Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

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    Dave Chappelle talks about the 2020 election, COVID-19 and Donald Trump.
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    1. Clay Rose

      My favorite sketch on SNL

    2. Alex Filippelli

      one of my favorite monologues ever

    3. Alan Lewis


    4. Elijah Spraggins

      all facts!!!!!

      1. Elijah Spraggins

        I approve of this message lol

    5. Ale De La Fuente

      14:30 - 16:14 that was genuinely one of the wisest speeches I’ve ever heard. More people need to hear this.

    6. Kyle Olson


    7. Big Mam

      I can listen to Chappelle for hours!

    8. Papi styles The car guy

      Dave ur the fucking best 14 years and u ain’t miss a best

    9. Tim HeathLeu

      The purpose of art is to show life from a point of view. This guy is the epitome of what an artist is meant to be. The most wretched truths can be heard when we are laughing. People like Chappelle are what the world needs if we are going to move through the divisiveness and incessant vitriol. Can't wait to see the shows from this Summer.

      1. Angel

        @Tim HeathLeu No matter what you think of Trump he was our last chance to keep America the way America was always supposed to be. Why do you think the media went all out to destroy him all these years? And now Silicon Valley joined in and put the nail in the coffin. Trump sadly is done and now even the banks are dumping him. Can you imagine a bank not doing business with you because of a riot that they have no proof of was your fault?

      2. Tim HeathLeu

        @Angel I saw it and heard it the way I think he intended. He didn’t blame Trump for Caines death. He pointed out the audacity (to use your word) that Trump’s mask rip on the stairs was in poor taste. It was also indicative (in the way he threaded the piece) of the disparity of service given to blacks and whites in this country because of our original sin. Yes, Herman Caine could of afforded any health care he wanted. It was artistic license to make the broader point...this Summers uprising isn’t going to die on his watch the way the uprisings in the late 60s did. Acknowledgment of the divide by white people enlarge is the first major step towards true equality. I’ve met Trump on a few occasions. My father was a huge fan of his, so I became one. That said, he was never cut out to lead more than a few people. He’s not a messiah. He’s a dude who was the product of abuse at the hands of his narcissistic dad Who became worse. The key traits of a narcissist are: Not being able to acknowledge when they fucked up Keep everyone around you afraid to criticize you Blame others passionately for what you do We all love someone who can say fuck off to the power base. But when that’s all they have in their arsenal, they’re assholes. Dave Chappell, in my eyes is the antithesis of an asshole. He thoughtfully tells the power base to ‘fuck off’ and then artfully, tells them they are welcome in his world. If we’re triggered by something, it’s not the person who triggered us that’s responsible. It’s us. We’re all the problem on the world. Not Trump, Chappell, Etc. It’s our own lack of governance over our emotional ecosystems.

      3. Angel

        @Tim HeathLeu He had the audacity to blame Trump for Herman Cain's death and then viciously made it about race. How can you not see that?

      4. Tim HeathLeu

        @Angel This is the first time I'm hearing this sentiment from a black or white person. Have you felt inclined to hate black or white people after listening or watching any of his material? If anything, he's drawing attention to his VERY clear and levels deep POV and understanding of human nature. For me and the myriad white and black people I know, he's a breath of fresh air. A chance to let the pressure out of this shaken can of soda we call a country...without blowing up. If you agree to disagree to this, you're not doing the work. Get me before you throw your hands up.

      5. Angel

        Move through divisiveness?? Dave is literally dividing us by pitting blacks against whites.

    10. Jenny Larson

      I may have just been really tired when I first saw this but damn it was profound

      1. Angel

        You call pitting blacks against whites profound??

    11. James Quillin

      It's just too bad he's a yeknom

    12. Noc Beteck

      I need to get on this show, I'm working my way to it. I reenacted one of Dave's skits on SNL lol irvision.info/home/pXu0f2eUfrx5Z7w/fy-lm-h-y.html

    13. Ginevra Vitaniemi

      The tiny multi-hop serendipitously apologise because moustache rarely tame by a snotty throne. internal, ambiguous buffer

    14. Nairda H2C

      Dave is the GOAT fighting for his meal. Fuck Comedy Central.

      1. Angel

        He's not the goat anymore, he's so woke now it's disgusting and heartbreaking.

    15. Molious

      had me welling up at the end GOAT

      1. Angel

        He's not the goat anymore, he's so woke now it's disgusting and heartbreaking.

    16. Michael Jenkins

      Notice the captions do not say the same as what he's conveying.

    17. Man Up Real Talk

      LMAO @ "Come get your nigga lessons"

    18. Roberto Clemente

      THAT'S YOUR LEADER. For four years. That’s your leader. What kind of man does that? WHAT KIND OF MAN MAKES SURE HE’S OKAY WHILE HIS FRIENDS FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES AND DIE? A White man.

      1. Roberto Clemente

        @Angel Here we are, two boricuas trying to save each other. I hope this is the last time I ever have to type this: "Antifa" stands for "anti-fascist." The United States is and was anti-fascist, being the victor in World War II-- over the Nazis. "Antifa" is not a movement. It's a political orientation. I am antifa. You are too-- probably? Do you like Nazis? Also, why would a leftist group dress up as deranged Trump supporters to overthrow an election they just won? If you can explain that to me, I'll send you a piece of flan in the mail.

      2. Angel

        @Roberto Clemente They got away with storming the Capitol because they were Antifa disguised as Trump supporters to ruin Trump and it worked. Can't you see that we're getting played?? Wake up hermano take care.

      3. Roberto Clemente

        @Angel No one said evil monster. Chappelle said white. His point was that you can get away with acting in a certain way when you're white, and a lot of people have pointed out that only a big pack of white dudes could get away with storming the Capitol building (and yeah they're getting arrested but so far charges are light). 4 years ago: Chappelle has never apologized for that, by the way. Are you sure you and I watched the same video? He empathizes with Trump fans and cops at the end in such a powerful way, I don't see what the lie is there. He says he doesn't hate anyone. Can all of us say that?

      4. Angel

        @Roberto Clemente You're convinced Trump is an evil monster so I can't help you there but what Chappelle is doing now is mainstream propaganda. The only thing that made me laugh was the wage gap joke. I feel sorry for Dave because he's gifted and he has to lie to people with a straight face and then try to sleep at night. Remember 4 years ago when he said to give Trump a chance right here on SNL? He most likely got reprimanded badly by his handlers and now he's just another sad orange man bad comedian.

      5. Roberto Clemente

        @Angel I'm seeing only about $15 billion of that money actually getting to the island-- which was utterly destroyed, by the way, and also Puerto Rico is PART OF THE UNITED STATES. I'm supposed to be grateful to that murderous maniac that he lifted a finger to help part of the country that he took an oath to protect? And yes, as we learned last week, the symbolic politics that the President engages in matter enormously. It was a display of utter contempt for suffering and death-- which is precisely what Chappelle is referring to. And honestly-- what do you care what a comedian says? If you really have faith in your guy, you can laugh at a joke-- either because you believe it, or because you think it's absurd.

    19. Joe Piervincenti

      Dave you're moving into old age. I didn't laugh one story in this presentation.

      1. Angel

        It was nothing but mainstream propaganda disguised as "comedy"

    20. Bethanie Jones

      “He called the coronavirus the Kung Flu I said u racist, hilarious s.o.b, I’AM supposed to say that not you it’s racist wen u say it”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀

    21. KING Juanito

      “You wore masks at the clan rally, wear it at Walmart too!” 😂😂😂😂😂✊🏿💪🏾💯

    22. RespectedManco

      What time is the wage joke?

    23. RespectedManco

      Stupid farmers Dave trying to save ur little sad town & ur jealous asses can't take it I'm done with yall

    24. Carl

      “Wear your Klan mask to the store so we can all feel safe.” ...The ingenuity and irony behind that joke is incredibly genius!

    25. Benry11

      more dave being racist and acting like a victim

    26. Darron Jones

      Jesus saves 🙌 🙏 thank you brother I miss heard and you know it's no way in hell that I am white and I hear you and see you in ways I can't understand there motions and mannerisms luv you always I think you know that tho ❤ 💙 ♥ 💜 💖 💕 ❤ 💙

    27. Theresa Shaw

      Dave Chappelle, take a hint & tell you're Kids to Go The Fuck to Sleep ..Try to put some base in you're voice. That's all it takes..

    28. Chef Darvive

      Come get these ##### lessons!!!!

    29. Chef Darvive

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what kind of person only smashes with other farmers!?!? I'm dying!

    30. Chef Darvive

      Saturday Night Live I hope has brought back David Chappelle for a live commentary monologue opening introduction to 2021 after this radical White Insurrection attempt it would be a stork fitting monumental I got you a moment and I Told You So moment all rolled into one please I hope somebody is working on something really good and I'm certain there is going to be a skit with the bear shirt or the shirtless Buffalo horns radical attempting to take over the government depicted from photo shots and video earlier this week

    31. Angelique Parry

      Im having brandons baby in 5744 days 7 hours & 33 min.

    32. Jared Jones

      What an outro😎😎😎

    33. Krist N

      Peace, love, Chappelle ✌️💙

    34. Jim Jim

      Audience reaction Slave joke: 🤣 Wage Gap Joke: 😡

    35. Jenny Mulinaro

      “But here’s the difference between me and you. You guys HATE each other for that. And I. Don’t HATE. Anybody. ... I just HATE that feeling.” This man is an absolute treasure ❤️

    36. Frankie Hernandez

      Who give a fuck what chris rock has to say at a time like this lol I dont wanna laugh but maybe it's best meds for a time like this.. trump sending them to OUR Capitol to over turn the people's votes, it's kinda like do what say our else. That's not my leader, is he yours?

    37. CCJJ160Channels

      12:58 - the vice presidential and the members of congress figured this one out.

    38. Christopher Pelnar

      This didn't age well

    39. Scott D

      Watching again January 11th. Wow!

    40. MeaningofSilence

      I think Dave is trying to elevate himself from simply being a comedian, because he believes so strongly in the message he has to share. I think at some point he realized that there might be a way to use his craft to change the way people think, not just in pointing out absurdities as a comedian does, but to try and lead people in a specific direction. It's risky, because it means that his routine won't necessarily be funny as much, or as often. But he has a special charisma to make it work.

    41. Ben Bush

      sadly he sounds angry and bitter, people can be set free from prejudice and differences when the spirit of a man is not troubled or overcome,,, things have clearly got to him and its mixed bitterness into his act, i remember him when his spirit was different and no matter what said was funny, hope he can find joy once again...

    42. Ravenprpl

      Smart man

    43. J Wolf

      Dave Chapplle for President.

    44. Sean Chaney

      Genius, speak the truth everytime! 💯✊🏿

    45. Michael8 Moten

      He don’t miss 🔥 🔥 🔥

    46. j allen

      Dave Chappelle is the Teddy Roosevelt of comedy. He's a truth teller. He's the MLK Jr of comedy. He's the JFK of comedy. I would say he's the Hunter S. Thompson of comedy, but I think it's more accurate to say that Hunter S. was the Dave Chappelle of journalism...

    47. House Bearcrusher Late Night

      I like how he kept making jokes and like lookin to see the reaction with that cheeky smile. "I'm sorry Lorne, I thought this was a comedy show." After that he just fires away with em. I dont think Ive laughed that hard at anything on SNL in like the last twenty years. The man is a national treasure.

    48. Mohammad

      To the Executives at Comedy Central....PAY the money you owe Dave Chappelle. Don’t STEAL a man’s livelihood!!!

    49. B Biggs

      The homeless joke was kinda CRUED.!

    50. Sensai Vers

      Got damn.

    51. VeNoM CS:GO

      Idk who in the audience is laughing like a donkey but they need to stfu

    52. VeNoM CS:GO

      Bruh these Karens in the background need to stfu ong

    53. William Saenz

      "Now Trump is gone" Trump on January 6th: "and I took that personally"

      1. E.D Thomas

        Yoooo, the baseline of this joke went over so many heads.... lol #WellPlayedWilliam

    54. Travel with Tal

      7:06 and nothing else

    55. David Dennison

      It took me too long to discover Dave Chappelle but I'm here now and he is the GOAT! The wisdom this man has is often missed by the laughs he gets but wow he is brilliant artist and in time he has built up a platform in which he can speak the real truth of our times!

    56. Kelvin Kibler

      I came back to this video after the Terrorist attack on the Capitol. This monologue was like a glimpse of what was to come.

    57. Jennifer Chapman

      I love Dave Chappell because he's an EOST...Equal Opportunity Shit Talker! 🤣😂

    58. White Dove

      "... Try wearing the mask that I've been wearing all these years!! I can't even tell something true, unless it has a punchline behind it". ~Dave Chappelle

    59. VisualiseTheFun

      Hey but why is Dave calling these white dudes clan members just because they complained about his performance? That's not right.

    60. Michelle Schwenke

      Rawdogging earth! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. Wank Yiffer

      Chappelle is becoming the Carlin of our time

      1. silvergir89

        But those OG SNL fans will still remember Carlin as the guest host of the very first episode.

    62. charles F

      When I saw Carrey in credits I KNEW he was gonna do it...I was prepared... I still LMAO. And of course Chappelle was genius as always.

    63. The Duder

      Its not the "poor" who refuse to wear masks. Instead it is, and this is IMPORTANT, the UNEDUCATED who refuse to wear masks. HUGE DIFFERENCE despite his statement being a joke.

    64. Greg Goodwin

      There's nothing funny about Covid, mass shootings and lockdowns. Could have left that joke out

    65. Vince Styles

      It’s amazing the shit he gets away with. Who smokes on tv only Dave!

    66. RJG_ Luffy

      That's not the real Dave that's a clone

    67. Timothy Sheppard

      Dave chappelle don't need to worry about stimulus checks. He's good. Another Black man cut down by White People. LOL

    68. Timothy Sheppard

      I love that Dave still smokes cigarettes. Real people smoke cigarettes.

    69. dwj1231

      Dave Chappelle is Racist and Communist!!

    70. Shannon Blanchard

      THE GOAT

    71. Neverhate Yourhome

      I feel like this isnt Dave, look at old pictures of him. I cant prove it past that but it just doesn't look like Dave or sound like him. Im a huge fan. I watched half baked about 1000 times. I love his jokes but this just doesn't seem like he's him. Like his nose is short and fat and look at old videos of him and it's long and flat like it had been broken. Anyone else feel like this?

    72. TheLoneSoutherner

      Dave, I have always loved your comedy. But when you peddle misinformation about events that you obviously did not research (lazy, maybe?) Trump said he denounced all extremists, Klansmen, White Supremacists, and AntiFa and BLM. BLM is a MARXIST ORGANIZATION, DEDICATED TO THE ELIMINATION OF THE BLACK FAMILY. How do you like that feeling Dave? You are enabling and supporting JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS! THEY HAVE DONE MORE TO HURT THE BLACK COMMUNITY THAN ANYONE IN HISTORY! Look up Heallight Dummy!! Trump described an UV treatment that already existed and has been successful. You are a mockingbird repeater of THE CORPORATE FAKE NEWS CABAL. You, of all people, should know how they operate. They turned on you instantaneously when you walked away from your Comedy Central deal. You know they are all Satanic Demons and you play right into their hands. Your children will hear one day how you were not true to this Nation's ideals. You are a DISGRACE.

    73. QueenJaneApproximately

      Actually, I believe that the largest recipients of welfare checks were always white women and children?

      1. Copenhagen 786

        What are you smoking,ha

    74. Marcus Lloyd

      Philosophical epic.

    75. bobby carroll

      “What kind of man makes sure he’s okay while his friends fight for their lives and die” some haunting shit considering where we are now

      1. Roberto Clemente

        Trump has been consistent from day 1. He's thrown scores of people who worked for him, enabled him and kissed his ass under the bus, and now worse.

    76. Charles Was

      People say they don't like Trump, wait until Communist/Socialist Biden gets In. Fake Plandemic. Wait until these detention centers opens sounds like The Hitler's back

    77. ephraim shalom

      Black culture is in may ways the most influential on what is considered the modern world. Art is the highest expression of intellect and the peak of civilisation... it crosses every barrier placed before it. Music, language, dance, fashion, film,..the art of the western world.. black culture is an intelctualized powerhouse It is a revered culture. Black people have brought immense immeasurable joy to this world. So thank you and G-d has clearly blessed you

    78. Luis Enriquez

      The quiet elizabeth accordantly slap because michelle externally roll around a adaptable wire. juvenile, savory column

    79. Hehehe Hdhhddb

      I love him 😍

    80. Mizu Hiromi

      Had to watch Chapelle's monologue once more (2 days after 1/6/21) just to feel sane again. He's a genius.

    81. Lee Hunter

      Hits ya hard with the truth and still makes people of all races laugh about it. I love Dave Chappelle!

    82. RagingFlame

      Is this guy a comedian or a genius

    83. John Doe

      He looks cool as fuck with the cigarette and suit. what a man

    84. Sluggy T

      the realist laughs I've heard so for from this show in a long time..

    85. Riccardo Ziaco

      A question for american friends: how comes he can smoke on TV? There's no law against it?

      1. Riccardo Ziaco

        @Real Josh I knew the first answer was gonna be so 😂 anything else?

      2. Real Josh

        Cause he's Dave Chappelle

    86. JuvyXIII

      I keep watching these videos and keep asking myself why this brother hate microphones so much? Spit’em hit’em toss’em it’s like a rape poor mic is just waiting him to finish 😂🙏🏽

    87. sparkle Quick

      I came here after the raid of the capital. He called it

    88. Krist N

      Does my black pitbull that is a silly old jerk count? Buddha Ali. I've never loved anyone more. Chappelle, you've made me laugh & I thank you ✌️💙🐕

    89. JONESY 410

      Damn that was spot on

    90. edsnotgod

      "da black da black man racism duh black man all innocent unlike da white man racism cuz da white man bad but the po black man racist"

      1. edsnotgod

        @Your Landlord right back at you. I hope the wheels don't come off in the next few months

      2. Your Landlord

        @edsnotgod that was a bit off topic but it seems you're not the bigot I took you for at first glance. May your family be safe during the next few weeks of political uncertainty.

      3. edsnotgod

        @Your Landlord thing is, Africans in Africa don't act much different than Africans in USA. And that is conveniently blamed on colonialism "they created false boundaries and forced diverse tribes to live together" Just like Euros detest each other behind closed doors, there is no peace and love in all-black Africa, either. Hutus, Tutsis, igbo, Haussa, Fulani, Yoruba, Christians and Muslims all dislike each other quite naturally. Modern Euros endorse open borders as to better blend cultures while mocking Americans as culture-free. NYC was inarguably the world's largest melting pot of cultures for decades, but Euros didn't get along there. And they didn't care where their slaves came from or if they got along back home. Now they're a separate bunch, and when Euros mock Americans as fat, lazy, uneducated and uncultured they mean us all

      4. Your Landlord

        @edsnotgod those artists aren't representative of African culture. African Americans have a rich heritage that was systematically desroyed and replaced with "black". They have been sold a poisened culture which some have assimilated into because of the vacuum created. Affirmative action wouldn't exist without out the long historical subjugation of African Americans in this country. What happend to all of the homes,businesses, equity, stocks, market share that was stolen due to segregation and Jim Crow laws? It was absorbed into a market controlled by European Americans. European Americans destroyed their culture and now complain about the symptoms of their oppression as if it was their choice.

      5. edsnotgod

        @Your LandlordYou now have "Blac Chyna" and "Atlanta Hip Hop" reality shows to show off your willfully segregated culture. I say Affirmative Action pretty much says "black people can't make it on their own without a handout and welfare" and they don't disagree

    91. Kamil Jurewicz

      The absolute lack of reaction to his jokes from the band behind him is fucking disturbing.

      1. Lord Shinji

        Ik lol

    92. Jonathan Haywood


    93. Kamil Jurewicz

      Only a black guy can pull off white sneakers and suit :D Us whites...I don't think so :D

    94. William Roiger

      “There were bad people on both sides...”. Next Level !

    95. Katy Cowan

      Nobody does it like Dave.

    96. Jerry Curlz

      All the fixings, mmmm mmmm🤣🤣🤣

    97. Ferdinand Vieira

      So talented.

    98. IfReborn

      People want blood and revenge, they don't want to know you as a person. They don't even know they are the punch line.

    99. Deborah Dobbie

      Truest talent out there since day one until today STILL 👏🏼🐐❤️

    100. Deborah Dobbie

      15:45 Rare moment. Grab your tissues. Spoken like a real man.

      1. Greg Myers

        The world needs more Dave Chappelles. Unfortunately, his brand of sarcasm goes completely over everyone's heads now days. Even his audience.