When Your Stomach Growls During a Test


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    1. Theogamer X

      2 million subscribers congrats Lucas 😀😀😎😎😎♥️

    2. K1LLSH0T ZR

      That's was awesome and so funny LOL

    3. Itz Gamerboy0101

      0:49 teach: WhEn I SAY START..START everyone: oh he says start ok start me: guys he said "when i say stork...Stork dont believe me? rewind at 0:49

    4. Shadow Dragneel

      his face at 2:13 XD

    5. Just Gold

      Didn’t Even Notice He Was Back

    6. Foong waishaun

      I just wish his vids will be longer like 10 minutes plus

    7. Adalia Jabir

      Its ur fav time of da time is tst time me: I love da math teacher cause he makes us he hates us and he plays among us

    8. July

      I forgot I was wearing headphones and I thought that was actually my own stomach growling ;-;

    9. Best Shooter of all time Curry 30

      Ok I think that I will those snack to late I already gave it to Gina / FAT

    10. TheAlmightyDoge YT

      0:33 keeps getting me 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Nobody

      *Whats six time three* !

    12. Pvz King

      Could you imagine the uncomfortable feeling and awkwardness of you teacher yelling at and poking your stomach. 2:57

    13. Jayden Jensen

      Teacher: I SAID WHEN I SAID START, START The entire class:Oh we starting now? That gets me every time😂😂

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      does he have another house cuz his house is so small???

    16. Mobile Warrior

      3:09 YAY YEET!!

    17. Delaylia Davis

      It is kinda like the imposter but the opposite

    18. Just Some Dude

      This is so unrealistic They are paying attention to there test

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      Still going strong

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      Hai Lucas! Can you make a meme about a mask and if you could can the person working at the store say sorry sir you need a mask to buy a mask thanks

    28. Sneakypj06 Boi

      How do you record if your not touching the camera


      Gina havin a whole thanksgiving feast over there

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      I hate when people say he playing all those roles its shadow clones

    31. Michael Haynes

      3:11 HoLy CroOop

    32. Woah Woah


    33. Libby :]

      My stomach growls every single day in class..and it’s always quiet :’(

    34. Smiley

      oh dear, im crying xD those "Oh shit" faces are the best!

    35. SwagKage

      3:08 im dead


      Whoever disliked this video stay off Lucas videos because your not a true fan

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      Dude I love your videos keep up the great work man videos are so funny XD

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    46. Lani Broomfield

      Teacher:Alright my students today is your favorite time of the month, test month! Students: Excuse me? psycho

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      Lucas: I ain’t playing these games! 2:16 among us emergency meeting

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      i had to keep wtchin ur old ones till i fond ur acc lol

    49. christine carvajal

      Bro do u know how much i miss ur vids

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      This man legit threw himself out the door for a video

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      2:16 LOL. Among us but making noises is the imposter ahhahahahahah. Like if you guys agree

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      I would be embarrassed if this happened

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    69. Israel Osayi-Osazuwa

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