. thịnh lê

      2:20 that's Viet Nam baby

    41. José da Cunha Filho

      2:13 not a Fail

    42. s storm

      #50 is a win, not a fail

    43. Get Real

      Who the hell is compiling these? You suck.

    44. manduheavy vazquez

      2:42 Jajajaja lol. Greatness.

    45. Kanak Barfa

      Are videos on epic fails an epic fail?

    46. Pascal

      2:13 she play to much Crossy Road

    47. Jason Kioke

      2:14 The Matrix. She's broken the code.

    48. Mr. Joshua

      How is #50 a fail?

    49. Rikitikisiki

      Way too many wins in these fails.

    50. G Kharisma

      3:06 jelema idiot

    51. B3RT


    52. Sunh xD

      3:05 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. Szymon Woźniak

      3:29 my favorite laugh moment!

    54. gangster thanos

      That last clip was crazy because the wheel just one wheel it was scratches all over the highway

    55. jason willy


    56. Rolyat Neek

      Almost 2020 and you still don't understand the difference between a prank and a fail.

    57. Oscar The FunnyDoggo

      Love that citizen kane reference😂

    58. Black Kenzo

      Hi friend, how are you doing great? I have one request for you, can you fulfill my request? I will not be offended if you can not fulfill my request, but if you can do my request, I will be very grateful to you . My request is that you subscribe to my Kana Black Kenzo and that's it If you love your mother then love him more and more deeply

    59. Alex Yañez

      IRvision Kills Fail Army

    60. dũng nguyễn

      2:20 welcome to vietnam

    61. Knik B

      You can do it

    62. Sal Altschul

      Chubby guy kn a tiny car!

    63. KairosObjective

      3:44 ended too soon

    64. FooT Brazil

      44 is the best

    65. Anna Nyme

      failarmy is doing more and more Putaclic 0_ô!

    66. Saigneur AgoniuM

      2:13 I walk everyday like this.

    67. Note

      42. Killed me

    68. tesoros enterrados es lo mejor

      Yo hablo español pero igual te sigo xdd hay alguien más que hable español? Like si hablas español

    69. Malikai 213

      2019 was the year this channel died that's sad


      Is this supposed to make me laugh?

    71. Just Passing Through

      That girl with the outlet is seriously juicy and thicc

    72. Coco Cebrian

      3:20 vanilla ice ice baby

    73. Allie Marshall

      the one at 3:05 is on tiktok plus fail army posted this already at least 3 times

    74. J. Helmenstine

      Timing IS everything.

    75. theandren85

      Horrible collection that involves wins as well

    76. pipez Poxer

      2:14 Neo.😄

    77. Dr.CompilationTV

    78. Zubr Hero

      1:53 *BRO! BRO! BRO! BRO!*

    79. `KovEE

      why is there so much hate in the comments?

    80. Marcel Smith

      The fun times at the lake kinda creep me out the guy slipped and grab onto the railing and suddenly another face appear

    81. STAG162

      #44 finally a fail from Australia

    82. Randy Hate

      2:23 sounds like Furry Potato? I know most of you don't know who that is but I had to say it.

    83. Fileeraus

      Unsubbed after this. Such trash.

    84. no code

      Same clips over n over again it's done were over it click bate happy deletion chump!!!!

    85. NadrianATRS

      Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have natural ability to walk in high heels. Tired of that stereotype crap

    86. Raf Sleurs

      Guys, stop doing this prank/cool video shit. This is FAILarmy!

    87. darkstars101

      You should include this channel as one of the Top 100 Fails of the Year

    88. Karim Mohamed


    89. MrWorstdj

      Power outlet fail is only there because of her Booty 🤷🏻‍♂️

    90. IDK Anymore

      2:14 cross road irl

    91. Vicente Ibañez

      Quiero la parte 4 prontooo

    92. Cameron Lamb

      Yeah pretty bad selections these days.


      It is quite clear that the you tube censorship has drastically affected fail army, based on the recent content. Algorithmic censorship is a cancer and we will all be victims.

    94. Jarl Beastman

      how the mighty have fallen, what is this garbage you are uploading!!!!!!!

    95. Hiren Patel

    96. ian eisemann

      They don't even do fails of the week any more.. so I never watch this channel

    97. Mike Rhodes

      #43 Is a TOP fail of 2019?!?!

      1. Andrew Reed

        Dude was so full of shit. Gotta fake it for them views

    98. Lazar Markovic

      Y is the video so short

    99. Leon 777

      The biggest fail is their channel