Brewstew - Turning 30


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    Back in my day, you were supposed to be kind and rewind.
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    1. brewstewfilms

      say happy birthday by following my dumbass twitter

      1. GuyOnline

        happy birthday derek the seagull

      2. Angel Ortega

        Did u get a pug yet😂

      3. Blubasnurk

        make merch saying "shot by a rifle"

      4. gaming dillan

        Dude that charlará cost 150k

      5. Jackson Azinger

        Hi! There i love everyone of your videos! I watched them all!!!!

    2. MrDj2jordan

      Happy late birthday. Alright and god damn it

    3. Anthony Doroshenko

      Does brewer still live with you

    4. gini sanchez

      I stop watching ur videos at 4:00AM

    5. Landan Stone

      I eat those Duracell batteries

    6. Grant Lange

      I have been there 2 times and I can confirm that it is pretty

    7. ZO

      “Its like home alone 2 up in this bitch”

    8. fear wolf

      You old

    9. demon 98 Eriscar

      Do a video without saying alright 😏🤣

    10. Caleb Walker

      the dark sky park is awesome

    11. please stop Gaming

      How to contact your old friends

    12. Caleb Walker

      2:34 par for the course in northern michigan

    13. Caleb Walker

      1:17 That's 45 minutes from my area!

    14. Rick Gamezzz

      Mackinac is a great place i go there every year for the bridge walk

    15. Dylan Hubble

      6th birthday: Mom: ur turning 6 today sweetie, we got you gifts, a cake, and a new PlayStation 5! Happy birthday dear! 30th birthday: Mom: nice nobody fucking cares.

    16. Samurai GHXUL

      “im on my lunch brake”😂🤣🤣

    17. tutorials for you

      What services do you use for your video?

    18. LuffyTheLegend

      happy birthday

    19. Kelli Gower

      I live in Michigan

    20. LeoN61

      1000 watt “holy shit” led 😂

    21. squishy lover and reborns

      can you do a face reveal?😊

    22. not pro gaming

      Macina islands sucks lol we rode bikes the whole time in like 90 Fahrenheit

    23. Tayte Brown

      Happy birthday bruh

    24. Trijetz

      Bruh I thought you were like 45

    25. xxmemesforlife ok

      Do u get money for these?

    26. It’s Lit

      Make a tiktok

    27. •Fresh Lemonade•

      1:22 stop calling me out

    28. Daniel Arias

      i have seen ever vid i neeedd more

    29. Daniel Arias

      we need moreeeeee

    30. Christopher’s TD’s

      You sould try to seek your Charizard bc they sell for a lot of money

      1. Christopher’s TD’s


    31. Shannon Coscia

      Hi want to see what Michel looks like

    32. ThePhantomGamer

      Tyler how do you always fuck up your trips?

    33. Izzy Kidding

      Turning 30 sucked

    34. Graciela Garcia

      At 2:45 LOL

    35. Nicholas Negron

      It’s like home alone two in this bitch -Tyler

    36. Door Boy

      I have learn to make good videos IRvision channal name:spoony GO!

    37. R & B vlogs

      The next video you make, should be without cussing😭

    38. Caiden Walker

      Bro I saw one of those seagulls there too and I named him No Neck Nigel

    39. Solstice_thewolfdog

      How does brewstew know what Duracell batterys taste like? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    40. Andy Gonzalez

      React to your first video

    41. Certified Goon

      this man is who we need

    42. Sahand fox


    43. jericho joel

      Your animations and models is still T R A S H

    44. Reese Wright

      your a bik

    45. Cooper Drevers

      1:20 yup

    46. f07

      That holographic charizard is worth 2000

    47. DevOzX

      Uhh can I ask what do you edit with

    48. E A sports

      what are you doing in my recommendations

    49. Matthew Rodriguez

      Make a video on how poor you were as a kid

    50. Fallout Savior

      fun nay!

    51. Army battles with Bently and karson

      Hope fully you live a long time whoever reads this

    52. Eyeless Jack

      Where my Michigan boys

    53. Big Hoe

      Hey why don’t you do stories about middle school or high school?

    54. Calvin Cheng

      congratuelations even doe im a week late

    55. thekillerboi21

      at what age do you stop youtube?

    56. Nott Drizzle

      Can you post more I wait and wait for to long

    57. XCaptain Mason

      How come you only upload once every month

    58. Marqus Endfield

      Damn you're old as hell but happy birthday

    59. jared reid

      he's to fucking funny bro lmao love you brewstew you make my day

    60. Army battles with Bently and karson


    61. Shane Wickham

      Happy late birthday sorry I was grounded

    62. The Bonnie show

      I’ve got an idea for your next video the pumpkin patch if you ever went there

    63. GiuseppeThe Goat

      A 9 year old breastfeeding is hella not right

      1. Caleb Walker

        par for the course up here

    64. Tyler: Alright so I guess it’s that time of year again my birthday has come and went and here I am another year old but this time it’s different because this time I turn 30 Random Guy: 30 Years old Jesus Christ somebody get this guy Metamucil LOL 😂

    65. bruh

      Brooo he 30 i thought hes 25

    66. YT itsme247

      I been watching since 4th grade now I am in 7th grade

    67. GuyOnline

      Fun fact michigan is the cold Florida

    68. GuyOnline

      Fun fact michigan has lakes

    69. GuyOnline

      Go to hell michigan for me plz i dont live there its just a funny place

    70. •PandaCookie•


    71. Meme Lord

      Happy late Birthday you always made me smile and laugh!!

    72. your child

      “Its my party and i’ll cry if i want to” Melanie Martinez LOL

    73. ItzZip

      M-my name is Colton

    74. Just Another Stupid Animator

      “It’s like Home Alone 2 in this bitch!” - brewstewfilms, 2020

    75. CurlyFriezzz

      i purposely don't watch his videos for a year that way i can binge a shit ton of them

    76. zackery douge

      Maumee?? Bruh I'm like 10 minutes from there and can confirm it looks like everyone in the state flushed all at the same time🤣🤣

    77. Cameron Belin

      2 million subscribers special go to your old house

    78. Lawrence Stanley

      love the vids

    79. Video Gir1

      Happy birth day

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    81. Josh

      I know for a fact BrewStew punched a toolbox to make that sound affect for the fucked in the ass bike.

    82. Sqthatnoob Lee

      For some reason I always end up rewatching his video

    83. HI MoM

      Welcome to Michigan that one state that has a Detroit I know it's sad

    84. DeathMowa

      This is the best thing since GradeAunderA

    85. Abdul the Burris gamer

      Congrats on turning 30 brew hop you had good 30th birthday

    86. Matt_Esus

      I think brew changed his profile picture

    87. Fonz

      So come on down to makanaw island the land of derek the seagull and and the durasell battery beer and last but not least the milk mustache

    88. Mjkyeet

      You know that charzard is worth like 1k

    89. MadExtinguisher momby1964

      Ha!!!!! I've been their. it's so true.

    90. Cabal Tanooki

      it's like home alone 2 in this b#tch

    91. Leighton Bacon

      I live up north, I swear I saw Tyler

    92. King 1046

      Happy late birthday

      1. Mòøñ


    93. Insulting Osttich

      I'm 17 and I feel old 😭😳

    94. Hunter Lepage

      My aunt and uncle actually got married in Mackinac Island like 10 years ago. Awesome to see you went to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Islands Lol yeah you have to take a boat to Mackinac Island too

    95. Jarod Shelley

      Please make more videos I laugh my ass off and love how honest you are I'm from the same state but I'm closer to kentucky I thought nothing happend in this state but you proved me wrong lol

    96. Silver Fire738

      Don’t know you but happy late birthday, I guess 😐

    97. Thien Nguyen

      I live in Michigan grand rapids

    98. Gianni C

      Uu are the best watching u for 30 mins and I'm shifting of laughter

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      Gorillas in 2080