Top 100 Fails of the Year Part 2 (2019) | FailArmy


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    1. Daniel Buchamer

      Wtf is up with this 2020 bs I saw most of the 2020 videos in 2018 2016 and so on watch any other video that says 2020 its bs ive seen all of this 8 years ago or more . Fail army dis you go out of business ?

    2. cLoWnDeViLbOy88

      0:15 Me... thank god someone took her out!!

    3. Bashock

      Bruta tortuga me iso tirar el teléfono

    4. Ciuppa Capra

      Look like harry potter scen but inverse

    5. SpeedyGonzales73

      Start Song?

    6. Khara Kaur

      Who thinks this was funny

    7. Lava Hound

      0:24 🇳🇴

    8. ThatLittle GhostThing

      At 3:00 it's actually a snapping TURTLE not a tortoise she should go back to school

    9. josey chressy

      Yo on fail 63 that’s a full on flood

    10. Meroguri e

      I heard his back Snap 1:06

    11. Foxx-123

      idiots will never die out

    12. ANONYMOUS You know the one

      U post the same shit

    13. Maddox HQ

      2:18 shows people are getting dumber

    14. masteryiciabiniz

      Bana para veer

    15. Justin Crimaldi

      Some of the best memories is when you and your buddies all all together. You go use the bathroom and while your gone they plan some prank that's gonna hurt you but be so funny you cant get mad. Luckily i wad usually one of the planners. Although, I've been victim for plenty

    16. Denisé

      Headshot!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Emran Dafadar

      3:07 such a huge wastage of water We could collect that water for something else after playing....

      1. Nikita Valentijn

        Emran Dafadar ever heard of an accident

    18. zentify

      0:20 Andy’s coming

    19. The Best Fails Ever Channel

      Wow 👍

    20. AEL FC 1964

      Same with other parts

    21. Shoshana Katzen

      1.17 definite spinal cord damage

    22. CoronaWithLyme

      I think I lost brain cells when that chick said that was a tortoise.

    23. ja4nice

      We did. -translations on ' No Contact ' page.


      Smsma smama withewit thinking😂

    25. mowburnt man

      0:31 Schroedingers Laptop Screen

    26. Ares Nostradamus

      I like failarmy vids but i dont like the whole caption covering 80% of the vids and feeling like its trying to be like the show rediculousness

    27. win embedded POSready 2009 stinks

      3:22 What Is Video?

    28. Mark Reilly

      2:59 what an idiot! Lucky she didn't lose a finger.

    29. Stranger

      2:49 anyone know where this is? So beautiful!

    30. Sarah Hay

      #79, I’d kill the man

    31. Koa5191

      Still sticking with 86.

    32. Pranjal Patel

      1:06 I screamed out !!

    33. Chase B

      That first video was magical.

    34. Super Potato90000

      3:31 me trying to jump into ur dms

    35. Rex Banner

      @1.50, he will have to ring you back.

    36. Stephen Nugent

      1:37 Seriously?

    37. manduheavy vazquez

      2:47 Jajajaja lol. Greatness.

    38. LeanN N

      Bad time to drink milk 1:37

    39. Kanak Barfa

      Are videos on epic fails epic fails?

    40. Arnder Autos

      0:17 That's a damn Win!

    41. tyler ortiz

      Of course they’re gunna break it up into 10 videos to make ad money

    42. ThatDarnKitteh

      Where is my phone was a failure by the people taking that video. Assholes

    43. B3RT


    44. Julien Druet

      2:41, Priceless

    45. ComplexGranola

      Just put some ice on it

    46. Iskandar Alwi

    47. The CrazyJohn

      The girl of the 1:30 called the fireman??? Really???

    48. Honda Civic


    49. Amzo Tall

      This video gives a whole new meaning to the expression "Face plant" 😂

    50. Capura - Oyun


    51. Shaydes Of Blue

      This was 100? Who's counting?

    52. goober

      I came here to feel less useless. It kinda helped but, ya know.

    53. hgdkfsg najnsvd

      who here remembers failarmyU?

    54. Dogxemia

      Pls woof

    55. Tom

      1:38 Imagine if someone came to him and said: "You protecc, You attac, But most importantly Your phone is on your bacc

    56. Geovan Rich

      This new format is trash

    57. One True God

      I never understood why people are just randomly videotaping out their windows like does nobody have anything better to do.

    58. Bayu SA

      1:32 Holy Sh*t

    59. DanZero77

      I hope Hannah went to the hospital instead

    60. Greg Del Mar

      3:20 How is he doing that 😂😂😂

    61. Suo Nagato

      Thank you for the awesome video. Like!👍

    62. Joey Nonetheless

      @3mins lucky she didnt get her damn fingers bit off. Guess she didn't know the difference between a snappy turtle and a tortoise 🤣🤣🤣

    63. Hugh Williams

      You should make greatest fails in history

    64. Anonymous Black

      Number 72 ate shit while skateboarding. You could tell by the deafening scrape of skin meeting concrete followed by her grunt in pain. This is why we fat people should skate.

    65. ManifoldCuriosity

      What a horrible year...

    66. Mukund Sawant

      This is top “100”?

    67. nilleftw

      Can't even find part three. Nice.

    68. British Productions

      1:09 😍😍😍

    69. MaQuGo119


    70. Thomas Chabot


    71. Aaron Rice

      That girl with the snapping turtle has zero clue how lucky she got right there. That lil dude would've took half her hand off!

      1. FROZEN Sleepy

        Привет, если понял что я написал, поставь лайк

      2. Aaron Rice

        @Kenneth She really was. You should see the other video where she tries to pet a honey badger. 😂🤣

      3. Kenneth

        She was blessed by God their.

    72. Carl

      Half of these aren’t even fails and the other half is recycled from other videos

    73. Chris Barnes

      Could you make the labels any bigger?

    74. Julio Coello

      This was really boring...

    75. moroten11

      I will forever hate what failarmy has become

    76. Annoyed By Everything

      Why in the blue hell is this going to be multiple parts? Just put them all together like you used to. I'll sit for an hour and watch people make an ass out of themselves

    77. arshama arshama

      I’m here before 700k views bitchessss!!

    78. Said Sbaiy

      The song started in 3:29 plz

    79. Franco artz

      😳..Th....there's Hanna.

    80. Yulissa Silva

      The clip on 1:08 O M G That's hurts!

    81. Vicente Ibañez

      Necesito la parte 3 ahoraaaa

    82. Ritika Bhardwaj

      3:20 is my favorite 😂😂😂

    83. Kilan Lotran


    84. Andy Morris

      Shit year for fails

    85. Jost Schwider

      #0:25 Happiness in misfortune: It's just an Apple.

    86. Ivan Mullarkey

      Mmmmm I like me the caramel in the beginning, mhmmmmm

    87. Cameron M

      3:01 was I the only one who jumped???

    88. Emo Muzz

      Failure really is the only option!

    89. Dave Cegs


    90. Kindly Help me Reach 3K Subscribers

      whoever is reading this ~ I wish u a good day 💜😇 .. I Just .. . wanna say that m a young photographer/filmmaker.. If u care please show some love on my last video💜💜 apreciate all

    91. Time To Rest


    92. Александр Гулько

      Stop with this titles, seriously. Annoying AF

    93. Linda Svalesen

      0:25 from Norway

    94. ocripcurrent

      2:00 #71 I don't know why it's so damn funny but I am in tears laughing at this kid wiping out

    95. Andrea Dt


    96. Jennifer Highfill

      Hi Joe

    97. gash46

      Slow year huh

    98. Sumatra

      Naming the videos is distracting, annoying and unnecessary

      1. heyguysitsmerob


    99. The Minecraft Teen


      1. DEMONOX 400

        Poor Hannah