Happy Thanksgiving: A Very FailArmy Thanksgiving


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    Happy Tuesday! Thanksgiving is around the corner, so we put together a collection of the best Thanksgiving fails! What are you thankful for this year?
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    1. Nemanja Nemanjaa

      Don't wash the meat ffs, water doesn't really kill or remove bacteria, even if it did it will not penetrate meat membranes. Heat is used to kill bacteria that's why we cook it. By washing you are just doing cross contamination

    2. Oneida wolf

      I hope you like carbon monoxide flavored turkey.

    3. Jonathan Steele

      Takes a HIGHLY skilled hunter to track those things down!

    4. Skeletor Longbottom

      Why are they not marketing the "File Cabinet Grill"? That looks like a money maker. Where is Ron Popeil when you need him?

    5. The Engineer-Development

      how a turkey can be pregnant ? it's an evident prank

    6. Oneida wolf

      God humans are so dumb

    7. Socksquash 22

      The second video was of a capercaillie, not a turkey.

    8. Keith Philbin

      Haaa! Wash the meat dude 😳

    9. TheMusesOrg

      6:00 doesn't try to switch it off - No, just yanks it. Lucky those beaters weren't locked in, geezus.

    10. Oliver Century

      Anyone who has stuffed a turkey has thought of that prank... It says a lot about the person who actually goes through with it, knowing full and well the awkward-traumatized forever effect it’s going to have... And for more effect...

    11. Scott Lambeth

      I always wonder how people can fall for that pregnant turkey gag. Turkeys are birds for cryin out loud! They lay eggs, they don't get pregnant.

    12. Дней бык Бег

      "It was pregnant.." "Baby turkey INSIDE the turkey" I just .. just don't know what to think about you lot 'mericans))

    13. rmas32

      Please Lord tell me the people who thought the turkeys were pregnant were joking!

    14. TheSlezy

      *1:42** link full video pls! :3*

    15. Michael Mouse

      3:50 ... Wow... what a great idea... ... for a big family :0)

    16. Mister Love


    17. NintendoStar64 Productions

      Happy Failsgiving!

    18. Diana Prince

      Anyone that doesn’t know Birds lay eggs should not be allowed to consume bird or eggs.

    19. Milan Vladimir

      O bože, ovo samo američki ludaci mogu da naprave!

    20. Abby Koos

      The first one was epic😂

    21. Sitri Uvali

      4:38 She's got some cute feet, ngl.

    22. Animal Squad 3

      0:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Mohammad

      why they kill pregnant turkey?

    24. Bradley Braverman


    25. Super Konner 2020 Sheffield


    26. The Silence

      was it pregnant ? you shouldn't be allowed to vote

    27. babscabs1987

      Rocket truck has good breaks

    28. ComedyIsLife

      What is the name of the intro/outro song?

    29. purerare18

      Fatty meat eaters!

    30. PGRFN

      That fire cabinet is genius not a fail

    31. Kennan Dela Cruz

      *i was trying to make dinner

    32. Till

      iT wAs PrEgNaAntóT BITCH WTF?

    33. Gabi D.

      O mY gOd WAs iT pREgnAnT???!! Bruh if it was pregnant you’d find EGGS not an actual chick, and it would’ve still had its feathers and head and stuff The amount of ppl who don’t know basic things about animals amazes me

    34. Niko Bellic • 15 years ago

      The hell was she thinking 6:04

    35. mitchell o'keefe

      seriously who actually dislikes these videos

    36. Luffy23

      The first clip shows why every other country including mine KNOWS that American people are less smarter than fucking gold fish

    37. dominic sangeet

      I can smell that awful smell of Turkey all the way from Asia 😟😟

    38. Exit Zero

      6:00 cmon Jen let’s do my hair

    39. Jonathan Vance

      :40 That must be my Grandmother, she hated having her picture being taken, lol.

    40. aaah tex

      **I'M CRYING**

    41. G Kharisma

      Ko pada tolol ya kelakuannya

    42. la lumière

      1:41 haha awww 😂

    43. Elmond L. Richards

      1:00 those are not Ups and FedEx delivery trucks. -F.B.I

    44. Drago Musevini

      I need one of those file cabinets in my office.

    45. MaQuGo119

      That hood cooking was a win tho

    46. Lucas He

      Remember when failarmy posted like every day

    47. Platynowy

      Pożądana dawka śmiechu

    48. Narasmar

      Do they really think that birds get pregnant? 🤦‍♂️

    49. Church of Bruhify

      "Save the potatoes!"

    50. Epic Alwin 2 you

      Wow i have less bad lucks

    51. Epic Alwin 2 you

      Wow i have less bad lucks

    52. Anna Fay

      0:02 and that, my friends... is how the California Wild Fires start

    53. dontmindme

      0:01 An animal died for this shit

    54. Sal Altschul

      Anyone want exhaust turkey?

    55. Treston Gamer HD

      5:01 the face of failure 😂

    56. Spyfi

      Why are some people so stupid?!

    57. Gaming with Friends

      Sure it's a great idea to cook in a file cabinet. Especially if you like toxic fumes from burning paint and galvanized metal cooked straight into your food. Dude just started pre cancer for his whole family.

    58. fm

      So its crazy irvision.info/home/faDfdGh7Y8urqtI/fy-lm-h-y.html

    59. simone boxler

      6:02 the girl in in the background is just a amazing. zero reaction time.

    60. Florent Placide

      So wasting food is so damn funny in the US ? And to think thousands of turkeys are killed for that and are shown no respect....

      1. Simone Eli

        Millions probably around 100 million yearly

    61. Miluiel Eleniel

      Oh my gosh, the first one, I'm dying!!! I know people who would literally do this. XD XD XD XD

      1. Mezoth

        I would

    62. Люба Тодорова

      How a turkey can get pregnant?

    63. JoeWaylo Gaming

      The first one did that intentionally.

    64. damian_fam02

      That file cabinet cooker though 🤔

    65. JIUNnF

      С глухарём шутки плохи 0:40.

    66. Patrick van den Houten

      yeah i always curl my hair with a food processor too!

    67. Lego Man-Bat

      0:01 I thought that was a person at first...

    68. Phil B

      I love America. So retarded it makes the rest of us look a whole lot smarter.

    69. Bencuska1991

      Turkey should be pregnant 100% #bigbraintime 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Anita Scheepmaker

      Wash the meat.....with dishwasher??come on!!

      1. L.D.M

        Dish soap.

    71. Mr88BAA

      Fail?? That filing cabinet is an absolute win

    72. Amy Arcand

      I love the 1st video 😂

    73. maurizio Varini


    74. Martin Šubrt

      0:02 When you dry your hair and hit your ear

    75. mathijs Visser

      K ben kk raar

    76. Alyse Welker

      Hi guys

    77. Zachary Wolfe

      Ngl, i wasnt expecting a jet for the first clip

    78. Kris Verduyckt

      That guy with his cupboard barbecue was not a fail, it was very inventive!

    79. Alexandro Lima

      dead turkeys on fire is not funny -.-

    80. Ed Popson

      1:39 that face was epic :-D

    81. King Keef

      4:31 WHoooo oooo that boy burning!!!

    82. King Keef

      2:51 stove on fire.. what are you doing??!! why are you making dinner!!?? Bitch STFU

    83. Bradley Ryan

      4:00 that’s a win

    84. Harald Schmidt

      My God, this damn beeping sucks to vomit. What is the damn problem of the Americans? Waging war? No problem! Send young people to their deaths? No problem! To put half the society on drugs with opioids? No problem! 30,000 deaths per year from firearms? No problem! But you may not say shit or fuck, because that brings society out of balance. My goodness, this double standard is just sick!

      1. L.D.M

        Go complain somewhere else. This is so unrelated to this video, so fuck off🙄

    85. Extasy -IKY


    86. J. M. Pérez

      The turkey was pregnant!!! People are stupid LMAO

    87. Logan Bowen

      These people make Eric Cartman seem like a genius

    88. K Haas

      This was hilarious Laugh Daily is also hilarious although he’s just starting out Everybody should go check out his videos

    89. Healthycoolbutter2

      A Turkey gave up his life for some idiot to burn it then let it fly away..

    90. Deeds is Snazzy

      0:00-0:35 I guess that’s A way to cook a turkey...

    91. S Benson

      The bird in your thumbnail and first live bird segment is NOT a turkey. It’s a European capercaillie, the largest member of the grouse family. Dude getting chased even yells in Swedish or something at the end.

    92. Sadistic Ninja

      4:16 raw chicken under cooked chicken. Salmonella : ight imma head up

    93. Ashley Mae

      It irritates me so 🤬 much when ppl don't hold food trays/plates with two hands 😤

    94. Chaos Commentz

      Me and the boys washing the meat

    95. schrap72

      5:11 I've heard of turkeys stuffed with a chicken and the chicken is stuffed with a duck. It's called a turducken or something like that. That looks like it might be just the duck inside that turkey. I guess whomever they purchased it from didn't tell them what it was. smh

    96. Caine Alexander-McCord

      A file cabinet smoker. Genius.

    97. Time To Rest

      How could it on fire .-. You have fire in a small kitchen --" That's should be terible

    98. Saigneur AgoniuM

      -"It's a baby turkey it's terrible !!" :O Me: Cool, free sup meat !

    99. Defense

      The girl's hair stuck on the egg beater was the most ridiculous thing I've seen so far

      1. Flowless Ruven

        typical Germans

    100. Mike Zerker

      00:01 - that’s not going to cook it evenly. 😕