Spilled Coffee Skater | Tales of the Fail


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    Behind every great fail video is an even better story. On today’s episode of Tales of the Fail, Garrett and Gantry Hill bring you the epic tale of how a simple coffee run gone wrong made these dudes internet famous.
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    1. FailArmy

      Either #1 or #4 seems to be the consensus 👀

      1. Ash Maybe


      2. killer123 2.0

        #1 we neeeeeeed it

      3. Alexander Garcia

        Ks amoroso

      4. cheyenne moon

        NUMBER 1 OMGGG

      5. Tony Chavez


    2. sneakypython the man


    3. Greg V

      This video is a fail.

    4. theturtle2121

      #1 then #4

    5. Michael Felici

      These tales of the fail are a tale of the fail. Stop.

    6. Sky High Parkour


    7. Solitary_Witch

      It was that damn ass rock

    8. Craig Schroeder


    9. greg goso

      why so many dislikes? this is not only original but also really high production value

    10. Jeremy Platt


    11. JasonX626

      No 1

    12. John Skelton

      That was awesome! I had seen that clips SO many times! Now I know the story! Keep it up FailArmy!

    13. aruizislas

      I always felt pitty for this poor guy.

    14. Green Eater


    15. Henry Jr Revita

      I bet this would be really fun to see in Family Guy 😆

    16. Alexandre Ostan


    17. Cameron Herselman

      Number 1!

    18. Roger Ramjet

      How the f*** is this a video?

    19. Derick L. Gilling


    20. Devin N

      #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT CLIPP

    21. ShinyScorpio 91

      4 plz

    22. Clayon Gunzelle

      Forever a classic

    23. DRockThe85

      It needs to be #1

    24. Bennie Booysen


    25. chapelleg

      please let it be #1, still makes me laugh to this day

    26. Terrance Thompson


    27. Tina Turner

      Man it's hard Hmmmmm number 1 NUMBERRRR 1 PLEASE

    28. W Poofball


    29. Filipe Augusto Vieira


    30. cheyenne moon

      NUMBER 1

    31. Ivan Bañuelos Triana


    32. Telefonia Celular


    33. Amir Al-katib

      You ruined the whole thing :/

    34. Miguel González-Tarrío

      Please number 4

    35. Killerpippin


    36. James Dominguez

      This isn't necessary.

    37. Natacha Isabella

      For sure #1!!!

    38. MrRoger13th

      Just admit it, it was totally fake

    39. Christopher Sullivan

      #1, I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

    40. Brawl Brawl

      Tell. Me. This dosent. Give you a. Drunk history vibe

    41. Tristan H

      That's weird... Ain't this supposed to be this month?

    42. Michal Sobocinski

      ok, that is cringe...

    43. pujmen 5021


    44. Zxoefoe

      Make more videos liek this !

    45. Claudio RD


    46. The Shadfather


    47. arekushisu100

      #4. We need answers.

    48. ghostBCH


    49. Ray Juarez

      Can you do "ya boi gots some free tacos" next please. I would love to hear a story for that

    50. Ben Chamberlain

      I’m not gonna complain it’s a funny 3 min video that tells us the background, everybody quit complaining already 😂


      No. 2

    52. Tomas Eliasek

      I want The train fail

    53. Sergio Contreras

      Number four, i (and like almost all the internet) wants to know if it was worth it for the kids man!!!

    54. 666 83


    55. Mrlol Guy


    56. nonowolr0010


    57. Reject Bean Soup

      Also #4

    58. Reject Bean Soup


    59. emerald wolf


    60. TheRencer 2O

      I wanna see 2

    61. Florian Beier


    62. Morgan Jenkins

      The boat one

    63. Matt

      Premiere? Didn't you do this already?

    64. FREDDIE Y VANGIE Velez

      I have been waiting for this interview since I saw the vid...now I can continue life hahaha

    65. ZaareKraft

      I really want to know what happened to lead up to 4

      1. FailArmy

        Probably an insane bet haha

    66. Jonathan Cole


    67. Ryan Harvill

      Definitely number 1

    68. luccamurtoon

      Definitely Fail #1

    69. Vishnu Nair


    70. Kevin Melo

      Has to be either fail #1 or #4

    71. Johnny Rigney

      Gotta be #1

    72. Victory!

      Always wanted to know what happened to the guy who got kicked in the face by the train rider. #2

      1. FailArmy

        Legends say he's a train conductor...

    73. Bfh Bfh


    74. David Mcalorum

      1 !!!

    75. Klofan 007

      I liked this. The ppl show pation and that they enjoyed filming this this short documentary.

      1. FailArmy

        For sure, glad you liked it!

    76. Scorpi0nPrince


    77. thesimpsons22

      i dont get it

      1. thesimpsons22

        @FailArmy i thouht that this was going to be a video of fails

      2. FailArmy

        Which part?

    78. Soushnabh Bagchi

      Why arent other discovery shows on yt

    79. Gabriela Pini

      Fail #1

    80. Don'tSit OnTheCold

      First one. It would be interesting to know what was going there :) It reaaaly interesting

      1. FailArmy

        Yea thats a legendary clip

    81. phantom Ninja gaming

      can you bring fail ninja back pls?

      1. FailArmy

        We'll look into it!

    82. The Greeen

      Big NO from me

    83. Louis-Olivier hethrington

      #1 - the boat pleaaaassseee

    84. Eskimos 69

      Should be the death penalty for recording vertically.

      1. FailArmy

        Come on lol

    85. TiberendGeeks 151

      Number 4

    86. Agus D.d

      te vas funao aweon

    87. Fox The Wanderer

      So funny, glad everyone is fine. Love to hear the story abouy yhe people fallong out of the boat.

    88. Mayor Smooth

      "Got the coffee" lol. I not only use this line when I serve myself a cup of Joe, but when I or someone else shows up with food, drinks, snacks, etc. So many applications.

      1. FailArmy

        Haha true

    89. Thomas Anderson


    90. Stefan Burscheid

      Really? Three minutes of "The Making Of..." about some unknown guy tried to ride a skateboard and fell on his arse..?

      1. Alexandros Mograine

        So what

    91. KingMops


    92. Something Clever

      Number four, for sure.

    93. Severin DUPUCHE

      Number 1

    94. Charles King

      I choose #3. I dont think the underwear would have mattered either way.

    95. Kira P


    96. klappstuhlmaster

      we should all quit our abo...FailArmy ist nicht mehr das was es mal war!

    97. fabianb17

      Fail 1, for sure

    98. Daniel N.H.

      Is this gonna be another stupid new thing in your videos?! Because I really despise it with a passion. DON'T MAKE THIS A NEW THING!

    99. Blake Marvin

      Turn down for what! Number 1 for sure.

    100. Jason dias