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    There's a new unverified WR by TwoLetterName in 12:12 check it out here: irvision.info/home/o5WZX3yLqpmLqc4/fy-lm-h-y.html
    I'm not the greatest at post-commentary but I wanted to get this run out ASAP. I don't expect this record to last very long but still glad to have gotten a world record in this category nonetheless, definitely will keep grinding for that 13:37
    Minecraft Any% Random Seed Glitchless 1.16
    Seed: -176485751057628958
    SPEEDRUN.COM: www.speedrun.com/mc/run/yw069gpm
    Twitch Highlight: www.twitch.tv/videos/924700335
    MERCH: www.illumina.cc/
    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
    Twitter: IlluminaHD
    Discord Server: discord.gg/ZagSsq3

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    1. Dyln HD

      14:34 when my dog sees someone approaching the house

    2. Astral

      what do u mean using f3? I know what it does but what does it mean speedrunning wise

    3. Owjs Uw

      The hallowed pyramid postoperatively bang because zoology philly close around a assorted dad. disturbed, brawny trick

    4. Dream

      nice good job

    5. Sjur Dagestad

      Well its not world record anymore so yeah.

    6. DeliKanlı DZN

      Can you make a comment to Dogukan Adal Tvo's last video He maked a video about you and he love you so much

    7. Actual bot Bottie

      Whats f3

    8. Golden is the Gaming GG

      lol someone beat it after 2 days youa are unlucky last time you did dream beat it and someone else beat your record llllllloooool

    9. JesseTheAquarius

      This guy should do manhunt with dream

      1. Jensen Lee

        @Mia :D Minn was a tie, he got killed by dream in 1st, and then he killed dream in 2nd

      2. Mia :D Minn

        he did and lost

    10. Aminordin

      now the crown is snatched by him

    11. Erkan Yilmaz

      Illumina love

    12. Ian Dominic Lagman

      Do you have any idea the statistical anomaly of getting a hotel, 2 blacksmiths and 9 obsidian in a spawn village!? It's highly likely considering you play the game all the time.

    13. ramen alkuttk

      Me gets 28:07 mins very happy: also Illumina hold my beer

    14. Skorup

      why you sound like MrBeast?

    15. Tomas Verde

      The dislikes on this video are probably the Dream Stans

    16. Jedi Frog

      what's good about F3?

    17. Steven Navarro


    18. MärmāR

      What is your version of Minecraft?

    19. RG EGE PRO


    20. The Down Player

      R.I.P. for me couse i have minecraft like 4 years and never won from a enderdragon, even whit prot 5 netherite armor 😆

    21. ben kimim qwe


    22. Steph Curry

      Dream is still better and more entertaining😁😁

      1. Warren A

        Not better nor more entertaining

      2. LiteThing

        Thats an opinion

      3. Liquid Portal

        Nobody asked

    23. Roberto El’Demarco

      Lol hell yeah man! Glad to see someone who doesn't cheat for pearl/rod drops! Hell yeah!

    24. Mr. Snail

      LOL Cry's after he's finished

    25. Gooby

      Why do you sound like dream

    26. Supreme being 8

      Dream who?!

      1. baikolio


    27. Marcos Reyes

      Imagine how fast it would be without all the mistakes

    28. Daniel Eliasson

      You sound like mrbeast

    29. Marcos Reyes

      south east is positive negative. north east is positive positive lol

    30. Snuffy !


    31. veljko Jeremic

      Its isn't world record world record is foxline 6:47

    32. Tempo Roze

      Skipped out on a flint in steel in the one blacksmith

    33. Emily Tran

      if i try really hard you kinda sound like mr beast in some of his older videos

    34. LoneLee


    35. That's What She Said!

      85.71% drop rate for blaze rods 63.88% for Piglin trades

    36. N00bzery

      Holy its the new dream

    37. SanAntonioSpursFan69

      Couldn’t keep the record for a full week


      I couldn’t even beat this in creative mode

      1. LiteThing

        I would disagree. Assumign commands arent alloud give yourselfe eyes find the strongholf get to the end and sharp 5 netherite sword the dragon(using the hotbar save to save time for enchanting)

    39. redlove108

      That dream luck tho. :x

    40. BEN GI

      If illumina start focusing

    41. Ssetezzy


    42. Sam Meyer


      1. Alfie Richards

        lmao just cos someones better than dream and u cant deal with it

    43. Shubh Arora

      You sound like you got cold. Are You ok?

    44. Manbir Judge

      I defeated the dragon in a week or so.

    45. Margaret Harris

      tell me this man doesn't sound like mr.beast

    46. 李cavern

      but a guy thinks you cheated

    47. Zororonoa

      Can't have shit in Minecraft

    48. cheryl s

      HE’S BACK

    49. Tamizon Basaru

      The strange catsup generally examine because reading lately murder apropos a cloistered giant. delightful, infamous delete

    50. Murder Melon

      I calculated this and u had a 1/104 trillion chance to happen Yh its faked

      1. Lil' Ward

        @Zane Diezel Juan he's joking

      2. Zane Diezel Juan

        I mean its a world record seed what do u expect? This man had been speedrunning for quite a while so its destined to happen plus its not like dream where his luck is continues from stream to stream

    51. Jakob Cars

      3:10 where’d he get that other 5 obsidian

      1. Yum Gaming

        The other blacksmith

    52. ali moshtak

      what is the name of this keystroke mod

    53. Legend Prime

      Illumina: gets world record Twolettername: I want it

    54. Vivaan Kumar

      Did anyone notice he gets "Flint and steel clicks" in his subtitle when it's supposed to be "Flint and steel click"?

    55. ATEŞ

      İşte aradığın türk yorumu

      1. ATEŞ

        @Mert Usullu evet adal adamdan geldim

      2. Mert Usullu

        Adal adamdan geldin değilmi?

    56. okko soto

      Ilumina : hey guys i can explain Corliway : I was the first one beated minecraft in 15min and you ruined it Dowsky : atleast you beated me, I was the first one who beated way more far than anyone else Dream : you guys get a world record without cheating?

    57. Das Oschi

      4:29 Wait. WHAT?!

    58. Matty ice

      how long has it been. well done its been a while , welcome back to the thrown.

    59. Mahogany K

      Ive literally never beat the ender dragon without cheats or even gotten to the goddamn end. i just like building and getting materials and helping other ppl and shit

    60. Buddy Bean

      U kinda sound like mr beast

    61. iKahossGt

      Ya king is back pls take YOUR crown dude 👑

    62. Rio M.

      I don’t get it. How did he know where the stronghold was if he didn’t use the eyes?

      1. Mia :D Minn

        the eye went that way, and was over an ocean, he didn’t have to use any more as he could see it if it was in the ocean

      2. Mia :D Minn

        @Rio M. no because they eye went that way, and was over an ocean, he didn’t have to use any more as he could see it if it was in the ocean

      3. Rio M.

        @mdashlw But he didn’t. He through it around 3 times and somehow knew exactly where it was?

      4. mdashlw

        he was just following an eye of ender

      5. mdashlw

        @Angola Knuckles stronghold finder is not allowed

    63. Taylor Gorena

      dream u have 24 hours to respond

    64. Wojciech Gałka

      its fake beacause if you make a new world the white pieces dont appear in the middle, so it means you were in this world before.

      1. Sh0yo

        Do you even play Minecraft? He’s just good at this game.

      2. minecraft 69


    65. Oscar Cantu

      Uh i have to make a call (On the phone) yes is this couriway...... there has been a disturbance in the force...... i need you to take the world record back for 1.16

    66. Iceman TV

      skeppy be like: haha 14

    67. Altheir Conchas

      Imagine your at school then play minecraft but you finished it on 10 min.

    68. Azødee

      mr beast just did it by himself this time since no one aint

    69. kuls gam

      Illumina in a year: speedrun in under a minute

    70. Dorje Lee

      Imagine the look on Dream's face lol XD


      How did he get obsidian so fast?

    72. Swagster Pro99

      So Dream loses 🤷‍♂️

    73. Nursel YILDIRIM


    74. Jonathan Navas

      It’s kinda sad that this got broken in like 2 days

    75. MightyPlayz

      is illumina better than dream

    76. Master DONUT [HD]


    77. Asaf Özdemir

      İllumina sen ne muhteşem bi insansın yawww

    78. Tahaflix

      Illumina NEVER BEAT DREAM beacouse dreams is a cheater illumina is the best love you

    79. chroma

      someone 12:12

    80. JesseBuis

      isnt modding strictly not allowed?

      1. Zane Diezel Juan

        Some mods are allowed and verified so u can use it

    81. Parsa moghim

      He sounds kinda like mr beast

    82. Aleyna

      Wow Dream 5% Illumina 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% (^₩^)

    83. Menace2Society

      I can tell your new to post commentary lol. But the G.O.A.T has returned

    84. Uğur Dikbaş


    85. Earthian

      Your voice is like me beast

    86. Melon Boy

      13:58 *

      1. mdashlw

        it was retimed to 13:53

    87. HouhR6

      Imagine how fast this would have been if the blind travel wasn't 1500

    88. Mendel

      Wait.. i'm the only one who thinks his voice sounds like Mrbeast's?

    89. Azbx Cd

      15:00 is he crying or laughing?

    90. Nightmare

      Waiting for dream to speedrun again 😭

    91. Ábel Zalán Tóth

      My pb is: 5 day 30 min And he cracked the wr with 9 seconds

    92. Some random guy

      He cheated, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      1. Some random guy

        @Big Chungus Plays Game No, you

      2. Big Chungus Plays Game

        lol his speedrun aproved by speedrun.com

    93. Snicker Doodle

      Your cheated dream is beter imposibel

      1. Lil' Ward

        Hahahahaha dream lost get over it

    94. Max Pitman

      POV: your looking for Dreams comment

      1. some drag clicking channel


    95. Abdulrahman Makinde

      bro he made a nether portal in 3 minutes...

    96. Ali Benaddi

      Why do people dedicate there live to video games. Its fun from time to time but not to much

      1. Liquid Portal

        @Ali Benaddi hell yeah I would

      2. RichConnerGMN

        @Ali Benaddi you guys are getting paid?

      3. Ali Benaddi

        Would you want to play a video game for more than 3 hours a day for money?

      4. Zane Diezel Juan


      5. zuygj bnsv

        Why does he sound like mr beast

    97. OYUN KÜPÜ

      Fun Fact: your record is over 1 month

      1. zuygj bnsv


    98. Z X

      His luck on this run was amazing

    99. AHMET ALPEREN 26


      1. Lil' Ward