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    This battery boost pack from Costco is surprisingly well built, too bad it sucks. 1. LED goes into epilepsy mode 2. push button gives no feedback 3. You reset and disconnect the cables after 5 seconds of cranking

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    1. Robin Bot

      For those that don't know, John B Goodenough was there to help invent basically the entire tech revolution as we know it today, and recently published a paper about a newer, better kind of battery based on glass. He's one of the unspoken heroes of our time, at least as important as Einstein, and I would argue right up there with the invention of Random Access Memory. Oh wait, he invented that too 😛

      1. Robin Bot

        @Nic The puns were superb. I knew of all of that thus the whole 'if it works out' phrase. Even if it doesn't he's Goodenough. 😇

      2. Nic

        Hate to *shatter* your illusions, but glass batteries are *clearly* a work of fiction -- until proven otherwise. [Quote] this paper was met with widespread skepticism by the battery research community and remains controversial after several follow-up works. The work was criticized for a lack of comprehensive data,[29] spurious interpretations of the data obtained,[29] and that the proposed mechanism of battery operation would violate the first law of thermodynamics.[30][31] [\Quote]

      3. Test Boga

        Unfortunately the new battery is a scam. It's been around for a while now and nothing came off it despite being revolutionary in principle

      4. Mr Parrehesian

        @Jim LS the world Yewww Chemical weapon destruction testing is on going currently, very healthy budget the US Military has for the tech. Hope it works well, then mobile units can be deployed.

      5. Jim LS the world Yewww

        @Mr Parrehesian their using this process to destroy asbestos also.

    2. samuel hammond coble

      thats why us northerners can still drive: the ridiculously low flashpoint of gasoline

    3. Paul Bransford

      That is indeed an SOS flash pattern on that LED.

    4. tvsinesperanto

      OK, is it just me or... The junk on the bench The jacket sleeves The fingerless gloves The chainsaw I'm calling Fallout 3 here. Am I wrong? Lamest apocalypse ever? I think not!

    5. SuperChopstiks

      I disagree. USB-C is the greatest thing to happen to the mobile phone. What happened to the machining vidjeos?

    6. zadeopotato

      typce c is amazing and strong sir\

    7. Peter Garratt

      It may actually be able to start your Cummins in Ft McMurray, I've had diesels that had the block heater plugged in overnight cranking over but they won't start, just need an extra 10 rpm to get ignition to happen

    8. Thomas Neuman

      I should also note that the wage was barely decent by the time I left costco and that the managment was the worst I have been treated by any company but one ( and I refuse to pay money I don't have for schooling while being magna cume laude so I have made my way around the uncertified requirement labour circuit a few more laps than I would have liked) After working at costco I will never shop their other than to visit my friends who are still there. At least walmart is honest about how they treat people and lives up to its reputation. Costco is going to out compete others by the fact of being more efficient and slowly treat employees worse and worse till they are no different than amazon. Mark my words costco is dying over the coming decades

    9. Thomas Neuman

      I worked at costco for three years. I left because of the way managment treated me and the way the business was going. It wont be a few decades before it is minimum wage wal mart that treats their employees as disposable commodoties to discard by design so they don't have to pay as well. The guy who built it to the reputation it was retired and it has been getting more and more corporate cultish by the year and now they dont even start people above minimum wage like when I started there. They also on the managment side are more worried about selling credit cards than anything else these days. It is all short sighted numbers to make them feel good for corporate team picking and advancement more than long term quality of reputation like it used to be. I left and shortly after many good people who were there because of the old reputation also left. It is the best of a bad bunch anymore and when you have to pick the least stinky pile of moose pooops you still go home with the taint of shit

    10. mlconley

      I bought a similar jumpstarter off scamazon rated for diesel engines up to 8.2 liter. Jumped my motorhome (7.4L Gas) twice, my Hyundai several times, the motorhome genny a couple of times and my dad's jeep once. Never had a problem with it.

    11. Sean R

      The TYPE S Backup cameras suck too, they are in 90000 fps range, it looks like your moving it warp speed and refresh rate is choppy. What do you expect for $100 though.

    12. prizedcoffeecup

      Every time I watch your channel I just think of Boomhauer with a lab coat Keep it up dude, lmao

    13. Cole Morgan

      Wouldn’t have know about how lithium batteries worked till this. Thought it was just some angry pixies and black magic shit happening in there.

    14. David Braybrooke

      Solution for USB C charger failure. Look up "magnetic chargers" Insert 1peice in your phone and it connects via magnet and charges... meaning you only plug your phone In once

    15. DapimpBDSD

      30 weight maple syrup, thats all I had officer!

    16. A L Reed

      Big block at -40f not a chance in hell...

    17. extrameatsammich

      it says LCD right on the display board.

    18. soupflood

      The display looks backlit, so it must be old school LCD

    19. Ghost Ryder FPV

      Future calling! Just watched AvE and DewClaw use this thing in "near absolute zero" Our Tool Prophet was 100% prophet-ing in this one boys. This here booster is gaaaaa - bage

      1. MisterAether

        I've tried 5 or 6 of them, they all probably suck tbh.

    20. Richard Chubb

      Always love AVE vieos . I've had one of those for quite a while. In my experience they're brilliant but the leads are for shit. If there's just a bit of power still in the battery (enough to make the solenoid tick) it will start a 220 horse fastrack or a New Holland 6070 . even cold.

    21. Scott B

      Throw that toy out and buy a Clore Jump N Carry JNC 660

    22. jimmer

      Ive started cars and trucks with 18v dewalt batteries and 14ga wire.

      1. Ghost Ryder FPV

        The wire GA in this case being the lesson to learn, all

    23. Nathanielsôn Derëtoñîo


    24. MCBatty80

      Question, what happens if you connect it to a releatively flat battery and test it? does it do the same 5 seconds of cranking?

    25. Homero Gonzalez

      i cant speak for this brand but you should check out project farm's video on these type of jump starts he was able to start his truck and even a tractor WITH OUT a battery some of them were really impressive.

    26. Enrico Salad

      Goodenough did his Lithium Ion battery work mainly at Oxford (not Texas), and later in the 1980s went to Texas.

    27. George Lopez

      I winced when he flipped the switch with that capxon chinese cap exposed.

    28. Book Autowerks

      I actually like these things. They won't work on a dead battery, but work well on a weak battery. Some have more chooch than others, too. This looks to be a smaller one. Sure beats the big heavy jump packs of yesteryear. Nice shoutout to Dr. Goodenough... He's a bit of a legend here in Austin.

    29. Charles Atkinson

      17 degrees science, finally technical talk!

      1. Ghost Ryder FPV

        17 dungarees Science is the equivalent of 63 dungarees Frankenstein.

    30. Mike McKeen

      If nothing else, you've got a new 12v battery for a tool.

    31. Sun Gazer

      No field test on ze truck? Maybe she just got nervous, stripped and with all the poky shticks on her in front of a camera and will perform just nice with a decent task

    32. William Athcotech

      Are you sure you're not an Aussie

    33. Kristopher Blakeley

      If your pixel phone type c port is not working like it should, try digging out the compacted lint and dust that is likely wedged down inside of it. I cleaned out my phone's type c port and it plugs and holds good as new now. I recommend using something sharp and very hard, like a good sewing needle.

    34. Jason Willadsen

      Dang, you've had better luck with MicroUSB than USB-C? I've legit never broken a USB-C port and I used to have to send my MicroUSB phones in every six months to get the charging port repaired/replaced.

    35. cfrek

      Try butter chicken next time ! That stuff is skookum as frig and gets your taste buds choochin.

    36. Tyler Dvorak

      Those USB C Charging ports should last a LOT longer than micro. The big difference is the C ports get right gunked up with schmoo easily and when you insert the dingus end it shoves it all down and makes it rock hard. You gotta take a needle and clean the lint and skin and gross out every once and while or the cable doesn't go in all the way, makes people think the port breaks when it's just dirty.

    37. Boa

      Incorrect, micro-b is more fragile than type-c, if you're breaking it faster that means subconsciously you're slamming it harder because it will "go in however I plug it in" but its still a tiny port at the end of the day

    38. FrontSideBus

      Hmm, how many Costco's in BC?

    39. Devon Fleming

      Try using a little plastic pic to scrape the schmoo out of your usb c. Probably full of chips and slime. I have to do it every couple months.

    40. cameron Gibbs

      In Australia on magnetic island would be perfect for jumo starting the mini mokes everywhere

    41. ratn9nex

      USB Type C is more robust than micro USB.

    42. Foundation repair Bear

      You remind. Of the neighbor on home improvement.. you never see his face but he's always dropping knowledge haha

    43. deepsquat600

      In regards to the the flashing light it is not possible to buy a light that you would place on your head for seeing say working on cars without getting one that you have to what's the button three or four or even five times to get it to turn off because it goes through all these different modes were all I want is a damn light that turns on and off just like all other six billion people on the freaking planet

      1. Ghost Ryder FPV

        Milwaukee headlight has 1 mode: Sensible It goes on, or it goes off.

    44. Groot McEffe

      The way these things actually work, is you 1) hook up, 2) turn on ignition. The little dingus end senses current draw and enables the "jump" function, and then 3) you crank, that LiPo dumps about 2.5 Jigawatts into your starter motor 😂

    45. Joe D

      Ave, I don’t think I would ever admit in public that I watch your videos... but I love them, and I am worried I am picking up your vocabulary. Costco has a fascinating business model. Because you pay a membership costco has guaranteed revenue, and they have more predictable customer base this gives them shockingly powerful negotiating power with suppliers. This means Costco can get suppliers to give them deals because they can almost guarantee complete distro of what they carry. This is how Costco can offer great prices on known wines and liquors. However unlike large solely web based retailers (who will remand nameless) they don’t have acres of warehouse space to park slow move products. When you are in a Costco, you are pretty much in the warehouse network.... this incentivized Costco to not waste space selling a lot of junk. Most things you get at Costco even the Kirkland stuff will be at least medium shelf grade products other places and are often just rebranded because of licensing costs or some other brand complexity (the company doesn’t want to “cheapen” their main brand name by being at a wholesaler). So Costco might not carry the most amazing stuff... but I think will you will rarely see complete junk there.

    46. Saleem Carr

      Says lcd right on the board

    47. michael bertucci

      Sounds delish

    48. John Harder

      I not going to defend Costco but after working there for 5+ years through college and a bit after to pay student loans (18.5 an hour was pretty good easy work money). I can say that they never try to have bad products and that in fact Costco at any one time has 1/10'th the products to sell as any other retailer in the western market making any plan's to stock bad products an out sized and expensive problem later. I think the argument that a good return policy encourages Costco to stock less than good equipment misses two points (+1 because I want). 1. The return policy used to be so much better and was basically an open letter to the customer letting them return anything for most any reason. ( a lot of camcorders with demo tapes somehow failed right after recording weddings and the demo tapes somehow went missing) 2. Walmart exists and does what you accuse Costco of doing but without a return policy to match. 3. You pay to shop there and they know that and are therefore alot more willing to deal with complete jerks than most any other retailer (huge moral cost) I have not worked for Costco for over a decade and since then they have definitely become more like the Walmarts of the world starting new hires at rock bottom wages and the like

    49. My True Love is My FR-S

      Currently charging my phone by way of Qi watching this bc my s9 doesn't charge otherwise lmao

    50. TheJonathandinkins

      I know I am just a fan of your IRvision channel but can you break down a super capacitor for cranking your car?

    51. restcure

      Good old auto-SOS. Part of the chip, I'll bet.

    52. GSXR 1300

      Those things are timebombs. Don't store it in your house or vehicle unless you are looking for an insurance claim. I had 2 of those bloat up on me and catch fire. I caught both of them right before they blew and got them outside before they went up. The batteries just bloat for no apparent reason not even hooked to the charger destroying the case and flame up a few hours later. My fellow off gridder neighbor just burned his truck and cabin to the ground with one of those stored in his truck parked beside his cabin that failed. Those things should be outlawed.

      1. Ghost Ryder FPV

        The reason your LiPo "puffed" was likely a result of it being discharged. The chemistry of LiPos allows for a roughly 3V to 4.2V per cell safe window. Yes, these batteries must be stored at 3.7-3.8V per cell, or they will eventually fail, like yours.

    53. Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding

      Generally, USB Type C plugs have at least the same insertion/removal cycle rating as USB Micro-B plugs (minimum 10,000 cycles) but in cases of reputable/reliable manufacturers who have high standards/good quality control (i.e tight tolerances), Type C plugs/receptacles seem to generally have increased endurance over their Micro-B counterparts. Obviously there are always going to be exceptions to that based on lots of different factors but in my experience with repairing electronics, that seems to generally hold true (though honestly, it's probably hard not to be biased being that there are SO many more Micro-B devices out there and almost all of them are older than Type-C devices).

    54. Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding

      As cold as a bronze bidet 🤣

    55. sompka

      USB c is way more durable! Mine had tons of dirt in it when it finally started getting intermittent at 3 years. My micro usb phones all melted ports , broke solder joints ect. Micro USB is garbage.

    56. Nina Morgan

      Can confirm, these do manage fine with a Honda Civic in the Midwest, as long as it isn't below freezing. Don't work a lick on anything bigger.

      1. Nina Morgan

        Also, should mention I'm using a slightly different one. Mine doesn't have the weird pack, instead just connecting the clamps directly to the pack. It also has a simple cutoff by looking for a 12v supply before opening the connection to the battery. There's an override switch, since a totally dead battery cant trigger that supply check.

    57. Redspeciality

      You should do a review/teardown of your Fluke MM

    58. Robert Spengler

      We know how he opened the box to his gloves too😁

    59. Gifters

      The usb c is a stronger in my experience. Micro usb breaks all the time but my usb c just gets full of lint or debris. I just use a sewing needle to clear it out of the bottom, but if you've been jamming your male end in there it's probably pretty well packed

    60. Deep River Bassin

      I've been meaning to pick one of these up. Anyone recommend a good one?

      1. Deep River Bassin

        @peacefrog0521 thanks👍 Just ordered the "pro" version. Looks decent with good reviews. I have a 2.3L honda that's been sitting since fall to try it on.

      2. peacefrog0521

        Tacklife, From The ‘Zon. Got it just to have it and not need it, but it did start my 2.0L Mazda engine that had sat for several weeks. Not quite as fiddly or complex as this one.

    61. mrkazman

      The thing about USB-C is that it's like a belly button. You've got to clean out the pubic hair and hayseeds once in a while....

    62. Crimson Wolf

      Type a is shit. Sold em at autozone and rarely worked

    63. David Newman

      I don't have the exact same model but pulled it out of my trunk to jumpstart my wife's WRX last week, everything nice and cold at about 20F. The WRX is only a 4 cyl and It was a slight pain in the ass but it did start and it was less of a pain in the ass than many other options... Maybe try the thing before you call it junk?

    64. onradioactivewaves

      AvE has the best unboxings. Would be funny to see return this box to Costco.

    65. MikeyB00o

      I work there and they sell alot of junk, even the furniture. But hey 100% return policy

    66. franck l

      You can use (droid over wifi ) android application to download your file from your phone using your pc .

    67. Cory Smith

      I have one of those works great starts most things.

    68. Jesse Parker

      Just because you CAN make a flashlight strobe doesn't mean you SHOULD make a flashlight strobe

    69. demonkey123

      Boost pack, not start pack.Must be used in conjunction with the semi discharged lead acid battery. Good video 7 out of 10

    70. Matt Calderbank

      Goon bag!!! 🤣🤣 Cask wine, a good old South Australian invention. It's great to see its proper name has gone global.

    71. junk man

      I choo choo CHOOSE YOU... to be My Valentine AvE.

    72. msx125rippa

      I had the same problem with my pixel turned out to be dirt and pocket junk crushed into the port reach in there with a needle or a toothpick or something to dig the junk out works great now

    73. J Nault

      I keep one in my panniers for my motorcycle when I travel. Plus it's extra juice to recharge phone, tablet, and my Blue Tooth connection for my helmet. The weather is usually warm when I use the bike, at least relative to last night which was -18. Due to size and power of the unit and my engine being 1250cc''s awesome.

    74. Bombtoise

      Is this comedy ?

    75. Jarl Nieminen

      There's also a pretty awesome product out there using capacitors to take the energy in your flat battery over a few minutes and then your starter can draw enough cranking amps from the capacitors.

    76. Jarl Nieminen

      It's for starting a properly working vehicle that has a battery too low to start on its own. It's not for starting a cantankerous diesel in the dead of winter.

    77. Matt Heebz

      can you operate on the old milwaukee m18 brushed shop vacuum ? Tea kettle style looking one? mine works for 2 min and stops after a year of using it loved the handiness of having those batteries around already might buy the new Fuel brushless m18 vacuum looks nice any input? Thinking the motor has died and cuts out on thermal overload/protection and comes back on after 20 seconds when cool enough

    78. Paul Craig

      As a proud Canadian and someone who has spent the last 35 years in the lithium (ion) rechargeable battery industry, I'd like to draw your attention to this article. "The epic story of Moli Energy, the Canadian pioneer of rechargeable lithium battery technology". Google it. I think you will be familiar with the players in our mining heritage.

    79. Beto Chavez

      I just ate a whole stick of butter. Delicious.

    80. Beto Chavez

      we move dc -> dc with 4 diodes today

    81. Nathan Bush

      Dammit thats funny

    82. MarzNet256

      "You wanna go to Costco?"....Sure, gimme a minute....I'll be...right back.

    83. Justin 3

      Ya sure its not looking for a voltage on a battery? It might be cutting out because you are using an artificial load not a battery?

    84. OneManShow

      To be fair: you almost never have zero chooch from the batteria. So add a couple of mildly annoyed pixies to the mix

    85. jfdrummond

      My phone wasn't charging, removed loads of lint from the charge-hole with a needle and works again. Maybe try that.

    86. Edward Ireson

      Are you sure that’s oled? That kinda looks like a lcd to me, plenty of backlight bleeding around the edges when it displays stuff.

    87. Lantern Lab

      Uncle B, have you checked that cable to carry data on another device? They make power only cables...

    88. mightygrom

      I picked one up from Bezos n pals for about $70 the summer before last... (labeled dbpower)... I have a truck that I stopped driving regularly, and before I installed a battery cut off, I had to jump it a couple of times last winter... not the biggest v8, but from a bone-dead (no dome light even) battery, it would jump on the first try. It came with power cords to charge my laptop too... Differences: LCD (backlit), slide switch for power, no usb-c, just usb-a x 2, barrel connector for charging, barrel connector (separate port) for laptops/other 12v devices, and the jump cable has a reset switch on the box with the xt-90 connector that goes to the big gator clips....

    89. AJ Bertelson

      try cleaning the schmoo out of the usb-c socket, a simple cut zip tie, t-push pin, or even a bent paper clip will remove pocket lint from it.

    90. Jerry Rigged

      The way you opened that box is so aggressively Canadian.

    91. thehoovah

      You should do the Autowit Supercapacitor Jump pack.

    92. Veritas Lux Mea

      The Audew pack i have jump started my big rig...

    93. Da vid

      I actually started my two cylinder hatz wheel loader the other day, with one of these. Good enough if you ask me.

    94. DJ

      You couldn't be more wrong about usb c. It's is not only rated for significantly more use but in real world is much more stout. To be honest hearing you say micro usb is better is probably the first time I've ever heard anyone compare micro to type c positively

    95. hillbillypolenta

      "Goon bag" AvE the multilingual, Canadian, French, German, and now Australian!

    96. Ian Watson

      If you want a man's curry... Tindaloo, trust me it makes the balls shrivel on lessermen and not many curry shops capable of loading up and running over the lesser tame Vindaloo hehe. I made both my daughters cry when they insisted on trying it :P I said to 'em you won't like it, its a geezer's curry but they knew best and they were blartin' their eyeballs a good 'un for about an hour with me eldest wondering about whether to seek medical help at one point :D

    97. Justin 3

      USBC is MUCH more rugged than microB. If you have anything older than a pixel 3 its time to replace it anyway. Anything newer and its still in warranty and they will fix it.

    98. Apollo

      I won a different brand of these at a work party one night, it was just after I got myself a 96 F250 with a 7.3l turbo diesel that uses 2 batteries. I’ll say it’s a really good battery bank for charging the phone and stuff, may not be jumping the truck with it but I’ll take it.

    99. Jean

      as a guy from fort mcmuray with a cummins i thank you for this video

    100. J

      You should have shopped around It's not $800 more like five