easyJet: Inside The Cockpit Series 2 - Episode 1


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    We meet the pilots who have to battle with delays, deal with a sick passenger and negotiate landing at one of the world's most challenging airports in the heart of the Alps.

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    1. Abd Dba

      36:49 Its pretty interesting how the human mind wanders off.

    2. Abd Dba

      35:06 confidence is exemplary, but how do you count your chickens.....still an aircraft you know😅

    3. Jacky Poo

      I gotta say it sure is real fun for captain Emma during the taxi, missing turns, anticlockwise turns, love it 😂

    4. Faisal Shaikh

      Very big video love

    5. Faisal Shaikh

      It is cool I love it my favorite video

    6. Cordis Lucian

      Instagram generation.... No more good old smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per flight in the cockpit:(

    7. Angela D'Onofrio

      We just love Emma. Too bad she had to be furloughed.

    8. a4

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    9. honey 24

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    10. momorain

      Pff they where crying about 2019. I wonder what they say about 2020

    11. jcsacnz

      I have finally decided on my future dreams....marry the hottest pilot, Rachel Sylvester Murphy, and live happily ever after😄😄

    12. Godmother Doula

      "A very dry Country isn't it" ....."yes, and about to get much wetter" 😮🤭🤪




      Rural tourism in india irvision.info/home/nKe1iWKJqZegZ9Y/fy-lm-h-y.html

    15. QuasyMoFo

      30:09 - guy asleep

    16. Andrew Corbett

      Having to remember what's clockwise and what's anti clockwise err how did you pass?

    17. Aviator Jarret

      I really love this show! I love EasyJet!

    18. Generic And Unfunny


    19. Padraig Enright

      Should be straped in the whole time with their seat belts on there are the Piolts expected the unexpected

    20. TrickZ Retz

      33:22 Aaah yes. White people.

    21. Mercifax

      They don't know what's about to hit 'em

    22. KKARIA 123

      Watching this bc I wanna remember what it’s like to go on holiday

    23. Magentasquid 32

      The death stares the pilots receive when they announce delays is just great😂😂

    24. Jamie Ransberry

      Thought I might look into becoming a pilot prior to this video, I no longer think I could. Cracked up every time the plane said retard I just wouldn’t be able to land properly.

    25. yesh boish

      I'm terrified off highets thats why it takesmy parents to convince me to not break my sisters fingers coz I'm nervous and I hold them tight 😅

    26. Loriann Schlagdenhaufen

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    27. Shaye Brooks

      1:25 why isnt anybody talking about this lmao

    28. Guy Darby

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    29. Life Inspired Academy

      I pray that whoever reads this and is going through a difficult time, don't give up, good things are coming for you, you will achieve your dreams in this lifetime

    30. lordoftheflings

      ahh traveling, flying, being free. Those were the days

    31. khan Rizwan

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    32. Steve McIlroy

      " Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. On our approach to aaakkkaaabbaaarrr we may experience mines going off on the ground. In the unlikely event we have to make a forced landing, please remove any sharp objects from your pockets, like, red hot pieces of engine casing, sharpe chunks of landing gear, burning rubber etc. This type of situation will become clear to you when you see me running up and down the isle shouting " We're going to crash" , That aside, Sit back and enjoy the flight. Thank you".

    33. Phil Palmer

      Defiantly not going to say anything bad about women parking.

    34. FNPL Shark.

      Captain Emma is almost late for ever flight she has all the action

    35. king kid


    36. Kalunga Wanje

      shaking of hands, so alien today feb 23rd 2021!

    37. Vladimir de la Toba

      Dos Ángeles en Cabin@

    38. Guy B

      Female pilots overrepresented here

    39. Frieda Juliet

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    40. Orbiter 277

      “Times have never been tougher that in 2019” boy did that not age well

    41. Farooq Osrof

      35:29 العقبة 😂😂❤️🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴

    42. AviationSimulation


    43. Lola Flores

      They don't believe in a sterile cockpit, that's for sure... Maybe it is because of the documentary, but I don't see/hear flight crews on major airlines jibber-jabbering like this in the cockpit....

    44. LittleTigger

      0:18 So times have never been tougher forR airlines, huh? 2020: Gud ebening

    45. Ebony Plays

      34:04 *plane slams on runway* Pilot: Lovely landing Ryan Me: Ok Ryanair 😂 Edit: Joke is that it wasn’t a lovely landing, his name is Ryan and Ryanair always have terrible landings

    46. Ebony Plays

      36:50 Those two pilots were flirting the entire journey! Co pilot: It’s very dry country isn’t it Pilot: About to get much wetter 😏 Co pilot & Pilot: 😉☺️

    47. Ebony Plays

      What was she doing at 9:56 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t breathe

    48. chowner

      That captain can't even Taxi. This is why you should be scared every time you see an EasyJet

    49. Daniel Triantopoulos

      10:26 looked really confusing, it looked like they were throttling up and the plane was already taking off haha. This series looks really cool.

    50. Reaper

      Dang these pilots sound like the coolest people to hang with.

    51. Elle_Xx


    52. T1RPITZ

      flying you to 30 thousand ft soon than you think covid: Wanna bet

    53. Chris Thomson

      The captain at 2:58 seems to have such a nice attitude which I’m sure puts several of the new pilots at ease

    54. Jordan 23

      The captain flirting reminds me of the guy from come fly with me “I hope me girlfriend don’t see this”

    55. Fion

      11:00 was that jack whitehall

    56. marshie1337

      im in love with capt emma

    57. H Crook


    58. Torquil Macleod

      “It 10 o’clock, this the fifth drink, been drinking since half 4 this morning. It a wild one” If today’s generation think having 5 drinks in 5 and a half hours is “a wild one” then know wonder we full of ❄️

      1. Lydia Anderson

        @Hello Torquil how are you doing?

    59. tarasun

      Someone please tell me how I can save 120K by stacking shelves.

    60. David

      Its a Shame that pilots can't drive the plane from back in the back . for when they crash, they are always the first to go.

    61. Maher Ahmed

      Instagram generation 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Klesk Quake

      Bel video 😁

    63. Oliie Wright

      I don't really like easy jet I like rayan air

    64. Ross

      This is why I will never fly on this airline...

      1. Lydia Anderson

        @Hello Ross how are you doing?

    65. Amtrak Fanatic

      " 2019 times couldn't be tougher for airlines" anyone watching in 2021?

    66. Josh Baker

      “2019 was the toughest year for airlines” -2020 comes around Airlines - “NOPE”

    67. voxy

      “2019 has proven to be difficult for airlines”. Coronavirus: Allow us to introduce ourselves

    68. Ciaran Carrington

      “In 2019, times have never been tougher for airlines” 2020: Hold my sanitiser

    69. Torontocity_8teen

      I wouldn't clap when the guy fixed the plane he woke up early he was tired and problably made a mistake

    70. Mark

      I won’t fly on a plane with female pilots.

      1. Mark

        @hamza negm 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. hamza negm

        ok u sexist shit.

    71. Tony maxwell

      Anyone feel uneasy when flying easyjet???? The pilots seem so inexperienced and don't behave like pro's

    72. Baltimore McBean

      12:53, is it just me or did that plane just disappear into the snow?

    73. Cloud2603

      "In 2019 things have mever been tougher" 2020 and 2021: covid 19

    74. IV Jack

      as someone who has been insbruck more than twice i can say it is really funny when the aeroplane is trying to land there because people just scream

    75. Don Beni

      Basically the British equivalent of Spirit airlines

    76. Tango Alpha Delta

      Lol who is 4K fan he seems suspicious lol

    77. dick johnson

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    78. Defund The Left


    79. Badger State Fishing

      The commentator makes it so much better

    80. Štefan Balog

      In this low visibility for what the f*CK they have sunglasses on? Simple hazard. I would fire them, and they uploading in here... OMG

      1. Badger State Fishing

        Um guy, they wear sunglasses because the glare, and it is still bright up above the clouds and in approach

    81. Jeremy Mia

      Funny flights female pilot...

    82. santylifts

      42:52 y’all see that... right?

    83. ilynxx


    84. Chailatte

      The blond co-pilot boy is cute!

    85. 5MilesHigh

      34:03 So is no-one going to talk about how hard that landing was?

    86. Ary Widos

      34:04 what a lovely landing scareeee

    87. zriKunz


    88. Ryan James

      “Stacked shelves to save up 120grand for flight school” Let’s be honest she has rich parents

    89. rick beatty

      No way in he'll I would get on a plane with a young pilots

      1. Baleb Croughton

        okay cool, have fun driving then because a HUGE portion of the industry is filled with younger pilots. they might be young, but it takes YEARS to even get to that point. they know what they’re doing.

    90. Moha Younes

      "Aaah the Instagram generation", 😂 😂 😂 😂 dead

    91. CrazyCatCarnt

      Verbally was the word she should have used and not orally lol

    92. Tyler L

      0:39 ret**d, ret**d

    93. Easyjet Inside The Cockpit LFS simulator.

      That sick passenger must have had corona

    94. Callomir

      It’s good to see the insight on this side of commercial airliner pilots. I know being a pilot can be quite arduous, and even more so for the ATCs. But seeing pilots making honest mistakes and chatting along nicely with one another is just a reminder we are all human, we make mistakes, big or small no matter what profession.

    95. máslo ve slevě

      sooooooo easyjet is ryanair?

    96. Jordan Dunne

      Everyone in 2020 when they say times have never been harder for airlines than in 2019: ok buddy 🤔🤔

    97. Moyna Westerheide

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    98. Greppur Torfason

      That's it. These people are utterly daft. I'm never flying again.

    99. Nik TechTips

      and thats why you dont rely on women