Sister Sings in front of brother for the first time but his reaction was priceless 😍😘

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    Sister Sings in front of brother for the first time but his reaction was priceless 😍😘

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    1. Voices BOX

      Did you enjoy watching the video 🤔 ( let know PLEASE 😍 )

      1. Kimberly Jones



        Yes the reactions were very funny

      3. eleGurl400 xo

        You totally shoulda went with a different title

      4. Debra Blake

        YES .. IT WAS GREAT YA ALL.. ! W.V. ❤

      5. xkatje jonise

        What is 07:00 in here for though?😅 Its just weird and confusing😅? I think it was intended to be funny?

    2. Kirsty James

      Am I the only one that thinks if the girl at 9:47 didnt do that growly thing it would’ve sounded better?

    3. mymisstash

      Who is the girl humming the titanic song? She’s amazing. I want to hear more from her.

    4. jessicawearsbra

      8:32 & 10:23 title of the songs plsss 😢

    5. Grace Alexandrea

      Y'all have some supportive neighbors lol.

    6. Taniiaa Y

      *9:12 not gunna lie, I got the chills .

    7. PUPPYLUNA_Rosie

      Did anyone else think the slime was chocolate ? Or just me 0~0

    8. Virginia Mills

      Wow! Great voices


      Imagine there was someone in the parking lot when he was singing

    10. Juanita Antioco

      I got emotional listening to them. They sound amazing.

    11. Makurrado Shi

      2:42 (somersault, bang bang) YEAH! WE'RE RICH! 😂

    12. CiCi Pleasure Box

      I love this!!!


      9:11 Her voice is like an angel it’s majestic 🤩🤩

    14. Martha Kurinij

      What is going on??? All these people is just amazing 🤩

    15. TheLogicJunkie

      Empty parking garages and stairwells are supreme places for singing

    16. Jaime Mackay

      5:05 I am small so that is my reaction All my friend are taller than me to so it makes it worse

    17. Jaime Hannah

      it’s is so like idk what to say but the things they are singing is cool

    18. xochitl garza

      YEA WERE RICH killed me!!

    19. Deb Trethewey-TerVree

      @8:09 HILARIOUS🤣🤣🤣

    20. Becca Colson

      10:34... What's the song???

    21. Paul e Rice

      That last girl... I think her name was "brit" HANDS DOWN THE BEST OUT OF 8 OF THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS I JUST WATCHED!!! TO CALL HER VOICE AMAZING FEELS LIKE I JUST DEGRADED HER. I WISH I COULD DESCRIBE HER.... MAGICAL?...... BEAUTIFUL?....... BREATHTAKING?.... VOICE. BUT ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A PERFECT, PERFECT VOICE. They say "a voice of a angel" well I say "her voice is what the angels listen to". Next to the word sing or singing in the dictionary should be her picture with a soundclip of her singing!!! WOW. IM STILL AMAZED. WOW!!!

    22. Noreen Mountain

      Stay home we need you new generation alive and singing so our lord our God almighty is merciful upon us

    23. Noreen Mountain

      Awesome awesomeness awesomely

    24. Sabrina Beving

      Imagine being confident enough to sing in front of people

    25. Sydney Taylor

      bruh that one girls laugh tho omfg

    26. Kakashi Hatake

      They all have beautiful voices

    27. amelia preddie

      omg the third one sounds amazing and the rest of them also . Me singing : I sound very nice . Recording my voice I sound like a dying rat.😢😢

    28. Brie brok

      All of them melted my heart ❤️🤩 they were amazing!

    29. Zatara Driftwood

      Sister with the deep voice you definitely need to go do something with that. I do know Talent when I hear it. Go do something with your voice. I promise you will go far

    30. Meh-

      Such sweet voices they have 💖


      Imma do this to my step mum

    32. Shania George

      Please someone tell me who the guy is at 5:20 I like the way he does the beats

    33. 14Wendylou

      My sister thought my friends were being "nice" when they said I could really sing. When she finally heard me, she cried because it was so beautiful.

    34. Heather M

      8:30 Great voice! Not really that deep, but I like it!

    35. Heather M

      8:16 I had no idea the Batman theme was about saving grandma's bacon! 😆

    36. Heather M

      5:17 is my fave so far...

    37. Bobthemanleyman

      Hahah I can sing like a siren

    38. minihoney13

      Wow, everyone's fabulous. Can everyone in the world sing except me???

    39. Jason Marden

      That dude playing Billie Eilish was awwwesome!!

    40. Lyrical Love

      My brother hated when I sang, because it was usually broadway songs. Or repeating songs I was learning for choir. Honestly though, the one time he told me my voice was pretty made me really happy.

    41. Sophia Birlem

      The 3rd was shocked me I was like YASSSS U GO GURL

    42. madeleyinc

      Lots of high pitched screechy singers. 2 out of the lot were good vocalists.

    43. Francisco Nisihura

      At least i can sing better than one person in this video 😅

    44. Ka'Shay Frazier

      8:08 😂😂😂😂

    45. MsSugarbear6

      The bowling ally guy and the girl after have me chuckling!!

    46. P0TxTx :p

      8:31 my voice is that deep ;-;

    47. Sasha Brzezinski

      6:59 - 7:12..... 😱 im scared.

    48. The Freestyle Garage

      OMG the titanic girl @ 9:12 was the best one!!

    49. Amy Walker

      The voice of an angel.

    50. Erica Tyraiyah Hamilton

      Omg the titanic one made me cry 😭 sing it girl

    51. Rachel Haynes


    52. Calleigh Meyers

      Who is that at 8:47 ?

    53. IamCheech

      The dude in parking garage holy moly

    54. Scarlet Kurenai

      8:30 those are the type of voice I like to hear. Somehow for me those type voices touch me so much.

    55. Cyndi D

      Kentucky students...isn't it amazing when the acoustics cooperate?? Kudos to you & your director!!

    56. Cyndi D

      Ok...many of you should consider Idol or The Voice. The rest, Broadway. Very good & entertaining.

    57. brittanypartridge17

      Omg time 7:02 into the video... lmao girl in pink pull over kills me 🤣😂🤣😂

    58. Tammy Calhoun

      Beautiful voices ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    59. jjcchi

      So many beautiful voices...

    60. w1ndysk1e2

      3.07 i amaze

    61. Cecy Ortiz

      The mean year conversely spoil because married ipsilaterally blot than a handsome head. simplistic, rigid science

    62. Amber Lindsey

      Who was the girl singing in the car, right before the 3 kids in the stairwell. I absolutely love her voice!

    63. Dimi Granger

      Does anyone know who the girl is @0:34?

    64. Commander Harata Idaku

      0:55 I doth protest! Thy ears hast been blessed by a choir of angels 😍😍😍

    65. What does Fred say?

      1:15 Honey, that’s not a real parking lot, that’s a picture...

    66. pannochka11

      The lady at minute 7 was the best!!!

    67. Goo Bah

      So many talented people. Amazing.

    68. Jane Ferebee-Grady

      Who is singing Whitney at 1:35 ?!

    69. Kamila Ursua

      I like it when the part says like she’s singing it and the brother says we are rich 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Gabriel Trabadillo

      9:11 though. Was just so angelic. Uhg!. 😭

    71. EmKay

      That man with the soprano voice though :OOO

    72. Hair BSB

      This lockdown is making me an emotional wreck. Im literally crying at these amazing voices

    73. dumpster dingo

      The random bowling one KILLED me.

    74. Kelly Faulconer

      The titanic part is my favorite because I love titanic

    75. Lady Yatta

      "put your head on my shoulders" that high note 😍

    76. Dania A. Oliva-Peña

      Oh my GOD!

    77. Dania A. Oliva-Peña

      What in the world :O! Every single person on here has an incredible voice .

    78. Identity Unknown A

      “Yeah! We’re Rich!”

    79. Taylor Jamison

      My subtitles said my electric loaf- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. Liv W

      Titanic 🔥

    81. Car crushers 2 player Hi

      7:14 my soul left my body too

    82. sweet nightingale

      Anyone watching the one that says that aphrodite would look like this and being like dont compare anyone to aphrodite or you will be smitten

    83. BlueFoxGaming

      Why is nobody talking about the girl at 10:25? She sings so incredibly beautiful. Very chill but also filled with emotion. Respect to her beauty of a voice

      1. Paul e Rice

        Thats exactly what I'm talking about. SHES AMAZING.

    84. mz crz

      can someone tell me what song she's singing at 10:22 pleeeeease!!! 🥺💔

      1. mz crz

        @BlueFoxGaming you're amazing! thank you so much! 😊❤

      2. BlueFoxGaming

        Heather by Conan Gray

    85. phennec

      Beautiful voices, but all the modern songs sound the same. Interesting. Write your own songs people. You have a voice like that, make it shine with an original song.

    86. Maxconner VR

      OML my sister tried to do this but she WAS lip-syncing and she started doing it and I said "Shut the fuck up" XD

    87. bella gee

      Ariana grande need to react to the girl singing at 4:16

    88. Kim Langston


    89. Not On My Account

      8:30 timestamp for myself :)

    90. Jessica McGee

      Wheres some country music or 1990's R&B?

    91. Theresa Phillips

      Girl in the car at 8:30 - Beautiful Voice! Loved it!

    92. MarkB 1181

      Sheesh!! The amount of talent here is seriously magnormous. 🧐🔥💯💯

    93. MarkB 1181

      😂😂 :32 when her mom turned toward her _piano playing_ boyfriend.

    94. E

      0:39 what song is this pls

    95. James Comer

      Looks like this channel has ripped off a lot of videos.

    96. pottah

      Can somebody help me plss what is the song of 3:00 called???

    97. Ace Scafe

      I would really love to be those four girl's managers the girl's that really captured me where at@#8:30 #9:11 her voice sounded like something magical the girl singing with her glasses on woww and the girl with her hair up i wish i could remember her name such a pretty brunette she really inspired me. This the first time i ever knew there was something called a voice box .it really opened up my eyes to how much raw talent there is out there out and that most of the people that's in the music industry receiving awards and signing autographs really don't belong to be that position they're in right now..Because there's so much better out there just waiting to be heard. I Thank everyone one of you for being so brave and letting go off being afraid and giving me the opportunity to hear your voices This is what pure raw talent sounds like 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    98. Ace Scafe

      I was elated to hear how magnificent how all these young girls sounded. This almost made me cry they have amazing Raw talent. About the guy in the empty garage don't be embarrassed to let your voice be heard. You'll be surprised by what will people say

    99. Hope MJ

      The brother sayin "Yay we're rich" bruh.. lmaooo 😂

    100. Hope MJ

      Oh, how i wish to be in a school choir like that🥀