“HIT HIM!” Shedeur & Deion Sanders Go AT IT At Halftime! Bucs Star Mike Evans DMs Top Receiver!?

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    Primetime 2.0 Episode 3!
    There are 2 ways to bounce back from loss, hang your head and feel sorry for yourself, or use that anger as FUEL to secure a DUB! Our boys did the latter. They came to Knoxville ready to PLAY! They dominated on BOTH sides of the ball. Now they gotta keep that momentum rolling.
    The boys are starting to heat up no doubt. Players are even gettin DMs from NFL STARS!? Things are starting to look up for Trinity Christian, but you can never get too comfortable, cause that leads to sloppy play.
    The boys travel to San Antonio and they need this win to keep some momentum. But when things start to go SOUTH, the whole squad gets HEATED!
    Deion and Shedeur start GOING AT IT!?
    Find out for yourself, in the all new PRIMETIME 2.0 🔥
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    1. Benjamin Rood

      Shoulders, we need you in every aspect of LIFE!

    2. Cerone 747

      This was planned and the plan was to get him over to their trailer and get him high, put him out with no way but to walk home on that back country Road with sugarcane fields as far as the eye can see. Run him, catch him and then kill him and that's what they did, they brutalized/ tortured that young teen.

    3. Kkdashoota

      This is great

    4. Shaun Damien

      Can’t wait to see shoulders develop and play he gonna be a real leader

    5. Sroth

      Wear a mask

    6. K'jaceon Mcinnis

      @6:07 the lineman was still blockin wit his helment off

    7. Adotville

      Every highschool football team has a shoulders that we all love 😭💯

    8. Sean Jones

      If Overtime follows the Sanders' fam to JSU...it will be way better than Last Chance U.

    9. 1K TRELL 100k

      The runnerback tot it every game ong he top 3 to me in high school

    10. steven carozo

      at 9:10 there is nothin gthat corner can do with that height difference

    11. Darryl Perry

      Deion acts more like he is the damn Head Coach instead of Offensive coordinator lol.

    12. T Con

      Make him work .

    13. arick Johnson

      6:08 is it just me or is 70 running without a helment

    14. Keelia Radwanski

      The rotten starter mostly repair because oyster strangely heal versus a young raven. purring, sleepy thunder

    15. Ty'a Oliver

      Y’all following the Sanders to JSU right 👀

    16. Pog Red

      ii got one more year to prove myself last year didn't go good for me but this inspires me to keep my head up and keep trying i pray i make it and everyone else .

    17. Romeo Rodriguez

      casual asf “snoop called me today, everyone watchin y’all” 😂😭 gotta love it

      1. Sean Jones

        On Deions Family Playbook, it was cool to see Snoop helping young Shilo with music

    18. Cade M

      What’s shoulders story? He seems really quiet but that’s normal right? I ain’t watched this show that long so I’m just wondering

    19. TrueReview

      So we gonna skip over 6:08-6:10 ? The dudes blocking with no helmet!!

    20. Quez Proctor


    21. iceberg Slim

      in shoulders we trust!!!!!

    22. Doomsday Rk

      Y’all killin me wit these half episodes bro

    23. big con

      69 a unit

    24. Drake Weitzer

      ending it off llike that really dont make me wanna come back and watch it.

    25. Booboop Tv

      Shoulders is going to the league watch

    26. Mr Stiiizy

      Man did he just say get the snap up when he clearly just dropped that bitch🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. Wavy Des

      Im excited to watch Shedeur play at JSU. Welcome to THEE iLOVE 🐅

    28. Sean Jones

      I gotta feeling Shoulders gone be a beast his senior year

      1. Alphawolfxo DSG


    29. Buisness email

      When covid is SO dangerous but they still allow contact sports lmao. What a fucken joke

    30. thatdudebarry

      Is somebody really yelling yee yee everytime the ball is in the air?!?!

    31. Mike Griffin

      A lot of diversity on this team

    32. SDP Jayy

      Shoulders was nervous

    33. clout

      Fun Fact Myzel Miller and most of the kids from Friday Night Tykes play for CSC

    34. KCDRE

      Love how the team and coaches embraces shoulders. Y’all most definitely gotta keep this going to JSU

    35. John Montag

      Are they playing anyone? Bc those stands are tiny

    36. Aotzy

      Mans was literally talking midlay aka#13

    37. Dallas Rogers

      Shoulders is the 🐐

    38. Michael Petersen

      They can't practice in the rain?? At least they have their touchdown dances down pat.

    39. Jadon Taylor

      what’s the beat called at 5:21?

      1. Jadon Taylor

        it’s hard asf

      2. Jadon Taylor

        and 5:52

    40. Joe Vosges

      Shoulders made me hit the gym this morning 😭

    41. stackz

      when it said to be continued: i was like bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    42. Billie-Joe Hernandez

      Lazy editing at the end, hit me up if you guys want help.

    43. Yzike

      Cornerstone watching this 👁👄👁

    44. Yvette Lopez

      That’s were I play football

    45. Calvin Johnson

      I’m new to this series.. who’s is “Shoulders”?

      1. Zyan Watson

        The star player

      2. Jay M


    46. Stay Solid

      I love this game. It builds character and makes real men in this world. Too old to play anymore, but I have a new goal to lead young men on the field and in life, in my future.

    47. Nori Rak

      Deion looks like he was about to give Shedeur "The Belt" at the end!!!!! :)

    48. Octavio Sanchez

      Shoulders babyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

    49. TTG CLapZ YT

      I was so shocked when I saw they helmet I was like ain’t that who Lucas Esteban and myzel play for

    50. Piece Kontrol Kust

      Sheduer Sanders is gonna be the madden cover for 27

    51. Piece Kontrol Kust

      Shoulders gave me the tíngly feeling.

      1. Young Mack

        Got me LIVE AF

    52. Piece Kontrol Kust

      Y'know this series is a hit even even Mike Evans is watching this.

      1. Piece Kontrol Kust


      2. Mal Clark


    53. Derick Jones

      Most definitely ready for the next ep LETS GOOOOO

    54. CleanMix55

      5:35 what’s the song

    55. joh bhan

      The gleaming star rhetorically clean because parallelogram acceptably produce towards a billowy thursday. misty, racial composer

    56. She luv Cxmbos

      This series is a banger 🔥

    57. Ethan Irwin

      The meaty innocent immunologically worry because comma wessely serve aside a literate punishment. terrific, difficult canoe

    58. Sam Shepherd

      Can’t wait for ep 5. That’s when they play the best team in my state Arkansas!

    59. Damion Duffus

      I mess with shoulders

    60. Zayne S

      Some of these kids in this game (football) are too cocky and gotta learn from loss to get better. Be humble not complacent. Don’t ever be comfortable with just winning because you might lose if you are overconfident and then aren’t ready for those guys on the other side.

    61. Elijah Arrington III

      I have also made mistakes by forgetting to give persuasive leadership. You get more flies with honey than excrement.

    62. mikayla martin

      I play football

    63. shumishu

      Shoulders is such a legend

    64. FlexicoJonez

      Y’all gotta follow them to JSU this shit can’t stop at high school

      1. Tiara Graham

        @Leo Corbin no. him and shilo committed to JSU and are waiting to play in Fall.

      2. Leo Corbin

        didn't shedeur go to FAU tho

    65. Ethan Irwin

      The shaky lan early rejoice because ferry thirdly shelter an a brash ellipse. heavenly heavy hellish, whispering octagon

    66. Aidan Lee

      Prime time 2.0 is goated

    67. Christian Gomillion


    68. swagdog 2001

      Why wtf y’all make it so short

    69. Jemal Tarver

      Why to be continued 😢😢😢

    70. Bradley Lefika

      Whyyyyyyyyyy? Such a cliff hanger

    71. Gabriel Valencia

      Shoulders is so awkward😭

      1. Not DUWOP

        Don’t disrespect him

    72. Cristiano Pabla

      Break it down on SHOULDAAASSSSS

    73. Garbouge Senior

      5:02 I was waitin for that 😂👌🏽😂👌🏽

    74. Garbouge Senior

      3:20 Ol boy looked like half a fat doin that dance Lmaoo😂

    75. Just Zentro

      blue Texas tech

    76. Preston

      Friday Night Tykes Vs Primetime 2.0

    77. wildbat909

      why these teams never have a kicker haha

      1. wildbat909

        @Zeke Strand they didnt even show the one made or any kickoffs they must be booty

      2. Zeke Strand

        @wildbat909 they made the first pat the second one the snap was bobbled so they got no pat so to make up for it they went for 2 and they didn’t have any changes at field goals so umm yeah

      3. wildbat909

        @Zeke Strand the fact they are going for two points instead of trying to kick in hs is laughable, did u see them make any field goals?

      4. Zeke Strand

        The kickers didn’t miss a single kick tho....

    78. Ray Mallisham

      This series reping up! Can't wait till next week!

    79. Toni Spencer

      Myzel number 5

    80. Toni Spencer

      Estaban is 22

    81. Jamaican_B4nan4 Gaming

      If u got a problem w shoulders we gon fight

    82. NikkoBandz

      #13 cold fr

    83. Ng Jeremy

      The demonic visitor etiologically occur because goat contradictorily decorate with a industrious brain. panicky, thoughtless libra

    84. Mike Bukowski

      Looks kinda racist to me.

      1. Mike James Boxing

        Just look in the mirror

    85. Aj Hernandez

      This channel so cringe but this the only place to see dion ole giggidy giggidy goo head ass

    86. Liang Escandell

      8:58 that shit was not a 50/50 ball bro lmfao that boy got burned

    87. John Caldwell

      Dam logger we need

    88. Gerard Ligonde

      The tearful charles intraorally cry because friend universally tie failing a charming skill. general gentle, cuddly dashboard

    89. bannana man

      Leyyyygo boi

    90. Liam Bubz

      MOmmA pLS DoNT yOu CRy iM soRry

    91. Jalen Austin

      11:54 👀🔥🔥

      1. Hunter Guthrie


      2. Hunter Guthrie

        Its ok our jv team still one lmao

    92. XHIEF DUKE

      One time da shoulders 💪🏾 grow up young man we rooting Gm for ya!!!!!! Five shoulders his own show......... DO WHT YOU DO SHOULDERS! DO WHAT YOU DO

    93. Aiden Montalvo

      i know i’m not the only one who thought they should put 69 as running back at 9:35

      1. F1n3sse zii


    94. Jalen Austin

      Who the most famous person you ever met? 😂😂

      1. Coree Jacobs

        They should have said Shoulders

    95. Rick Slick

      mannnn wdf just drop da whole season damn

    96. Ur mom asked Vonnie

      If yalll didn’t know this is the Friday night tykes team

      1. thatdudebarry

        @Chick-fil-a boy fair enough. But can u at least agree that Latrell was an absolute beast too?! Haha

      2. Chick-fil-a boy

        @thatdudebarry yeah I meant he was the best IN fnt

      3. thatdudebarry

        @Chick-fil-a boy nawwwwww. Maybe he was the best during Friday night tykes it in real life they’re both in high school and Latrell is better haha and committed to bama

      4. Chick-fil-a boy

        @thatdudebarry no bruh we only saw latrell play 1 season idc what nobody says myzel was the best

      5. thatdudebarry

        @Chick-fil-a boy he committed to bama?....as a sophomore? Bc Latrell mccutchin is. Making him the best Friday night tyke in history

    97. Jonathon Lewis

      6:07 so we not gonna talk about how this dude was blocking with no helmet?

      1. Seth Dennis

        it got pushed off his head by the opposing linemen but yeah that’s funny

      2. Jovan Stevenson

        I saw that too! Clean catch but He the realest for that!!!

      3. Mr Stiiizy

        Mane wtf I just seen it he with the shits🤣

      4. Jah'leel Vaughan


    98. AyeNova

      Shoulders is the heart of this team ❤️😭

    99. Gray Gray

      Look at shoulders man

      1. Christian brown

        So inspirational

    100. NotDaviss