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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 27 روز


    1. Crump House

      Crianer can you josh and the short guy do deadpool vs hunters

    2. Ffyona Murphy


    3. Jordan Bauer

      I'm the best at beatboxing you aren't seeing

    4. Bledi Merko

      i wish i did speed runners with cars

    5. Umer Shoaib

      Crainer is really good at rhyming and i made this rhyme of slogo, "Slogo Thinks He's Really Good Im gonna take his bike and make it OOF And then throw it in the river WOO"

    6. Maribel Banda Melecio


    7. Kyle Seymour

      when he said jossssssssssssssssh i replayed it alot like 20 times lolll 8:51

    8. Alex Baylen

      I watched jelly,s chaneel and I saw Crainer use a boat but the river is so small and I was laughing so hard that my mom said what,s wrong!! And I said potato

    9. Sesnic

      They should make a band

    10. jibonpereira

      For no reason jelly spits on his monitor I saw that video jelly Channel

    11. Janet sun

      and im Sophie

    12. Janet sun

      Crainer you can make swords instead they do more damage

    13. Bujaboy

      you and jelly are hilarious 🤣😂🤣🤣

    14. Caleb Raj

      Make A Speedrunner & Hunter Video In SkyBlock

    15. Karim Srour


    16. Charlotte Brown

      I watched slogoman and he’s the best

    17. Vanie Dacumos

      Crainer i join your group in rolblox

    18. Chris ASMR

      They should do speedRunners vs Hunters with wings

    19. Gab Orendain

      8:51 joshhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!🤣😂🤣😂

    20. Retty Mammen

      Do speedrunner vs hunter with the flash

    21. Jake Hoak

      Crainer: let me try some thing out here? Crainer: JOSH! Me: LOL

    22. Ayden Jennings

      when is crainer going to do a speed run video that is fair

    23. Alisha Misner


    24. Raphael Castillo

      Can you do speedrun as a prop

    25. Liam Omeara

      I Yous cod slogo

    26. Bryar Mobile


    27. Emmanuel Lacson

      Can I get hi to mrcrainer?

    28. Mahrukh Ahtesham

      # jelly is the best not crainer

      1. Mahrukh Ahtesham


    29. nyan paing

      Why he always in love with boat

    30. Unbeatable

      you did what slogo said the last vid

    31. B l a d e

      Why do they never get swords

    32. Muhammad AADAM 8

      why you lieing you not speedruner



    34. Katherine Mason

      can we make the 2:70 a song he has been looting but its ok we are going to make it throo yay

    35. David Werner


    36. blobio???

      4:05 ...

    37. Dalton Aery

      Crainer tell the others NEVER go down a cave without wood. Maybe, about 64 pieces of it maybe?

    38. TYR علي حسان حدرج

      can you play pubg pls if you like it leave like

    39. Richmond San Diego

      do the superpowers hunters vs speed runner

    40. Aayush MK

      Crainer's way too funny nowadays lmfao

    41. Hein Htet


    42. Hein Htet

      Do 100

    43. Kelsey Oddo

      Beat boxing in a hole dude

    44. Kendra Freeman

      Fun fact: If crainer goes down and does not talk in mic then he is rubbing his doggie🌻✨🐶

    45. john major

      Thu Jul the meaning

    46. Leb Titan


    47. Freddy Marry


    48. Reyaaz Omar

      Reyaaz 100000,0000😀🥰😇😍🤩😘

    49. Maxwell Eckard

      Jelly and crainer got A long but Slogo did not

    50. Tristian Manaloto

      Mm josh is good

    51. Crystal Kevin

      1:04 beat boxing in a hole what u a baby or some 😂😂

    52. M YT

      Crainer's best day in speed runner vs hunters would be when they use boats to hunt down the speed runner.

      1. Euan McGlinchey

        Haha 😆 nice one

      2. Ridgey Ruby


      3. Trica Dawson

        And he is the speedruner

    53. Edward Catchpole

      I guess it's good Crainer's car dosent have insurance

    54. Lankybox Fam

      I think crainer has a relationship with boats 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    55. Morten Næss

      Now its not speedrunners anymore more like speedhunter

    56. neilsith75

      Crainer do speedrunners vs hunters with planes

    57. Nicola Harvey

      he is way better

    58. Nicola Harvey

      use code slogo

    59. Kaliyah

      you mean beat boxing in a box?😏

    60. swan swan

      Jelly singing make me 😂😂😂😂😂 so hard is cry.

      1. swan swan

        'I cry'

    61. Ruaridh Philp

      Slogo:only house he go to is the smithy Slogo 2021

    62. Josh Segura

      You could also use word as for feel on the furnace

    63. Alvin Jean Claridades

      If jelly and crainer are together they will unstoppable slogoman don't share he cares for himself

    64. Kaelan Jackson


    65. Genalyn Casas

      Crainer you slould make speed runner vs hunter with clown

    66. Dan uploads

      𝙱𝚛𝚞𝚑 :𝟸𝟶𝟽 𝚠𝚑𝚢

    67. rochelle tesalona

      i dont like crainer

    68. Kevin Cendana


    69. Matthew Aceron

      Hunter vs speed runner but the hunter is flash

    70. Joe Guice

      i like how you do thing funny

    71. Joe Guice

      your better then jelly and slogo from connor

    72. Joe Guice

      I love you crainer

    73. eli sommers

      the arows gave you a crazy hairdo and Jelly had one in his privets

      1. Luki Wei

        Colt:That’s gotta hurt

    74. Devon Dude

      Idk carnier is a beatboxer

    75. Gislaine Foguth

      Jelly didn’t even post him video

    76. lizeth saavedra

      crainer um jelly is poop

    77. 黄浩

      I like beatboxing

    78. madfut unicorn

      Crainer is in love to the boat

    79. madfut unicorn

      Why does Jelly say potato say weird?

    80. Hashir Ibrahim

      2:07 my new favorite song

    81. Turts I


    82. Turts I


    83. Turts I


    84. Turts I


    85. Turts I


    86. Turts I


    87. Turts I


    88. ThreeBlessings


    89. anjan reddy

      Fix your hair crainer

    90. KolbLucky

      On the outside I skrrt skrrt *but on the inside I hurt hurt*

    91. Ngumbau

      why did u not take the wheat

    92. Yohandra Martinez


    93. Clip Clop

      Jelly and crainer are the best duo

    94. hazel alessandra

      i like when jelly and crainer are together its just so weird and funny

    95. Leslyn Tucker


    96. Sara Saif

      Crainer get a hair cut 💇‍♂️

    97. medhu boy

      CRAINER:- doing sounds like put tip put tip 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    98. Geraldine Cabillo

      Did they forget to say josh let me axe you a question

    99. Hello Jello

      Do a speed runner and hunters but in vr

    100. Cameron Helms

      You should play Hunters vs speedrunners with realistic physics