I blew up the jzx100 chaser... :(

Adam LZ

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    Sad is an understatement. Unfortunately this puts a halt on the rest of our CT plans, but at least everyone is safe. We'll have it back together, but it's a bummer nonetheless. LZMFG.com

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    1. Peter Cao

      The nostalgic internet conceivably continue because router pragmatically deserve unto a unruly whiskey. known, right learning

    2. Hayden_MPS

      What track is this trying to find it out everywhere 😩

    3. Zdravko Franjkovic

      Too bad it happened to you!

    4. Sierra Outdoors

      For one, ima try to eat weed now, and two, at 11:11 is you v.s. the guy she tells you not to worry about.

    5. joglc

      Why is that you a letting the water boil to 102' before turning on the fan?

    6. Melvin m

      What’s the name of this track

    7. Tracey Rutledge

      That is not good that is very bad

    8. Travis George

      Man i have to say iv been watching a bunch of your videos over the last few days and you do a great job, you feel real connected with you and your cars when they fail and such. Great job man keep it up!

    9. Octane Overdrive

      Should of got Collete to come drive that rig! 😂

    10. Third Breye

      Dat golf R in the back thoooooooooo sitting nice

    11. Christopher Greb

      Adam can you PLEASE tell me what kind of body kit is on your buddys red 240sx?

      1. Sierra Outdoors

        Go watch jimmy oakes build what he calls the “cherry hatch”, you’ll be able to find out that way.

    12. Enduro Cross Cody

      adam: ive used these in the past i had some pretty good luck also adam: the fan wire shorted out

    13. Detailed model cars

      Big sad

    14. Lucifer for the Street

      Time to get a ae86

    15. Lucifer for the Street

      :( big sad

    16. Jeep 3377

      Collette doesn’t poop?😂

    17. Ricardo Gonzalez

      Part of me wants him to shave his stash idk why

    18. Aurelio Garcia

      Please drop a LS in it😬

    19. Damian Barrientos

      Wat year is his chaser??

    20. Romeo Zempoalteca

      Fire chaser merch coming soon 😂🔥

    21. Chris Rankin

      But a Berra in it

    22. Steve Ramlagan

      Im convinced Nicole is a witch

    23. ACB

      its very fun to watch adams videos

    24. cobrasvt347

      Wanna fix the starvation issues during G force ? Dry Sump will be your saving grace in removing that scenario from the list of what if’s. No kind of mind like the peace of mind.

    25. chase thomasson

      Forza mug

    26. Aaron Paul

      Time for all your cars to have suppression systems...

    27. C P

      music at 27:37?

    28. nurmimies

      And thats why you should buy a mercedes.

    29. _Cam0_

      Drift missile tho

    30. PACH Films

      only Og's will feel the BYEEEEEE at the end :( :D But i gotta say love the new vibe collete brought and adam looks so happy without the fires tho ... all's great he keep progressing alot and we'll see you in FD Pro's verry soon

    31. ĮĮ D e v o n ĮĮ

      Oof when did Adam get a CDL???

    32. Nate_Durynek

      Why is his turbo louder than his exhaust?

    33. Alex Santana

      The first time it went down I would have stopped but that’s because I’m afraid to break anything...good luck I know you will come back fast

    34. Blake Mantle

      Gt350 engine ?

    35. Iqbal Fadly

      Why did your car burn a lot?

    36. Cody Stewart

      Looks like it's time for a 3.4 stroker with a dry sump

    37. Bismo Games

      What does it mean when adam says he think he DB'd it?

    38. Matt Dillon

      Voodoo v8 chaser😋

    39. John Higgins

      Content lately has been fire dood.

    40. Mitchell Kristoff

      Next time ur in the area check out LaFayette Motorsports park and maybe take out a rental kart it’s about 5 minutes from pineview! Check it out! irvision.info/home/gniunHeWlZiga7w/fy-lm-h-y.html

    41. Levi Whitman

      "And I burnt my hand a little bit,.. where my fingers are"~Adam Lz 18:00

    42. ChaosZombie999

      First the GT350.. and now the Chaser? Im sorry Adam :(

    43. TheOystei

      I actually run the same relay setup in my e46, and used your code when i bought it too :D

    44. PanTadeusz

      outro song?

    45. Dayton Sander

      Not gunna lie I thought you were going up hill at first

    46. Barry Smith

      for the life of me i cant remember what wheels adams got on his chaser, anyone tell me ?

    47. Ryboodle

      Hey just a quick reminder don't ever ice a burn you want to use warm water or a burn cream. Ice will kill the nerve endings

    48. Callum Burton

      Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

    49. Callum Burton

      Nooo not the chaser dam hope it gets fixed really quick Adam it sucks that it broke on you hope it gets fixed up really quickly.👍

    50. Callum Burton

      Nice chaser Adam

    51. Callum Burton

      Good video Adam

    52. alex_dose_stuff

      barra swap

    53. Justin Doss

      adam you and everyone else with modded cars should really get some element fire extinguishers for all your cars. I just bought a couple for my cars.

    54. molon labe

      Are you selling the chaser

    55. Alex Malex

      sorry about your car, waiting for the next video, oil leak into the engine? just an assumption. I have a Skyline myself, but I think I prefer JZ sounds :P

    56. Nickk IRL

      Ma and pot deli.

    57. AnSoviet

      Ba coaie esti Roman?

    58. Alex Langmaid

      Adam homie you need to get like giant fire extinguishers for ur cars🥺

    59. Malcolm Hamilton

      This video just hammers home that I’m too poor to go drifting... man blew a motor 2x the price of my whole car

    60. Brett and Laos

      You won't like this comment, truth hurts. The water was reaching 100°c (boiling into steam) sat ticking over In Your garage because of the stupid huge metal plate that restricted the airflow through your radiator by, I'm guessing 30% so when you went 60mph sideways there wasn't much air going through the rad, thus temp went through the roof and caused a a piston to seize and then snapped a con rod. Then the rod went through the block. As you said, there wasn't any oil where you hit the sump, plus it would take longer than 400 yards to seize with no oil.

    61. zzz

      anyone know what radar detector he has?

    62. Austin From

      Hey Adam, do you overfill your motors with oil? The chaser is front sump correct? Its my understanding especially with front sumps you should try and overfill at least a quart to help prevent oil starvation to the pickup especially during heavy Gs. 🤷‍♂️🤙🏼 lemme know what you think. Sincerely your buddy @drift_2jz32

    63. Brandon Mitchell

      Please build a gladiator drift truck

    64. GoMoreFast

      Recommend carrying a halotron filled fire extinguisher instead of dry powder. Halotron is a replacement for Halon. The agent releases as an expanding gas, not a powder. It doesn't melt/stick to hot metal so clean up is easier. You can empty the entire canister to ensure the fire is out since it doesn't leave residue. These are used in data centers because dry chemicals can destroy electronics.

    65. justin parnell

      Awesome channel really like channel Adam LZ is cool dude.😁😁😁

    66. justin parnell

      Can call Adam LZ MR Good Wrench some kind Mechanic?? LoL 😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 If you need Canadian "A"!! Sidekick hit me with message and plane tickets and some cash work for u man?😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂

    67. Luis Carrion

      28:31 sell it

    68. Luis Carrion

      that track is beautiful

    69. doubble80

      Didn’t know you are in ct. that’s pretty cool.

    70. joshua collins

      Started raining cause the chaser broke

    71. Frogy Us

      Where's his wife at been awhile since I saw her in the videos

    72. PeculiarAlize

      LOL "I burned my hand where my fingers are"... yes Adam the finger bones are attached to the hand bones

    73. Taikay 21

      Beautiful Track

    74. cooper ashley

      Dude try and avoid putting your fuze far away from the battery, a fist length of wire from the battery is perfect you dont really want to be going much further then that or the wire will burn up if the unfuzed side shorts as you found out, with those fuze relays put it on the same side of the car as the battery and you should be fine

    75. Michael Avery

      Time to go at least Accusump, if not full dry sump. Ask Taylor Ray.

    76. Aurek Collins

      Ls 6.2l swap it

    77. Tom Patrick

      Jimmy - *"You've got a truck cam beeaarrrch"* 13:32 🤣🤣 That is the IRvision *2020* quote of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Plumbs7

      Put another Barra in it !!

    79. Sinkka

      its sad:c

    80. Michael Colo

      Now kids that's why you put your fuses next to the battery

    81. g


    82. Brent H

      Not surprised. Look who keeps building these garbage engines.

    83. scottcol23

      Adam, IPS screens are effected by polarized lenses. Like the kind in the iPhone. But if you rotate the screen 90° either way you will not have that problem AMOLED screens like found in Samsung devices are not effected.

    84. Carlos Z33

      Let me have it 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    85. Walter Schroeder

      adam moaning = scary

    86. Hayden Henderson

      song when loading car after motor blowing is Trxvispxpe - right one

    87. Tokenn Moto Racing

      Not a single link in or code in the description 🤔

    88. coachkisagod

      Mike kills it. Excellent addition.

    89. MR SMURF 001

      Rip chaser

    90. Samuel Meyer

      That Jzx might have been my favorite car of his. RIP

    91. Chloe Hennessey

      Drift cars should have dry sump oiling. It’s not expensive when you compare it to say rebuilding an engine because oil starvation

    92. Kuya Anthony

      5:33 kinda irrelevant but holy shit that evo looks clean at that angle

    93. Byron Derby

      LS swap

    94. Daan Ligthart

      This is for everyone here who is adding/has already added electronic accessoires to your car or vehicles battery. For your own (and also your occupants) safety ALWAYS FUSE THE POWER WIRE YOU'R ADDING AS CLOSE TO THE BATTERY AS POSSIBLE. this to prevent a electronics fire that (as proven in the video) does happen to the best of us :( To everyone here who owns a modded vehicle or is plannig on modding it please check your cars electronics to see if every mod has been fused close to the battery (or is attached just before the main battery fuse). This to prevent a glowing/burning wire in the engine compartment, (or even worse in the interior of the vehicle!) These things do still unfortunately happen in for example; an small crash where things get pinched, or if somethings rubbing when parts shift or flex a bit. And i urge everyone who's not 100% sure your stuff's fused correctly to check if your setup is up to spec. - IT'S AN CHEAP INSURANCE AGAINST ELECTRONIC FIRES, GETTING BURNED/BURNS, OR IN SOME CASES LOSING AN INTIRE VEHICLE. Not exactly sure what i meant here? Not sure if you'r electronics are fused correctly? Than email me i'll explain: dendaanligthart@gmail.com

    95. Carlos Sosa

      Been watching you since you bmx cause me and my friend did, we saw you get into cars more and me and my friend eventually grew up and got our own projects and now til this day still watch you. We’re both about to finish our builds and it’s been sick watching you throughout the years 🙏🏻💙


      ok but the Sleeping With Sirens song nobody pointed out

    97. Liam Jensen

      I love the jzx100😥

    98. TheHandyGuy

      The ending song made me cry

    99. Nick Pagan

      Must have gotten that Sony ZV-1 if you're having issues w/ polarized glasses

    100. Lamboluka btw

      Very big sad 😔