The 2022 Subaru BRZ® Global Reveal


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    This is the official launch video played for the global reveal of the all-new 2022 Subaru BRZ. See the story behind the creation of the hottest rear-wheel-drive Subaru production vehicle to ever thread a hairpin turn. The racing bloodlines. The engineering heritage. The new power. The added torque. The even lower center of gravity. The stiffer body and aggressive new aerodynamics. Sports car purity, Subaru DNA. Learn more at

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    1. Omar Usama

      The Japanese porsche

    2. Ÿášh Gámîñ

      So ugly

    3. Sonda 29

      not everyone knows that the BRZ is purely from Subaru, and they look the same due to the engine specs. so that makes it look like Toyota, so they look twins not a collaboration

      1. Sonda 29

        That's why they don't mention Toyota there

    4. AJ Creates

      No hate but every time I see that rear end, I see a Buick.

    5. Carlos Cortez


    6. Knight King

      "A Collaboration between engineer and driver" I was Expecting Toyota and Subaru

    7. Sentinel 0_0

      The interior is sooo nice omg

    8. Sentinel 0_0

      This look FIRE 🔥 might have to save up for a year or two for that second car sheesh

    9. Raimun


    10. Master James


    11. Fio Nikys

      Привет из России, конечно же у нас ее не будет ...

    12. Evo Pixels

      mazda rx8

    13. Gxf 13

      Manual lovers S2 Brazil !!

    14. JustTomikk

      Looks good but we need more poweeeer

    15. Idtech Celestial

      Subaru go brrrpapapap

    16. ARandomCarGuy

      Yes Its a Manual, No but seriously that gave me chills wtf :)

    17. Picalbuck


    18. Raymond Kit

      Awesome new gen for the BRZ!! but personally I would prefer the old-gen exterior back design than the 2022 :/

    19. Alexander Kulikov

      Шикарный автомобиль

    20. Highlan Subi

      Looks like a Porsche!!!!! Great job SubaYota!!!! You have delivered what we have all wanted a 718 that everyone can afford. Sorry Porsche you were soo focused on making your super cars into hyper cars that you forgot what Ferdinand was about. Your cheapest car is 70K 🤢 😂! Can’t wait to see this thing drift at Wicked Big Meet!

    21. Jannes Hildebrandt


    22. Jannes Hildebrandt

      If its an naturally aspirated engine i will buy it, that would be amazing otherwise nah

      1. flicceerekts

        Its n a

    23. Jannes Hildebrandt

      NA Engine forever

    24. Jannes Hildebrandt

      NA engine PLS

    25. Ralph Martin Granados

      Is it just me or the design looks like something from the 2010-2015 🤔

    26. Frankene Limtangco

      Where my vape boys at! 🤙🏻

    27. Giovanni Murcia

      New Hyundai Tiburon

    28. J, Ludwig

      The Acura NSX taillights are my least favorite design. Could've done something unique but now it looks like corolla accord civic from the back

    29. witty wolk

      :/ grill

    30. Eric Solovon

      Where is my turbo Subaru? You didn't win a single rally with a non turbo Subaru. We've asking for a turbo since the launch of the BRZ.

    31. Samzilla

      We need a brz sti

    32. CitizenFoffie

      I was one of the first people to see this car, I got to see it at subiefest. Right next to the 1995WRC Car

    33. Mitch James

      Now we need to do is turbocharge it.

    34. MacN'chillidogs

      They are trying hard to live up to, the term "poor man's porsche", i mean the car is cool and all but it looks like a Panamera.

    35. One random gamer

      i personally hate this, no offense i liked the older one better..

    36. Kstrek

      I like it a LOT. But I think I'm pretty content with my 2013 frs..

    37. Trilochan velmurugan

      Boxer engine Same for 30 years But still no one can beat it

    38. Elvin geo

      Is Toyota and scion coming out with there brz versions too?

    39. Jesus Christ It’s jackson 5


    40. ShanFromTheBookOf Legends

      doesn't come with 4 doors. thanks, i hate it

    41. エソコトエドガル


    42. Evan Riley

      I personally like the styling change, she’s prettier now, less funky looking. Great job Subaru!

    43. Psilocybinan

      Model 3 front and civic rear.....nice job subi.

    44. Nova

      I love everything about this except the changes to the exterior

    45. Bepizz

      Looks cool but stop making your new impreza's oval shape like and more like the old Subaru sports

    46. David Bosworth

      I don’ care

    47. Maxim mmm

      555 dislikes - intresting fact

    48. 安心安全なモンゴルZ埼玉ソヴィエト


    49. Waves

      Nice! And this Subaru model doesn't have to suffer and die in gruesome ways! 10/10

    50. Daweed

      Stop trying to get me an epilepsy attack and show me the fucking car already

    51. Jake Hankins

      Eeew send it back we liked the old one more

      1. _

        No, no one does

    52. Mr Dorifto

      I feel like bunta is talking to me rn

    53. Vincent is a Hololive fan

      This wasn't the subaru i was looking for

      1. Vincent is a Hololive fan

        @Cholo Del rosari0 C!

      2. Cholo Del rosari0

        What 'Subaru' you are looking for? A.) A japanese car brand B.) the japanese name for the 'Pleiades' star cluster C.) A Hololive character D) The main character from the japanese light novel 'Re Zero'

    54. visheshsux


    55. Hidden Talent

      Still can't beat a 228i

    56. Hidden Talent

      Subaru, that took way too long to introduce the brz. lemme shoot the next video

    57. chandraa aaa

      will this car sharing platform with Toyota?

      1. Bathroom Sign


    58. BlueShift

      I hope there come aftermarket taillights and rear-bumper to get a match with previous generation...

    59. YVNG KT

      Do your thing RocketBunny

    60. Taqiyshi Fashfosh

      he's so pretty 😍

    61. David 9-A

      Mk4 supra and the 350z had a baby

    62. Silent knight M

      I’ve never been a huge fan off Subaru. But I am liking this new BRZ design

    63. NOT YOUR. HOMI3

      If they had pushed it to 300 horses from that 2.4 l . It would be perfect I know they could , if only .........

      1. _

        Slap a turbo on it or time the ECU, done

    64. Harry Zhang

      shit looks ugly🤮,the old one is much better

    65. Isaiah Fajardo

      Toyota gr Supra and Nissan Z Proto Killer?

      1. Bathroom Sign

        Def no

      2. _

        Supra yes nissan no

    66. Kyle Brown

      imo it looks like a 370z and a mk5 supra had a baby

    67. Peter Pankov

      Much cooler, but it's more ugly

    68. Mike Kim

      good platform to build by adding boost. just like a boosted k24 swap. need to see how it performs against the yaris gr and 2L supra.

    69. LT mongoose

      5:20 blahhahahahahahah, i think us car enthusiast have learned not to buy a performance car with a CVT by now (the wrx cvt)

    70. Yo_isJoe

      Please release the convertible.

    71. Bryan Ang

      Tbh, I like the styling ngl. It looks good. Also, for me, it looks like a mini Lexus RCF from the side lol

    72. Delvinsky Hanzu

      I like the BRZ

    73. Sam Bumgardner

      AmPLe PoWer? Really guys?

    74. ZE_GERMAN

      The BRZ now comes with a Factory LS Swap?

    75. SnowCYYCling

      Someone talk me out of getting in debt for this car

      1. Bathroom Sign

        30k in debt isn’t bad

    76. DG

      I've never driven this car.. But I have had a late '80s Toyota MR2. How does the BRZ compare? The MR2 had no steering assist and had super short clutch travel and short throws. Extremely fun to drive.

    77. Rodent Rodent

      Shit I love it I really want to own one soon

    78. NDRS G

      Looks like a Celica(side) mixed with a Porsche(front) and an Aston Martin (rear)

    79. NDRS G

      Why 257bhp AWD on a Yaris and 228Hp on a BRZ/86?

    80. GNS

      0:29 555 Subaru Rally -> 5 is pronounced as 'Go' in Japanese, so this ends up as Go Go Go Subaru Rally

    81. Corolla Chronicles

      Press number 8 on your keyboard if you want to see the actual new car. Otherwise, enjoy the film.

    82. White Cinnamon06

      Nooooooo this vry bad

    83. Yousef

      i hope it comes to saudi arabia...

    84. Johannes Need

      I find the car very cool but the i find the tail isn't looking good.

    85. Stokque


    86. flon


    87. Tom Nichols

      Still NA...Still Slow...yawn

      1. Bathroom Sign

        Did you listen to the reveal?

      2. _

        "slow" is relative. It's faster than an mx5

    88. michaelxcx

      jesus fucken christ, just give us a wrx Hatch ffs.or a crosstrek wrx...... no one cares about brz/gt86 anymore . fuck!

    89. YUM YUM DOGE

      Come up with a roadster version..... it will sell twice as much

    90. Zhang Hong


    91. hiro nonato

      release date??!

      1. _

        Next year or late this year

    92. Quill Black's MTB POV

      Very very excited for this car!

    93. Cha LeLu

      Is that a Supra!!

    94. Drifts n Flicks

      koga she go vidim izsipan na VSKFki

    95. Sean Robins

      @mightycarmods the purity!

    96. Donut_thebored

      That's a sick 2022 brz 🔥🔥

    97. エレミヤ-kun

      This isnt the subasru that i was looking for.

    98. figueroa

      Please fix the door handles! That’s all I want. I hate those ugly cheap early 2000 door handles. Just make those things flush like an old 06’ vette.

    99. mediacritic

      I'll take one.

      1. _