Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3

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    Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
    Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
    React quickly to find the imposter
    Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

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    1. Dilara

      What is Sus?

    2. Kenshiro Dalle 7 stelle

      The sabotage ones are cap, I could just open the sabotage menu and move on top of a vent and then do the sabotage

    3. Anant Manglani


    4. Lime Crewmate

      1:55 That is a useless tip because they can press the sabatoge button before they go to the cams

    5. Samuel Angelo

      That card swipe I already know

    6. Fan Bhole Nath Ka

      Great Dude #skbattleclutch 🥰🥰

    7. sopina fabian

      this game make me crying and depressed ;-;

    8. Andrea Wimer

      2:03 what if the impostor pressed sabotage before they went to the cams/vent?

    9. Alex Montenegro

      Y tuvo qué ser en ingles

    10. Azaming Xzc

      The sabatoge on vent one is wrong cause someone can have the menu up before walking over the vent, but the camera one is good ecsude you can see camera light on

    11. Skeet Mark68

      Hahahahahah this sounds like a business presentation

    12. F.S.L Gamer

      2:22 you can press the sabotage button before you go in Camera

    13. captain germany

      0:25 i always do this. why cant they do this tactic

    14. Victoria Msaki

      But impostor is fun

    15. PZ SQUIRE

      And this

    16. Marvel Comic Guy

      If the vent button replaces the sabotage button the hes an impostor cause only impostors can vent... 2:27

    17. PenguinsCanFly

      bruh this episode he says its IMPOSSIBLE for the person to be an imposter because they're on cams and there was a sabotage THE NEXT VIDEO heres a tip to sabotage while next to cams big brain

    18. semo sem

      lam arbek هل أرا من عربي هنا

    19. music lovers

      Wow great tips

    20. sadat hasan

    21. Justin Spear

      “Do task faster to make task go faster”

    22. CORN soyaa


    23. WhenMonkeysPopBloons

      I thought everyone knew that for the allign task in nav

    24. saran r

      If we have to find the imposter fast way just do this Go to meeting and then who all chats is only 60/100 of imposter But who never chats is 99/100 is an imposter I have experienced so many times

    25. Paul Delagarde

      The camera thing is not perfect, he could've open the sabotage screen before he gets there and just walk here

    26. Zoe Beeman

      Dude you sus

    27. C

      Good video.

    28. Mery Cherry

      I love your tips and tricks and I wanna test it😊😊

    29. Capt. Storm Rustle

      Inserting unfunny shitty meme... Pink: Its yellow Purple: Its blue he vented Me blue who never vented: No its purple because he was standing over the body Purple: Rage quits Me: Victory and detective! Give me likes now children

    30. rAptorZ z

      Thank you for all the tips👍 Now I,m way better at among us 🤜🏻 THANK YOU!!!

    31. Simon Tochhawng

      make PUBG tips and tricks

    32. Clash Robert

      2:25 bruh but you don't get the vent button as a crewmate

    33. Little.miss.COLDPLAY Fan

      bro stop saying 'he'. people of all genders play among us. stop being so fkn sexist

    34. Krish Sharma

      One can sabotage in security if he opens sabotage map before

    35. Potatos Gacha

      Him:Its Umpossible to sabo while at cams Next Video:*Shows you how to sabo at cams*

    36. Redundant Girl Gacha UwU

      Hey, can anyone teach me how to unlock reactor manifolds?

    37. Siddhu Mullapudi

      If vent replace it he is the imposter

    38. Vruksha Thamke

      Hey. Thank you because my friend troll me and i trolled my friend

    39. Lasedes Abdul

      Swipe card is easy man

    40. Ethan Gambill

      Wait wait wait if the vent button replaces the sabotage button.. then they have to be any imposter too cuz only the imposter will have the vent option 😂😂

    41. John Broussard

      -can't sabotage near cams or on a vent- NOT true. I often do just that. Open the sabotage map before you approach cams/vents. Once in place, sabotage to your heart's content. I can always tell who has seen this video when they clear me on the next vote. Edit: This is mentioned in part 4

    42. Random Rager

      Almost got caught as an impostor (among us) 😱😱 Pls give it a watch. My personal request to u all

    43. kuku plays

      Thanks bro i am pro now

    44. Victoria Queen

      I don't know how but somehow I am the best at card swipe I get it at my first attempt I really don't know how by the way thanks for your advice it helped me a lot

      1. Jack Ward

        I mean it pretty easy. At first people don’t get it

    45. 100k Subs With 1 Video Challenge

      I don’t want to sound like a begger but I just ask that you guys get me to 100k subscribers you can turn off notifications, anything but you don’t have to all I want is to get the silver IRvision play button. Have a Nice Day 🙌

    46. Holo M

      Another Tip: Shields is a visual task too, but if many people have it, theres still a way to prove they are innocent. If the animation of the shining lights outside the ship resets as the crewmate do it, they are innocent, it may line up with the animation but most of the time you see it reseting.

    47. ayushka sigdel

      Can you do tips for the map polus

    48. Tanay Chawla

      These are good but 2:19 is not so good cause we can sabotage and just walk to the security button

    49. Mengfei Tang

      Shields is also a visual task

    50. Fourløck01ッ

      Thank you

    51. Ciel Nadouch

      Pls show the card swipe part to Corpse Husband He really needs it

    52. Silvestre Quiambao

      2:20 doesn't that mean he's the imposter?

    53. Cereal Productions


    54. GreenLeaf

      When your doing a task so fast they think you faked it

    55. Eu, Davi Santos

      Tip: Impostor kill cooldown wont go down when any of the sabotage's panels are open

    56. lildizzylizzy

      Wait.. Vent button appears instead of sabotage.. CREWMATES CAN VENT NOW YES!

    57. Sean Subando

      Who else hates kids leaving if not imposter?

    58. Valorant Highlights

      How do you play among us on mac ? Without blustacks

    59. sharktony jaws

      Great video!

    60. Gh0sterino

      The clearing people because their sabotage button gets replaced by security/vent isnt always correct because they couldve opened the sabotage map b4 going there

    61. Sleyorr TV


    62. Ventouse Moustachue

      1:55 Me, an intellectual : *opens sabotage menu before going near cams or a vent*

    63. Helen Ramirez

      Card swipe is the most easy task for me sis..

    64. Ninjaasassin Rampage Pls

    65. Joshua Gray

      Lmao never trust the they r on a vent or at cams or admin console when sabotage occurs they can pull the menu up to sabotage walk ovrr the vent then do the sabotage



    67. Tobias Lyden

      You can open sabotage menu before you go near cams

    68. Alin dima

      I have hacks so.........

    69. JJJ


    70. Dream the Noob Version

      Too much Imposter tips! Atleast give some Crewmate tips next time in a thumbnail...

    71. JAYDEN.RODRIGUEZ 103473

      You can press the sabotage button before it but not many people know that

    72. The _Midget

      2:21 well actually they could open the admin map before so...

      1. Jacob Israel

        True I also thought that.

    73. floor gang

      Me : wins a game of among us Me :nice Me :wins lottery Me :that's great I guess Me :is imposter Me : OMG GUYS I'M THE IMPOSTER I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY !!!! me was ejected

    74. Codie Cawley

      F I

    75. Dashing Gamer Darsh

      Wow! (•‿•) I like this tricks

    76. gaming sumit

      Actully your vedios are to azming and knowledgeable and also u give very good tips and tricks so keep uploading good videos daliy

    77. Maximo Arce

      2:10 but he can open the sabotage map before entering to cams.💡💡💡💡


      "Saabotage" -clash univ.

      1. Ender Wigin7


    79. inbalsig

      but but i play among us on phone en cant play among us on mac

    80. Jawaad Asim Haunted Camera 😂😂😂

    81. StixFigurez

      2:03 - 2:31 You can still open the sabotage menu before standing by cams or the vent. Its a good way to trick people because like you say, they'll think youre a crewmate.

    82. Skamboy Gaming

    83. the prodigal


    84. Tech Kshitij

      1:58 Yo he must be using ur trick by opening the sabotage button before reaching there Hehe

    85. Finid

      This is so good that I subbed

    86. Jelzy Loreno

      Me: being a imposter Also me: disconnected from the game 🤬🤬🤬🤬

      1. Soviet India

        When I become imposter everyone leaves so this happens o me

    87. lili chan

      Yellow: **calls emergency meeting** it’s orange he vented! Me: alr, if orange wasn’t then yellow. *Orange was not an Impostor* Me: *y e l l o w* *Yellow was not an impostor* Me: *NANI*

    88. Erine Meow

      0:24 This is for you, Corpse.


      If the white was smart enough he would have found that you are the imposter because in a trick you killed a guy in upper engine and you sabotage the gate and then you vent in rector and suddenly the white guys see you in rector and did not see in cams that you go in rector he would have founded you the imposter

    90. Sara's Universe

      Thank u I will try these

    91. Tyson TheKhajiit

      Open Sabotage map before walking up to cams or vents problem solved 😉

    92. Saheel Moye

      OP tricks always.....Big Fan sir

    93. RandomPersondfgb

      At 2:08 you said that the ‘security’ button replaces the ‘sabotage’ button, in your second video in this series you said you could open the sabotage menu then go near the security.

    94. XZY Gaming Anm


    95. Hypexify

      *SAM is innocent*

    96. Inder Verma

      Your tips are very nice I liked them I tried them and I won a lot of games

    97. Gachas LogicNadia

      I tried the align trick on mobile It works but you have to be fast

    98. Shubh Pranay

      Your tips are very helpful

    99. Random Arcader

      1:56 I saw a trick on your channel to do that. That is to stand on a vent or on cams and sabotage