2-STROKE Maverick X3 part 3! Engine in.. Frames REAL BAD! Totaled? + Giveaway WINNER!


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    One step forward two steps back......
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    1. SXSBlog.com

      Ok we got some pretty wild ideas for this thing.... should we go all in!?

      1. Alejandro


      2. Wgn Bnr

        Still no word on a project name?... I say the Jamaican Banana

      3. C J

        Um yesss!

      4. Alex McLachlan

        Have you guys thought about putting a boondocker turbo on it?

      5. Darwin Calliou

        Nothing too loose it’s internet worthy Isn’t it? 🤟

    2. Alex Aponte

      Love the videos but dang that was a horrible way to choose a winner for the giveaway😂😂 could’ve done a random number generator or something lol but other than that love the videos can’t wait to see this x3 rip it up with that 2 stroke power 💪🏻

    3. busa busa1

      It will put some heat on it as you have pressure on it you can do it Go Doug

    4. mountain page production's

      Well looks like it's tube chassis time 🤘🤘 real tube chassis not stock "tube chassis"

    5. Raymond Immonen

      Have fun swapping the frame. I have done 2. 1 RZR 800 and 1 Sportsman 850 XP. A lot of work to do because it has to be taken completely apart to the bottom before you can bolt anything on to the new frame and start building it back up. Make sure you gusset and sleeve the week points so you never have to do it again. Keep the content coming.

    6. Jay Jay

      On the x3 you should Put tracks in the back instead of tires and put skies in the front like the snowmobile


      Doug: green Me: yellow

    8. Ryan

      Nothing quite like the smell of pre-mix and a nice warm stretch of sand. This build really makes me miss the drag quad we had for a while, custom built frame with a ZX6R race motor in it, was such a fast and fun bike and even with it's length (with tailgate down the back tires hung off the tailgate by a couple inches. Ran Jeep Paddles on it so similar to whats on 2JP) it handled surprisingly well on easy trails if you knew what you were doing.

      1. Ryan

        Hung off the tailgate of a full size 8 foot bed of a Ram 1500 that is, so it was around 8 feet long give or take.

    9. TannerD

      This thing is going to be sick!

    10. Michael Messner

      Nice Job and great find. Good things happen to good people! Tough break turns into a good break.

    11. Jer Sargis

      Abort... Not worth the content. Safety is key. This may be going backwards compared to 2JP. Even Cleeter bailed on Jeffery. Build a mini megatruck?

    12. mthomp214

      Would you guys be interested in selling the bent frame

    13. Ethan Munger

      I think doug was teaching Leo that "everything was going to work out" because Doug always makes it work out. 😂😂

    14. Darwin Calliou

      Gesus an the person walked away from that wreck ouch

    15. Alex Ernst

      8:30 UUUUUUUUUHHHH!!

    16. Randy Wyckoff

      Was that Cleeter's old sxs?

    17. Gavin Bagley

      You should call this project triple X!

    18. M doyle

      Reznor heater on the limiter! Lol nice frame and happy the project is coming together, also gives people a perspective on buying a beat up unit and repairing it.

    19. Jason Lara

      Probably better off with a new frame. By the way as an owner of a 2020 yxz ss I would love to see what you guys could do with one. Keep up the good work.

    20. Frank Bailey


    21. jcooter619

      There's plenty of room in the engine bay to make it a hybrid???? throw in an electric motor. We have world's first hybrid SXS

    22. kim frain

      Boy's go to copart and find one for part's or to build

    23. David Colvin

      stress relive it with a hammer.

    24. Brian Dearborn

      Chain it in multiple places to something that doesn't move and pull on it on whatever you want to move with a come along hooked to a truck.

    25. Kevin Garben

      Love the frame swap luck! Congrats Nigel!

    26. Steve B

      Balls Deep

    27. Marc Taft

      Will Doug bench press this machine when its done and together? Im pretty sure he can.

    28. Larry Allen Jr

      Well you see what had happened wuz...🍻😂🤫

    29. Jerry Thornton

      Keep up the good work fellows, I’m a long time subscriber and have a good laugh every episode, especially when sous goes subpeter,I think we need a subpeter shirt maybe, great work!

    30. Smackvttv

      Hell yah get a good fab guy just cut the front end right off

    31. Ken

      Take a cutting torch and cut the parts free and re fab re weld it

    32. vf12497439

      I have a 2016 yxz that's about to go in for frame damage. Barrel roll over below 30 mph on sand. Several frame joints flexed and welds cracked. Looking close at the factory yamaha welds... they are garbage! Areas of no penetration, bird crap and flux just powder coated over with pin holes in the powder coat allowing corrosion to blossom around most of the weld joints. If my car is totalled as I shop for a replacement my attention will be on construction over features or performance. What good is a $23k car that can't handle a simple roll onto its top?

    33. Mark Wolfe

      Geiser Performance X3 chromoly chassis would straighten this.

    34. Tory Green

      How the did cleetus crash the x3

    35. FILOdeathlord

      Glad you found a frame I would of suggested looking up Henn racing technologies since they are the only MI company I know of with a x3 frame jig.

    36. KC Media

      Classic can am chassis folding and buckling

    37. Art Newport

      he did a number on the cleater beater

    38. Chicken Fingers

      The problem is the bar, it can’t flex that like because it’s not going to bend the frame back because the bar is taking all the force and bending

    39. Jordan Wright

      Take it to a shop with a Frame Rack.

    40. Tyler Schulte

      I really want to like side by sides but man I crashed my yz450f on a 70ft jump (accidentally flew 100ft lol) a couple years ago and it literally needed new rads, plastics and bar mounts for a grand total of.... $600 and 30 minutes of work. Seems like you bump into a rock wrong with a sxs and it’s totaled.

    41. Jace Galinsky

      I’m in the middle of a frame swap on my 15 xds maverick I wrecked in September definitely a lot of work.

    42. Ashton5Point0h

      Bro their McFlurry machine works up there 😧 danggg yall got em right and in line don’t ya lmao

    43. cr1spy79

      You guys ever think about doing a Grind hard plumbing collab?

    44. Steven Openshaw

      Make sure you gusset the new frame in the weak areas before you swap all of the parts.

    45. abriam lakzadeh

      You guys are the beez kneez. I’m pumped for all the videos. Can you do something badass with the General? It’s got so much more to offer than being a chase vehicle.

    46. Sam Montgomery

      Put a lift in the shop it would make everything easier.

    47. Mark Booth

      "pllllease!!" Lol

    48. JLanger

      Save the weight and go 2wd

    49. bitsiphon

      Cut the front clip off and make it 2 wheel drive. That car would be stupidly light.

    50. Gerald bake

      add turbo cant wait to see it run!

    51. adam householder

      I'm glad you got a new frame lol

    52. Hunter Smith

      Awesome project liking it even better with new frame!

    53. Jeremy Roberts

      Doug's face at 6 03 Hahaha

    54. DJ Combs

      Meant to be fir that other frame to come in To play 👍🏻❄️

    55. russell cox

      You can't just move Vin numbers legally , so don't do that.

    56. Sean Pair

      I work at a body shop. A frame machine would easily pull that straight with no damage to the rest of the frame. We have done a few side x sides that where damaged similar to this.

    57. Brandon Dimmitt

      Doug your brilliant buddy!

    58. Donald Gowans

      Bring it to a body shop and use a frame machine

    59. Asylumental

      21:49 is this how Doug gets so jacked? 💪🤣

    60. Baddazzrider Turner

      I'm only a few minutes into the video but have you checked out a frame shop they could easily bend that, nevermind you just cut the frame 😂👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    61. perezm714

      The universe: "It just so happens.." [sound the air horns!]

    62. Tom

      What the heck did Cleetus do this poor thing...

    63. 88ravenstang

      My only question is what are you doing with the old frame...?

    64. WrenchandRip

      i was waiting for doug to say “we are gonna chop off the front and make the worlds first X3 trike”

    65. gtsum2

      I have a couple thousand miles on my X3 and its holding up pretty good (I have a shock tower brace and a gusset kit), but the front ends on these things are janke to put it mildly...wonder if a brace and gusset would have helped on this one? The Speed UTV chassis is light years ahead of these things and looking more and more attractive. Great vid!

    66. Daniel Rush

      Did I just hear him say they were going to swap VIN number plates? LMFAO, hope you misspoke or were joking. Nothing like saying on camera you're going to commit a felony.

    67. Torque Monkey

      19:00 is that legal to vin swap!?

    68. Lyndon Wortley

      Is there an automotive chassis puller anywhere close by that could pull the front end out for you guys?

    69. Torque Monkey

      I cringed every time someone stood in line with that porta power. I went to college for auto body and in our frame class had a kid get smacked in the forehead by the foot of one of them and got knocked out cold. Nasty concussion and had to get stapled back together.

    70. Rc_Slash12


    71. BushkillRider

      Sooo, about the 3 mini turbos for that 2 stroke???!! Haha

    72. Dan King

      A good guy with a fram unit or see if you can drill holes in the concrete and concrete chain on a plate could fix it all .

    73. jbw5485

      Full frame 10 miles down the road!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I lost it when the camera panned to the new frame. Haha GO ALL IN!!!! I was getting bummed about all the issues and losing interest, that is until you showed the new frame and explained the new plan. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 hell yeah. Can’t wait.

    74. Matthew Morgan

      Done a few frame swaps not on a x3 tho

    75. SnickleFrits Pickle

      Next giveaway I suggest you guys use a random number generator. Js

    76. Trey Wildman

      If the frame doesn’t re-bend you should take it to a frame shop

    77. Joe Strean

      Move forward two bars from your push point run a 2 x 4 from side to side across the bar push off and that and you’ll push the front end right out without all the extensions

    78. Joe Strean

      Run a 2 x 4 all the way from side to side across your push point and you will not crush that bar in your purse up front and right out

    79. Dave C

      "This is gonna fall on me." Rich: watches for a moment, contemplating a SxSBlog takeover, then slowly walks over to move jack stands.

    80. Rods Adventures

      Thanks for the video. Watched it through surgery. You guys helped me out big time.

    81. Kratin


    82. Kyle Shumber

      Also, we need to get you guys to 300k subscribers!

    83. Randy

      Fucking Cletus... Ruins everything he touches.

    84. Dylancooke55

      you boys gotta get a 2 post in there

    85. jklein322

      that frame just seems really unsafe to reuse. You guys should get one of the new geyser frames. Be nice to see that project

    86. MATT BOYD

      And then turn around and put skis and tracks on it👀

    87. V4 YT

      good things happen to good people

    88. MATT BOYD

      Maybe you should put a couple extra gussets in that front end so it doesn't happen again well the frame is off

    89. Merica Freedomland

      Damn it when i saw the 4 to 6 days later i figured itd be Doug rippin it around hahahaha had to Lmao my pants tear like that sometimes also and I always rock em as well screwww it!!!

    90. Black T Built

      My favorite thing about this channel is when you post a video you guys get so much done and its always a nice long video keep it up boys excited to see this thing rip go all out!

    91. Ofty

      My gosh its going to be a perfect "Frankenstein".

      1. Michael Peterson

        no no no FRAME N STEIN!

    92. Kyle Shumber

      This is an overall tough break.

      1. jbw5485

        You’ll have that on those big jobs 😂🤣

    93. Lionel Taylor

      Are you guys gonna delete the 4wd on it? you'd save alot of mass witch would definitely help that triple out!

      1. SXSBlog.com

        Nope we're gonna keep the 4wd, got other plans for dropping weight though...

    94. Joshua Foust

      Go all in on it guys

    95. Anthony Linck

      why no more yxz?

      1. SXSBlog.com

        It'll be back, we're working on some stuff

    96. Shawn Shaffer

      I would cut out and rebuild

    97. Cory Lovely

      Force = mass*acceleration......You will need to generate at least the weight of the sxs multiplied by whatever speed cleet was going just to move it. Not to mention, you will have to produce close to double that number because its steel. You will have to push past the point where you want it to keep it, in order for it to stay in the correct spot. I know you are just trying to salvage it but figured I would drop some physics

    98. Jay Ellingsen

      I’m surprised your using that Doo motor as a “go big” project. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just not the biggest, baddest triple, triple. If your going to stay on this path, I’d find a T-Cat motor and breath on. Problem is, I just don’t think your going to see the torque numbers your looking for. It will sound cool, but compared to your other buggy’s it will be a pipey handful on the trail. Nice drag rig though.

      1. SXSBlog.com

        Wanted to keep the brand matching on this one, and the 809 Doo motor is infinitely buildable. We'll get around the reduced low rpm torque with good clutching.

    99. Matt Farr

      Luckily you guys have a pile of X3s to measure from.. I say cut, chop, re-weld, faster better, stronger, the six million dollar Man-am

      1. SXSBlog.com

        This frame won't go to waste ;)

    100. ZachAP

      Heck yeah dudes! This is gonna be an awesome rig!