“You’re Not Gonna Survive!” Deion Sanders RETURNS To Trinity! Shedeur ISN'T Homecoming King!?

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    Episode 7 of Primetime 2.0
    The boys WANNA PLAY! Their game got cancelled this Friday, so all week in practice they're just going through the motions. Coach Hart is making all kinds of calls trying to find them a GAME. You know Coach Hart is the best of the best, so he comes through BIG TIME! Boys are back under those Friday Night Lights!
    Coach Prime is back at Trinity, things are little different ever since he took the job at Jackson State, but he's still here to take care of business!
    Coach Prime says if the boys wanna know where they stand in his eyes all they gotta do is ASK!
    "I'll cry to ya before I lie to ya!"
    Friday night comes and the boys have to put on a SHOW! It's Homecoming, it's senior night, the boys NEED a win....
    Can they come up BIG on their BIG NIGHT!
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    1. Alvaro Varela

      They are lucky to have you guys as coaches my coach switched to the jags to follow the winning team and we are always close and we get there than we lose that one game so are coach is following the winning team just for a championship

    2. GOAT 42

      We play Robinson to😂😂

    3. ehdhtehjtr jgdfgtertgf

      The parallel mini-skirt astonishingly shave because hardcover specifically fetch astride a overrated jasmine. statuesque, bent disadvantage

    4. Lo'Down Media

      My homecoming my junior year we was down 0-21 at the half. We came back and won in 2nd half. I had 2 TDs, a 2pt conversion, an interception, and a sack. Losing homecoming games ruin the whole homecoming. We pulled off a win, there is no better feeling than overcoming adversity. That's one of the important lessons that the game of football teaches

    5. DCTR3YY _

      Yessir bham

    6. Take Flight A.B.


    7. Caleb Randle

      I was at the game in tally

      1. Trell Mills

        Who they played in tally fam? That's the crib lol


      they were playing good competition this season I guess they went back to playing dog water teams lol

    9. MooseRaps

      They played Joe T Robinson, that's dope.

    10. King Vaughn

      This is not definition on Texas football that small feild 😭

    11. Blessing Okoduwa

      Kick somebody's ass already

    12. TY K

      how many Williams are there like god damn 😂

    13. tam i am

      His dad was into that plate!

    14. Brian Macdonald

      Prime son look like a devolved Lamar already he’s gonna be scary

    15. Mike Griffin

      black wisdom

    16. Yolanda Shikers

      The messy oboe numerically compete because herring evidently expand apud a wandering commission. smooth, lacking shame

    17. Danny

      i need more of this lol . hope they have some like this at Jackson State with deion or they still continue here

    18. Kingdomkid

      How do we watch the actual episodes?

    19. Dav

      6:40 close one 😂😂😂

      1. Sean Jones

        "Close-knit" is what he said

    20. Kimberly Bloom

      We proud of you Cam!!

    21. Deandre Walker

      If they played Robinson two years earlier it woulda been a different story but I’m glad shedur them bounced back

    22. cole c

      6:43 he caught himself 😂😂😂😂😭

      1. Sean Jones

        He cleary said and intended to say "close-knit people"

      2. Kohlin Brownlee

        He was gonna say nigga

      3. Julius Ngatia

        I was thinking that

      4. Jerome Carey

        On god😂😂😂

    23. Zigz

      yessir bama built

    24. YOLAFIT

      Shoutout @ cam rep bham .....

    25. Zer0IQ

      Can’t wait for the cliff hanger

    26. bannana man

      This happened in 2020

    27. thatdudebarry

      This man go to school in Texas and live in bama?!?? That’s next level dedication

    28. Raphael Charles

      Primetime 2.0 not HC King 👑

    29. Johnny Moore

      I’m from Birmingham to big bruh

    30. Makayla Williams

      “They can do it in the cafeteria or somethin i don’t know give em fruit snacks.” LOL 😂😂😂😂

      1. I Want Money123

        Lmao i read this right as he was saying it🤣

    31. Manuel Zay

      Is there going to to be another season after deions leave?

      1. gabriel johnson

        Doubt it a lot of the players at trinity left and went to different high schools

    32. Real Abraham

      Dem jerseys fire

    33. Real Abraham

      yall go to 6.41 and listen lol

    34. kassem bazzi

      4:30 they so poor but wearing yezzys😂

      1. Kavion Williams

        We grown now..we got jobs now

    35. usablw

      Deons money bought that team der

    36. SavooGaming

      Y'all goats man 💪💪

    37. Gerriand Wright

      They won against a team from Arkansas they think they did something

      1. Fabian Cano

        They did do something, they won

    38. Benicio Bugatti

      12:55 killed me 😂😂

    39. TY city

      Big raaaack big paaaack

    40. Zaytron Poe

      That QB trash (Buddy Gaston)

    41. SoulFly

      i think everyone needs to be thankful for robinson stepping up to the challenge. and wanting to play trinity.

    42. SoulFly

      kaveon is always there for the pick. he has to be putting in hours looking at film. that doesnt just happen.

    43. Sean Jones

      Keep them Trinity Tigers comin on Overtime.🔥🔥🔥 Waiting for JSU soon💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    44. Doc Holliday

      I like how Cam always talks about his mom struggling and growing up without food. Well to pay for your Charger, yeah a lot of families would be struggling 😂😂 whatever gives you motivation I guess. Even if it's a lie

      1. Ty'a Oliver

        You must have missed the part we he said he grew up fairly poor and then they moved up the totem pole. Whatever you need to hate I guess. Even if its a lie 🤷🏾‍♀️

    45. Chew Soup

      Where's the week they play Desoto?

    46. Chemist Dark

      “Man we can’t even run out smooth”

    47. J P

      He definitely said "them niggas waiting boy" 😂😂 I love this show

    48. Devon Duhart

      Rip #2 on Robinson that was my bro his name was dayday he died in December 🕊🖤

      1. Abhir Appaiah Kuppanda Aiyappa

        RIP 🙏

      2. X SpinG

        @Backer Jet 🙏🏾

      3. Backer Jet

        Stay strong young man. I know the feeling. I had 2 siblings gone way too early. He'll remain in your heart forever. Believe that



      5. Dav The Gamer


    49. Kid J

      That was fire

    50. Carter Gordon

      cam almost said the n word lol

      1. Sean Jones

        He said "close-knit" people

      2. Trell Mills

        No he didn't. He said close Knit people

      3. tyler hicks

        fax i saw that too

      4. Real Abraham

        i just say that lol

      5. Carter Gordon


    51. Michael Watts Jr.

      Da announcer had 0 energy 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

      1. Basketballislife For m

        Yeah he kind of sucked

      2. Choppa _10k


    52. Isoblxccy

      Yeah 205📌

    53. Harrison Ray

      The senators are a 5a school in Arkansas and Bryant is a 7a, so yeah they can beat a 5a school

      1. Harrison Ray

        @Gerriand Wright oh I thought it was 5a

      2. Gerriand Wright

        Robinson is 4a the in

    54. Devon 74

      Shout out to the Mississippi gang

    55. John H

      Can Prime "coach?"

    56. Priya Nagpal

      The unknown lilac acromegaly hammer because adapter structurally tumble notwithstanding a mellow daughter. charming, empty elbow

    57. Nakai McGowan

      I wish I had Prime as my coach

    58. Zimir Lane

      Early finally😂

    59. Elie

      Have a great day god love you

    60. Student Noah Vaughn

      I'm early😬

    61. Sheluveverythi G

      If you been waiting they come out Saturday

    62. Abhir Appaiah Kuppanda Aiyappa

      Trinity running back is def underrated bro

      1. Antonio Mitchell

        Hell yeah

      2. Rylo BP

        On god

      3. Shawn Wilhite

        Fax my guy

      4. King Tre

        @Jr. Smith that’s facts he does

      5. Jr. Smith

        I heard he only got juco offers so far that’s crazy no D1 yet!

    63. DATBoi Shawn

      Luv dis series

    64. Perzion Scruggins

      Go crazy

    65. Pableazy


    66. Liam Whalen

      Me: clicks on overtime video KD: it may look like your body is crying

      1. onee chan

        i got this ad 😂

      2. Mr. Chicken4572

        That’s the ad I got lol

      3. tam i am

        Whoo chile...lol

      4. Real Abraham


      5. Digital Viic


    67. Tysaiah Lawrence

      Yes bout time the Legend Deion sanders return

    68. bannana man

      Let’s go bruh this series is goat

      1. Escape the Matrix Podcast


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      4. Escape the Matrix Podcast

        @TD Highlights iiii

      5. Escape the Matrix Podcast


    69. Gamingwit_ Savage



      Are they going to keep this show going at Jackson state

      1. Windzy

        Good question 🤔

      2. Mike James Boxing

        I don't think on this channel but Deion has said in a interview they have a vlog type reality show coming to Jackson state

      3. Iontakels6079 YT

        Ion think so

    71. Mr. pancake

      Olmost first

    72. Cory Flanders

      Let's goo

    73. Bryson Andrews

      Love you Deion and we dem boys

    74. JQ Be Sellin

      i’m ben waiting for an episode damn overtime

    75. Tiv

      Let's goo

    76. Bryson Andrews


    77. Talebandan -


    78. Reginald Reddick