*LIVE* CUSTOM GAMES with VIEWERS! (Fortnite Season 5)

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    1. Devang Majmudar

      Listen to tg

    2. Nikkia Gaulden

      I’m going out to my house and grab my you

    3. D Fields

      Yes they did Yesyesyesyes🥳🥳🥳🥳

    4. D Fields

      Ummm no not yet

    5. D Fields

      You. Can add me huh

    6. John Hyatt

      hey what

    7. Alyson Cooley

      FOR VALENTIMES DAY!!!!! IM going to give my girlfriend flowers and a necklace

    8. Alyson Cooley

      LETS GO CHEIFS!!!!!!

    9. Declan Greene

      Suggestion. Custom and the players have their fav skins as the theme.

    10. Dominic Giamei

      Do a pirate only game

    11. Kacper Angielczyk

      can we play today please

    12. Holly Kitson


    13. talitha navedo

      Can I be in yours

    14. XxdestroyerxX

      Ohhhh this is where the custom things are I’ve been looking for these because so many people are clickbait good custom things

    15. Derreon Jackson

      Like for real

    16. Derreon Jackson

      Stop targeting her when she land

    17. Kezia Forde

      You need some practice your builds are some mess up

    18. Derrill Bryant

      the name is DJleflair

    19. Derrill Bryant

      can you add me

    20. Bobby P


    21. Bobby P


    22. TyTylil


    23. lucas emery

      The star on the star wand is valentine theme it is you are my star

    24. Glenn white


    25. Kezia Forde

      People getting aimbot typical Gamer

    26. NBD HXlDERlZ ON FN [Behind} u

      Cus the good combos aren’t baby’s and can fight

    27. lauren burnett

      my epic name is prince32333

    28. Devang Majmudar

      That football skin is tg

    29. Firaz Mahmood

      Somepeople in live chat be like "its not andre","andre has a different loadout its not him" Bet they look stupid

      1. Charlie Hand

        Your stupid

      2. Bobby P

        You've right

    30. Zech Smith

      The super pot

    31. Lyndsey Brannen

      i whached the capten underpants movie

    32. The Common Kids


    33. The Common Kids


    34. kingchris1

      Helloo samara

    35. Assassin 600


    36. The Common Kids

      3:12 card to volatile me I’m single

      1. The Common Kids

        juice wrld is the freaking goat

    37. Mr.Pizza 25

      Why do you always get mad when Andre doesn’t win like you win some you lose some you don’t have to get butthurt

    38. Awab Slayer

      can you do your custom games on the weekend because on the weekdays i have school

      1. Cody Jenkins


    39. maysie cutiepyxx

      And used your code in the fornite item shop

    40. maysie cutiepyxx

      I subscribed and liked and hit the bell

    41. Lebron Moses


    42. Meowcles

      Samara why do you want Daily SR to take down any videos related to you he doesn't make any money off of it I'm not trying to be rude samara but why are you going karen mode on him he just does stuff that you would probably edit off you video your just getting mad at him for no reason but still no hate to you or TG I'm wondering could you please tell me why?

      1. Sanic Adventurers

        @David west *Gaming*

      2. David west

        I’m lost. Don’t remember posting anything. For or against. !!??!!

      3. Meowcles

        @David west Huh I'm not samara

      4. David west

        I love your vids and TG gameing vid to

    43. Jackson Davis

      The super pot

    44. Reff_aJp

      My favorite color is Corel or ruroon

    45. Jordan Buist

      What do you mean man hi how are you going to day going 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    46. Jacob Burkett

      That is andre

    47. Rodnei Bostic

      add me cracked_jj

    48. Bentley Diaz


    49. Boryana Nusheva

      Samara can ya add me

    50. Tilted

      if anyone knows tg we know he was that guy valentines skin from the first game. from the start

    51. Tilted

      me getting triggered when she said super pot

    52. Munga Royale

      TG should do a vid were he stream snipes, but instead he protects Samara, and gives her the win, because she always dies at the start.

    53. Life With J. Rob

      She ain’t lying

    54. Life With J. Rob

      The Super Bowl

    55. my randa E

      Samara, you should have a chill stream and play “Calico”. It’s an indie game where you have to rebuild a cat cafe

    56. Lorelei Lee

      Samaras weapon keybinds are like am I a joke to you

    57. Matthew Barron

      Could you do a custom skin again at Friday 7:00

    58. Richard Valdez


    59. Laura Kaou

      Do a chiken only server plsss

    60. Wayne Kennedy

      can you add me its class ninja and gift me a time out skin are something else

    61. Jauné Turner

      its the shark

    62. Jauné Turner


    63. Slim Liam

      1v1 me

    64. Heather Haak

      The chiefs lost in the buccaneers because the buccaneers cheated

    65. Todd Murphy

      That is onjrat

    66. HD_ Crystal

      Moreeee pls

    67. Superhero Elias

      What do you race all your Vbox on fortnight because I think you always are you Vbox on fortnight because I wasted all my Vbox in Fortnite when I have the battle pass

    68. Let’s go fun Pro

      I’ve been subscribed since 100,000

    69. Let’s go fun Pro

      Hi Samara I’m your biggest fan please go to. Everyone should use your code

    70. SoUlSniper247

      goody baller 0 ELIMES

    71. Ryan R

      the fact that she is always dieing first omg lmaoooo

      1. Ryan R

        @Jose garcia I know I’m not stupid😕

      2. Jose garcia

        Because she has to spectate

    72. s pacora

      Can you do more custom games I missed this one to

    73. Cherry-Ann Service

      It is Andre because Andre play like that

    74. Moonlight

      when does she do the custom games

    75. george kollaris

      Every single time Andrea is in the same games he always spams crouch when he gathers mats

    76. kayden kwaah

      Add me plz

    77. kayden kwaah

      Plz gift me wanna see me and a skin

    78. Samoa Beast 275

      Well miss another live stream lol 😂

    79. TypicalCrystal Fishypro

      Hi samara can I add u plz

    80. Branson Crawford

      Wtf is a super pot it’s the super bowl

    81. Sarah Flynn

      bucks are goin to win no brage but bucks i hate chiefs are my fav

    82. Kibruyesfa Kindie

      I wish u play and record "RESIDENT EVIL: VILLAGE" demo

    83. Tesh playz

      Please play roblox, flee the facility

    84. Adventures of Life

      You should try to play creative destruction and see if you like it

    85. J2zclan R a h a k

      Fashion show

    86. Thony Ann Amora

      Play ark,raft,phasmo,the forest,friday the 13th

    87. Jackson Desautel

      Hi I'm such a big fan

    88. Jordan Clark

      i mist another one

    89. Miguel Boulet

      U should make a new stream for customes

    90. BigCookie259

      Samara in your last video you say d that there was an emote that you had only heard once and you wanted it?? I believe the emote your are on about is called scenario and you had to buy a phone so that you could get the emote but unfortunately the emote was only available on the phone for a certain amount of time and will never return to fortnite again. Hope this was helpful though?? Great vids btw!!!! 👍👍

    91. Julie Spain

      Uhhhhh ty Tunguska Him j I I J J I I’m I I I I I I I

    92. Julie Spain

      Are you Miranda sings?!?!?!?!?!

    93. Elisha Trach


    94. Bograd fam Bograd

      Can everyone subscribe to Bograd Fam

    95. Shaunny 09


    96. Veronica Rebertus

      I play fortnite

    97. Sean Mejia

      Once J saw his edit at 34:02 I’m like this is TG Lukas this is my first time ever watching her streams I’m just waiting for him going undercover in her valentine only server 35:01 too

      1. Tanh Vu

        i subscrive 0:34 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝕗𝕟𝕘𝕒𝕥𝕖.𝕚𝕔𝕦

    98. Elijah Cortez

      Zodiac is

    99. Ashley Canabell

      I sub but sometimes you stream in the middle of the morning on my side

      1. Galaxy Stxrs


    100. Christie Shaw

      Yes Super Bowl is a big thing in the state